In this interview, Jamye Price shared some fascinating insights about our cosmic origin and other realms. Jamye is a well-known energy healer and spiritual teacher who resides in Sedona, Arizona. She is also a channeler of Areon, The Lyran Council of Time, and is one of the few people in the world who channels Light Language.

Connecting with our cosmic origins

According to Jamye, The Pleiadians and The Sirians are our ancestors, and we are all connected through the stars. She explains that we are not just physical beings, but we also have energetic bodies that are constantly interacting with the energy around us. By tapping into this energy, we can connect with our cosmic origins and gain a deeper understanding of our purpose on Earth.

In the interview, Jamye also explores the idea that language is a powerful tool for connecting with other realms. She points out that J.R.R. Tolkien, the author of The Lord of the Rings, may have tapped into real phenomena when creating his fantasy world, including elves, fairies, and even a fictional elf language. Jamye suggests that Tolkien may have been channeling these ideas from other realms and that the language he created may have been a form of Light Language.

Light Language – a communication coming from higher dimensions

Light Language is a form of communication that is said to come from higher dimensions and realms. It is a language of symbols, sounds, and gestures that can be used for healing, transformation, and spiritual growth. According to Jamye, Light Language is not just a language, but also a form of energy that can be used to heal and activate our DNA.

Opening to Light Language

The book “Opening to Light Language: Humanity’s Evolution into Multidimensional Communicationtakes a deep dive into the esoteric details of Light Language, and you are offered an opportunity to begin to open your own ability to channel the Language of Light. 

Overall, Jamye’s insights about our cosmic origins and the power of language offer a unique perspective on spirituality and personal growth. By exploring our connection to the stars and tapping into the energy around us, we can gain a deeper understanding of our purpose on Earth and connect with other realms. And by using tools like Light Language, we can activate our own healing and transformation, allowing us to live more fulfilling and purposeful lives.

Jamye Price is one of our masterclass teachers in Wisdom From North Membership, teaching the class “Connecting with Galactic Consciousness”.

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