Dr. Christian Daling is trained general practitioner and has focused on complementary medical treatment in the form of dietary and lifestyle changes to boost the immune system. In this interview we talk about raw food as medicine.

He defines complementary medical care as something you would want to do in addition to the existing hospital treatment. Daling has extensive experience with patients who have chosen to change their lifestylies in order to regain balance in the body.

Using diet to strengthen the immune system – using raw food as medicine – is something Daling is really passionate about.
He is a “raw food” enthusiast and has co-founded Norway’s first pure raw food eatery, “Fully Raw” in Sandvika. Raw food, or living foods as he calls it, is mainly vegan organic foods that are not heated to more than 42 degrees. It allows the vitamins and enzymes to be preserved better.

Dr. Christian Darling’s website

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