Navigating the 2020 intense energies

In this video, I speak with Danish coach, journalist, and author Gitte Jørgensen about navigating the intense energies of 2020. Many say that the turbulent times we find ourselves in, is an invitation from our soul to stand up for ourselves and use our willpower to do so.

We also speak about and how we can live a more vertical life, listening to and cultivating our intuition.

About Gitte Jørgensen

Gitte is a popular Danish journalist, coach, and author of three best-selling books: Pippi Power, Simple Living, and Når sjelen Kaller (When the soul is Calling). She is living a so-called vertical life and following her intuition has been her way of navigating life.

Gitte is passionate about helping people take action on what their soul is calling for them to do. She has also herself taken action on her dreams creating a life she loves. The past few years her intuition told her to arrange soulful journeys to Crete.

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