In this interview with Kirsten Stendevad, 21st-century skills and the emergence of the feminine divine future were discussed. Kirsten, a renowned author, and mentor, shared her insights on the transformative power of feminine leadership and the importance of cultivating essential skills for success in the modern world.

Stendevad emphasized the significance of embracing qualities traditionally associated with femininity, such as empathy, collaboration, and intuition. She argued that these qualities are essential in navigating the complexities of the 21st century, where interconnectedness and interdependence are more important than ever. By tapping into their innate feminine power, individuals, both men, and women, can lead with compassion, foster inclusive environments, and drive positive change in their personal and professional lives.

The Divine Feminine Future

The interview shed light on the concept of the divine feminine future, which envisions a world where feminine leadership principles are at the forefront. Stendevad advocated for a shift from hierarchical and patriarchal structures to more balanced and holistic approaches. By embracing feminine qualities, societies can create a nurturing and sustainable future, characterized by collaboration, creativity, and empathy.

Kirsten Stendevad shed light on the transformative power of feminine leadership in the 21st century. Her insights serve as a call to action for individuals to embrace their innate feminine qualities, cultivate essential skills, and contribute to the emergence of a more compassionate, inclusive, and sustainable future.

Kirsten Stendevad is a Danish Cosmopolitan based in Copenhagen. She is the (Co-) author of five trendsetting, bestselling books on new paradigms in life and business. She is an Entrepreneur, Pioneeress, Public Speaker, Corporate Trainer, and Feminine Leadership mentor. She is passionate about helping and leading others to go from Great to Extraordinary.

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Fremtiden er feminin – Audiobook in Norwegian*

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