Dr Sue Morter comes across with great passion and knowledge about energy medicine, our body’s healing abilities and the fact that we are all buoyant beings capable of great things. If you’re ever to see an interview, this is it! It will change your life if you let it. 

This is truly a “must see” interview! 

Dr Sue Morter has for more than 30 years taught doctors, clients and patients innovative ways to integrate medicine based in quantum science and energy medicine. Her book “The Energy Codes” is a best seller and she’s also the host of Gaia tv’s “A Healing Matrix.” 

A pioneer within the field of energy medicine 

Dr Sue Morter started out as a regular doctor and today she works with energy medicine. She had an awakening about 20 years ago which left her extremely curious about how our bodies can heal themselves. 

Raised in an environment where her father was a pioneer within the field of, what is now called, energy medicine, she was no stranger to dinner conversations about the scientific research behind how our bodies relate to stress and negative attitudes. Dr Morter says that limiting beliefs has a tremendous impact on our body’s ability to heal. 

Dr Morter realized our true potential when she started doing some ancient meditation practices. She instantly had these multidimensional and transcendental experiences about who she was and what the purpose of her being on this planet was.  

A mind-bending experience  

In her meditative state she travelled out of her body, saw the earth as small as a marble beneath her and knew who she was, but that she wasn’t in her body. She had free will and could travel wherever she wanted with a 360-degree vision. She saw a brilliant light and understood the light was us! This amazing and brilliant light welcomed her. The light was love and she realized that we’re bringing it to the planet in the degree we will allow ourselves to do so. 

After this experience her life was forever changed and she had to figure out what that meant for her patients. She started sharing her newfound knowledge with them. Over the next ten years she investigated what had happened to her and how she could get back into the same state on command.  

Her migraine headaches, which were the reason why she started meditating, went away. She realized there were some things she did every time she meditated that opened it up for her and so she continued researching on herself till she found a method that put her back in the state on command. 

How can I play an active role in my own healing with energy medicine? 

Dr Sue Morter elaborates on how her patients have benefited from her methods and how many of them have healed much quicker using energy medicine methods and what she found after ten years of doing research on herself. She says patients have healed anxiety, depression, illnesses and much more. 

These experiences cannot happen without embodiment, groundedness and integration, she says. We are a divine being who compresses our energy to come down into a body here on earth. Most people think we must work to connect with our higher self to get guidance, but it’s not true, we are our higher self, and our job is to come down into a body. 

How do we raise our vibration? 

We must realize that everything in the whole universe is just energy vibrating at different frequencies. When people aren’t well, vital, strong, robust, creative and feeling love and joy, it means they’re vibrating in a disintegrated way. People then think they must raise their frequency and start thinking positively. Doing that they might just step over what they’re actually feeling that is real to them, pushing those negative feelings aside and away. 

Quantum science shows us this doesn’t work. It works to a degree, but then you hit a ceiling because you can only go so far when you push aside the negative feelings inside without dealing with them. Instead, we need to let ourselves feel all our feelings and that will raise our vibration. 

What if we were meant to feel all our feelings? What if there were no negative or positive feelings, just energy? What if we were supposed to have all these experiences without judging them? Feeling the feeling brings a loving presence to the feeling of sadness for instance and melts it away.  

The energy we pack away, the energy we don’t want to feel, creates disease in our bodies and only because it’s packed away, not because it’s sadness!! Embrace your feelings, that is what will raise your vibration! 

Purpose and potential 

According to Dr Sue Morter our true purpose is to awaken to our true magnificent selves. Every single thing that crosses our path on this earth is for a reason, without expectation!  

When we land on this earth we get hooked into the mind because it’s the most refined tool at that point and it’s telling us what to do, who to pay attention to and how to stay safe, but the mind isn’t who we are, it’s just a tool that’s supposed to serve us, not take over.  

Our purpose is to awaken to our potential that lives beneath our minds. The one that is kind, forgiving, precious, compassionate and a self-healer and will allow us to feel freedom no matter what we’re doing. The one that will allow us to embrace everything that is happening in our lives as an amazing experience instead of something that sends us into depression or dark feelings. 

In this interview we learn about energy medicine and how we can heal our bodies by going into the feeling of sadness, anger, anxiety and so on. We learn that our loving awareness will melt the negative feelings away and raise our vibration.

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