Dream or journey to the other side?

Jon Schau shares the powerful visions he had while on the brink of death.

In the early 2000s, Jon Schau wasn’t exactly known for his spiritual insights. Instead, he was famous across Norway as a stand-up comedian and even bagged two ‘Norway’s Funniest Person’ awards. Yet everything changed dramatically in 2004, when he was rushed into a hospital emergency room after a performance. He spent five weeks in a coma, was pronounced dead twice—and had a series of eye-opening near-death experiences that changed his entire perspective on life.

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In this interview, you will learn more about:

●  How Jon turned to drinking when work pressures got too much.

●  How he ended up in a hospital emergency room on the verge of death.

●  How Jon entered a coma for several weeks and was declared dead—twice.

●  How his first near-death experience was about him coming to terms with dying.

●  And how he now has new insights into the journey of life—and how to live it.

How a Near-Death Experience Changed Jon’s Life Forever

As a successful comedian, Jon’s life looked amazing on paper. But behind the scenes, he was riddled with stress and turned to heavy drinking to cope. After a post-show binge in 2004, he was struck with severe stomach pains and taken into hospital. He wasn’t expected to live.

Jon slipped into a five-week coma and was declared clinically dead twice. Yet he was actually conscious of things happening around him—and even ‘left his body’. He recalls one out-of-body-experience of looking down over his hospital bed and seeing his sister bring her new boyfriend to visit—yet Jon had never actually met the man.

Jon Schau was a comedian, twice awarded “Norway´s funniest person”. He has been on several TV- shows in Norway speaking about this. He was also one of the main characters in a series called “Life after Life” on Danish TV, (DR), together with, among others, Princess Märtha of Norway, Dr. Eben Alexander etc. These conversations are amazing and mind-blowing. In Norway, his books have sold very well.

Jon´s Book 1

After waking from his coma and returning to the world, Jon felt called to share his incredible near-death experience stories with others. He has talked about it on various TV shows, plus published a series of books on conversations he’s had with ‘the other side.

Links & Resources

The book “Jon’s Book1”*
Interview with Dr. Eben Alexander

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  • You have to do another interview with him and let him tell the longer version of his experience this time. Please?
    It is the most original version of experiences I have ever heard. Every thing he says makes perfect sense. I wish he keeps talking about his experience as long as he wants and give us the full version of his experience and what he got from it. You have to interview him again, this time the long and full version. Thank you again for bringing us these stories. You are wonderful J

  • Jannecke, this was an amazing interview. I am so very glad you stretched it out into two interviews. Jon is so articulate and able to explain so clearly his amazing NDE and the wisdom he brought back home with him. As an american, I was surprised to find that Jon’s slow and deliberate way of speaking, as he searched for just the right word, proved to be much more comprehensible to me than so many accounts told by others to whom english is a native language. I hope you will do another interview in english with Jon. It was wonderful!

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