Having learned to embrace every facet of herself, including the brutally honest parts, Michelle Carpenter’s purpose revolves around guiding people on their healing journeys. Her story shows us that there is more always to learn. In this interview, she is sharing channeled messages. Be prepared! A big awakening is coming!

Michelle Carpenter is a mother, wife, friend, daughter, and lover of humanity, driven by her mission to radiate joy, love, and light throughout the world. As a healer, Michelle is devoted to assisting others in sharing their love and joy with the world. Her diverse talents as a Spiritual Medium, Grief and Trauma Intuitive, and Energy and Vibrational Healer play pivotal roles in her practice.

Channeling the Council of 8 shows us there is more for humans to learn

Michelle channels the Council of 8, angelic beings and ascended masters, simplifying and elevating individual journeys by shifting vibrations in each session. Her intention is to guide clients to profound self-love and appreciation, facilitating healing by recognizing life lessons. She excels at reframing thought patterns and emotional conditioning, empowering others to radiate their light, find their joy, and embrace their uniqueness.

Michelle’s life story, marked by trauma, includes enduring abuse, battling bulimia, losing her best friend at 17, a life-altering accident in her early 20s, and a series of emotionally abusive relationships. At 33, she embarked on a journey to release long-held anger, striving to become a better person and mother. This path revealed her multi-dimensional self, leading her to discover genuine inner joy.

Transcript of the interview

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When one is being rebirth, one is in the flow one is in trust. One is in the knowing. So how do you do this simple, take time to connect with your breath. Every single time, the heart is breathing, it is creating expansion. Your heart is gifting you life right now in this moment.

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Hello, Michelle, a warm welcome to the show.

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Hi, Jannecke. Thank you for having me today. I'm so excited to be here with you.

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I'm really happy that you came on to the show. And I got to say that we tried this once, and the tech was not with us. So I'm excited that you're here again, you know, making this possible, because I really wanted you to have I really wanted to have you on the show. Because you are channeling the Council of eight. And the last time we did a channeling and it was just so profound. And I know there's so many burning questions out there. So I'm really excited to hear what your guides have to say. But before we do that, I'd love to hear about your story. Because I know that this hasn't always been like it is today you're having a beautiful life who just came from Egypt, you're having a beautiful husband, you're channeling you haven't had clients, it's just seems like yeah, living on a cloud, you know, but you're so happy and cheerful. But but there's a story behind it. And there's a struggle, and there's a transformation. So I would love for you to share, you know how you went from having that past life and all of a sudden being this channel or you are today.

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Thank you so much. And and, you know, I'll keep it as short as I can. Because I know that as human beings, we have linear time that we live in. And so yes, my story was very much my background is and in short, I was born in Zimbabwe. And in 1981, my parents left Zimbabwe, and my dad was a Rhodesian soldier. And my parents were young with a head My oldest brother and myself. And we decided to leave to go to South Africa. And I'd grown up not knowing at the time when I was five years old, I was sexually abused by my uncle, which was my mom's younger brother. And I didn't know it was a thing. You know, I didn't know it was a it was an issue. I didn't know it was abuse at the time. You know, I was told keep a secret. My dad being in the, in the Rhodesian wall, being a young father had his own internal struggles and there was a lot of alcohol that my parents consumed we had you know, often you think back as a as an adult go well, I had a pretty decent life when I did, but I didn't you know, when you start to dive deep on these in these internal journeys, I came to realize that a lot of my life, I'd lived on the stress levels. My mom, place your cotton sock, she's passed over into spirit, but my mom was an incredibly controlled angry woman and, and she projected a lot of her anger on to myself and my older brother. You know, the way we grew up, we got smacked a lot. Just to give an example at the age of 16 I was in a supermarket and I bet jetted my mom and my mom just slapped me across the face. And I was mortified because everybody from high school was there. We always were buying fresh bread and milk after after school. So we went through this move, which I now know immigrating to New Zealand that it couldn't have been easy for my parents to have had the you know, the move from some Barbie to South Africa. I had bulimia when I was a teenager, it was something that I you know, was just not I was just I was just unhappy. I was angry, not knowing I was angry, just like the subconscious thing that was playing through me and I was a dancer, so I don't have the typical ballerina figure. So I would look at people who were thinner than me again, comparison as a teenager. And at the age of 16. I lost my best friend. I was 16 and a half she had had a kidney transplant. And she had ended up being in Johannesburg hospice. And I remember sitting as this young kid watching her parents just go for a counseling session, and the counselor and the parents walking out and I remember being surrounded by all these terminally ill people and thinking how do the counselors handle this? And I'm sharing this little bit about my story because what's so fascinating is fast forward to me being 3333 34 years old, and I ended up being becoming a part time caregiver at hospice. So throughout my journey as much as there's been some real hardships, a lot of trauma. You know, my mom again She was just she projected a lot of her pain onto me being the oldest daughter. So there were things that she would say to me Do not let a man dominate you. What I've come to find out when I was old is that my dad had had affairs when when they were younger, when, you know, we were young kids. And you know, this internal programming, my mom would put on to me, and I didn't realize I had no perception of what's good or bad. It just is, this is my mom. I didn't know any different. But what it actually happened was, I was searching for love. I was searching for somebody to make me feel better. And I was always looking for the love on the outside. And I basically, you know, got involved with guys. And when I was 1819 20 years old, and a lot of them had cheated. And I kept thinking, what's wrong with me? What have I done, like, but this was a pattern that was just being recreated for me to show up for myself. And then in 1998, I was 24 years old, and I was a sales rep for many, many years. And I was driving on my side of the road, and I looked down to put a straw into a cool drink. And I was driving slowly. And I collided with something I didn't know what it was, I was in farm territory. So I thought it was a dog, I thought it was a horse. And there were four people who had stopped on the opposite side of the road. And it turns out that I had, my car was a write off, like I knew how to hit something big, because my whole windscreen had cracked and my call was smoking. And these four people had gone to go and look and they said I'd knocked over a woman, a grown woman. And I was mortified. You know, I stood there in absolute shock. And I, I kind of went into the space of like not knowing not knowing what was right, not knowing what was wrong. I had hurt my neck, they'd rushed me to the hospital. And two to three months later, I'd received a phone call from this person's mother. And it turns out Jani kerbed, this mom had said to me that it was a 14 year old daughter. And I was devastated. You know, my ex boyfriend at the time that had come to the scene of the accident had shared with me it was a grown woman. And it doesn't make any sense to anybody to to you know, it was broad daylight, I feel it's very important to share. Because I've been judged about the story, how come I didn't land up in jail when I had a a year and a half court case go on. And they eventually acquitted me to shoot, I was on my side of the road. And the mother had said to me, she had had a accident at the age of seven. And then at the age of 14, you know, at the moment phoned me to find out how I was doing. And you know, there's always these Earth Angels, in my opinion, that show up and laugh at a time that we may not be aware that there are Earth Angels. For me this mom was an absolute Earth Angel. And sometimes I can share the story without crying. And there's other times we My heart just goes oh my soul. What a beautiful woman, you know, to have actually fine wanted to find out how I was. And yeah, the tears come. But the fact that she kid was just still to this day, she really affects me that she took the time to actually go, Wow, this affected somebody like me, you know, and it was the most beautiful moment of kind of this clarity of like, wow, this woman's lost a daughter, but she's still taking the time to find out how I was. And, you know, within that view, I'd had a lot of trauma gods or a massive Break, break up. And then I was made redundant. And then two months later knocked over this young girl. So within three within a year, I'd gone through three life changing events. But I didn't know that I'd had to go for counseling. Nobody had said to me in those years mesh. Do you think it's a good idea that you go and see somebody? So I partied hard. That's pretty much what I did. I can't continue living in this space of struggle. And I partied hard. And and then I'd been fallen in love with a guy. Two months later, we got engaged. It's just crazy. I was looking for the knight in shining armor to just rescue me and make me feel better. And again, love me. Hopefully somebody will just love me and accept me for who I am with all my bells and whistles and my craziness and my controlling issues. And you know a lot of it came from my mom, a lot of it I'd learned from my mom. So we then got married all in all eight months. And four years later, we had a baby girl moved from South Africa to London, then came backwards and forwards between London and South Africa and then guess what happened another lifelong pattern. He decides I'd have to have an affair. It took me a year and a half to two years to find out that he was having an affair. My mom saw all the signs. And I was like, no, no, no, this this, this can't be happening. My family was everything to me. And I used to describe it as when I eventually found out the truth. I described it as somebody had bitten me by my Achilles tendon, and it like somebody pulled me down. And that's how it felt it felt like everything that I'd been through, up until this point in time, was not as severe as having this little baby girl and then finding out that my ex husband had had had an affair.

And it brought me to a standstill where I'd actually went to go see a clairvoyant. And this young gentleman said to me, Michelle, you need to find out how to love yourself. And I was like, just help me with my anger. Like I'm, I'm so angry at men. And I didn't realize how deeply angry I was at masculine energy. And I shared a little bit about how my mom had planted some seeds because of her own projection, her own pain that she was going through, she had chosen to stay with my dad. And it was something that I chose not to do, I decided to go through divorce. And this was when I started to wake up to myself. I just loved life, in the space of being in fight, flight, or fright, fight, flight or fright, and I didn't know any difference, until I knew the difference of okay, what does it mean to have a calm nervous system? What does it mean to be in control of my thoughts? What does it mean to actually start loving myself to start taking responsibility for myself. And then I went on this journey of deep dives on these different courses. I then went to study counseling skills, I studied NLP, I studied channeling, I did a yoga teacher training. And the bizarre thing about what I'm sharing right now is that I was not academic at all. I literally left high school and went straight into a job. And I always thought I was going to be a housewife. Like, that was my my end goal. So I basically went on this deep dive at the age of 38. And I'm now married, with my second husband, we have a little boy together. And I started to study and I started to just be intrigued with human nature and realizing that we are these energetic beings. And we have these emotions that, that my emotions were so deep, my anger was so deep, but there was a lot of sadness that was underneath the anger, and bacteria to come up. So I was quite intrigued with how much I was learning, but how much I was shedding at the same time. Like, I feel like there was these layers and layers and layers of intergenerational trauma from both my mom's side, and my dad's side. So just to give an example of what I remember, was my dad driving one day and being in the space and Rhodesia, we used to be in a convoy. So there would be a tank and Army tank in the front and an Army tank at the back. And a lot of us used to drive you know, and I remember, I remember this memory of looking at my dad driving but holding the steering wheel, and he's Knackles were were white, and I could feel the tension. I could feel the fear as a little girl, in doing sort of a past last life regression or past life, aid Gnosis, you know, going into myself, there's a very, very amazing, well, there's a lot of amazing books out there. But the one that I started with was Louise, Hays, you can heal your life. And this was gifted to me, even before I knew that my ex husband was having an affair. So again, do you see me being six and a half years old? Being in hospice, being a friend gifting you this book? And is like, what is what is What do you mean, you can heal your life, like I had no idea what that meant. So again, spirit was guiding me and leading me to where I am today. But it took a huge amount of work. I'm still on this path, I'm still on this journey of releasing a lot of my stuff. And it is, it's quite fascinating. I'm just, I'm just a very honest person. So please forgive me if I'm overstepping a boundary here. But when my husband and I were having a coffee this morning, and it was so special to hear you say, you know, I'm like, I'm quite happy, and I'm bubbly. Like, literally 10 minutes before we connected, I was like, that was having a moment. He says, Are you annoyed with me, I'm like, I don't know. I'm just feeling like, I've got fire in my belly this morning. And I was like, I've got to get this out. I've got to get this out. And my husband, I've taught each other to just hold space. And that's how I need to vent. And then stuff comes up unconsciously, that I didn't even realize that I was holding on to but those are the moments of being present and saying, Okay, I've just got to let this go. Whereas before I used to sit in my emotions, I used to sit in them for sometimes days and weeks. And I learned that that's what my mom used to do. My mom used to be a soccer and we weren't allowed to sulk in our home. So I would just go quiet are become internal, and I've learned through our time is just have the moment express the emotion if there's emotion to express, and this is what I've come to realize that the more I've let go of These layers and these levels of anxiety, frustration, resentment, oh, gosh, my resentment was huge towards me and towards my mom. And when my mom passed over two years ago, my journey with my mom started to, for me to start releasing what I'd hold held on to for a very, very long time. And as I started to release these different emotions, I started to elevate NASA to feel lighter in my heart, and lighter in my body, and I started to find my voice. I thought I had my voice, because my soul chasm was very, was very clear. But my sarcasm was hurting me, but it was also hurting others because I used to make jokes at other people's expenses. And this is what I'd learned was from masculine energy. My father's side is that was my dad used to do and this is these these parts of me that I didn't really like. And I thought, No, I've got to change this, I wanted to change for me, but I wanted to change my baby girl at the time, when I was going through my divorce. And I chosen to bring my ex husband into my space with his girlfriend, because I wanted what was good for my, my daughter, and I did some crazy stuff. You know, when you look back that beautiful word, hindsight, hindsight is a fabulous word, but it's exactly that. It's looking back. So I look back a lot. And I was like, Oh, my God, why didn't I do this and want to change that and, and I'm not the woman that I am today that I was then. So the beauty of, of, of my sharing, and it is sometimes when I share it, it can be very challenging for me, because sometimes people, you know, come with their own perceptions, their own judgments. I've learned I'm still learning to forgive my uncle. It comes up in little moments in time where I'm like, Ah, there's still a little bit of anger, this deliberative residue there. But I have confronted him I've sent him a letter, he's apologized to me. And this took me 15 years Yeah, Annika, of working through my own internal internal trauma. And as I let go of a lot of my stress responses, my own internal trauma, their own my way of thinking, I started to realize that I was incredibly connected to spirit. And one of my very first clients that I was counseling at the time, she was sitting opposite me, and I pictured her with a little baby girl. And I didn't even know this. And I said, all I can see with the baby girl, and she could dark age, but beautiful blue eyes, and she's in a dress. And she said, How do you know this? Michelle, I said, I can see her in your arms. And then she said to me, I have no idea how you know this. But I lost my baby girl. She was stillborn. And naturally, I was like, whoa, okay, this is this is this is different. And then I started to get and receive all these messages. I would just meet somebody in the supermarket. And then I'd say listen, this is what I'm seeing. And that's me show. How do you know this? And slowly but surely, as I brought different teachers and mentors into my space, my one mentor, interestingly, became a very good friend of mine. We shared similarities in our timelines of our paths. She was older than me. But she'd also been sexually abused when she was younger. She'd also knocked over and killed a young girl.

Her ex husband had also had an affair with Easter. Yah, it was it was even to the degree now this is going to sound quite weird. If I had to come close to the camera, which I'm not going to come too close to show my wrinkles. But I've got this little little here that grows. Okay, I know sounds weird. But this friend of mine has got exactly the same on her side of her on her cheek, it was just like, No, this is, you know, those soul connections, those soul groups that we bring into our space. She helped me to heal because she was healing a lot of herself. And she helped me to heal. And I'm always always, always grateful to my beautiful friend, Vicki, not the easiest teacher because she pushed me and she pushed me hard. So we used to sit in these in these in these teachings together, where she would write on the board and she would, but then I started hearing different voices. So I was watching her but then I was like, Who's this? And I used to play I used to, I used to keep myself small. I used to play small all the time, and always had this I always had this thing that other people knew more than me, which I still believe that to this day, because other people have been on their journeys longer than me. And I'm always wanting others to, I want to learn from others. So I believe that my spirit team bring in human beings to help me to get to the next level. And so when we were in these teaching moments, I would always hear these different voices. And I'd say well, who are you and I could feel I was there, but I wasn't there. And I never asked the questions like Vicki said to me, ask questions. Michelle. Just keep asking keep asking the universe and I say I don't know what you mean? I don't know what you mean to say you've got all the wisdom inside of you. And that's how I don't know what you mean. And I used to listen to Louise Hay CDs and Wayne Dyer CDs. And I used to phone her and say, I don't know what Wayne Dyer means. And let me tell you, when I said that this woman had patience. She had the patience of Joe because I think I drove her batty. But she loved me, she loved me unconditionally, or loves me unconditionally. And she taught me so much about energy that it was kind of like she was teaching me but I was here. And I didn't understand so much of what she was teaching me 1413 12 years ago. And now I'm catching up to bet. So to go to my channeling, they were always around, but I didn't know who they were. And then we emigrated seven years ago, from South Africa to New Zealand. And it's like, I went to this deep, dark depression. And the wheels came off and every bit of PTSD that I thought I'd work through my trauma that I thought I'd worked through, it just came up again for the healing that was needed. And I was so frustrated with myself, and I was so upset because I was like, Shit, I thought I'd done this, I thought I'd done this work. But there was more, there was more that needed to come up. And there was more that needed to come and needed to be healed. In my marriage in my second marriage. You know, there's, there's a saying that we're in feeling all the time. And it's, it is a saying that, you know, when you you feel somebody's vibration, and you may not know what that means at the time. But, you know, we were brought together and I could feel my husband's vibration. But we were marrying each other. We were marrying each other and then coming to a new country with two young children just projected us into a different space of variety. What are we going to do? Are we going to dig deeper? Are we going to lick our wounds and stain our victimhood? Are we going to blame the world? Are we going to blame the South African government, or we're going to take charge of our lives? For me, I sort of taking responsibility. My husband continued in fight or flight mode. And, and it's been interesting to see the dynamic of our relationship, because what I've learned and a big thing for me in this lifetime, is to find forgiveness, not only for myself, so to go back to my sexual abuse story, I had to learn to forgive my five year old self. And when I, I had to, like I said, I almost went into this massive depression. And I was like, oh my god, how am I going to get out of this? Like, I've got two young kids, this is the choice that we made. And I started to just go back to basics looking at myself in the mirror reading my Louise Hays, you can hear your life starting to work my belief systems, it kind of felt like I was going back to square one again. But it was good for me. Because what happened was, it was quicker I was I was evolving quicker at a rapid rate. And I would like I said, I wouldn't sit in my feelings. If I'd be like, Okay, these are the feelings of frustration. And I've punched a huge amount of pillows. It's wonderful having an ex husband. Because if you think that you still got resentment, I would just think about my ex husband and I would punch my pillows. So bless his cotton socks. I love him very, very much. But it was kind of like that, Oh, what am I so angry at all these men to be angry at, okay? And I would want to get it out of my body. And then again, I started to hear these voices. And then I started to come into a space of stillness, because my body didn't know how to be quiet. My chatter in my head was dead at that. And, and then I realized, like, I always had to be busy, busy, busy, busy cleaning the house during this during that. And then I had to find a way of stilling my body. And when I started to bring myself into a quiet space, they started to talk to me and I said, Well, who are you? And then in my healings because I started with clients, like I was working in South Africa, and I was, I'd have clients from the table, and my hand started to move. And then I started to I use a lot of music in my therapy. And I started to sing the songs and I would get to these notes. And I'd be like, Oh my God, I've got Lady Gaga inside of me. Like, that's how I used to think I can do this. I can sing. I knew I was the singer of decisions. No, wasn't the singer. The notes? Were just, they were in bed. And then I started to ask, well, who are you and then I got shown the Council of eight. I was like, well, who's the Council of eight? And they say angelic beings of light who I once walked the earth pains. And they showed me they were from the 15th dimension. I was like, where is that? And what I've come to learn the universe is vast. It doesn't matter where they come from, it doesn't matter they've shared with talentless, countless people, countless that's the incorrect word. I'm gonna say that again. Beautiful clients that have come into my space but they've shared that sort of doesn't matter who they are. It's the labels that I was seeking. It was the label that I was trying to, you know, you start over you go, how do you share their wisdom? Who are you guys, I've got to I've got to tell people, like, it's important to give people a name. And they said, Michelle, what's important is the message that comes through. And they've been waiting for me, they've showed me that, that this has been a big part of my destiny, a big part of my path. But I wasn't ready. And I doubted a huge amount I doubted them. And, and I've learned that it's been about me doubting me. And over time, I've completely just learned to be an acceptance of the messages that they've shared. And I don't remember a lot of the messages like maybe afterwards, if you and I discuss a few things, I'd be like, Ah, okay, yep, I remember this, and this and this. But what's been amazing, and even going to Egypt recently, there was a woman on our trip. Yeah, Monica, who had shared with me that she had had a session with the Council of eight. And they said to her, you are going to Egypt soon. And so as Michelle, Michelle doesn't even know this yet, I had completely forgot that. So when she had shared that with me, I was like, what, really, and that's been the trusting of the messages coming through. And they're here to walk with us on our journeys, they planted seeds they speak in, they speak metaphorically. And what I love about their messages, and I've asked them this, because I like simple, I resonate with simple, like I said, I was I've never been academic, I'm a person who learns through experiences, I've had to ask the universe to make my experiences. Not so severe and not so So, so traumatic. So there was a pattern that I had to change, because I'm like, I'm experiential. Teach me through experience, we'll be careful what you wish for. Because a lot of the times, my experiences had to be, like, massive, and then I was like, Okay, can we can we make experiences a little bit easier. So, all right. It's beautiful connection, and, and I share what they share. And they come through for me in a different vibration, I take a few breaths, and it's Michelle, the personality steps aside, and then they come through and they share what they've got to share.

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Thank you so much for sharing your story. Michelle, I think it's so important that we share our stories. I think that's very healing, and for people to see what transformation is possible. And I remember when I was in my deep darkness, when I heard stories like that, I could actually start to believe, you know, I'm in this darkness, I'm in this hole. But I see this other person have come so far, and also have been in this darkness, then it's got to be possible for me. And I also think that maybe you wouldn't have become such a great Channeler that you are today, you hadn't gone through that struggle, and that darkness. And I think we're ready now to perhaps meet the Council of light so that we get most out of our time today. And that people can really experience you as a channeler. And the messages that will come through today, which I'm excited to see what will unfold and come through. And I have some questions from my audience, actually, that I have noted down here. So would you like to bring them on? How is this happening? Okay,

Michelle Carpenter 28:33

I'd love to, if I could just share something with you with what you've just said. And thank you so much for the acknowledgement. You know, the biggest thing for me about being a Chana is we're still here to have a human experience. So thank you for allowing me to share, you know, a massive part of my story. And it's the human experience. And that's what I love about the channeling and what they share with us. It's about us being human. And they bring up Akashic records, they she blueprint, you know, they should pass laws, which are different timelines, and they find me they're very humorous when they come through. And so I take a few breaths. And this is just my little process. You know, they connected to me, but it's just something it took me a long time. First of all to regulate my nervous system, because when I first started channeling my hands used to get really, really cold in my body would vibrate, like this, like deteriorated. And, and then I used to keep my eyes closed, because as a psychic medium, you know, I see a lot. And it was just my safety mechanism to really trust the messages that were coming through. And then just in the last few months, actually, I've opened up my eyes and message you ready, Michelle? I'm like, No, I'm not. I'm not ready yet. Just like you ready? So I really had to trust in them. And so yes, I take a few breaks and I'd bring them through and I'll see you on the other side. Okay. They either Advil, I just wanted to let you guys know that and, and they bring through Tony's and they're three of my boys too. So I never know we begin to go. We welcome you today to this wonderful reconnection between yourself and Michelle and all of the beings of light that are here that are showing up for this space of time in this connection, that is, may we say long overdue. We know and we thank you, beloved one, for being the light for being in service to others. We thank you, we thank you, we thank you, we feel is important to offer you the gratitude of the universal togetherness. What do we mean by this, as you are well aware and many humans have forgotten this that there is an interconnectedness that happens. Notice how we say that that happens, not happens in the future did happen was happening is happening, it happens there is a connection right now, in this moment, there is an open heartedness between the two of you, there is a connection, that is deep within each and every single one of you. So we are here to honor the human beings who are showing up for themselves. We have messages to impart, we know that we have messages to share, yet over and above everything else, the messages are coming through to obliterate and when one is in a space of Obliteration, one is in a space of openness, as Michelle has described to you today, in this moment in time, that there are layers within a human being they are levels within a human being, they are moments within your awareness, your consciousness, your evolution, it is up to you in terms of engaging in the openness of the oneness of connection or in the openness in the wonderfulness of life, we see each and every single cell as a universal source as a universal guide, as a universal tool. And we ask of you, when you all see your soulful cells, as we see you you will notice that there is a pause, you will notice that you are individually so useful. So souls eat humans have created separation, notice how we use Michelle's hands, when there is separation, there is and and stuckness that happens there is a pool a universal pool that happens we say for humanity to you who are watching here today that when one is in the soulful selves, one is in a place of observation one is in a place of noticing one is in a space of discernment. So, where are we going with this? Take the time to pause be within the moment of honoring yourselves there is this gravitational pull within the grids within the ley lines. We know that within the devastation of the walls, the wars, the wars, the wars, the wars, the wars, there are many magnitudes that are creating much of the flux ation that is happening within yourselves right now. You are well aware it is about your thoughts, your thoughts, your thoughts, and when there is this gravitational flux that is happening with all of you. This is what happens within Mother Earth. There is shifting that is happening. You are all well aware of this. And we ask all of you to stay within your pose. Many of you may look at this as a surrender. When one has their hands up They are in a surrender. We say Welcome, welcome, welcome. Surrender to yourselves. And as you surrender to yourselves, they will be more of the openness, of the togetherness of what you are all wanting. And please notice, it is not at the that the future is happening. It is in here right now, in this body, in this body, in this body, in this room, everything is consciousness. Everything is moving. Right now, in this moment in time. We hope this makes sense. Do you have any questions for us, please? Yes, I do.

Jannecke Øinæs 35:45

And I have some questions from my audience as well. And I've just noted them down on my paper. And some of my audience are wondering about relationships, especially when they feel that they're on their spiritual journey, evolving, learning all these methods, techniques, manifestations, and then their partner is sort of not interested in that. Now, how the question revolves around how do we deal with that? Is that just a matter of accepting that we're different? Or that one should you know maybe, that the partner is not right for them? Or how can we deal with that when we are growing so much and the partner is sort of not into these perspectives?

Michelle Carpenter 36:34

You finished off exactly where we were going to start at which is it is all about perspective. Humans, you have and have, and Have and Have and Have and Have much to hold on to. What do we mean by this when humans are holding on holding on holding on holding on, they have a tight grip, do they not? And when one is saying to themselves, I need to hold on to this relationship because this is what makes me feel safe. You are well aware as Michelle was sharing her story, she had said she was seeking love on the outside good love was always on the inside. She just did not know it within her soulful self at the time. So, to answer the question, it is simple, let go and be free. So simple, you humans make it so complicated. So when humans hold on hold on, you are not doing this, you are not doing that I'm elevated I am why why? We are over exaggerating. Hence, we have chosen this one as our channel as there is an expression that you humans have within the face. When one is Holding, holding, Holding, holding, Holding, holding holding, there is not free flow that is happening. The universe is never stopping. We are always always always coming through. What do we mean by this when one is allowing the coming through and the letting go of what is something else shows up? So we say to you all individually let go be in your lane. It is simple. Is Michelle able to timelessly teleport into your country? No, she has not yet on this wonderful mechanism that has been gifted to humans which you call a computer you are able to connect different time zones yet here you are. So where are we going with this? Stay in your lane. Keep reflecting on your soulful self and stay in a space of love. And when there is only love the other human may or may not flip the switch it when there's projection, projection, projection, projection, projection, projection, projection, projection, projection, projection, projection. There is protection, protection, protection, protection, protection, protection protection. Do you see how we are throwing the energy, we could throw the energy your way yet it is in different lanes. Hence, there is a term or ways. Michelle mentioned a few tools a few modalities that she had invested in with herself that she not. And there are tools that show up in the present moment. It could be a book it could be a human. We are always in many He weighs, delivering the magic when the human is ready,

Jannecke Øinæs 40:07

beautiful. Another question that came in is can you share the process of choosing our lives? And obviously, that is a huge process, probably lifetimes explain that. But if you could share a little bit about how we choose our lives before we come down to this incarnation, and how detailed it is, for instance, speaking of relationships, is it so that we have planned to meet one certain soul partner, and that were planned to be together with a soul partner a certain, a certain time? Or like, how specific is it?

Michelle Carpenter 40:53

This is a great question. And we think the easiest, perhaps the most simple way of gifting this to you as humans is think of a spider's web. This is how you are created. A spider starts at a starting point, your soul starts at a starting point, and then it goes here, and then it goes there and then it goes there and then it goes there and then it goes there and then it goes there and then it goes there. And it has energetic imprints that it is picking up on karmic patterns, that is picking up on shifts that are happening, and at a time, perhaps, when the web has developed and become bigger, there may be an entrapment of a certain insect on the web, when there is an entrapment, this is where the stole the soul feels as if it is stuck. So we hope this is making sense as we want to give a very clear picture as to what your processes are. This organ that is in this skull, is highly, highly, highly developed. Yet this organ, this organ, that is in this soul, is remarkably miraculous. So when humans choose to listen to this, and not only this, this is where your soul guides you. So once again, we share with you the experience of a spider. If any of you have watched the spider create its web, it takes time does it not? It is planning intricately in which direction to go, which pole to connect to which pole which plant to connect to which plant and as it is, catching its prey. This is where the soul goes through an evolutionary expansiveness. So when one is feeling trapped, when one is questioning, questioning, questioning their relationship and there are in protection mode, they are protecting their hearts are they not? We say break free. We say at times, the spider web will break we say at times, you will rise above the soul already has the imprints of what it is requesting in order for the growth to happen in this meatsuit in this physical body. Your processes are all different, yet many of you humans have been told this is the way that you need to do this. Please notice how we say that it becomes very row by tick. When one is pushing and prodding and poking and being conditioned in a certain way. We say and condition yourselves. It is simple. You have choice. Choose to deep dive into what aligns with your magic. You are all miracles This is the only way that we see you individually. We know that there are tumultuous times happening on Earth right now. And again, we are only here to express love. Love defines unity. Love is a solid structure. Love is the interweaving of everything. Please notice how we said that not into weaving into woven of everything. We give humans a different way of in interpreting what this helps them to stay within. Many of you, you are well aware your thoughts are already attracting. Yet the soul has the knowing this is the antenna. This is the antenna. This is the knowing. So everyone's process is different. Forgiveness is compassion, compassion is forgiveness. Your human language is limiting it in the souls pro ceasing, there is no judgment. The only is their source of oneness. We hope this answers your question.

Jannecke Øinæs 45:59

Yeah, it was a different perspective that I am that I expected. But it's just so funny how I look for this left brained answers. I get answers that are sort of I noticed from a higher vibration. Wonderful. Yes, another question Is there

Michelle Carpenter 46:23

we say to you yeah. Jannecke? Yeah. Please know. Life is not complicated. When one and complicates when one unravels. When one feels wobbly, when one is not too sure, this is the vibration, this is the vibration, this is the vibration, you are well aware, Michelle was sharing, openly sharing as she does that there are moments in time when one has a wobbly when one feels stuck. This is what dummies you humans down.

How many of you feel as if you are hitting your head against the wall yet when one is open.

This is where humans redefine what is of value to them. And it is exactly that opening up. When you look at the stars at night, in your beautiful country, you are very, very, very, very welcomed to look up into the darkness. Yet you would not see the stars shining bright. If there was not the dark. You are everything is complementing. We give you a different way of interpreting this antenna. So simple.

Jannecke Øinæs 48:11

As I'm feeling it, and I'm feeling something happens to me like I'm going from my mind to my heart. And I guess there's a question around. So when you're saying opening up to me that is surrendering? And could you say something to all of us who might be struggling with really trusting life. Because surrendering to me and Letting go means that I need to trust and cannot do that, like Michelle just spoke about her controlling needs. And I can identify with that. And I think a lot of other people can identify with that like having the need to control which obviously comes from fear. However, that is pretty stuck in my system. And I'm well aware of it. So could you speak a little bit to that letting go? Like how do you start doing that when you don't quite know if you can really trust live looking at what's happening around us in the world today.

Michelle Carpenter 49:17

We will give you a simple explanation. And we have shared this many many times up until this point in time. When you were conceived, there were millions and millions and millions of sperm, when egg the power lies within. Notice how we said that. So there was a connection. And as you were coming into this world, you will grow wing inside and not once did anyone have to make you grow. It was this unknown trusting and as you've come into this world There are times there are moments in time you talk about the word trust it we ask of you, what does it even mean to trust one's soulful self, it is simple trust is as easy as walking forward for those of you who have legs, you walk forward in life, you are not walking backwards, you walk forward and when one takes one step forward, and another step forward and another step forward and becomes consciously aware that everything is vibration, every single thing is in movement right now, you are able to hear us coming through Michelle, you are able to see her mouth moving, you are able to see her expressions, you're able to see that we are working with her hands, yet we are moving the molecules right now, in this moment, yet it is pure life is pure, you are able to see through the glass or you not you were able to see through the water, it may seem a little bit murky, it may not. So, how do you choose to look at life? Are you looking at it through a peephole? Are you looking at it through a tunnel? Or are you looking at as the fullness in the offering of being reversed? When one is being rebirth one is in the flow one is in trust? One is in the knowing. So how do you do this simple. Take time to connect with your breath. You come into this life with breath. It is the first thing that is wanting to be heard when you are in the stomach. Can we hear the heartbeat? Can we hear the heartbeat? Yet there is a breath in every single heartbeat. Are you aware of this every single time the heart is breathing? It is creating expansion. Your heart is gifting you life right now in this moment. And not once are we saying okay yeah Nick has heart beat or hang on Michelle's heart beat. We forgot about Yannick his heart beat. Breathe, thank you breath, thank you breath, thank you breath, your breath, knows when to expand it when one is holding on in a space of unsureness and not trusting. This is the vibration that you are holding on to. So when one looks at life as an orchestra, when one looks at life as the music that you've all been gifted with, one starts to walk and glide. And there is a moment of knowing and as you are you are right now in this moment dropping in Danica you are dropping in you can feel your expansion in your heart Can you not? Yes. So as the vibration of us that are coming through right now, this is exactly where and how. And what we see for humanity is as each individual drops into the heart space, to the knowing, to the moment of connection, the moment of compassion, the moment of openness. This is where so much unfolds for you humans. Yet when humans have been told that this is what has to happen in the controlling. You humans are also tired of yourselves. You love overcomplicating laugh, do you not? Yet, the universe, delightfully gifts you all with your breath with your heart beat. As you are well aware, everything is interconnected. And as everything is interconnected in the flow of harmony, this is where the truth, the truth set you all free. Not the truth, the truth. Do you notice the difference?

Jannecke Øinæs 54:50

Thank you. I know we need to wrap up soon. However, do you have a last last message for our audience today? And maybe about What's coming as well for humanity?

Michelle Carpenter 55:09

We know that many humans, at this moment in time are questioning, questioning, questioning what the future is about. The future is happening right now in this moment is everything is a hologram. Hence, we talk about the movement that is happening through you right now, every cell is talking communicating to one another, there are cells that are dying off, and there are cells that are regenerating right now in this moment in time. So, where to from now, there are moments in time that we know, within the next one to two years. In your 2024 2025, we many humans are waking up to themselves, to know that there is the old paradigms, the old way that does not serve you no longer. So, when humans say to themselves, this is the timeline that the Council of eight have gifted us, that timeline is happening right now, as Remember, there is no time within the universal forces. Many of you are tuned into your teams, many of you are wondering who your guides are, and we ask of you to stay within the connection, to stay within the connection to stay within the connection to stay within the connection to stay within the connection of nature. Nature gifts to all your breath, your paws your newness, it is simple turn to nature. And when one turns to nature, one is looking within their natural selves. And we say to you, please take time to love. And as you take time to love, we will be so many shifts universally, energetically, emotionally. When one is connecting with the emotions, the emotions are moving through you. When one is holding on to the emotion, they are suppressing, they are suppressing, they are bringing a different vibration into the body. They are creating diseases within the bodies. The eternal struggle is no longer serving humanity. Hence many of you are saying we are seeking different and we applaud you, we applaud you, we applaud you for this time of change. Everything that you are seeing is happening right now the way we see it and know it to be true. Where you are all finding your space of compassion, kindness. Think of it as it is a time of excavating. And when one is excavating, they are getting rid on what no longer serves them. This is a time where all of you have woken up to yourselves. As we know, humans are miracles. And we know that these times are dense, they feel dark at times many of you are wanting to check out many of you are wanting to go back to your teams. Many of you wanting to go back to the light, yet we know that they are those that are on their journey. And you are all steam trains may we please endof as a steam train only moves forward and as you feeding it and you feeding it and you feeding it, it goes faster and faster and stronger. May we all BLESS YOU HERE collectively, with the opening of your hearts. May we ask of you to please either place your hands on your heart. You're welcome to close your eyes. Allow your breath to flow in and out. In and out. And visualize. Visualize. Visualize the future that you are all wanting right now in this moment. Please allow us to gift you with this toning of love

we thank you again. We thank you one we thank you all namaste

Jannecke Øinæs 59:53

Wow, that was that was powerful. That was really powerful. I never know what to do. expect to know when teachers are channeling and this these perspectives was really helpful. Yeah, and it's not just about the words, right. It's about the energy and I'm noticing it and I'm hoping that everybody else is really noticing it. So that was up to me that was really helpful.

Michelle Carpenter 1:00:18

Thanks so much. Thank you. And, you know, that's, that's my hope is that it is the energy is the vibration. You know, sometimes we get stuck on the words we get back on, or that's what they said, and what does that mean and an actually, it's just, it's just opening up. It's opening up the heart and just saying I can't open to receiving that's a big learning for me to people to know, I'm still I don't know my shit together people. I'm still learning, liberating.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:00:48

I think the time we're putting spiritual teachers on pedestals, that's like, not anymore. We're teaching for each other. And I think just beside her perspective, yeah, yes. Yes. And

Michelle Carpenter 1:01:00

that is thank you for sharing that. Because that is something that, you know, in our authenticity of who we are, that is we there is such a moment of truth, I believe. Because yes, we've you know, I have really battled with people who have called themselves gurus and masters and all that, because we're all here to master laugh. We're all here to be on Earth to master ourselves. And, you know, for me, when we put people up there, and I did this for many, many years, and even the teacher was talking about she said to me, Mitch, do not put me on a pedestal because at some point, I'm going to disappoint you. And it happens that if you're on a pedestal, there's got to be a falling somewhere along the line because we humans, why. Exactly, exactly.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:01:46

I have three questions that I ask all my guests and the first one is what is self love to you?

Michelle Carpenter 1:01:53

Self love to me is as simple as eating good food. You know, whatever that means, you know, everybody will have the impression of what good food is. I just love sitting, eating simply spending time with my family. And really just acknowledging what I have that self love. Not what I've created what I have in this moment.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:02:22

And what is happiness to you? Oh, gosh, food.

Michelle Carpenter 1:02:29

Not joking. That food is true. This food is food is happiness. Even going to Egypt? No, they eat so simply, you know, and, and it is the first thing that you just look at these people that are just eating so simple. And you're like, oh my gosh, this is life. It's simple, you know? But yes, it's it's it's about laughing It's about joyfulness, it's about having fun, happiness. For me, it is ultimately behaving like a kid. But knowing when to behave like an adult at the same time, but feeling that inner joy that children have naturally, no matter what we've all been through, if we go back to that little person inside of us, sliding down a slide doing a cartwheel playing in the sand, you know, if we have I've got the sea I'm blessed to have the sea just playing, building sand castles, those little moments of joy.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:03:20

I think you're handling the joy pretty well. So inspiring when it comes to love, joy. And so it said, you know, laugh on your heart behind you. It was just so inspiring. Now, what is the deeper meaning of life from your perspective?

Hit me with the first question. Yeah.

Michelle Carpenter 1:03:50

Like we need to be around the fire and likely books right now because this will be the big question to answer. What's the deeper meaning? You know what I mean? To say it again, to have fun and to find the joy my husband I were talking about this this morning as we get so entrenched as humans, especially I think a lot of us who have families and we get caught up in finances and mortgages and I have a brother who lives in Israel. And my niece is is is a soldier she's not in the war she's at base camp. But you know, there's it was just fascinating my may quickly share this with you because the two different realities me being in Egypt right next door to him but not able to visit them. And him being in their fight mode. You know, it was me feeling all this amazingness but in that moment, the deeper meaning for me, I was just crying and sobbing my heart attack because I said to him, the flights have been canceled. I can't get to you in Israel. And he said it's okay. Well, it's clearly not meant to be. For me, the deeper meaning is holding space for individuals that are going through suffering that are experiencing pain that are experiencing trauma. You know, holding space is is for me a very real quality that many of us, because we come from our own interpretations, we come from our own perceptions, our own opinions, we want to, you know, for me to say to my brother will leave, just leave, you know, that's what holding space he's in it, he's the to, to experience life in a very different way. And your soul has chosen this journey. So for me, the deeper meaning of life is to just show up in the moment. Let's listen to one another, let's hear one another. And let's just keep concentrating and focusing on loving one another, in which ever way we are in that moment. And, you know, even if you have a confrontation, or you're not happy in your own family environment, where you're not happy inside of you figure out what what is it what does it mean to me right now, in this moment? What does it mean, for me to bring some sense of clarity? And a sense when we have clarity, Massa, my sense is is that we surrender into what is in that moment, because we're going to fight, we're going to feel we're going to have moments of joy. You know, I'm in such a high right now. And I know it's sometimes hard for my family, because I'm just like, like, they're so happy and they just like Jesus just come back to. And, and, and it's, you know, it's having that clarity of like when you live in the space of deepening meaning. It's not the deeper meaning. I hope I'm making sense right now, it's not the deeper meaning of like, okay, there's got to feel some people to sit in a trauma, like, we've got to go deep, we've got to deep dive. plant medicine can do that. But come out of it, to process it, integrate it, and then find the joy. That, for me is the most most important thing that I've had to learn. Stop being a victim to myself, stop being a victim of life, have a pity party. I describe it as being like a turtle on its on a shell on the back and be like a, you know, have that moment, have your pity party, get it out of your body and say, Okay, that's done. Now put on the music, it's fine, the joy. So I hope that helps. It's a big, big that we're gonna sit around the fire.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:07:19

Felt that we got a master class here. I'm really grateful. And I hope that everybody watching got as much out of it as I did. So thank you so much, Michelle. And where can people reach you?

Michelle Carpenter 1:07:36

On my website, Michelle carpenter WWW dot moocchile dot Michelle carpenter.co.nz. And please, if you feel that you would, I'm always honored for any client that connects with me. And you can find me on Instagram On Facebook, and pretty much the normal platforms, but my website is probably the easiest to get ahold of me. So thank you so much for all you do for this world. And for us. I'm very, very, very, very honored.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:08:03

Thank you so much, Michelle. You're welcome.

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