2020: The Year of Initiation

In this video blog I am sharing a the difficult time I went through in the beginning of 2020. I experienced having inner despair, a huge temper, and I had total chaos inside. There was chaos energy and inner darkness. It was like Shiva – the destroyer was literally inside me. It felt like a dark night of the soul.

I intuitively understood that it had to be something spiritual.

After reaching out for help, I understood I was going through a major initiation. I began speaking more openly about what I had experienced and realized I was not the only one.

Major event in the stars – Chaos energy and inner darkness

On January 12th there was a major astrological event happening where Saturn and Pluto met. Last time this happened was in 1982/83. On astrology.com is says in the article: “2020 SATURN-PLUTO CONJUNCTION—EXPLORING THE DEEPEST SHADOW” that : There is nothing easy about dealing with experiences related to Saturn and Pluto, but the cathartic intensity they force us to endure aids in developing inner focus, determination, and courage”.

Year of initiation

Other spiritual knowers, are saying that 2020 is the year of initiation. We are invited to let go of the old, in order to give space for the new. It is almost like a rebirth, and a birth. Although it is such a miraculous event, it is extremely painful for the infant. In this time, we may be confronted with traumas, patterns, old unhealthy beliefs, negative thoughts and emotions from the past that we thought we were done with. Know that you are not “doing anything wrong”, you are in a process of transformation and you are growing and expanding into something new. Light workers and sensitive people are especially influenced by this.

Have trust, surrender, accept and see if you can make an even deeper stand of how you want to live your life. This time calls for us to make a deeper commitment, to truly step up as heros in our lives.

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