Interview with author Michael LoPatriello, author of The Third Eye Opening

In this video I am interviewing Michael LoPatriello, the author of The Third Eye Opening – Enlightenment is Possible. Michael has been a spiritual seeker all his life, looking for answers. This led him to experience several mystical experiences and the opening of his third eye. Although Michael experienced pure mercy and grace, the eye-opening also came with a warning. Find Michael’s book The Eye Opening – Enlightenment is possible” here

About Michael LoPatrielleo

Ever since a life-changing, spiritual experience that revealed to him his, and everyone else’s, union with the One energy and consciousness that is in all things, Michael has looked for answers. He has investigated religions and spiritual belief systems in search of their common thread.

He wrote his book, The Eye Opening, to share the wisdom that all the world’s traditions have in common, the tools that led him to his awakening, and his own eye-opening glimpse of human potential.

Michael is passionate about people waking up to the forgotten potential of the human race and that enlightenment is possible.

Links & Resources

Michael LoPatrielleo’s website
The book “The Third Eye Opening”*

*This is an affiliate link

  • Thank you for the notification of this interview, which I enjoyed very much and will add his book to my Amazon wish list.

  • Dette var fantastisk og høre på. Har sittet sammen med mitt barnebarn på 23, og hørt på alt sammen. Han har i de siste måneder åpnet opp for mye av det som ble beskrevet i intervjuet. Det meste falt på plass nå, sier han. Selv har jeg hatt litt av hvert med meg fra jeg var liten jente, og har også en sønn som er healer , slik jeg selv er. Jeg er meget glad for at du hadde min emailadresse! Tusen takk igjen.❤️ Namaste. 🙏

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