At the age of 21, John J. Davis underwent a life-altering near-death experience that profoundly transformed his perspective on life and the afterlife. During this remarkable event, he was granted a glimpse of what many would refer to as Heaven or the Other Side. This extraordinary encounter fundamentally confirmed the existence of life beyond what we typically perceive as death. It revealed to him the timeless nature of our souls, emphasizing that our existence knows no bounds.

John currently resides in Colorado, where he shares his life with his wife and two sons. Together with his spouse, he is engaged in the field of medical transcription. John’s educational journey led him to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Colorado and a Master of Arts from Webster University.

A tour of heaven in a profound near-death experience

In this enlightening conversation, John J. Davis invites us to delve into the profound insights he gained from his very detailed tour of heaven in his near-death experience, offering a unique perspective on the eternal nature of our souls and the purpose behind our temporary sojourns on Earth. 

Transcript of the interview

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And I'd learned in that part of my en de that all of us plan our lifetimes, and we actually have the scrolls that they look like Papyrus, like what the ancient Egyptians would write on. If you want to be able to tell people that we plan our lifetimes. We plan to our parents are going to be we plan, what country we're going to live in, what language we're going to learn, all of this gets planned into our lifetime. So there's actual structure to it. And it's all based on what is it that you want to learn?

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Hello, John, a warm welcome to the show.

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Hi, Jannecke, thank you so much. It is an absolute pleasure to be here. So thank you for inviting me.

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Oh, yeah. I mean, finally, we get this to happen. I've been trying to get a hold of you for quite some time, because I came over your NDE II and it made such an impression on me. It's so rich with details. And it seemed like you got so many questions answered. And I felt that this can really be of giving people so much hope. Because there's so many people wondering about what happens to our loved ones when we die. What happens to us when we die? And a lot of people are walking around with fear? And I really think Yeah, and it's time that we open up to more of the nature of our reality and see more perspectives. So I'm excited to hear your story today. I'm curious, before you dive into it, how did you get the courage to start to share the story?

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You know, my experience happened when I was 21. And one of the things that I think that God gave me was the ability to have perfect recall. Because even all this time has passed, I still remember my NDE, like it happened yesterday. And I have tried to live my life in such a way that I can share my story to anybody who would listen. And it was really only just a few years ago that I decided I'm going to put this story on, on social media. And because I would always just tell it person to person. And I thought you know what, maybe if I maybe I could reach a bigger audience, if I went and in shared my story, so on Facebook, and that's when I first shared it. And that's when people started asking me to come on their podcast to to share it even to a larger audience. So I've always wanted to share it, because it gave me so much hope. And I thought if it helped me, it's certainly going to be able to help other people too.

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And not to jump ahead here. But did you sort of receive a message that you were supposed to share this as well that you feel sort of an obligation to share it?

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Absolutely. I can tell you now, or I can wait till the end, whatever, whatever is easier, better for you.

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Right? You know, let's dive into it. And I'll give the stage to you will

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all all start at the beginning then you want to get this whole thing started when I was 21 years old, and my dad was in sales, and he wanted a sales contest. And part of what he one word to mopeds are what we call scooters now, and we used to ride them in the neighborhood all the time, especially on the weekends. So one day I was out riding, and I had an accident, and I crashed into a tree. And the way that I landed, I landed in such a way that I tore the tendons off my right hand. And I had to go in for surgery. While I was only 21. I had never had surgery before. I had hardly ever spent any time in a hospital. So I didn't really know what to expect. So the day the surgery comes, we go in, my mom drives me down, and I'm in the hospital and they start to give me the anesthesia to knock me out for the surgery. Well, something happened and I had a horrible reaction to the anesthesia. And I stopped my heart. And I actually died for seven minutes. And everything that happened in my near death experience happened in that seven minute timeframe when I was clinically dead. But the most remarkable thing about it is during my end D it felt like I was gone for an hour or more because they showed me so much. And that's what I'm able to tell people about my experiences, how this all unfolded. Well before I get much further I just want to I want to give a little bit of a background to your audience so they can kind of follow how my story started. A lot of times we hear about near death experiences and they seem to have a US similar type of flow to them, there'll be an accident, or there'll be something happening when the person is in surgery and they die. And they find themselves floating above their body looking down on the scene, and they become aware of a tunnel, and they start to move down the tunnel, and at the end of the tunnel is this white light. But we've never been told what happens at the end of that white light. Because there's almost always somebody that this person knows that tells them, you know, hey, it's not your time, your your, it's not your time to come to the other side, you have to go back to Earth. So we never knew what happens when a person walks into that light. Well, for whatever reason, with my near death experience, I skipped all that. And my story starts on the other side of that white light. So here's, here's what happened. When I died, I woke up, and I was standing in the most beautiful building I've ever seen. It was a huge, huge, long corridor building. It was so long, that I couldn't even see the end of it. That's how long it was miles long. And it was made of beautiful white polished marble. On the right hand side of me, if you can imagine 20 or 30 foot high columns of marble, beautiful marble, all the way down as far as you can see, in the middle of this corridor, where these tables, again, beautiful white marble tables, with benches all around each side, again, all the way down as far as you could see. And at these tables, were sitting to people, every table had two people, either two men, two women, a man and a woman that did all this all the way down as far as you could see, to the left of me. The only way I can describe this is they looked like tunnels. It was solid marble, with it looked like they had been these doorways had been cut out of the marble, like doors. They were maybe seven or eight feet high. And they looked black. Like if you looked into a into a dark room, that's what it looked like. But they were all dark. And all the way down where these corridors are these are these doorways. In right about that time. In my left ear, I heard. My name is Alan, I'm your spirit guide. And I don't know if a lot of your audience has heard about spirit guides, I'm sure probably a lot of them have. But every one of us has a spirit guide. And they actually help us plan our lifetime. And they are with us throughout our whole life. So what happened with me is all the way through my experience, my guide is talking to me in my left ear. And he's telling me what I'm seeing and what's happening. So that's how I'm able to tell audiences where I was this because my guide was telling me and he told me that the building that I was in is called the orientation center. And it's the first place we go to when we cross from that tunnel when when we finish our current lifetime. And we go down that tunnel, we enter the white light. And we end up where I was standing, which is the orientation center. So my guide said, look up at the next tunnel. And I looked up and there was a man come through. He was an elderly gentleman, probably in his 80s or 90s. If he was he had his right hand holding his chest like he had pain. And my guide said he died from a heart attack. So he was coming to this tunnel. The Counselor, the people that were sitting at these tables, they're called orientation counselors. And what they do is they help people remember where they're from, because we're not from earth. We're from the other side. That's our real eternal home. So she, this woman stood up. She walked over to this man. She took his hands in hers, and she walked him back to the table. They sat down and she sat across from him. And she started talking to him. I was too far away to hear what she was saying. But my guide was saying that she's an orientation counselor. And what she does is help people remember where they're from that you just finished a lifetime on Earth. Now you're coming back home to the other side. And her job is to help people just remember where they're from. Because most Most of us, when we come into a lifetime, we forget where we're really from. And we just have memories only of Earth. So when people go down that tunnel, when they finish their life, and they go down that tunnel, many people can be confused. And they don't know really what's going on. So what that's what the job of the orientation counselor is, is to help people remember where they're from. So as she was talking, my guide said, Watch him closely. So I was watching him. And Jonica, all of a sudden, he began to change right in front of my eyes, he changed from a man in his who was an elderly gentleman, to a man, a young man in his late 20s, or early 30s. And my guide said, everybody is in their 30s on the other side. And I don't know why that is, I don't know if it's because of Jesus died at 33. Or I don't know what the reason is. But we're all in our 30s. That's how we appear on the other side. So it was extraordinary to see him actually change into the soul, the age that he is on the other side. So I was I watched this man, he died on earth, he came through the tunnel, he went through the white light, he had an orientation with an orientation counselor. And then one of the most extraordinary parts of my MDPE that that I think, I love so much is when he stood up. And he walked off to the right, and he walked between the columns. And as he walked between the columns, he went down three steps. And he had what I call a reunion. And it was in the most beautiful garden, I can even describe, absolutely looked like a like a perfect English Garden, with flowers, and plants and trees in the color of the grass was so green, it looks like emerald green, it was beautiful. And there were all these people there. And what my guide said is that every time somebody comes back from an Earth life, they have a reunion. And the people that are there are all the people that he knew on the other side. And so many of the people that crossed over before he did, and so they're they're welcoming him when he comes back. And all of us have that. And my guide told me that Earth is the hardest of all the planets. So when we come in here, when we're brave enough to come here, to have a lifetime, and we finish it, everybody's there to greet us. And I've realized that that time that that's actually true, because life can be very hard for many of us. And when we get back to the other side, that's a huge, huge accomplishment. And that's why all these people were part of your reunion. And I thought that was the most amazing thing to see that when you finish your life. Everyone that you've ever known whether it was parents, grandparents, children, siblings, everybody even known in your lifetime, everybody is there. So nobody really dies. When people die, they just go back home again, in the homeless on the other side. And the earth is just a place that we come to, to learn, to experience to grow. And to become even more than what we were before we started. Each lifetime has a specific reason why we're here. And we plan that and we chart that before we come in. So I'll keep going.

The next thing my guy took me to he took me to the outside of all these buildings first swanky, tell people what they looked like. And then he took me inside the orientation building that I was in, in this is something that your audience can can do some research on. They can just do a Google research or a Google lookup. There's a building in the country of Turkey. And it's called a temple of Artemis. It's AR T E M, I s the Temple of Artemis in Turkey. And it looks like the building that I was in in that orientation center, this huge, long, beautiful white marble buildings. And when they look it up on Google, you can see exactly what I saw, but it was just longer just a much longer building. So he took me to this Next building in it was huge rectangle building. And all along the outside, again, were marble columns. So it took me inside. And inside, I was in one of the rooms. And something I cannot express enough is the size of all these buildings, they were so large, we don't have anything like that here on Earth, nothing compares to the size of what these buildings were. So we took on the inside, and one of the rooms that I was in was a round room, like a like just like a round theater. And on the top, there were movie screens all around the top and a circle. And all of a sudden, as I was standing there, each one of those screens turned on. And it was like watching a movie. But the movie was about my life. And each screen that was on was a different age. One screen was playing playing with me when I was a little baby. Another screen was showing me as an infant, another screen was showing me as an adolescent all the way up to the age that I was at the time, which was 21. And the whole idea behind this, my guide explained was that it's a life review. Every one of us, all of us have life reviews. And the reason is, it's to see if you will accomplished the things you set for yourself. Because kind of like having a lifetime is what we do when we have a new year, a lot of us will go through a New Year's resolution. Well, that's the same thing we do when we have a lifetime, we actually plan what we want to accomplish. And so the life review is the opportunity to see how we did. And it was was just amazing to see that. So you could you can see every aspect of your life on this on these screens and a life review. The next place he took me to again, was another rectangles large building, again, with columns on the outside. And it took me inside. And the room that I was in now was looked like what we would say is a normal movie theater. It was long, rectangular, and with one movie screen up front. And what he was showing me at that point, were past lifetimes, I was raised a Catholic, and we had never talked about past lifetimes or that the soul has lived before. And none of that was a part of Catholicism. So that was hard for me to understand. So I think the reason that he showed me the past lifetimes was so that I tell people, you know, lifetimes really are real. The soul is eternal, the soul never dies. And we can have as many lifetimes as we want to, for the purpose of learning and for growing. And I'll get into that a little bit later, too. So on the screen, it turned on. And my guides showed me three different lifetimes that I had had. Most of us have many, many more, and I probably had more too, but he just showed me three of them. And the first one was of a monk, I was a monk in a monastery, I had a shaved head, I was wearing a red kind of tunic or a gown. And I was teaching little kids. I was a teacher in that lifetime in this monastery. And my job was to teach the children about life in a monastery. And that lifetime happens somewhere in Asia. The next lifetime he showed me was I was a shoe peddler. I had a wheelbarrow. And I had a bunch of shoes in this wheelbarrow. And I was walking along a cobblestone pathway. And my job in that life was I would fix people's shoes, I had a little shop, I would fix their shoes, put them back in the wheelbarrow. And I would wheel them down to where people lived and drop off their shoes for them. And that lifetime happens somewhere in Eastern Europe. The the third life he showed me was that was a fisherman. I had a little

raggedy brown kind of wooden boat and I was standing and I had fish nets. And I would cast the nets into the lake in catch fish for the village. In that lifetime happens somewhere in the Middle East. And again, he just wanted me to tell people that past lifetimes are real, that the soul lives for eternity. And we can have many, many lifetimes. In one caveat. There are many, many souls here Explain to me who don't want to come to earth, because Earth is the hardest of all the planets. And that's why there is such a big reunion when we finish a lifetime. And we get back to the other side, because life on Earth really is the hardest of all of them. So that was that was that experience the part of the different buildings with the life of us. The next building he took me to, it was, if you can imagine a round building, just round with a big dome on top. And there were columns, white marble columns, all around the outside, in this building was absolutely huge also. And this building is the place that we go to, when we plan lifetimes. I don't know why we go there. But that seems to be the place where everyone goes when they want to work on another lifetime. And your guide goes with you. And your guide helps you plan a life. So my guide took me to this area in this room in this building that had another white marble table. And there were two scrolls on this table. They were rolled up, and they had a ribbon around the scroll. And I'd learned in that in that part of my N D, that all of us plan our lifetimes. And we actually have these scrolls that they look like Papyrus, like what the ancient Egyptians would write on, they look like that. And when I took the ribbon off, and I unfolded the scroll, and I laid it out on this table, and I could see that there was black lettering, and it looked like calligraphy, the kind of writing you take an ink pen, you dip it in the ink, and then you write out on on on a parchment. That's what this writing looked like. And what it was, is he want to be able to tell people that we plan our lifetimes, we plan who our parents are going to be we plan what country we're going to live in, what language we're going to learn. All of this gets planned into our lifetime. So there's actual structure to it. And it's all based on what is it that you want to learn? What do you want to grow? What is it? Do you want to learn about compassion? Or love? Or do you want to learn about non judgement, all of these, all of the thing, all of these things go into planning a life. Well, as they went to try to read what was on my scroll, it pulled it up again. And I wasn't able to read what I've written, because I wasn't supposed to see what was in my life. They just want to be to be able to tell people, that life is not just some random accident, that we come here for specific purposes, to learn and to grow. And what's interesting is that birth, it's not the only way that you can learn and grow. You can still learn and grow when they're on the other side. It's just that you don't have anything to overcome. One of the reasons that we come to a planet is to have the experiences where we have to go through something that's hard. Because in life, almost always especially, you know, in my life, too. We've learned from going through tough experiences, whether it's a job loss or a financial problem, a health care healthcare issue, or you know what divorce, anything that you go through, you learn from that, and it makes you better. Well, on the other side, we still learn, but there's nothing over there. That is hard. The other the other side is a perfect paradise. There's no more. There's no hunger, there's no disease, there's no, there's nothing that is hard for anyone to overcome. And you'd think why don't we just stay there? Well, we do. But we also have times what we want to learn. And when we do we actually choose a lifetime income in to go through certain things to experience and to learn. But on the other side, you can still learn, you can go to you can take classes, you can go to lectures, you can paint if you want to you can swim, hike, anything that you love to do here on Earth, it was explained to me that you can do on the other side. So it's an absolute paradise. So that was the building where we plan our low I want to mention it before I forget. I want to mention one thing on when I was in that building, looking at my scrolls. On the left hand side, there was this beautiful sprawling window and I looked outside the window and I could see that there was a footpath and there were all kinds of people walking back and forth in front of this building, like they were going somewhere. And the other side was, wherever I was on the other side. It was a specific place that he took me to. But the other side is like a planet. It's huge, and I was only in one area. But I could see people walking back and forth. And that's where I saw for the first time that people look just like we do. They dress a little bit differently. A lot of them seem to be wearing robes, or gowns, or tunics, kind of like what you would see in Greece in ancient Greece or ancient Rome. But that wasn't the only thing. People could wear jeans and T shirts. It's just that a lot of people seem to wear these gowns. And right on the other side of this footpath, there was a lake in this lake was absolutely beautiful. It was kind of a round, oval kind of Lake. And what was so interesting about it is on the outside of the lake, were these weeping willow trees. You know how those weeping willow trees have their branches come down. And with the leads, well, that the leaves were the branches were so long that they were floating on the top of this lake just floating there. And it was still it was an absolutely beautiful scene. And that's when I realized that the other side has nature that is similar to Earth. But the other side is so much more beautiful that you have oceans and lakes and rivers and mountains and everything we have here but just so much more beautiful. And then he took me to before before we left the big round building, he took me to an area where it looked like a huge library full of Encyclopedia Britannica is and they were all the same color kind of Maroon purplish. And they had writing on the on the binding but the writing wasn't horizontal. The writing went down on the on the findings. And what they were they were in, they were in gold lettering. And what it was was the name of all of our soulmates. All of us have soulmates that God created with us at creation in that is our perfect mate on the other side. And my guide wanted me to be able to tell people that the whole concept of soulmates it's real, that they really do exist. And he took me to a place where I could see my soulmates name. And I looked at the book and it was n i n a. Nina, my soulmate stay on the other side is Nina. And we all have them. What I get asked a lot is whether or not a soulmate comes into a lifetime with us. And that I don't know. My my first inkling or impression is that they don't. Because one of the reasons we come to earth is to learn through relationships. And having relationships teaches us a lot. And if your soul mate came with you into your lifetime in which with you for your whole life, that will be an opportunity that that you wouldn't really have to learn from having relationships because you would have the best one with you. So I don't know if the soulmate comes into a lifetime with us. That's something that if I could ask my guide, that's a question I would absolutely ask. So that part I don't know.

But the but the soulmates are real. The next place he took me to look like an absolutely gigantic sports stadium. It looked like it was a big oval of a building. And when he took me inside, I realized that it was a planetarium. In the planetarium I'm sure you probably had, I'm sure you definitely have some in Norway too. And a lot of your audience has probably been to them. But planetariums are where you go and you can look up at the ceiling. And it can show you different stars and planets and galaxies. Well, that's where he took me to. He took me to an enormous planetarium. And it was 1000s and 1000s of seats inside. And all the lights were on this place was very, very bright and extremely large. 1000s of people could could be in this Planetarium at one time. Well, there was a man behind me. And his job on the other side was to run the planetarium. And something I want to mention for your audience, too, is that everybody on the other side seems to have something that they love to do, and that's what they pursue more than anything else. The counselors when I was in that first bit Ultimately in that orientation center, their job on the other side is to be orientation counselors. That's what they love to do. And that's what they pursue. And it's a little bit different on the other side in terms of jobs, we don't really have the same concept of jobs on the other side, as we have here on Earth. Everybody has jobs here, because you have to earn money, you've got expenses, bills, insurance, all things we have to pay for. Well, the idea of jobs on the other side is real too. But you don't have to work to pay expenses or bills. They don't have economics like we do here. So the man that was behind me in the planetarium, he'd loved to run the planetarium. That's what he loved doing. He was an expert on, I guess, you could say, space, outer space galaxies, that's what he loved to study. So he talked to me, and he said, let's begin. And all of a sudden, all the lights went off. And I sat down, and I looked up at the ceiling. And he said, when you look at the stars, this is what you see. And what he meant was everybody on Earth, it their level of development, if their level of knowledge, this is what they know about outer space. And he started showing me different planets in our solar system. He showed me earth, then Neptune, and Saturn, and Jupiter, all of our planets in our solar system. And then it went blank. And then he said to me, when we look at the stars, this is what we see. And what he meant was everybody who's on the other side, with their level of development and knowledge, this is what they know. And all of a sudden, planet after planet started showing up. First, there were dozens, then hundreds and 1000s, and millions of other planets. And he said to me, there is far more life in the universe than you can possibly know. And I think my guide took me to the planetarium buildings so that I could tell people two things. That number one, Earth is not the only inhabited planet, that there are billions of other worlds that have life. And I think the other reason he wanted to show me this was to tell me that Earth is not the only planet where you can have a lifetime, there are billions of other worlds that God has created, that we can have lifetimes on. And I just thought that was the most extraordinary because I had I've always loved astronomy, and going to in knowing that there are other planets that Earth is not the only one is something that was absolutely just fantastic for me to learn that. And that's something that I love to share with people. Because when you look at the size of the galaxies in the universe, it's absolutely extraordinary how large it is. In fact, I'll tell you something that I just read recently, that was listening or reading this woman's column, she's an astronomer. And she was saying that on or in the Milky Way, which is our galaxy, just the Milky Way. They estimate that there are over 100 billion planets, just in our galaxy. And if you could imagine the universe having hundreds of millions of galaxies, how many planets that must be? It's got to be endless. And I just can't even comprehend. I can't wrap my mind around how large that is. So one of the things that I cannot wait to do when I finish this lifetime and go back, is I want to learn and study about all the different worlds and all the different galaxies out there. And that's something all of us can do. The next place he took me to this one was the largest of all the buildings, it was absolutely huge. And what this one looked like, it looks like the Supreme Court building in Washington, DC, super long, rectangular building. Again, I could not see the end of it. It was so long, but it didn't have columns on the side. It just had columns in front, maybe 1520 columns out front of it. And there were like 30 or 50 stairs to walk up to get to the entrance. When I got inside, I realized it was a library. Huge tall wooden bookshelves maybe 20 Maybe 20 feet high and they had ladders on All the way down so you can actually climb up and get to the higher books that were up on the shelves. And this library was conveyed to me that anything that you ever wanted to learn within this library, anything about history, or science, or music, or

everything you ever want to learn was in this library, you could go and there were people everywhere looking up information, some were at tables reading, some were talking, but there were people everywhere. Well, he took me to the left hand side of the library. And there were rooms, rooms that were probably the size of a master bedroom, maybe 15 feet by 10 feet, something like that. And they there had there were these videos or video screens in every room. And back then when this happened, it was it was 1987 when I had my experience, and we didn't have flat screen TVs back then. So when I looked up at the up these monitors, they would look like what we would say, Oh, those are flat screen TVs, you know, maybe 4050 inch flat screen TVs, that's what these look like. And he took me to one of the rooms and there was a woman sitting in this room. And she had her back to me, she had jet long black hair down to her waist. And she had kind of a purplish, kind of a gown or tunic on. And she was watching something on this video screen. And my guide said go closer and see what she's seen. So I got closer. And what she was watching was a battle. And it was a battle that took place 200 years ago in Earth's history between the Native American tribes, the Native American plains tribes, and the United States cavalry in she was watching a battle as it took place in real time. And I thought to myself, how was it possible that she can be watching something that happened in history? When we didn't have any recordings back then there were no video recordings, there were hardly any cameras back then how could she be watching this. And my guide said to me, everything gets recorded. So this girl just wanted to watch a period of Earth's history and learn about it. And that's one of the things we can do on the other side is if you don't have a lifetime, in a particular era, or a particular time of Earth's history, you can go to these rooms in this library. And you can watch history. And I can't wait to get back because one of the things I want to do is I have always been interested in World War Two, especially D Day, when the Allies invaded Normandy, I want to go watch that and see what it was really like during that time period. So learning still takes place on the other side, all kinds of different ways to learn and to grow once we're back home again. And I thought that was so I thought that was so wonderful, because I think all of us are hard wired from God to want to learn. We all enjoy learning new things. And we still learn even on the other side. The next place he took me to was a medieval castle. I don't know if they have castles in Norway, but they have them in Europe, especially in England, Scotland, Ireland, those areas. And he took me to a castle, a huge, huge castle made of stone, just like this, just like the castles were made back the medieval period in Europe. And the reason he took me here to this castle, was to show me that not only can you learn by watching videos and learning about, you know, history, but you can also learn by seeing what the buildings were like that people lived in during certain times of Earth's history. Well, one of the times he was taking me to was the medieval period of Earth's history. So you can see what the castles look like and what people lived in. So he told me, he tells me to go in. So I go inside. And the first thing I noticed is there is beautiful red carpet all throughout the entire castle. It made it feel like it was royal, like a royal castle. And on my left and on my right, were these huge walls. And on the walls were lifestyle size paintings. And these paintings were of the people who had lived in that castle during that time period. King George for example. And you can walk in, and you can see his life size painting, you could see what it looked like. And you could also see what they dressed in during that time. So all the way down these walls were these pictures of people that lived in the castle, all the royalty, the Kings, the queens, the princesses, the Dukes, you could see everybody. And in front of every picture, there was a podium in on the podium was a book. Well, my guide told me that if you wanted to learn about that particular person's life, you could come to this castle. You could look at their picture, their painting. And then this book was a book about that person's lifetime. It was a very detailed, and you could read and learn about their life. So I thought that was absolutely miraculous. Well write about them. I looked off to my right. And there was a circular staircase. You know how a lot of a lot of castles have those circular staircases to get up and down the different floors. Well, this one had that. And there was a woman that was walking down the walking down the stairs. She had strawberry blond hair, and she was wearing kind of a peach kind of a peach colored gown. And she walked up to me. And she asked, she could see me and she said, Is there anything that can help you find? Well, Yannick? Uh, you know what I said to her? The stupidest thing I've ever said. I said, No, thanks. I'm just looking. I could have asked her anything I could have said, you know, I was supposed to be having surgery. Where am I? Who? Who are you? What's a spirit guide? What? What is a? What's a soulmate? I could have asked for anything. But I didn't know that I had died. I didn't know where I was. And so I said to her, but we all a lot of us will say no thanks. I'm just looking. And I still kick myself to this day. But my guide said that the reason she asked me that is on the other side. She loves to study history. And she loved that particular era of Earth's history. So if you wanted to learn about what it was like in medieval Europe, not only could you go see the castle of what people lived in, but you could see their paintings, you could read about them. And you could also talk to someone like her. And like she was a professor of that time period, you could ask her questions. And I just thought that was such a, an extraordinary part about the other side is that we can continue to learn for eternity. I just love that part. Here is the last part of my near death experience. And this is the park that you mentioned earlier that I wanted to get to. My guide took me to the most beautiful, gorgeous meadow to see these fields, these wildflower meadows, with grasses and beautiful flowers that it was the sun was shining. It was a beautiful, beautiful bright day. And then my guide left. And in front of me, a gentleman appeared. And he was different than everybody else I had seen. And it was Jesus. I knew in my mind that this person who is in front of me now is Jesus, that He had a lifetime on Earth, known as Jesus. I could see his hands, I could see his feet, he was wearing a white robe. And he had a golden sash around him. And he had gold kind of gold colored sandals that laced up his calves. But he was different than the other people that I saw. Everyone else looks just like we do, you can see their face. Everyone has different unique personality styles just like we do. But I could not see his face because there was so much light, so much energy that was coming out of him that I couldn't see what he looked like. But I just knew that this was Jesus. And he spoke to me. And he said, You must tell them, there is no death. And the very second he said that, boom, I was right back in the hospital, looking up and looking at the doctors and the nurses trying to work on me. And that was the very last part of my near death experience. And so all my life I have been trying to share that story that you must tell them there is no death. And that's what I've done ever since tried to live my life in such a way that I could tell people that whoever would listen. And I've had the opportunity and the great pleasure of meeting people like you who've invited me on to their shows where I can share my story. Wow.

Jannecke Øinæs 44:58

Oh my goodness. Ah Thank you so much for sharing, like, I've been writing so many notes, and I realized we can get through them all. This is so interesting. Um, okay. I mentioned in the beginning that you were very, very courageous. Sharing this, and I seldom ask this question, actually, it just dropped into my mind that, what are you? How are you explaining this to people who do not believe in the afterlife? Or eighth is to? Maybe, you know, look at you like, Are you a bit crazy? Because I've also been out to my body. And I say that, you know, I have no doubt because it was so real. Like, I felt it was more real than even this life, then I'm curious, how do you sort of explain it to those who do not believe

John J. Davis 45:51

the other guy feel exactly the same? When I when I was over there during my NDA II, every single thing that I was seeing felt far more real than anything I've ever experienced here on Earth. And I get that question a lot. How do you know it was real? How do you know it wasn't a dream or hallucination? And I tell people that, you know, I hardly remember my dreams. I hardly remember what I had for dinner last night. My memory is not very good. So I never remember anything. But I've remembered that experience, just like it happened yesterday, every single detail I remember. And I know it wasn't a dream because I was clinically dead. In fact, when I got back, after he said to me, you must tell them, there is no death. And I got back, I asked the surgeon, what just happened? I thought maybe he was going to tell me what was going on. And he said, we lost you. We lost you for seven minutes, you were clinically dead for seven minutes. So that's when I realized that it wasn't a dream. It wasn't a hallucination. And even if it was a dream, there was no way in the world that I could have ever imagined. The things that I saw. I just I never been able to, I would never have been able to imagine something like that. And I tell people that I don't I wish that I had some ability or some proof, or that I could give people my eyeballs for a while so they could see what I saw. Then they would know. But I just tell people that you know, if you don't believe if you don't, and that's okay, people, I'm not trying to push my belief on anybody. I'm just trying to share. You know what I saw it, it gives people hope. It did give people encouragement to finish their lifetimes and do their best. But I don't really get a lot of people who say I don't believe I think I think a lot of people do believe in something. They just don't know what. In fact, I I've read a statistic recently, it said that 93% of the world's population believes in something that happens after death, only only 7% of the population are true atheists. And I just simply tell them, you know, it's okay to not believe anything, God doesn't make you believe anything. But when you die, you'll realize that you don't end. Nobody ever ends in death. Death is just simply leaving this old body, like stepping out of an old car or taking off a jacket, you go back home again, it happens just that fast. So I try not to tell people that you have to believe in something because there are some people that don't, but we'll find out when they cross. What

Jannecke Øinæs 48:39

I find is a bit of a paradox to me is that a lot of nd experiencers come back with or having had the message that you need to share this and you did as well. And I'm thinking so Okay, so we obviously need this message from the other side, it's meant to be shared. Now, why am I not experiencing this? By myself? Why am I not receiving these answers from somewhere else? Why the veil? When they're saying you need to tell the story? Well, just open the veil?

John J. Davis 49:16

That is such a good question. I have wondered that Yanaka for so long, because I'm not like you I don't have this famous podcast. I don't I don't have a radio show. I don't have a book. Why I'm nobody. Why would they give me that kind of information to share? I don't know why. I don't know why they did. I would think that if they wanted to get this information out, they would give it to someone like you who has a huge audience. So I don't know. I have no idea why. They gave me what they gave me other than the fact that my experience is part of that jigsaw puzzle. So many people have pieces is a puzzle. And mine is just one of them. I just happened to be able to find out what's on the other side of that white light. I think that was the piece of the puzzle that they gave me that something really does happen when a person crosses into that tunnel, and they go into the light. And my part of the story is to simply be able to share what happens when we do that. I'm

Jannecke Øinæs 50:25

going to ask some practical questions, or better some of you guys who are watching or listening or wondering too, you know, it seems like it's very real on the other side, and you're saying it's no war you No, no struggle, nothing to overcome. However, we have bodies, but do we eat? Do we sweat? Do we do normal human things? And are there animals who will need to eat food and kill each other? And like, how are we surviving? Are we living on air or love?

John J. Davis 50:59

That's something I I don't have any real practical knowledge of what, because my guy didn't tell me anything like that. My guide said that everything you'd like to do on Earth, you can do on the other side. And we have bodies over there. But the bodies are, they're different. You don't have the you know how in the book of Genesis in the Bible, it says, we are made in the image of likeness of God. Well, on the other side, we look just like we do now. But our bodies are perfect. They're somehow made of, I don't know if it's concentrated energy, or, or life or what they are, but they're better. They don't get deal. They don't get disease they don't get, they don't suffer, they don't get injured, the bodies are perfect. But we all have different unique expressions just like we do here. But I don't know if we have to eat that. I don't know. i My impression was we don't have to eat, and we don't have to sleep. But I don't nobody told me that. So I don't know for sure. But I I just know that we have bodies that are better than our bodies here.

Jannecke Øinæs 52:14

And when we have these bodies, what kind of body would I have? Would I mean, I wouldn't have the body as Yanaka because that's just this incarnation. You know, because on the other side, it seemed like you were John. But if you really died, and I really died, do we sort of come back to our sort of real body, which is the soul and sort of is a combination of all that we are?

John J. Davis 52:45

Yes, that's exactly it, we come when we get to the other side, we are again, just as God created us to be that perfect Yanaka or that perfect, John, we are exactly as we were created to be in we look differently, because we don't, our bodies on Earth are a product of DNA. But on the other side, everybody can appear how they want to. And usually, from what my experience has taught me that people appear as they were in their favorite lifetime. So let's say let's say for example, that this is your favorite life, you would appear as you would look as the Annika, in Earth in 2023, for example.

Jannecke Øinæs 53:32

Wow. So Fascinating, isn't it,

John J. Davis 53:35

though, but the one thing too, that's so it's so remarkable as when you're on an Earth life, you only have memories of your earth of your earth time here. But on the other side, when you get back, you have all your memories back again, and you become the totality of everything you've ever experienced. Whereas here on Earth, we only have memories of our present lifetime. And that's just to let that system for the idea of being able to focus on what you're here for right now. To learn and to experience.

Jannecke Øinæs 54:10

What is the biggest insight you got from this experience?

John J. Davis 54:17

I think the biggest thing I got was that there really is no death, that people are just in a different place. And you can't get there yet until it's your time to finish your lifetime. I'll tell you something that I haven't forgotten that the only thing I've ever had happen that I would call a spiritual nature. Besides my near death experience happened when my wife's dad died. My father in law. We were all in the hospital that night. He died. And a couple of days later, he came to me in a dream and he was young. He was is young again. And he spoke to me in that dream. And he said, Don't worry, everything's gonna be okay. We're all going to be together again. Give it everything you've got. And then he said, Please tell my family, I'm okay. And I realized that what he said was true. Give it everything you've got, is that's why we're here. I think there are two specific reasons why we're here. The first one is we come to learn, we come here to learn to grow, to develop. But we're also here to try to help others. There's a wonderful quote by the Dalai Lama. And I just love it. He said, our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them. And I, and that's how I've tried to live my life. And I think that's what the other side wants us to do, is to learn, but also try to help others along the way as much and as often as you can. That's

Jannecke Øinæs 56:13

beautiful. And I believe that that is also because we are all one. And if you help another you actually help yourself. Yes. That makes sense to me. This has been so fascinating. I'm so grateful and thankful that you're sharing this story. And I bet a lot of people got curious about the soulmate questions. So that's the last one I'm going to go into. Before we need to wrap up. Like there is one soulmate for each and every one of us. I was like, really? Because I thought I mean, I did thought I think that that was a myth, actually. So is that sort of a twin flame than that? Yes. Yeah,

John J. Davis 56:57

that's from from my experience. That was when God created all of us. He created us with a perfect mate. And I know that that perfect Raiders with you on the other side. But I just don't know if, if they come into a lifetime with you. Because everybody, everybody wants to find their soulmate water here. I just don't I just don't know if they come in with you. Because when you have relationships, those are things that teach us the most. When you go through something, if you go through a let's say you have a breakup, for example. You never you never have a breakup with your soulmate. You only have a breakup with people that are in lifetimes with you for the purposes of learning, and growing and developing because you've learned so much about yourself from having relationships. So I just don't know if if they come into a lifetime with you. I'm sure they probably can. I don't know why they're I don't know why they wouldn't. I just don't know if they do.

Jannecke Øinæs 57:57

Yeah, I think it can be not so helpful. If we're going to, you know, run around chasing our soulmate or home life, maybe if the soulmate is not there, or yearning for that. Someone was on the other side. To me, I would feel like you know, the person I'm with is my soulmate right now. And not like I feel like I'm connected to some something else on the other side that I do not know. But I guess that's why we have the veil. So we can fully go into this experience as well.

John J. Davis 58:33

Yes. Here's, here's something too, that I learned. And this might help explain maybe why they don't come in with us. On the other side, there was no time, time isn't like it like it is here. When a person is on the other side. And you come into a lifetime. Everybody on the other side feels like okay, they're going to be gone for a month or two. And then they're going to be back. But for us coming here to Earth, it could be an 80 or 90 year lifetime, which is a long time. But on the other side, it doesn't feel like that. So people may decide to come in to learn through different relationships and not have their soulmate with them, just to learn. Because they because they know they're going to be back in just a very short period of time.

Jannecke Øinæs 59:21

Wow. Fascinating. I haven't heard that so much before. Yeah. All right. I have three questions I ask all my guests and the first one is what is self love to you?

John J. Davis 59:33

Self love. I would say that in my experience. Self love is accepting who you are. Accepting where you are on your life path and not beating yourself up for the past or for mistakes that you made. Because that's why we're here. We have to make mistakes to learn. I think so many people live their lifetimes beating themselves up because of past mistakes. You have to love yourself. Because if you don't love yourself, you're not going to go forward and keep learning and keep growing, which is exactly what God wants us to do. That's what we're here to learn into experience. There's another great quote that I love from Eleanor Roosevelt. And she said, the purpose of life is to live it. And I just love that.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:00:34

That's wonderful. And what is happiness to you?

John J. Davis 1:00:38

happiness to me, is having family, having family in your life, having close wonderful relationships? In fact, that's a great question, because there was a Harvard study, you've heard of Harvard University, Harvard did the longest study of happiness. They call them a longitudinal study. And they looked at 1300 people's lives starting back in the 1930s, up to the early 2000s. And they followed them to find out what really made them happy. You know what it was? There wasn't money. It wasn't success. It wasn't fame, they said, what makes people happy in life? Is the quality of their relationships. Friends, spouses, loved ones. It's relationships that make people happy. Yeah,

Jannecke Øinæs 1:01:34

no surprise. Yeah. And what is the deeper meaning of life from your perspective?

John J. Davis 1:01:41

I think the deeper meaning of life is to do what my father in law told me to give it everything you've got to be in your lifetime, to realize that you're not going to be here forever, that this isn't home. Earth is not our home. We just come here to learn.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:02:03

This was very inspiring. John, thank you so much for coming onto the show and again for sharing your story. Well, thank

John J. Davis 1:02:09

you so much for inviting me Jannecke I love telling my story and it was so nice to finally get to meet you. So thank you

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