Vibecke Garnaas, the host of the podcast “Spiritual Quest”, is joined by Ms. Jannecke Oinaes in this conversation about deep depression, finding the way out of it, listening to your soul’s calling, and finding your purpose in life. 

To live out of alignment with your purpose can be painful

Jannecke knows firsthand what it’s like to live out of alignment with her soul’s purpose. As a child, Jannecke had a dream to become a musical artist. She was well on her way with leading roles in “Les Miserables”, “The Wizard of Oz” and “Annie”, she was a celebrated child star and enjoyed lots of attention and praise, but as an adult, her dream was shattered when she lost the main part in “Little Shop of Horrors” because of nodules on her voice. This sent her into a deep depression and she spent several years in that state before something shifted in her.

I thought my story wasn’t dark enough

In this conversation, Jannecke shares how she always felt other people’s stories were much darker and stronger and that her own wasn’t enough, even though she had been through a deep depression. She elaborates on how she found her way through the depression and now owns her own story. Today she realized she went through something very heavy and challenging.

The childhood fame faded and it was painful

As she grew up and her childhood fame faded a bit, she found herself struggling with her new roles and identity. Who was she without the theatre and the applause? She had such a hard time finding her place at school and with her peers that she eventually developed eating disorders. After becoming an adult, she again landed leading roles, but she still hid how she felt and had no one to talk to, who could understand what she had gone through as a child star. 

The healing from the depression begins, but very slowly

One day, sitting in a coffee shop with her father, she told him about her confusing feelings toward the future. He asked her what she would truly like to do. She just blurted out that she wanted to travel around the world to interview great spiritual teachers. After saying that she realized this was a calling from her soul. The name Wisdom From North came to her later that day during a run in the forest.

To begin to heal Jannecke started running in the woods, being out in nature helped her tremendously. After some years immersed in her deep depression, things started to move in the right direction. She landed a big role in a Norwegian TV series but soon felt that the life she thought she wanted wasn’t for her anymore.

Jannecke wants to help people understand their potential

One of Janneckes missions is to encourage other people who tell themselves they can’t do what they want to do because they don’t know how. “The how” will come to you, she says. Where you have your greatest challenges is where you have your greatest strengths. A lot of us are suppressing our truth and need to wake up. Your soul wants you to wake up, she says.

She explains in this conversation, how a person’s soul purpose can be two things. It’s to be of service to the planet and it’s for you to grow and find your highest potential and vibration. There is no limit to growth and we can always expand. 

The Wisdom From North Membership

Today Jannecke has found her true calling and is helping people find their way through their soul’s journey. She is the founder of Wisdom From North, the Nordic platform for spiritual knowledge and personal development. She says, there is a specific purpose for you, see if you can open up to what that is. 

The Wisdom From North Membership was created 3 years ago because Jannecke didn’t want people to go through their spiritual journey alone. She also realized she knew so many great spiritual teachers through her more than 400 interviews on YouTube. The Membership has many meditations on many different topics, 40 + masterclasses with Norwegian subtitles, and a live Q&A every month with the current masterclass teacher where you can ask them questions directly. 

To hear Janneckes honest and brave story about her deep depression and how she found her true soul’s calling, listen to the full podcast episode.

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