In a compelling and heartfelt interview, angel medium Josie Grouse shares her personal journey of healing and spiritual awakening following the tragic loss of her father in a car accident. Having found no solace in the confines of the Catholic Church, Josie embarked on a quest to heal her sorrow and grief, ultimately leading her to the realm of mediumship. In this conversation, Josie is sharing her profound experience with getting guidance and messages from angels.

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As Josie delves into her experiences, she recounts the transformative impact of connecting with a medium. Through this profound encounter, she was able to establish a deep connection with her late father, finding solace and coming to terms with his passing. This pivotal moment ignited Josie’s curiosity and propelled her on a path of metaphysical exploration and understanding.

She started getting messages from Angels and those who had passed

Driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Josie dedicated herself to studying metaphysics, immersing herself in the realm of angelic communication and connecting with departed souls. Through her newfound abilities, she found herself communicating not only with angels but also with individuals who had crossed over to the spiritual realm.

In this enlightening interview, Josie is candidly sharing her wisdom and insights into the nature of angels and their profound role in assisting humanity. She sheds light on the benevolent guidance and support that angels provide, highlighting their purpose in our lives as messengers, protectors, and sources of divine intervention.

They came through, offering their Messages

Throughout the interview, Josie graciously allows the angels to come through and deliver a message to the host, Jannecke. The ethereal presence of the angels manifests, offering guidance, comfort, and profound words of wisdom.

In a captivating segment towards the end of the interview, Josie is channeling the angels directly, providing answers to pressing questions surrounding climate change and the monumental shift in consciousness that humanity is currently undergoing. Her channeling serves as a profound reminder of the interconnectedness between spiritual realms and the tangible world we inhabit.

Josie Grouse’s interview serves as an inspiring testament to the power of mediumship, the healing potential of connecting with departed loved ones, and the profound wisdom that angels impart to those who seek their guidance. Through her experiences and insights, you are invited to embark on your own spiritual journeys, finding solace, healing, and profound revelations in the ethereal realms that exist beyond our immediate perception.

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