Interview with Jamye Price

While in Sedona on my Wisdom From North Tour around USA I met with the wise and inspiring Jamye Price. Jamye is an energy healer and uses Light language in her healing work which she explains what is in the videos.  I really feel that her message is very powerful and I deeply recommend listening to these interviews. In the videos Jamye talks about how life is FOR us, not against us, how to forgive and how surrendering your will to the divine will, will transform your life.

You can connect with Jamye here:

  • Tusen takk Jannecke, intervjuene dine sprer visdom og gudommelig lys, det gir nytt håp og fred til hjerte og sjel 🙂

  • Excellent interview. Jamye is a true jewel in the crown the divine with a plethora of wisdom to share with us. She is certain to publish volumes of books, videos, and audios on divine wisdom, healing, and ascension.

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