Meet Dr. Anoop Kumar. Anoop is an emergency physician, and a public speaker, author, and columnist. His life took a dramatic turn when he had a near-death-like experience that felt as if he was sitting in the middle of the sun. This transformative experience shaped his understanding of life and consciousness, and it continues to influence his work today.

Raised in both India and the United States, Anoop’s diverse upbringing allowed him to appreciate the cultural differences and similarities. These experiences laid the foundation for his work, where he integrates a deeper understanding of consciousness with medical knowledge.

The Three Minds framework

To further this integration, he developed what he calls the Three Minds framework. It’s a unique approach that combines our understanding of consciousness, mind, body, and environment. 

In this interview, Anoop shares how his curiosity to understand the fabric of life led to a life-changing experience. As a young student studying philosophy, he had a sudden revelation where he felt like he was sitting in the sun, receiving answers to all his questions. This ongoing experience profoundly changed his life and continues to shape his work.

Dr. Anoop Kumar – as long as there are people who need healing, we all need healing.

When asked if he felt completely healed after such an experience, he shared a profound thought. He believes that as long as there’s a single person on the planet who needs healing, we all need healing. His view is that we are all interconnected, and our emotions are often a reflection of the pain experienced by others.

Following his mystical experience, Anoop realized he needed to find a way to explain it. He compared the world to a dream. When we dream, we perceive things as physical. But when we wake up, we realize they were forms of consciousness. His Three Minds framework echoes this idea, suggesting that the universe itself is consciousness, and we can view this reality in three different ways.

Anoops perspectives on AI

Anoop also shared his thoughts on Artificial Intelligence (AI). He believes that our pursuit of AI is a reflection of our understanding of ourselves better. He suggests that if we truly understood and experienced our inner selves, we wouldn’t rely so heavily on AI. He also cautions us that while AI can solve many problems, it can also create new ones.

For Anoop, self-love means being true to oneself and expressing your own views. He believes that being oneself naturally leads to happiness, peace, radiance, joy, and happiness.

Anoop concluded by sharing four practical areas that can help people improve their well-being: nutrition, movement, connection, and rest. By focusing on these aspects, he believes we can all lead healthier, happier lives.

Health Jumpstart

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Course with Dr Anoop Kumar

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