In the labyrinthine depths of our consciousness, lies a vast expanse of perception – a tapestry woven with threads of light and shadow, duality and unity. Nicola Light, a galactic shaman and intuitive healer, guides us through the enigmatic terrain of the illusionary field, illuminating the path toward self-realization and spiritual empowerment.

At the core of our perception lies the illusion of separation

In her exploration of the human psyche, Nicola unveils the intricate layers of mind control within the Illusionary Field that obscure our innate connection to higher realms of consciousness. She invites us to reconsider the nature of our reality, urging us to transcend the limitations of our five senses and embrace the boundless expanse of our spiritual essence.

“At the core of our perception lies the illusion of separation,” Nicola elucidates. “We perceive ourselves to be singular entities, isolated within the confines of our physical bodies. Yet, beneath the veil of illusion, lies the radiant truth of our interconnectedness with all of creation.”

As we awaken to the inherent oneness of our being, we transcend the confines of duality and embrace the radiant light of our true essence. Nicola speaks of channeling messages from her higher self – a language beyond the limitations of words, imbued with the wisdom of the cosmos. Through this sacred communion, she taps into the cosmic currents of consciousness, receiving guidance and insights that transcend the boundaries of linear thought.

Navigating Duality: Insights into the Illusionary Field

Amidst the ebb and flow of galactic forces, Nicola reveals the pervasive influence of the Illusionary Field, where the dance of light and shadow shapes our perceptual reality. She speaks of the interplay between dark and light, good and bad – a cosmic symphony of polarity within the Illusionary Field. Yet, at the heart of this cosmic dance lies the immutable truth of our divine essence – a truth that transcends the limitations of duality and embraces the radiant wholeness of our being.

“In the crucible of awakening, we confront the shadows that lie dormant within our psyche,” Nicola reflects. “As we delve into the depths of our soul, we unearth the ancestral wounds and karmic imprints that bind us to the illusionary field. Yet, it is through this process of inner alchemy that we emerge into the light of our true essence.”

Nicola speaks of the expansion of consciousness – a journey that transcends the confines of time and space, and embraces the boundless expanse of multi-dimensionality. She elucidates the process of awakening the crown chakra – a gateway to higher realms of consciousness, through which the divine light flows into our being.

As we traverse the labyrinth of self-discovery, Nicola implores us to embrace the wisdom of our soul – to delve into the depths of our being and reclaim the radiant truth that lies at the core of our existence. She reminds us that true empowerment arises from the integration of our highest self – a divine embodiment of light and love, transcending the limitations of the egoic mind.

In conclusion, Nicola leaves us with a profound invitation – an invitation to journey into the depths of our soul and reclaim the radiant truth that lies at the core of our being. In the embrace of our highest self, we find liberation from the illusionary field and emerge into the boundless expanse of spiritual fulfillment.

Transcript of the interview

Nicola Light 0:00

Because we are amazing creator beings, you know, we create our reality. So our perception of our reality illuminates everywhere we're going into what our reality is. So the more that we perceive ourselves to be of the light and then rise or not open to hold that, then we can then sit into the heart and there's a shift within yourself. You see, they all thought I was going a little bit crazy. They all thought, well, you're making up those languages that you'll speak in and we really don't get it mom when we want you to be back because the subservient mother and well, I don't want to be that anymore. This is not who I am.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:45

Hello, Nicola, a warm welcome to the show.

Nicola Light 0:48

Oh, thank you for inviting me. I've It's my pleasure. Absolute pleasure. Thank you.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:54

I'm excited to see where our conversation will go. today. You are a galactic shaman, intuitive healer, spiritual mentor and Reiki master, you've had an ND E and you have galactic communication and connection. And you are passionate about helping people empower themselves and understanding our real capabilities. I also saw an interview with you, I think it was with Jeff Mara, where you mentioned that you might be a walk in. And that concept is a bit new to me. But I've had a guest before who is who who really sure he is a walk in. So maybe we'll go there as well. However, before you stepped into what I believe is your purpose today. How was your life prior to having these abilities and having that NDE.

Nicola Light 1:50

Well, if you said black though, would be white, it was completely different. A mother housewife didn't have a particular career to sort of speak of I was you know, sort of followed suit of mother and you know, became the the doted wife for 32 years, I was married quite young. So my life was, you know, I had a little bit of a career, but nothing to really sort of speak about on in this moment, but a completely different really sort of quite your suppressed in a in a, you know, a wonderful relationship. But you know, when I sort of look at myself now in an empowered state, you know, it was what it was, and I loved every single moment of my old perception of self. And now I'm in this state of knowing I completely this is nothing to compare with my old life. So it's

Jannecke Øinæs 2:54

Wow. Yeah. So it's almost like two different people I can specially relate to that is kind of before and after. And then I get curious. So what what happened?

Nicola Light 3:07

Yeah, it was, for those that might have listened to Jeff Melrose, I sort of went a little bit into that, and which was basically, I had it like most people that go through the awakening process, had a little bit of life trauma, and sort of went into this sort of constant state, or why am I here? Who am I going through really sort of angry moments, you know, constantly shouting at people. And then I sort of went through this stage of okay, so how can I sort of shift out of this, because this really is, and this isn't good to, you know, to live like this. So I started meditation at a little local spiritual church and sort of found myself you know, sort of like really resonating with that sort of energy sort of going inward. And then sort of joining sort of several sort of group circles or mediumship, psychic abilities and started to sort of really sort of open up and then sort of things sort of shifted into doing a Reiki Masters course, whilst I was practicing on people, my hands started to move all over the place and started getting downloads of information from galactic guidance, dragons, fairies, you name it, angels, and the sort of perceived idea of who I thought I was, was starting to show itself through light language. And that's my absolute passion. Now it's, you know, what I help people with, to enable them to understand what light language is all about and their spiritual journey so, so everything sort of shifted massively through that process of really being quite suicidal. really angry mother get into, okay, let's do something about this going into self care, self healing. And then that inner light started to ignite within me. And then the wisdom, which was lovely about your channel is wisdom or the North is with wisdom of Nikola started to come forward.

Jannecke Øinæs 5:20

And yeah, I wanted to jump in here because I was curious about why you were so depressed or didn't feel at home in your own life you said, you know, you had a completely different life, you were a mother, you were married, all these things was that that you felt that you were not living your truth, because I feel a lot of people are experiencing that, that they come to a point where it's like, I have been lying towards myself, I haven't been open, like, and I cannot go on like that anymore. Even though I have everything. It's just, it's not working, just going on,

Nicola Light 6:02

It's spot on, absolutely spot on. I got you know, I was living in a beautiful home that had we've been creating for, you know, over all of those years. And you know, a five bedroom farmhouse, we've learned, you know, children going to private school, you know, having it all beautiful handbags, going on holidays. And all of those, I had it all, I had it all, but I was not happy whatsoever. And I had to move through a deconstruction of who Nicola is, and who I perceived myself to be from a belief system, and, you know, a programming of what everybody else said that I was. And as I sort of deepened into that journey, which is that spiritual awakening journey, I say, Wow, I am not that, and then the joy and the peace. And that's really this full state of being just supersedes any materialistic sense of being, you know, it's all outside of yourself. And it's, you know, it's so different is so, so different, this spiritual journey, the sense of peace within yourself. And I remember myself saying to, to myself on a journey in a car when I was with the family, it was, and I actually spoke about that to my ex is I said, Would you rather have all the money in the world and be really unhappy or have very little but, you know, but that moving on very nicely, but be blissfully happy. And most of my family members said, I'll drive out the cache. And I had this sort of inner thinking of like, actually, no, I'd rather live in a really lovely, small, beautiful little plays and be blissfully happy and assist others. And, you know, not to say that I wouldn't welcome the universe to bring me absolute wealth and abundance, if that was meant to come into my experience. But the but the the primary focus form for me, was to really sort of go deeper into who am I, and then that sort of spark of, Oh, I've got to find out more information about this. And what's this? And what's this?

Jannecke Øinæs 8:32

Yeah, I mean, I find it very courageous. And I think there might be many out there who feel the same, and maybe they feel this guilt that I can't just, you know, go on and this selfish journey of seeking within what about, you know, my family and my children and all that. So, like, was it that easy, that sort of, like, and how did your environment react that I would just love to hear a little bit about that?

Nicola Light 9:03

Yeah, yeah. So it was prior to lockdown. And I had a beautiful client come to me, she was she was visiting from Australia. And she came in for a session and then she started channeling she didn't have a channeled before. And her high self came through and said, What are you still doing here? What are you still doing here? And, and it just hit me all of a sudden, just before Christmas, was just before Christmas. And I had this sort of knowing that I had to leave because a couple of years before I tried to leave and then I came back because you know, because of I had a sense of guilt about me. And then in that moment, I was like, No, I've got a guy. I've got to go, and my children are sort of grown up. And and then I was well, well, what's holding me back. It's, you know, a belief that I need to be here for everyone and they all thought I was going on little bit crazy, to be honest with you, they all thought, well, you're making up those languages that you'll speak in, and we really don't get it man when we, we want you to be back because the subservient mother hands in on us hand and feet and foot and, and well, I don't want to be that anymore. This is not who I am, you know, I starting to assist people, workshops, you know, meditation, healings like codes and all that was going on. And so then then the so the moment of me leaving was because of a relationship started to get a little bit abusive. And, and I was like, No, I'm not putting up with this. And it was first of all very, it was very speaking, abusively, and then it's then sort of shifted into not, shall we say. And so I then just said, I've got to go. And I announce what I'm, I can't do this anymore. And it was one of the most hardest things from my old Nikola perspective of my ego, of like literally saying, I can't do it. I just can't do this anymore. Masses of emotions throughout and, and then my beautiful niece took me in, so I had somewhere to go. So I left everything, I took my little dog called Louise, and I took my car, then a few belongings, and I just went. And then through that journey of just sort of being quite isolated, the lockdown process happened, I found myself a place to stay with a wonderful friend of mine that I got an apartment at her, she had a large house, so she was able to stay there. And then through the whole of lockdown, I got deep down and dirty. In my healing journey, I wept, I cried, I stomp my foot. You know, I really through that journey, really discovered who I was. So I peel back those layers. And it was hard to, you know, spirituality and inner healing is not an easy journey, you got to get into the deep shadow of yourself. So you can see who you are, you know, you've got to see who you are not to see who you are. And so the unveiling of myself start is this sort of like blow, my vibration started to get higher, the wisdom started to come in, and then I shifted locations very much into a bit of a hermit mode. And then I then started to sort of expand and expand and expand. So it's been amazing. It's absolutely been amazing. And if anybody's out there that's really going through that deconstruction just have faith that it does come to an end, you know, you get to that space of where everything starts to synchronize and come in and have faith in that. But going through that bumpy journey is not easy whatsoever.

Jannecke Øinæs 13:18

That's a great advice. Because I always feel there's a bit of a chaos before the clarity comes the looking to nature, you know, stormy weather. And then the day after he's just so calm, so beautiful. Now, I'm curious about where did this near death experience happen in all of this.

Nicola Light 13:40

So that was when I was very young, at the age of about four or five. And it was quite interesting, because I had sort of, since the Jeff Mara podcast been having a little bit of intelligence come through from my higher self. So what you get these sort of awakenings within and the sort of the, the, the incident that happened was that I was on a beach and I was jumping to and fro one place in the sand to another and I thought this other side actually had sort of like quite a shallow, but I didn't and I jumped in and I was only initial and and then once once I was in I was I found myself awakening from a resuscitation on the beach with masses of people around me and I thought well, and I just sort of remember to an extent the moment of sort of coming back, but I didn't remember the other side. And it's sort of it was always something that my mum spoke about, you know, as you know, she said, Oh yes, you drowned and you came back and all of this sort of stuff. And then through the journey of sort of like getting in a vision so I get lots of visions being presented to me that it was a process of remembering that I can't remember anything prior to that moment within my memory banks, which you would perceive to be sort of around about four or five that remember baby. And I really didn't remember any of that. And the information that was sort of got that was brought forward was that my higher self connection came in with a, with an aspect of myself back into the body embodied state, and this is what happens with an awful lot of nd e experiences is that, that you go, you go into the nd in E, as one aspect of yourself. And then when you come back out of the nd E, and you're back into the reality, so when within the matrix system, you're coming in, but we're not graded version of yourself. Now, at that young age, it wasn't relevant for me to turn on that information. But as I sort of went through the awakening journey, so when, you know, sort of in my, in my 40, no, my fit yet my early 50s, I sort of went in, and, and then started to remember the occurrences and the wisdom, that that how it plays out is that you receive more of consciousness within your body, but it's held dormant within sight of yourself. So the connection to my galactic aspects, my multi dimensionality, my higher self, my perceived, like that I am, has a connection to that from a subconscious at first, but then awakening ignition from inside of myself, that then brings me to where I am right now. So the nd II was a walking experience to enable me to capture more of my light. Because what happens is, when we're so young, there are if we're being of light, our light can be kept by outward forces, and, and and suppress us, but a trauma ignites and sparks within us that allows the soul to rise. And this is the case for many, many people that are on their spiritual journey that there have had a moment of trauma, or an ND experience and spoken to many people about this. It's almost like a galactic sort of seeding of the soul comes in at that age rather than in at birth. So I came in at birth, but not to the full extent, or a perception of that I came in as a walk in at that point. As well as and they just reminded me as well as the moment when I had a massive big moment during my deconstruction when I was in America, and I lived in America for a year of when I felt very, very soon suicidal. And there was a moment where I sat in a prayer. And then I received a massive injection of consciousness, which again, lay dormant. So there's the sort of key points of shifting within me was at that age with the N D, E, coming in with a seeding and then awakening the seed after the experience of feeling that I needed to leave the planet. So it's, it sounds a bit complicated. And I do hope that what I'm talking about that your viewers will actually understand or perceive a process in how this all works. But it's it's, it's a really, really interesting journey, when you can unpack from a room moving backwards in time. So when you look backwards, you then can see are that there is where it all fits together. Does that make sense?

Jannecke Øinæs 19:19

Yeah, this is a bit new to me. And I find it very interesting, because to me, I thought a walk in was actually another soul. But again, I can become very attached to these categories, which is my mind, you know, and you're talking about another aspect of yourself. And then how great is the self, you know, and we're ultimately one so, but that's a larger conversation, but still, it makes sense. However, it was interesting when you said that we come in as these bright lights and then there are external forces that sort of makes it a bit muddy. And then like we can have a trauma or Andy after what I've understood, you said, and then it sort of sparks this grander awareness, because I was thinking, why don't we just come in with this awareness in the first place, but it gets so dense immediately that something happens when we come down that we sort of lose. I mean, I know that we come into this illusion, and that we live this illusion. But it seems like you know, a bit bit more here about.

Nicola Light 20:31

Yeah, yeah, so so. So from my experience of helping people move through their illusionary field, which is basically mind control. So if we look at sort of our minds, our mind is a perception of self. So within the mind, which is the brain, we perceive ourselves to be the physical body. So we're working from five senses, basically. Okay, so we're working five senses. And when we look at things when I was the old Nikola, then I would see my reality to just be from that singularity. So just, I am Nikola, okay, as you sort of start to awaken up then you go into your oneness, which is the spiritual journeys that we just spoke of, I've just lost my frame of thought, do you pin and I tap him with a higher self, and but it comes through as a different language, and then I can interpret it. Yeah. And you might see myself start to sort of twitchy about a bit. So please, please, just observe that gamble called Lucky and Lamacchia Tada aseema piata, so that they were coming with some information rather than me babbling on, I get sort of like a bit of a download of information. So it's a little bit I have worked with people that work very similar to me, but it's, it's, it's, I get a download of information because they because my high self and multidimensionality want to come forward that and I'm appeal to YDC macchiato thinking.

Okay, so there's speaking of, and wanting to portray the perspective of duality within the galactic forces. Okay. So for those of you that are more conspiracies, sort of theory, logical mindset of information, this, this just be open to receive this information. So the information that are coming forward is that there is within all realms and dimensions to be is to have duality. So we have a darker force, a lighter force of you know, of experience, and within the center of that force of being is the center point of knowing who we are, but the experience that we experience is through this flow of energy, that we then see a difference, have an experience. So that's good, that's bad, that's black. That's why that's left. That's right. There's always this Julik dualistic experience. But when you center within your inner standing of self, you then allow yourself to perceive the reality to be from those two perspectives. But if you are not in the center of being and you are playing in the illusionary field, which is say, the distorted field here, which was what we're talking about with the perception of the reality to be is the then we see ourselves in a game or playing this dualistic experience from a negative perspective. Meaning that if you feel their suppression of your light, is because the experience is brought forth for you to experience if that makes sense. As you awaken into the light, which is the evolution of the souls journey into their ascension process, you then perceive the reality to be more of a five day experience, and you are fully aware how to play the game, you've got your instruction booklet and things just flow flow flow and it's all gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. But within this reality, with the light that ignites within a seeded soul that wants to come in and shine their light and walk their mission and walk their path. As they're birthed into that reality. There's a bombardment of from ancestral line within the DNA structure within the quantum field, a deep realization of a perceived reality of a quantum understanding from past lives, etc, which is completely different component thinking that I'm lucky after Thank you. But also there is also a game that is being played within different dimensions. And within the different dimensions of being what we feel and see within it, again, like we said is the good and the bad galactic forces. And the suppression of the energy that dampens and suppresses, which is the hijack system suppresses the awakening of these beautiful seeds into their full flute fruition of being then caps them with a perception of the mind of to put, literally, there is an energetic force that stops the flow of energy coming in from the higher levels of consciousness. But what happens is, is that the soul is unable to fulfill their process until they're then sparked, which are that which I've just spoken about. I do hope you're following this. Sorry, they're just coming through and they just really want to come that LMS your back. Yeah, thank you. So I was just gonna take a deep breath, because my ego is kicking in a little bit. So Mike, yeah, we've done on my co back Yatta. Okay, thank you. So when we have ignited within us, our highest self starts to open up and enable the soul to be held. Alright. So the holding of that soul through prayer, or a deep connection with this needs to change because you start to question your reality, there's this seed that starts to want to poke its little head out of the suppression that's held within the density, the density of this reality. And as that seed starts to rise up, you start to see who you are, but the light that you're connected to, starts to widen, because the capping of the system here stops the amount of light that can come in. So you've got lifeforce coming in here to keep you basically just floating yeah, as you start to open up the crown chakra, this starts to widen here. So the tractor beam of the high levels of consciousness, soul connection into multi dimensionality starts to widening up. And as you then start to allow that energy to move through you, you allow the physical body to shift the data, the DNA structure, out of the illusory field of distortion, and into the the creation of what heaven on earth should look like. So we're shifting into high frequencies of consciousness, allowing ourselves to grow higher, because we're starting to open. But during the process of it, there are many that are, again, kept into spirituality that is focused upon the light, rather than going into the deep darkness within the self that enables you to see who you are, and then see who you are through all time space. So such things as ancestral lines and past lives, and then the vulnerability of the soul spin starts to soar because you're seeing who you are, and seeing who you are not. And there is that beautiful catapulting you into the inner wisdom, that allows the downloading of information that comes down and flows through you. Rather than being from a perceived idea of the egoic mind structure, you're enabling the soul to rise and hold the multi dimensional aspect of integration of self, the higher self, the all that is of who all that you are, from a light perspective, to then fully stand in your power as an embodied highest self rather than an egoic my structure, which is that all of the five sensory perception are being human. Thank you, thank you Makia. That will actually come out, isn't it? So this is how I tend to sort of come through with me so they sort of like because Nicola doesn't know, are just, they sort of, like, hang on to it. We're going to take over the reins. And then like okay, stepaside Nicola, and then I have to always come forwards. So I do hope that was okay. And second of all, for you.

Jannecke Øinæs 29:37

It was interesting. I think I have to watch this again, though.

Nicola Light 29:43

We need to unpack it.

Jannecke Øinæs 29:45

Yes. Yeah. So I would love for you to unpack it a bit. And also if you could share, like what was that language and who were you talking to? You said your higher self but was it also some galactic energy? Yes.

Nicola Light 29:59

So So there are primary vibrations of information that comes forward. Okay, so I learned the language of English, I learned it from my mind, because other people told me these are the letters, this is how you formulate English, okay. But when it comes down into a vibration of a high level of consciousness, it holds a sense of code. And the code is a high frequency. So the dialect that I just brought forward, there is a Palladian frequency of light. And it is my primary focus of high self that comes forward. So my last ceding from a higher level of consciousness from a planetary system was that of the plate is, in conjunction with that I also have and hold a connection to many other star systems. And many of us do, because if we are pure light, and we devolve and descend through the process of seeing different planetary systems throughout the reality, so arcturion is another sort of aspect that I work with. And the aspect with the code that comes forward is a quicker debate to get again, in particular critic, Sharon Makita data. So it sounds a little bit crazy to the ear, and for the mind, and the ego. Sounds a bit weird. But all these codes, it works really sort of like this also come in the sense of the sound from the voice and the dialect. And also, this, and this works in the energetic field, that we hold templates of understanding, we have a central column of light within the reality of you know, connecting up and basically connecting down working through that inner body or the chakra systems. And then we then widen out from that light from within, and we start to widen out of who we are in the energetic fields. So the emotional body, the light body, the mental body, and all that we are moving out, but it all comes from within. So the light codex that comes forward that is channeled through me is coming from a higher level of consciousness. So whether it be palladium, which gives more advice, and a little bit more nurture, and then the Arcturians that tend to be more codecs. Resetting activations, downloaded information, remembrance codes come in from other aspects of myself also. So when I speak my own light codes, and everybody that I work with that overnighted their like language, their clothes, or their clothes, when it comes from a primary perspective. And when you have these codes that come forward, it allows you to awaken in you with within you that like, all of a sudden, you're like, how do I know that how, how is that wisdom ignited within, I haven't gone through haven't read any information, it's just downloaded. So I, I switch on. And sometimes when I'm laying in my bed, before I go off to sleep, I ask, if you've got any upgrades, if you've got any downloads for me, and then what have to do is flush the energy through which is the distortion, the dense energy sort of emotional blocks in the, in the joints and the muscles in the deep cellular structure. So you have to make space within the vessel. And then what happens is, is then they can then upgrade you with with a flushing of of the system, and then you can then upgrade and that's what I do with an awful lot of people working with connecting them into higher realms of consciousness. Because there are sort of levels as you go up. So if you could imagine there's the screen, but there's something about there isn't there. So people get to a level within their boxes that they perceive to be their reality. And then I come in with a light code and then I can then hook them into the next evolutionary scale. So they can then start to this is out this is gonna be all this dark into come in. And then you integrate your multi dimensional aspect with inside of yourself so that you have a direct connection, rather than which I don't recommend is calling anything in is that I go direct connection. And I'm in direct connection or not. I am Palladian I am arcturion. You see, so the information that comes forward is you downloaded into you the inner wisdom to ignite the remembrance of who you are.

Jannecke Øinæs 34:52

From what I understood when they were channeling. They were saying that if we open up when we open up to these, this higher version of ourselves, we, we step into five d and everything runs really smoothly. There's such a beautiful way of living, it's another way of experiencing ourselves through this higher consciousness. And that is fully possible for us. What I sort of didn't understand was how we do that without having an N D, or without having a trauma, because you said that that could also spark something, or not having to work with you or someone else. So is it through meditation? Like, what? Or do you have any tips on? How do we actually make this happen?

Nicola Light 35:39

Absolutely, it is. Empowerment all the way. Empowerment all the way. And absolutely what you just said there is meditation, it was the thing that shifted me massively, the dark night of the soul, or the perceived idea or that came in Yes, it did. And it comes in different ways. And it might be different for everybody else. But the key thing for me was the sense of connection, and that came in meditation, then it then shifted into breathwork, then it started, then it started, then we move in the physical body a little bit more, and then I was making space. So it's really good with that we're going to simplify Now, what I've just spoke about, because that's a little bit like, I do hope that the viewers still stay with this to get to this point, because I need to understand it too. So the information comes in, and I'm like, Okay, so I'm with you, okay, but it is purely connection into the Now moment that allows you to then sit in here, through the heart into who am I, okay, so you're not looking outside of yourself. You're igniting your own light, whether it's Revit, whether it comes up as like language that you ignite from inside of yourself, or whether it comes in with any other format, maybe it might come through breathwork might come through, we've been really connected with nature, because remember, everybody has a different blueprint, a different template, you know, a journey or contract, however you want to name it to be is that somebody like myself as a healer, will have this availability of consciousness, because that's what I came here to do. And so if we've got other people that might be really beautifully into candles, and scents and, and wonderful aromas, and gardening, and, you know, their journey is going to be completely different to mine. But their capability to help them move through their old baggage, and suppression of their light is through the connection to more than what you think you are. So to simplify it right down to the basics is I would suggest meditation. Absolutely. Time and time and time again, go inside, you hold all your answers. It's just waiting to come up.

Jannecke Øinæs 38:20

What is the deepest insight you have received from your galactic friends?

Nicola Light 38:27

Oh, oh my God, there's so many. The main thing that I'm sort of working on, so let's make it sort of quite like in the Now Is that in a standing of how this whole structure works. And the main thing that comes in for me in this Now moment is mind control. Now we could think of it as something sort of telling us what to do. And you know, there you know, there is that sort of element, we media and things like that. But if we look at like I just said about that inner standing, is that we can analyze and self criticize, if you want to use that word criticize that sort of quite a Lakota gritty word is that. And this thinking is that we have a self speak, that gives us a creation of our reality. So my galactic guidance is is that just watch what you're saying? Watch how you are feeling about yourself. And allow yourself to see it as being something that you've experienced, but no longer serves you. So we don't need to keep going into patterns and cycles. And that's a massive lesson that I've experienced with my inner guidance. My multi dimensionality is the strength of and the Pope didn't say, of who are we, we are creator beings having a human experience. But we're kept in a tiny little box we've got to move that box out to the next level or box to the next level of box so that we start to see the reality in a wider concept. Now our mind can suppress by a deep core wound of an emotional state fear. So we hold back because we don't want to expand because we fear something. And if we fear something, then the mind is going to step in. Because the mind creates five senses and emotions. When you go into high level of consciousness, you allow yourself to observe, and you come in from this observational, neutral position. And there is where that great wisdom starts to come up. And you then start to activate through a rite of passage for a rite of passage, we need to work through this ourselves, and I was going to do it for you. And you allow yourself to, okay, right, I see that now. I'm sure what I'm a bit fed up with that cycle and pattern. Thank you very much universe, thank you, hi, myself, thank you to all that is, I would like to now go into my next evolutionary step. And there is where my galactic guidance then starts to step in and brings me that wisdom, with activation of that energy by downloading high frequencies within me, whether that is through like coding, from my perspective, or whether for your view is for you to then have that sense of maybe prayer within yourself, or ask and you will receive that. You see, firstly, which you are not, you really honor your emotions by feeling into it. And then you allow yourself to move forward is through the experience that allows you then to say, so all that I spoken about, somebody might say, well, that's just really weird. That's be open to receive. And then you will receive, so it seal see, to feel, and then experience. And as you move through that, you'll step into another level of consciousness. And then you'll download more information. And then we work through the same process, we see which we are not, we allow ourselves to rise, and then we feel and honor our emotions, and then we come up, but all the time, we're spiraling through consciousness. So we're evolving through consciousness, rather than art, you know what, I feel quite comfortable here. And I think I'm gonna be alright with this. And that's perfect as well, you know, I could have chosen to stay at home and be mother, but my soul journey yearned me, gave me this feeling of oh, come on, you've got this work to do here. And it's not work, actually. So that's not necessarily the right word, thank you. But it's just like the pure, like beingness is sharing, and helping people through their own journey or to, to show people how I did it, to allow them to say, okay, oh, that's a good practice this, this and this, and then they can then start to do their any work. It's all about empowering people to step up, and see which they are not allow themselves to actually then say, okay, okay, I'm going to start this journey, I'm going to go deeper, but I'm going to be open to receive, rather than, that doesn't resonate. allow somebody to have a perspective. If it's not for you, then it's not for you always take which is relevant to you and resonating with you. And then that empowerment comes forward. And then beautiful, beautiful, beautiful bless starts to arrive at your back door. And it really does, it really starts to become so much more clearer within your mind. The mind control starts to lift, you will then opening up to higher levels of consciousness and wisdom. And then it's also very similar. It sounds all like roses and you know sort of buttercups in and there are those moments of deep sort of deep work but those moments become less in linear time. You go down Oh, yeah, I can see that within myself. And I'm going to move that through me but honoring it through the same movement, and then letting yourself climb so you're spending more time up here in bliss state rather than that heaviness down here. So you're transcending the lower realms of understanding of yourself into a higher level consciousness. And then you can hold that energy. But there is that rite of passage as you move from here, up into here, that allows you to walk that path and then move into those higher dimensions of experience.

Jannecke Øinæs 45:25

Very interesting. And a lot of advice here and great advice here. When you spoke about mind control, you mean, in the sense that it's mind control that we have, that we create ourselves in a way? Or is it outside forces that bring on this mind control of us? That we need to break free from?

Nicola Light 45:49

Yeah, it's, it's, it's, it's, it depends on your perspective, if you can be on the perspective of the side of yes, there's external infiltration of of who are we media, etc, you know, and all that programs, schooling systems and stuff like that, and parents because because of learnt information, belief systems, etc. But, but that it's the person that inside that is the capture, and the holder of the mind control.

Jannecke Øinæs 46:22

So we need to do the work. Nevertheless, we need to take responsibility for the patterns in our minds.

Nicola Light 46:28

Yeah, yeah, absolutely. So we can blame everybody over here, because they done that. And the reason, we cannot change any of that, okay, we can only change it from our perception of reality. So if we then see within ourselves that we've got this cat belief system that we're holding on to, that we have a self talk, and self analysis of that this is who I am, with a perception of self, then we're going to hold it because we are amazing creator beings, you know, we create our reality. So our perception of our reality, then illuminates everywhere we going into what our reality is. So the more that we perceive ourselves to be of the light, and then rise or not open to hold that and then come out of the mind perception, then we can then sit into the heart. And there's the there's the shift within yourself, you see. So the mind is there. Yes. Because we want to experience this reality. What does it feel like to be in deep despair crying, angry? So yeah, we've experienced that. But do we want to continue doing that? No, thank you, you know, we have a choice point. And our choice point is for us to rise. And so be open to receive the information. As you go inside of yourself and spark that light up a little bit. A little bit, fire within starts to wishy washy up. And there's that beautiful radiance of this energy that starts flowing through us. And how amazing is that?

Jannecke Øinæs 48:17

Really inspiring Nicole and I definitely see your light is shining fully through, I can just see it on the it's been really inspiring. And I wish we had lots more time. But thank you so much for coming on the show today. And there's three questions that I asked all my guests. The first one is what is self love to you.

Nicola Light 48:40

Self love, comes in many different ways which keep it nice and simple. Self love is about physicality. In that physicality can be you know, sort of really honoring the physical body is not who you are, but it is your vessel. So self love and care of the physical body. So to receive more light within your body, you need to hold that beautiful body in that sort of self care, which you speak of, I will say that was the primary thing because we are physical, we are human. And then the self care of the mind and your emotions and really honoring all the traumas that you've gone through and not perpetuating a cycle of experience. You know, it's about forgiveness and honoring yourself

Jannecke Øinæs 49:28

and what is happiness to you?

Nicola Light 49:31

Ah, so happiness is an emotion of a higher frequency rather than a lower frequency, which is fear. And happiness is a perception of what is happy. So I would advise people is that yes, happiness is really sort of joy, joy, and it's really nice and fun. And that's what we also come here to experience. But if we come from that, you know, sort of sadness and happy perspective of duality. and judging emotions is to come into that center point. And a center point of bliss and peace supersedes happy. Because happy really is very momentarily, you know, it just is a moment. And then you then judge it because you've got all this horrible stuff going on. But I was happy then. But I was happy. Just be sit in the center, sit in the center, and you see, and you'll see. And then there'll be no judgement of what is happy and what is sadness?

Jannecke Øinæs 50:34

And what is the deeper meaning of life from your perspective?

Nicola Light 50:38

I'm just gonna say one word, it's experience.

Jannecke Øinæs 50:44

Right? I've never actually heard that answer in one word. I love it. Yeah, but I actually agree, I think it is to experience and it's also so many deeper meaning of life. I've come to that it changes for me all the time. And I think it's so many reasons why we're here. It's, for all the reasons in a way it is creation itself, like, the purpose of I think life is to live, you know, there's something there. It's just like, yeah, it's an intriguing question. Now, where can people find you? And could you share a little bit about your work today,

Nicola Light 51:31

So they can find me on YouTube. So I have a small growing YouTube channel, which is called Nikola light, where I give lots of information about all my wisdom that's ignited, and you'll see like codes, codes come in, and then I translate the information, I give light codes. So all of that beautiful information is on my website, and on my YouTube channel. And then I have a website, which is Nikola So it's nice and easy as well. And within there, there's there's you can schedule, different sessions of mentoring sessions. If you've ignited your light language, there is a an ait program that I have, which goes through really deep into understanding your light codes and sort of moving through deepening within that inner wisdom, ignition. And then I also have on Udemy, three online courses, which are really reasonable price, my high sell said, pop it on a low price, because then people can then access it. So I have three courses, which is an activation to understanding light language. The second one was all light language transmissions that are there for your mind, body and soul. So you go deeper into with the light clothes that I bring forward. And then the last one, which I've literally just sort of completed, which is heal into freedom, which is then igniting the availability for you to deepen and from an empowered state. And to not to need anyone else. So some people might want to work one to ones or within groups, or they might want to work online and just sort of do it in their own time. So So there's a wide variety of things that to assist people on the with their journey, but it's all about empowerment all the way all the way. Beautiful.

Jannecke Øinæs 53:28

Thank you so much for coming to the show today and all the best with your beautiful work.

Nicola Light 53:33

Thank you so much. Thank you

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