Arke Muratova’s remarkable journey into her spiritual origins began at the tender age of four when she began recalling intricate details of her pre-birth life planning. She believed, at first, that such memories were universal, only to discover the profound uniqueness of her experience.

Transcript of the interview

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That's when a voice a gentle presence and I'm going to say a female presence because that's what it felt like. She said, You are going to planet earth. I asked her what is planet Earth and she said, It's your new home.

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Hello, Arke, a warm welcome to the show.

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Thank you, Jannecke, I'm really honored to be here. Thank you so much for inviting,

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I'm very excited to speak to you today, you have a pre birth memory that is quite unique. And just to have that I think is so super interesting. Because I've always been searching for the deeper meaning of life, why I am like I am where struggle with certain things in life. And then you and other people are starting to share your stories that you actually remember choosing your lives, which is quite amazing, because it gives so many answers to our questions. And I believe more and more people are starting to remember this and share these stories. And maybe this will be the new normal, you know, in a few years, which is sort of my agenda here that this will be common knowledge, you know, hopefully, because I really believe that this is so I've never had this experience before, but I really believe in it. And I know you're a wonderful singer as well. I'm also a singer. So I identify with you, and you have a wonderful YouTube channel with so much inspiration there. So you guys should check that out. I would like to ask you before this mystical experience that you had when you started remembering things, were you spiritual at all or religious.

Arke Muratova 1:45

Thank you so much for all the beautiful things you said earlier. And I also agree and one of believe that this is going to be the new norm for everybody that everyone's remembering and sharing their insights.

In terms of the spirituality, I think I've

is well. As far as I remember myself as a kid, I've always had a knowing that there is more to life. And I would always have these mini awakenings and I would speak up about certain things. I think I was in the at the age of six when I started speaking about how I chose my birthdate and telling everybody I chose my birthdate and like oh, how can we. And I think I've also remembered my past life, a language from a past life. And I started writing it down. And I tried teaching other children about that language that I had multiple awakenings. And I couldn't actually explain what it was. And I couldn't explain the concept I had in my head. So I don't know if it counts did be as spiritual, I don't even know. But I grew up believing that there is more. And I've known that in my heart. And I've just on also when I was six, I think that was when my my biological dad passed away. That's when I would comfort myself by telling that he's in the spirit world. And he's completely fine. And now would talk to him each night every night just as a comfort. And maybe I knew something back then. But yeah.

Jannecke Øinæs 3:42

Well, I know that your story is quite, quite long and rich, and I'd love for you to share it. So I'll just give you the time that you need to share it in the way you want to share it.

Arke Muratova 3:57

Thank you. I think I've shared it a year ago on a podcast with Melissa. Actually, up to that moment, I thought pre birth memory was something that everybody had and like pretty normal thing. And thing. I was surrounded by my friends and I was telling them Oh, do you also remember like how you chose this buddy? You do that? And then they went No. And they were like, that's weird. No. I think that's when I was like, oh, so people don't actually remember that. Okay, and I started Googling about it and I found three people and a lot of near death experiences in it resonated. So I decided to share that. My pre birth experience was actually I shared that with my mom when I was around the age of four or five. My mom was feeding my breastfeeding my little brother in And I actually didn't know back then that she was my mother because I was growing up with my grandparents. And I've been calling them my dad and my mom. So my mom at the time, she came to our house and she said, I am your mom called me, your mom. So I was like, okay, and then when I saw her breastfeeding, my brother, I suddenly remembered how I came into this body. And I told her the story, which is actually I started, it started in a very dark space. And I had literally no body, no physical body. And I didn't feel like I was somebody like I had no identity. And I felt like I was in a very hypnotic state where I was in emotion at the same time I was flowing or moving. And I saw a white light in the end of that darkness. It was like a tunnel, I guess. But there was a white light, which was either moving closer to me or I was moving closer to that light. And then I was slowly moving. And at some point, I regained my consciousness. And I asked, Wait, where am I going? And that's when a voice a gentle presence, and I'm going to say a female presence, because that's what it felt like. She said, she started replying to my question, and she said, You are going to planet earth. And I was, I remember feeling as if I knew what planet Earth was, but I've also forgotten about it. So it was a bit of a bit of a struggle. I was struggling, and I didn't know what to ask, what is earth? What is she saying? Who am I? What is happening? So I asked her what is planet Earth? And she said, It's your new home? I was like, okay. All right. And so I kept moving closer to that white light. And they remember seeing three people moving, and yelling and screaming. And, and then there was a tiny body they were holding, it's a baby. And I remember they were really excited, screaming yelling Keys, keys, which is in Kazakh language means a girl. But at the time, I couldn't understand their language. So I asked that gentle presence. What are they saying? Why are they yelling? What is happening? And she said, they are saying kiss, which is who you are, which is, which means a girl in the language. So I asked, okay, what is the girl? What does that mean? And then that gentle presence went on and explained about the difference between male and female on Earth, that they will be there will be a difference. And that female we as divine feminine, we have the ability to give birth and continue the life on Earth and how wonderful we are and how our body works and everything. And she said, you chose that. And I think I said, Oh, wow, that's so lovely. That's awesome. That's like a superpower. Wow. And I kept saying lovely. I can't wait to be a girl keys. So as I was saying that to her, she said, It's time to go now you have to go now. And I was getting closer and closer to that light. And I remember her voice was fading in the background. And I was I was falling asleep. I felt like I couldn't ask any more questions. Even though I had questions I would like I would. I think I wanted to ask more. But at some point, I was falling. I felt like it felt like as if I was falling asleep and she was in the background and she kept telling me remember us remember that you are love. Remember that you are supported and protected. And you will be welcomed wherever you go. And you will be loved unconditionally. And they said okay, it was really hard for me to talk because I was falling asleep. So I said okay, I will remember that. And the second the next thing that happened is I'm in a very limited stiff environment and I guess that's when I was in an embody in the physical body of a baby. And I was playing I used on, I was moved, I was moved, and I was placed on my mother's chest. I was before that I felt uncomfortable. I didn't want to be here, I was telling myself or what's happening, I was confused and scared. And when I was placed on my mother's chest, I could hear her heartbeat. And also, she was speaking to me, I couldn't understand the language. But vibrationally energetically what she was saying. It sounded like as if she said, I love you, and I will protect you. And it was really genuine. It was true. And I felt that through my whole being. And I think I said, I said, I am glad. And they were right. I am truly loved. I'm so happy to be here. And then I fell asleep after that. So I told my mom when I was four, and she was like, Oh, okay. But the thing is, in my mom's family, everyone had this ability to have dreams and see some things spirits and very intuitive. So, for them, it was a normal thing. That's why I guess my mom never paid attention to that. But later on, yes, I also had a vision when I was four that my grandparents would pass away, and my dad would pass away. And my mom was well, and I was shown that in a dream. I was about 656. And I told my mom that she that she would die. Well, basically I said, Oh, I think you guys are gonna die. And I said, grandpa's gonna die, Grandma's gonna die. That's gonna die in YouTube, but you're gonna stay with us for some time. And you're going to go to and she said, Don't say awful things. But everything happened the way I described to her. So think, in a way I was being prepped. My mom was with me for some time, and she passed away when I was around 17. And the thing is, before she passed away, she also knew that she was going to finish this life. And she had a dream. And she came up to me and my brother, and told us to be prepared and to be strong. And before that, she had this also amazing spiritual awakening. And she's been teaching us about how to manifest and how we are connected with everything in the world. So I think a week before her death, she told us, she's gonna leave us soon and told us what to do after. And later on, we actually moved to Australia, and I would say a was it. Very challenging journey. As

I look back, I think it was challenging. It was hard. But at the same time, it taught me a lot of lessons, life lessons, and they'd made me who I am today. I've been in survival mode for a very long time in Australia, struggling, being mistreated, bullied and abused. Trying to survive and make ends. But also grieving about my mother's death, because she was the person I loved the most. And as a kid, as a child, I thought the whole purpose of life is to live and give your mother the love she's given you. And my entire plan. Or my dreams were surrounded and wrapped around my mother, and when she died when she passed away, it was all gone. So I was depressed and suicidal. I've attempted many things. And yeah, but the thing years, I think it was in 2021. In the very beginning of 21, I was going through a lot of things. And I couldn't take it anymore. And I made a wish under the full moon, which was, I think I didn't actually say God or anything like that. But I just said, I was actually mad at God, or whoever there is, I said, I'm really mad at you, because you've taken my mother, because of my life is awful, and yada, yada. And then I added, but I don't think anything good. Anything can get any worse. And I said, You've saved me many times when I tried to in my life. So now show me what I'm here for. And I promised I will change. I said, I promise I will change, I promise, I will do anything, anything to live, I'm tired of surviving, I can't do this anymore. And I'm pretty sure there is more to this life than just survival. So after that, the next day, I came back from work, and I fell asleep. And I've woken up, I was woken up by my mother. So I was actually on my mother's lap. And I woke up. And I was surprised because she was real. She was very beautiful and light, just very vibrant and useful. So I was really surprised to see her. And at the same time, I said to myself, I looked around and I said, Oh, okay, this is a dream. This is a dream, this can't be true. Because I told her, I looked at her and I said, Oh, you're not real. You are dead. You are not my mother. And this is a dream. But the look on her face was very comforting. And she looked at me and had a light giggle on her face. And she looked at me as if she knew that I would react this way. And when I looked in her eyes, I saw the whole universe, everything, it was so beautiful, that there was this beautiful connection. And I remember just poking on her shoulder to check if she's real. And she was real. And I couldn't believe how realistic this dream is. And I kept telling her Wow, you are really real, you feel real. And I just said to her, I'm so happy to see you. And I said I love you, which I should have said before when she was alive. But I'd never said that. I said I love you. And thank you. I also said my life was so hard without you. And I started crying. Because she was comforting me. So she was hugging me and I was hugging her. And I was holding on to her tightly because I didn't want that dream to end. And I kept telling myself I don't want this dream to end. But the next thing was there was this bright light on top of us and it was covering us entirely. And it was really soothing, calming, and healing. And I felt like my entire life on Earth. It was just the dream. It was nothing. It was to me. It was like, Oh, I was crying at that moment. And then next moment, I was like, Well, that was just the dream. Earth is Earth was a dream. And I woke up in my bed after. And I had tears on my tears on my cheeks tears everywhere. And I got sad because that dream ended and I started questioning was it real or was it not? But I still felt someone holding my left hand and I still could feel someone's warmth. So I started crying even more and realized that it was real. I met my mother and she showed me that there is more to this life than we think and we believe there is actually a lot more and we all we all We'll have challenges. And I'm pretty sure we all have gone through a lot of things. And that's what makes each one of us so special and unique. And we learn from each other. I was also shown how many people have I have influenced then helped, and they helped me. So it was all connected. We are all teaching, we are all teachers and students at the same time. So who we are today is shaped by each other. So that was a very, that was a very profound experience that changed my entire life. And it's been a year since I shared this on other YouTube channel. And a lot of things have changed. I've I have disability, I have this ability to sometimes get out of this physical body and receive messages and some insights. I still have it, but at the same time, I'm still having a human experience. So I do remind myself to be grounded and to integrate in, learn more about this current life, and have fun at the same time. If you have any questions, please ask me I'm, I'm very nervous to be honest with you. I haven't done it in a year. So and I'll be really happy to answer your questions.

Jannecke Øinæs 21:39

Yeah, that's okay. Nothing to be nervous about. But I know the feeling. Always interviews, I have butterflies in my stomach. Thank you so much for sharing and being so open hearted about also your struggles. I think a lot of people can identify, I have also had dark thoughts. And that's the reason I'm here today. And it feels so meaningful, to do these interviews to find the deeper meaning of why we're here. So I want to circle back a bit to when you started to have these pre birth memories. You said you were four years old? Do you mean that you had them from zero and on that you just remembered your pre birth plan? Or did it all of a sudden come to you when you were four years old?

Arke Muratova 22:30

came when I was four years old. I don't think I remember anything before that. Because I feel like when you were a kid, you're not really conscious. So I think I regained my consciousness when I was four. And I started thinking, I started remembering a lot of things. And also, I remember going around and checking if people can hear thoughts and we and then being really surprised by how humans cannot hear thoughts and asking adults around me. Why can't we hear thoughts? Why can't we hear each other because in the other realms, I've been to astral realms, you can, you don't have to talk. If you don't talk, you just get it. You know, you feel each other. You feel each other is being so. And that's why I think I as a kid, I kept questioning and couldn't understand a lot of things. I remember just going up to adults and for the first time realizing that people can lie and questioning asking them why you say something, but you don't do so you and then they weren't they explained me that's when someone lies. That's what they do and ask them for that. Because I was curious as a kid as a kid, like why do people lie? Why humans cannot speak the truth. So I had a lot of questions, honestly. And I think it's not only me, it's all the older children we have. When we are children, we are really connected to the spirit realm. We are fresh off the boat. So we still have those insights within. And if you ask children around, they'll tell you very profound things yet so simple. You ask them what is life about and also life is about life.

Jannecke Øinæs 24:31

Do you remember actually choosing a hard life because you mentioned that there were a lot of struggles and I would somehow assume that your life would be easy because you had these pre birth memories. That illusion is what sometimes create some suffering that we do not exist after death. That that is a fear that is deep inside of us and why am I struggling, but you know that you come from a beautiful place, but still, you had struggles. And still you wanted to end it. So. So yeah, I'm curious about that. Do you remember choosing this life where you lost so many people around you?

Arke Muratova 25:21

Thanks for asking you. And so the pre birth memory I had was certainly helpful to up to some age, and then when I, when as a child, you don't hear feedback from other people about it, you just kind of think, oh, that must be something not important. So I kind of never talked about it and never paid attention to that. However, my childhood was really hard. And that pre birth memory kept me going. And also, just whenever I was in danger, or I was struggling, I always kept telling myself or remembering that voice that told me that I will be welcomed, I will be loved. Just believe in that. So that kept me going for some time. And still, your your life gets hard. And you can't just rely on that. At some point. I just thought, No, this is impossible. I can't do that. I can't do that. But I've been saved many times. So I just kind of accepted okay, maybe there is a hope for me.

Jannecke Øinæs 26:43

Would you do and I'm, like memory that you actually chose to her life. Or

Arke Muratova 26:49

I didn't have I didn't have up to the age of 23. So that's when I had this out of body experience where I flew out of my body actually. And up to outside of the earth. I was floating outside of the earth and I became my true self. And that's when I was like, super happy. I realized, oh, everything was a dream. Everything was a game. And I chose this life. I remembered how I chose my parents. I remembered why I chose this life. I think I said, because I wanted to help. And I was told by my guides as well, that oh, they actually showed me a little life review of me saying yes, to this life and being really excited. And I said, Oh, I want to wake up early, wake me up early. So I'm going to have this life. This this lesson, this life lesson, this life lesson. So you wake me up early. And I said to myself, I promised myself, I'm gonna remember my pre birth. So I can hold on to that. So it all started making sense. And I had many out of body experiences. And I can't share all of them. I think there's too many. But after the awakening, which was in 2021, I've been shown on astral realms about my life choices, how many people I have impacted how many people have taught me and how many people I've made smile and cry and you know, triggered, everything was shown in a little life review. But it was so fast. It was going so fast. in that realm. It made a lot of sense. I was like getting all of those informations. I was like, Wow, this, I remember now, I remember now. And I remember telling myself, okay, now I'm gonna go back help Earth. And it's gonna go, it's gonna get better and better because now I remember who I am. So I got back. But your consciousness because the human consciousness, it's limited, so it starts shrinking everything. Yeah, the whole experience was so vibrant, the colors and everything is so different out there. But when you come back to here, it was really hard to make sense of everything that I've been told and taught. But still getting there. And at the same time, I was told to not really stress about what the purpose of life is. Oh, and or like who is God or what is God? What is this? What is it? And I was told to focus on the life I have right now, because it's super short. And don't worry that what to do, because my question, my questions were always oh, what can I do? I How can I help? What can I do more, more more doo doo doo. So they said, You don't have to do, you just have to be. And that is the best prisons, this prison you can give to other people. So I started working on myself and healing myself and you know self discovering myself again, so unlearning and relearning again, which creates this healing environment for other people to start healing themselves, so you don't necessarily go and heal someone, but you work on yourself. And once you start understanding your own mind, own heart, you'll start opening up to other people, which makes them safe in your presence, and which makes, which helps them to help themselves. So that was the message I was told, like, you'd be yourself and that's already working. And I think that's, that goes to a lot of us. Not a lot of not a lot of us know how much impact we have on each other. And I've met so many beautiful people, and they inspire me on a daily basis. So yeah, I think sometimes we don't know how beautiful our prisons is. Even if we hurt each other, even if we make each other cry, there is a lesson and that's there is an agreement to that listen, as well. And when you finish this life, it's actually it seems intense right now. But when you get out of this life, it's actually like a dream. Like you wake up from a dream like you were in a trance, or hypnotic state. And there was the experience their head,

Jannecke Øinæs 31:49

and I'm curious about the out of body experience, because it seemed like you didn't have a near death experience. Because, like, to me that the Near Death Experiences are the most well, it seems like that's where people are sort of getting the most profound experiences of the afterlife, I was really like, but you were out of body. You you receive these gifts to seem like and I've been out of my body as well. But it seemed like in a totally different way. I have not had these amazing insights that you had, I had, I saw some symbols I was flying around. I've been lucid, also, some dark energy, so it got a bit chaotic at times. But it seemed like you really like, received so much insight, which I linked to that it seemed like you planned to remember this. Maybe I didn't, right. So maybe that's not in my soul plan. And it seems like more and more souls are coming forward with this information that they remember their pre birth plans that that is sort of allowed. Now, I'm not sure like if this was if this is starting to happen more and more because of the shift of consciousness, that more and more souls are sort of allowed to not have the veil. stuck there their whole lives. Do you have any thoughts about that? If sort of from the other side, the spiritual side that, you know, the veil is getting thinner?

Arke Muratova 33:31

Yes. Thank you so much for sharing that. I appreciate it. And also I would love to hear about your astral projections and experiences. That sounds amazing. Yes, that I was shown that there are many souls volunteering, as well as me included. So I was shown that there was we were asked and I think I said yes. And I was really excited. That's what I was showing. I was really excited. I was like, I'm gonna go I'm gonna go I'm gonna help and I was told that there because at the time, when I was shown after that I was really sad and I felt lonely and I was longing from for home. But I was told that there are many volunteers that that are just like me and we are spread out. So we can because we have that ability to remember. So we can naturally help the vibration raise in we can create our heaven on earth because earth wherever you are that that is her Earth, that is heaven. So if you truly believe in you take this life as fun. You will start creating your heaven and you will not have that. How can I say? Resistance to earth or Question so much about why and how we come came here? And why should we live and things like that. So I was told that and also, I think it was in my soul plan for sure. And I was also told about my loved ones because I asked about them. In the very beginning, it was really hard for me to explain to them or try, I tried my best to help them. Remember, I would ask them, How do you not remember this? We've talked, and I was told to not disturb other souls, and you can't forcefully make someone question about life or the universe, or you can't wake someone up. And some souls they have agree to fully play the game. They engage with the game fully, if you choose to be a human being, I'm a human being. And I'm going to have a full experience and expand. And we must respect that as well. Because it's, it's actually it makes no difference on the other side, whether you are you remember you whether you don't remember, every experience, every life experience we have here every perspective, it is so unique, and it matters, and it is expanding us more and more. So it doesn't actually make a difference, if that makes sense. Yeah, sometimes, I think I think it was during the COVID people have started going inward and questioning. And you know, every every setback and I'm live in on Earth, every bad thing that we think we consider as bad thing brings a valuable lesson. And also, there is always a balance, even if we think something is good of that, there's actually a balance. So there is always a balance between dark and light. And without the dark, you don't learn about the light. So we all go through a struggle suffering to learn that the other side of the suffering is actually beautiful. Without experiencing the pain, you don't recognize what joy is like. And without any, you know, even even if you look at the tree, you know, the tree is so beautiful, we look at it and you're like, oh my god, this is a beautiful tree. But that tree has its own roots in the dark in soil. And we often people call the roots ugly, right. But without that darkness and ugliness, the tree wouldn't grow upward, it wouldn't grow into that beautiful, you know, strong tree, it wouldn't grow like that. So it said the same thing goes to us. We learn about ourselves, we learn about our darkness, pain, and that helps us shape ourselves. And it was so interesting, because everybody talks about an ego, right? So everybody has an ego. And some people try to get rid of an ego, but you can't get rid of an ego you can learn from an ego. And ego is given to each one of us so we can learn from it and shape our personality shape us into a new human version of ourselves. And even even in Islamic religion, they believe that there is a a devil that is given to every person to every human being. And that devil looks exactly like you. And it behaves exactly like you. So sometimes it will, it will trick you and tempt you to do dark things. And you can listen to that. Or you can listen to your angels or you know, that, that in the modern society in modern spirituality, it's our ego. Our ego sometimes tricks us so we start identifying with it and we think this is us and we start doing negative things that can harm us that we learn from them. We learn from them, Oh, I've done this I don't feel good at you start feeling shame and guilt. And that's also a mechanism that teaches you Oh, you're out of alignment. Now. What can you learn from that shame and guilt and you get back and you're like, Okay, I want to do good things. I want to feel good. So there's always a balance actually, I can go for hours about that. But

Jannecke Øinæs 39:37

it's a human thing. Like the ego is not on the other side.

Arke Muratova 39:42

It ego only lives on on earth plane on earth realm. So in order for us to extend our consciousness and become a new version. We must have an ego just you can't just imagine you know that we are all loving and peaceful. How can we You expand from there. And the thing is that we are actually very loving. And we have pure light and love on the other side, which is, and the true essence of our being is so childish and playful and so curious. And the fact that we are here, and still as a human as humanity, we are evolving and growing, we get the population is growing, it is a fact that we are made of love, we are love, because when you love something, it grows. It is love means evolution, as, as an example, when you are an artist, if you paint, you paint with love, and you start experimenting, you start making more art. If you make music, you start, you start with that from curiosity and start loving that music and you will explore and evolve your music. In it will live. So the same thing that the fact that we still evolving and living and growing. It's the proof that we are at love. And we we will go back to being love.

Jannecke Øinæs 41:12

I have a question I want to ask you and circle back again to that preacher memory where you were sort of in the dark and seeing the sky, and you were told that you're going to Earth and I get curious about two things, actually. You said you didn't sort of have a body. But did you have awareness of okay, I'm consciousness of being and I've been on this planet and that planet? And oh, I'm going to Earth? What is that? So did you have a memory of other places you've been? And the other one thing I was thinking about was that it's interesting that you didn't have memories from being inside the uterus of your mother, that you sort of just woke up as a baby. And because I've always been curious if our conscious if we're conscious inside the uterus, but it seems like that is individual as well. It seems like there's so much individuality to what we're actually experiencing on the other side. That is, you know, something I've arrived at, it's not like a pattern that every soul is experiencing exactly the same entrance to the this earth. So I know there were several questions there. So if you could give some insights about your awareness of different incarnations that you had before Earth?

Arke Muratova 42:39

Oh, thank you so much for asking. That's really nice. That's a good question. So I don't the in the moment where I remembered my pre birth memory, and I was telling my mother, I did not have a memory of me having other lives. But I also in the in the memory, I was very, I felt like I was in a trance, like I was forgetting, like, it was really hard for me to concentrate and ask questions. And at the same time, I couldn't remember what, what I want to ask about any form even allowed to ask, like the elk. I guess that's what people feel with dementia as well, like it did. They can't really, they don't sometimes they forget, and they don't know what they forget. And if you don't know that, this thing is called camera you don't know what to ask. So, something like that. So, I felt really very much confused, in that memory when it was happening. And slowly and slowly after that, actually, that was when I had my awakening and I I accidentally again, when you have a spiritual awakening, there is a like a honeymoon period, where you are very connected to the spirit realm. So you awaken the spirit element which we have. We have five elements in nature, we have spirit, air, fire, water and earth. So you activate the spirit element, which is your initial element. When you are a child you are very connected to that. So you awaken that element. So you are in a kind of a honeymoon phase. So you get those astral projections, you get those insights and you get your intuition is really popping and you get those telepathic things. So I accidentally in that honeymoon period, I didn't actually have a concept of meditation. I didn't know what it was, but I knew that I needed to quiet my mind. So I needed to close my eyes and sit down and I remember meditating and recalling my past lives. And they were some of them were on Earth, some of them Were on other realms and planets. And I remember just crying. And I was really sad for a week or so because I, I started saying, oh, again, I'm having a life, I will die. But the thing was when I had those past life, regression, regression, or whatever you want to call it, I was shown the depth at how I died in each life. So, in one life I was at, I was a teacher, and I was trying to teach people about the stars and about the planets and how the universe works and why we're here, but people killed me. So I remember that then I started crying, I got upset. And then another life I was I died in the war. So I got, again, really sad. And I was shown other lives on other planets. So I couldn't actually explain what was happening at the time, because it was like a honeymoon period, you don't know what's happening at the same time you it is all happening. And I actually had nobody to talk about nobody to share. I didn't know what was happening. I thought I was going just crazy. And but yes, I had other lives. Actually, I had this astral projection recently, and it was I, my, my, I'll share this with you and my mom passed away when she was 35. And my dad passed away when he was 26. And I am turning 26 Soon, in a few days. So I was really concerned with that I'm going to have a long life, because I would like to live in, you know, experience this life fully. So I remember writing a question down before bed and asked my guides or whoever there is, I said, Please tell me, if I'm gonna live a long life. I don't want to die too early, please give me a chance to explore this life further. So I was I was actually in a astral realm where I was told you had 244 far million lives. So I remember questioning and I said, I was really conscious in the astral realm. And I said, that is not a real number. That is, that's not a real number. Give me a real number. And this boy in front of me, he said, In the robotic voice, he said 244 far million lives. And I was like, okay, and, and then he said, You are graduating soon. Congratulations. So I was like, Okay, I'm graduating nice. But when, because I actually didn't, it didn't matter how many lives I had, I actually didn't care and I still don't care. I think we all had so many lives, that it's not countable anymore. So I asked, So when I'm graduating, because I wanted to know if I'm going to die, soon, like my parents, or I'm going to have a long life. So this boy took me into another room, which was a very bright room. And it was like, it was two of us. So him and I, we were watching these people. So there was an old lady with gray hair, this hairstyle, bob hair, on a bed, she was smiling, laughing. She was happy. And she was surrounded by her family, like children, grandchildren, I'm assuming. And everybody was really happy to see her and she was really happy. And she was glowing. And this, this boy next to me, he pointed at her and said, This is your graduation. And he gave me a date and the month and he said You are graduating on this date. But he didn't tell me the year. And when I was looking at that lady, Oh lady, I realized that this is me. I looked at her and I said, Oh, that's me. That's me. But older, and I think she was at around the age of 80, I would assume by her appearance, but I wasn't given a year of my death, departure, whatever you want to call it, but I was given the month and the date. And that was all I needed to hear. Now as all I needed to hear to comfort myself and know that I'm gonna have a full right to enjoy this life. And every day I live as if I am going to die. Because I think you know, just I try to enjoy, I do my best to enjoy and help people and connect with people and learn from them as much as I can. We all had many lives in Buddhism, because that right now I'm living with, with this in a temple in Buddhism, and people believe that you've had many live past lives. And it's not necessary for you to remember about them. And the reason that you don't remember is actually for the best. Because you can focus on this life, on your expansion and on your growth. And see what you can do here. And also, they tell you in Buddhism, they teach you to look when you meet other person, if you meet them, because you've had so many past lives together, and you've probably been each other's mothers in many lifetimes. So when you meet someone, you meet them with compassion, and open heart and open mind. Because this person probably have been your mother, you've probably been my mother, and I've been your mother as well. Hope I was a good mother. That's what they believe in. And I completely agree with it. You know, when I meet people, I think, what can I learn from this beautiful person in this lifetime?

Jannecke Øinæs 51:18

That's a beautiful teaching, I want to ask a little bit about the astral realm since I've been there myself, and I've been curious about what the astral realm is. And I actually heard another video with you where you explained that that's this intermediate place, sort of before we go to the next level. And that makes a lot of sense to me, because I experienced dark places there, and also more heavenly like, states. So, um, is that the place we go to when we sleep?

Arke Muratova 51:54

So that's a very good question. Now I'm gonna speak from my own experience. So there are many realms in astral realm. There are realms where you can meet your past ones, your loved ones that have passed away angels and very mystical, spiritual, very loving beings, and that those are very high realms. But there is also an Earthrealm, which I think most of us have been out to. So when, when you if you had sleep paralysis, you've probably been out to the astral realm, and you've made you've probably met dark entities and shadow beings or been scared in that earth realm. The difference between the earth realm and other higher realms is, if you are on earth realm, you'll still you still have this human consciousness and human emotions, such as fear, and an anger and all of those emotions that attract what you are. So if you are fearful, everything you see on that earth realm will be scary for you. So if you see a dark entity, and even if that dark entity is not doing anything, and you are scared, that will be a scary experience for you, that will be a very dark experience, you will be scared. But if you go to other realms, and you'll feel very loving, and that's when you can recognize that you are on higher realms, you can see really magical beings you can see colors that don't exist on Earth. And the difference I actually noticed is that when you are on earth realm, which looks exactly the same, your room Your house looks the same, but tiny differences, there will be tiny differences. And also you will feel a bit dizzy, a bit confused or numb, you will we will not feel much. But if you want to know whether you are on other realms, if you feel loving and happy and joyful, that's when you can recognize you're on higher realms and there are many and I don't really know if I can tell the differences but when you get out of your body, most of us we go to Earthrealm because that's the easiest to go out to. And that's why a lot of people get scared or that's why they have very dark experiences. But there is nothing to be afraid of. So you attract what you are if you are very in a very loving and calm, peaceful state. And if you've if you have trained yourself in astral realm, you will attract what you are seeing here. peaceful, you'll attract peaceful beings and really happy and joyful experiences. But if you're scared, you will attract scary experiences. But again, it's all an illusion. It's not actually real. You can learn from that when you are in astral realm, it feels surreal. The same thing here we are humans. And we think that this is all happening, and it's so real. But when you finish this live, you'll wake up and it will all seem like a dream. And fun.

Jannecke Øinæs 55:33

How can we make sure that we go through that earthly astral realm pretty quickly to go up to the higher realms? Because I assume people who are watching listening are thinking, Oh, I don't want to get stuck in that earthly, astral realm. If I'm scared, what if I have a lot of fear in my subconscious? And maybe that's because the Egyptians were speaking about the death process, because they maybe wanted to go to those higher realms that they were exercising, how to die, perhaps, my theory. So do you have any advice on how to when we die? Like fast forward to the higher realms?

Arke Muratova 56:19

Yes. So I have never died before. Submit probably Yes, probably. That won't be very helpful. Because I haven't died, that I can give a, a, again, share my experience. So I was shown, and I was taught and told, so it's not me speaking directly. But it just the message, I would say, when you die. And when you die, you will go back to your own essence. And your own essence is so loving, and it's so calm and peaceful that you don't actually go through the earth realm. So because when you when you're, when the human dies, when the ego dies, ego dies here on human realm. So you go back to your own self. And you will always be accompanied by a spirit guide, or an angel or whatever you whoever you want to call them, you will be guided with them. But there won't be any fear or pain. In my case, whenever I was lost in the earth realm, because I used to experiment a lot with astral projections, I would get stuck in the earth realm. But whenever I needed help, somebody would come to help me to get back into my body, or either just guide me somewhere else. So you will always have help. And I would say not to worry much about it. Because, again, just probably having that trust and surrendering. Because when you were dying, when you were dying, and will knit when everybody dies, we surrender. We don't think we don't we don't get we don't feel much fear, or question much because you start surrendering, you can't do much about it, you're dying. This is it, you accept that. And that feeling of surrender is a good feeling. It's a good state of mind, where you will be welcomed on a very good state, as well in a very good realm. So that if that helps,

Jannecke Øinæs 58:49

you were speaking more to out of body experiences in this life not dying, but that we often go to the earthly realm when our Oh, okay. Not necessarily when we die.

Arke Muratova 59:04

Yeah, okay. Okay, I think. And then that's my, from what I've been taught, is that the ego only exists in Earthrealm. So your ego dies, and then all the negative sensations. They are earthly sensations that they die here, and you will go back to your own true essence of love and light. So it doesn't really matter. And, yeah,

Jannecke Øinæs 59:35

we could speak for hours, I just want to ask and ask the time is, we were in this earthly realm where we have time. Yes. So there are three questions that are asked on my guests. What is self love to you?

Arke Muratova 59:56

I think that's a very good question. Thank you. I mentioned I'm really enjoying this conversation with you because I haven't had this. I haven't had an interview in a year. So self love, I think that is when you learn about acceptance. And I think Self Love is an unconditional love, which allows you to love other people. So when you truly love yourself with all your flaws, all your wounds and darkness and your past and present, that's when you truly open your heart to other people, and you allow them to be themselves. And I think that's when you truly feel the power of unconditional Love towards yourself. And I think through self love for you teach other people to love and how to be loved as well. And, you know, I think that a lot of people, when they hear self love, they think it's a narcissistic way of you know, putting yourself first but it's not actually true. When you start loving yourself, accepting yourself and working with yourself and healing yourself, you create this environment that allows everybody else to be themselves and it's okay. And teach them to be teach them to heal, and that they can do that too. And I think self love is what it's through yourself that you help others as well. And it's also in Buddhism. Again, I'm not a Buddhist, but I like the fact that through understanding your own mind and your own self, you help other beings as well other sentient beings. And that's the power we have. And that's actually who we are love. And just going back to it. And I guess just take it easy on yourself because we are all beginners for life. When you whenever you do something, you're a beginner, you were never taught about this live, you've never you never knew that you are going to be a Jana, you never knew that you would have a YouTube channel for years. Even the is even the YouTube channel, when you're starting you are a beginner and you learn in just like that we're all beginners we learn to drive we learn to speak, we learn to write, and we just gotta take it easy on ourselves. And I was told that to when you do in a day to day life, remind yourself that you are a beginner for life. And everybody, so is everybody else to just be easy and be more accepting, open minded, then remember that self love is actually about others as well. Because we're all connected, we're all same, actually, we all just find one thing, which is be more happier, and more joyful and less suffering in the world. And yeah, and I think in society, in this society, we were taught that self is isolated, that you gotta study, you gotta go to the university and get married, buy an apartment. And self development is about self, self self. And it's about you becoming a better version, but it's actually about us. When we learn. When we grow, we grow together, you can't just disappear and live in the mountains and think that you are growing. You gotta grow with people. You know, if you want to learn about generosity, you would need people to show you what generosity and kindness is. And that's how you learn. So when you see someone loving themselves accepting themselves, you will learn from them as well. And I think, yeah, when you think about a self love, I hope that you think that it's a positive thing. And a person that is focused on self love, loves you too, and loves everybody.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:04:24

And it's a beautiful answer, and I just felt it was so healing to hear it. My second question is, what is happiness to you?

Arke Muratova 1:04:35

Happiness? That's a very good question. I think it's, it has changed. And think we when we were younger, we used to confuse pleasure for happiness. And we used to think that if we have more money, more this, more that we the play years of life, we used to think that will bring us happiness. And we were, we would chase. But as I started growing older, whenever I experience something new, even if it's a painful experience, even if I lost a friend or I lost someone and Mike had gone through something, at the end of the day, I reflect, and I find myself being happy for being able to feel and experience something. And I realized that it's happiness is peace, being in peace with the fact that we are learning we are humans, we experienced life and the point of life is to experience life. And it's not all about seeking happiness, seeking pleasure. It's about feeling, learning, and having fun, and just having that balance. So I think happiness is balance and peace. And in an understanding of that awareness of that, that you don't actually you can't be constantly happy. It's not how life works. And you got to feel other emotions in order to recognize and learn from them. And that's all happiness. Thank you, to me, even when I'm crying, I'm still happy and at peace. So I wouldn't say I'm happy. I usually say I'm at peace. But yeah,

Jannecke Øinæs 1:06:43

you might have answered it a little bit, and you were told not to seek it. But it's one of my questions. What is the deeper meaning of life?

Arke Muratova 1:06:54

I think, well, I feel like the deeper meaning is to live and find the answer for yourself. So because a lot of people ask, what is the deeper meaning what is the purpose? What if the purpose is whatever you make out of this life? What if you decide we all have free will? We all actually freewill? I was told by this child freewill and destiny is the same thing. freewheel creates destiny, and destiny creates freewill. So it's always connected, it's never separate. So the point of life, you always have a choice to choose what you want this life to be about. If you think this life is about helping people, that's about helping people. If you think this life is about being a human, and just simply having fun and enjoying all the earthly things, then there you go. That's the purpose of life for you. And I think that's what makes it interesting that we all have that question. And we all go and seek answers and we experience and extend thing. That's the beauty of it. If that answers your question, so the point of life is, whatever you make out of it,

Jannecke Øinæs 1:08:23

makes a lot of sense. And I just really, from the bottom of my heart, want to thank you for this interview for accepting. I saw another video of you and I really wanted to interview you. And I watched your YouTube channel. And to me this conversation was very healing. It just opens up something inside of me, you know, even though I do so many interviews, it's just like, something opens up, energetically. It makes so much sense. It's like I remember it, but then I forget it. And then I remember it, and then I forget, because life happens. So it just felt very healing to hear hear all of this. So thank you so much. And could you share a little bit about where people perhaps can follow you?

Arke Muratova 1:09:13

Oh, yes. Thank you, Anna. I just want to say, first of all, thank you for what you're doing. And everything, you're doing it amazing. In the best way it's possible, you know, seeking out people and sharing their experiences and being curious, and I think you are the true example of what the true nature of our existence is his curiosity, you know, so thank you so much for embodying it and being yourself. People can find me on my YouTube channel, which is divine insight. And I have a website where I share blogs and I do consultations with people I work with them. When no one is arguing So that's just my name. And through my website, people can always reach out to me and find me if they want to one, but it was pleasure meeting you, and thank you so much for those amazing questions and I truly appreciate you. Thank you

At four years old, Arke shared her extraordinary memories with her mother, recounting a hypnotic journey through darkness that led to a blinding white light. A gentle voice informed her that she was destined for Earth, marking the inception of her incredible story.

Arke’s journey led to a series of out-of-body experiences that bestowed upon her profound insights into the very nature of reality itself. Her story, however, is not without its share of trials and tribulations.

Foreseeing Life’s Challenges

Arke’s unique gift of foreseeing the early passing of loved ones brought immense grief, particularly with the loss of her mother. At one point, she was driven to contemplate taking her own life. Yet, a symbolic dream changed everything. In a dream that was both symbolic and deeply meaningful, Arke was visited by her mother. This ethereal encounter transformed her perspective, filling her with a profound sense of purpose and renewed hope.

Understanding Spiritual Origins: A Voluntary Journey to Earth

Arke also shares profound insights into the voluntary nature of her journey to Earth and her deliberate choice to remember her pre-birth plan. Unlike some souls who opt for a human experience with no recollection of their spiritual origins, Arke embarked on this earthly adventure with a unique awareness. She emphasizes the importance of respecting the choices each soul makes, whether to remember their spiritual essence or to fully immerse themselves in the human experience, devoid of prior knowledge.

In Arke’s view, every life is a unique thread in the grand tapestry of existence. There is no judgment on the other side; rather, each soul’s journey is celebrated for its distinctiveness and the expansion it brings to the collective consciousness. Whether one navigates life with prior knowledge or embarks on the path of self-discovery, all experiences are equally valuable and contribute to the evolution of the soul.

The Illusion of Astral Realms 

Arke delves into the intricacies of the astral realms, explaining that these realms comprise a multitude of layers and vibrational frequencies. She elaborates on the law of attraction, asserting that one’s inner state of being plays a pivotal role in shaping astral experiences. Arke highlights the transient and illusory nature of these realms, emphasizing that when we transition from this earthly existence, we leave behind our ego and find guidance to higher dimensions.

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