“Our bodies are just extremely advanced intelligence, technology. And so when I say I integrate it with this body, I literally mean that when I came in, I sort of connected myself into the database of this body (…) And so I just integrated it in. It was so seamless that I took on many of the characteristics of this person, but most walk-ins do that but they always feel like I did like the suit didn’t fit very accurately.”

In a fascinating interview with Franco A. Romero, we delve into the profound and thought-provoking concepts that underlie his remarkable journey. Franco, a bestselling author, clairvoyant, spiritual coach, and speaker, shares his compelling story chronicled in The Closet Spiritualist*. This book unveils Franco’s extraordinary life, beginning with a near-death experience in infancy that granted him clairvoyant abilities.

Franco’s path led him to a profound connection with a collective consciousness known as Caleb, and a lifelong friendship with an inner Voice that guided him. However, his spiritual identity was not without challenges and self-discovery, sparking an inner quest for truth about his purpose on Earth and humanity’s awakening.

More walk-ins are coming in right now!

In our current era, a fascinating phenomenon is unfolding in the realm of human spirituality— the rise of walk-ins. This intriguing concept suggests that individuals are entering our world in a manner akin to those who engage in channeling, connecting with beings from alternate dimensions. What sets walk-ins apart is their origin, distinct from traditional dimensional realms. Franco, who identifies with the angelic world, explains that this celestial realm lacks dimensions as we understand them. The simplicity of this explanation is striking, drawing parallels to Christian teachings about angels emanating from a divine source, untouched by the evolutionary journey of a spirit. Walk-ins, often described as angelic beings without wings, are believed to directly emerge from this divine source. In historical contexts, these beings might have been regarded as prophets. Thus, the essence of a walk-in is rooted in a profound connection to the angelic world, presenting a unique perspective on spiritual existence and purpose.

Franco introduces us to his group of angels called “the architects” that he is amongst and sheds light on the phenomenon of “walk-ins,” beings from the angelic realm entering human bodies in preparation for significant changes on Earth, expected to occur within the next 5-8 years.

We’re approaching the end of our spiritual journey

One of Franco’s thought-provoking ideas is that we, as humans, collectively created the concept of God, rather than being children of a pre-existing deity. He emphasizes that life is not about learning but remembering our true essence, suggesting that we are approaching the end of our spiritual journey.

We find ourselves living in an age of miracles, as Franco Romero’s interview challenges conventional beliefs and offers a fresh perspective on spirituality, self-discovery, and the future of our world.

Transcript of the interview

Franco Romero 0:00

I really have to stress this to people. This is really a game just like some people say it's a drain, or some people say it's a play of life. This is really a game that is being created through a stream of consciousness that you are experiencing through this avatar, and 2025 because of all the awakenings you asked about, will we see it? Yes, towards the end of 2025. We will we will be connecting with the with this galactic thing we call UFOs.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:34

Hello, Franco, a warm welcome to the show.

Franco Romero 0:37

Thank you for having me. I'm really excited to be here.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:41

I'm so happy to hear that because I'm super excited to be having you. I've heard a couple of interviews with you online and it has been so interesting. Like you have tons of mystical experience to share. And you are a best selling author. You have written the closet, the closet spiritualist and you are a clairvoyant spiritual teachers speaker. And what I find fascinating is that you have been actually clairvoyant all your life, but you didn't seem to acknowledge it or know it or realize it before you had an awakening. And you also had an ND e in there. That there have been, you have been speaking of like this walking phenomenon that I'd love to hear about. I've actually never in ever interviewed anybody who has been having that experience. So but let's go way back when because your mystical experiences started when you were a baby, right?

Franco Romero 1:48

Pretty much. Yes. So what I the best way to do maybe I could start this is by kind of tying the mystical experiences of being clairvoyant with my NDE. So um, first of all, I'm like, really honored that I am the first walk in person you've ever interviewed. So this is really going to be fun. Because walk ins are a little bit different from most other experiences that people have with near death experiences. So when I was very little, when I was six months old, roughly, I had a near death experience. And I didn't know that I had had a near death experiences until I was about 15. At that time, I started to have visions and dreams about a certain event that had happened in my life. And I had had visions and dreams before but I never really paid much attention to them. Because let's be honest, I just figured it was very natural for people that have these things. But at that time, I started to see a visions of myself being in a hospital. And I didn't really recognize the hospital. But I knew it wasn't here in the States. It was in South America because my family originated from South America to the United States when I was very, very little. And the experience that I had in my dreams was that I saw my mother and some other people in a hospital room. And they were very vigilant and they were very sad. And there was a lot of crying going on. And there was a baby in the room. And I felt immediately drawn to the baby. And it didn't take me very long to realize that I was seeing myself as a baby. And I felt as though I was actually really there wasn't like I was in a dream. Even though I was in in some sense of dreaming, but I felt I was there. I was near my mother I was very attached to her in terms of the emotional frequencies that I was picking up. And in that experience i i basically like what most people talk about when they are having attendees, I found myself walking around in the room and outside of the hospital in the corridors and nobody seemed to know that I was there. I saw my mother have a conversation with the doctors who told her that my situation I had come in because I was I was having some issues breathing and my lungs were congested, and they felt that I might have a really bad case of pneumonia. And so they kept me there overnight, but I wasn't even more than a few hours there when they told her that I was by my body was shutting down, and that it looked like I wasn't going to even make it through the night. And so I saw, I felt my mother's anguish when she heard the news. And what was really interesting about that was that most people, when they hear that, obviously they're in shock, and they, and they start to cry and, and she, she did a little bit of both, but she picked up her things out of the room. And instead of staying there, because they were asking if they could bring in a minister or priest to, to be with the family and to administer the last rites, she decided to leave. And she instead walked to a church that was nearby. And when she got about a block away, there was a boulevard there. And all this time, I'm watching her, I'm like standing next to her, but she doesn't know I'm with her. And, and she goes down the boulevard, but instead of walking to the boulevard, she gets on her knees, and she walks or crawls to the church. And she crawls up the stairs and all the way up to the altar and, and starts to pray. What was really interesting about that whole experience, if not, the whole experience itself was interesting was that she was she wasn't really praying she was she was giving things she was giving gratitude and appreciation. For the little time that we had together. It, it was really surprising to feel that it was a somewhat of a, it wasn't a joyous experience, but it was a peaceful one. When she was doing that I could feel the energies in her in the church changing, by the way that she was emoting her feelings on at one point, she, she started to see visions that I could see. And she started to see the visions of me much older in life, and how I would be a good father and a good son, and how I would do things in my adult life to help people. And again, she was, she was so grateful for the opportunity to get a view of what my life was going to look like, even though she knew that it was very likely that when she got back to the hospital, she was, she was going to find out that I was dead. So in that time that she saw these visions, there was the sense of, of love that went through her and everything just became very still and quiet. And she she stopped meditating, praying, I call it meditating, because she again, she, it was a different form of expression that she was sharing in that time. And so she went back to the hospital. And, and when she got there, she was greeted by the doctor, and the nurses and other people, including the family, and she everybody was crying. And so she did I was I was dead. But instead, they said that, it's that when she was gone, everything started to change in that short period of time, my, my, my body, my organs, were starting to come back online, and that within a short period of time, everything started to stabilize, that I was going to be fine that I was going to be able to go home almost soon, like the next day, I was actually able to go home, even though I was supposed to be in the hospital, at least up until a few hours before, you know, dealing with bronchitis and dying from it. So in any event, the doctors like most doctors do, they just basically said it was a miracle and a medical miracle. And they just left it at that. And, and yet none of that, again was shared with me until much later until like I said I was 15 I did have a second part to that vision that also happened at the same time. And that is that I I would see myself in the hospital room and my mother had already left to go to the church. And in this situation, I actually felt myself really entangling my self with the baby. And I could feel what the baby was going through what I was going through as the baby. And in that particular vision I felt myself in the baby and how it was removing itself spiritually from the situation of the death because it was time for it to leave. And so I saw myself floating out of the body and in the room. And before I could really spend too much time there I instantaneously found myself in a desert It's a vast desert. And I saw myself levitating above the sand. And there were people down there, maybe about 10 or so feet below me. And they were looking at me. And at first I thought that they were looking at me, but it turns out that they were not actually looking at me, they were looking through me. see behind me, I saw that when I turned around, there was this beautiful, beautiful golden, golden light that was just like a big orb, it was like a sun. And I remember that the first thing I thought about was, why isn't this hurting me because it was at least, at least three or four times bigger than the way the sun would be on the sky normally. So in any event,

I knew that they weren't looking at me. So I stared at the light. And that orb began to come closer to me. And then I looked down to see if the people were still there and still looking. And then I looked back up. And at this time, the Orb was actually all around me. And it was such a beautiful, beautiful, warm energy that was coming through the light. I wasn't scared, my eyes weren't burning, I just want it to be in the light. So I allowed myself to be sort of encompassed by by the light. And when it came, when I went into it, it, it just streamed all of this beautiful joy is blissful, loving energy that went through my entire body. But what was really interesting about that, was that I didn't feel like I was experiencing the light. Like me, I was feeling like I was experiencing the light through the eyes of all of the cells in my body. So for brief periods of time, I would feel this eruption going through my cells, but I was the cells, it wasn't me experiencing it, it was like 50 trillion cells that were just going shaking, because of the light that was going through it, it was so it was so incredibly nourishing that my cells were just thirsty for it. So that experience went on for a little bit. And then I noticed that, if I looked really closely at the light, I could see that the light was really made up of unlimited number of spiritual beings, they were just everywhere, everywhere, like little light bulbs. And together, they made up the light. And so I looked at that, and I could immediately, immediately without having to do anything at all, I could look at one of those bulbs way out there, one of those beings way, way out there. And I knew instantaneously, who they were in my life, and they knew me. And I thought that that was just like, really incredible, that there are like, literally unlimited number of lights in this circle, this orb, and I knew them all. And they knew me. And at that moment, about three or four of them, came up to me, and they surrounded me. And I knew that these three or four, even though they didn't have a face, they didn't, they didn't have any features, no eyes or anything. They barely had sort of an image of, of a human body. But I knew them. I knew them as my family, but not as this family, not the family that I have here on Earth, but a family that I've had for a very, very long time. And so they all circled around me, and and they gave me this beautiful hug. And when they that that my body, what was left in my body exploded. I just went in every direction. It was the most incredible feeling that really words can't describe. I was everything. And I knew everything. I could experience anybody's life. And I did. And so his heart was the feeling through this another voice that was just behind me to my right, spoke up. And I could feel some kind of like somebody had put their arm on my shoulder. And they said, What do you see? And they and I was like, Well, you know, I try to at first I tried to avoid the question because I was in such a beautiful place. And I didn't really want to pay attention to the question, but they kept asking me, what do you see? And I looked all around again. And it took me a little bit but just just at the moment that I realized is what they were asking me to look at and what it was that they wanted me to see. They, and I say they because even though it was like one hand, I felt like it was a collectiveness of, of consciousness that was kind of talking to me. And they pulled me back, like, push, like, all of a sudden I was being whisked away. And all I remember was how far it got to where the Orb was. And I was going through this beautiful tunnel of lights. And before I knew it, all of a sudden, I landed back into my body. And I didn't know where I was at. And I started to cry. I cried and cried, because all I wanted to do was actually be back there again. And what was really, really interesting was that that happened 15 years later, as though it had happened at that very moment. And after time, after learning what had happened, and remembering what had happened. From that event, through my channeling, I realized that time is an illusion. So you can have these experiences, even though they were 15 years later, as though you are having them right now because everything happens in the now. So when I came back, I had these visions and, and these dreams so often that I finally had to ask my mother, I said, Look, you're the only person that's in this dream. And I need to understand, I've been having these visions and dreams about me dying as a baby. And I started explaining to her everything, including what she prayed in the church. And she had to sit down, we were in the kitchen, she had to sit down because her mouth dropped open. And she said to me, no one knows a lot of that story. A lot of people know about your dime, but not about the fact that what you what I said into church, you knew exactly what I said. And so, so she, she thought that was the miracle. I mean, not just that I came back, but that that was a miracle that I could remember everything that had happened. And so she told me, you should really share this with people. This was a little while ago, okay, this wasn't when these kinds of topics were discussed. So I said, No, I'm not going to tell anybody about this. And so I kept that story, and many of my stories hidden for for decades. And as you put it out, I struggled with coming out to a lot of that, because it's something that I normally most people don't normally share, unless they want to be put on medication, or institutionalized, which I which I might personally, personally, I experienced that through one of my family members, who also had experienced a little bit of the paranormal things that had happened in my in my life in the house that we lived in. So I wasn't going to share any of this until just recently. And just real quickly, so that I put the story together with the walk in. For most people who don't know what walk ins are, walk ins can can come in at any time. But but they tend to come in, during a near death experience. When when the original spirit or soul that is in that body decides to stay. Okay, and so because I was so young, there was still so much that could be experienced through this vessel. A Walk in can with permission from the original spirit can come in and take over the life if you will, of that individual, the body, if you will, of that individual being and and assume their life so to speak. But walk ins tend to have a very specific reason for coming. They're spiritual entities or beings. Usually they come from a different level of the spiritual realm. In my case, I came from the angelic realm. And they're usually here to share messages. And to and to, in my case, help people remember the truth of what of what they are. So that's that's who I am as a walking. Oh, my

Jannecke Øinæs 19:23

goodness, how interested how incredible how incredible. Okay. Okay, my first question. Well, you sort of addressed it because I was wondering how a child that is so young, can take in so much information, because I would assume that in one sense that child would understand everything, as they don't have a cultivated or developed ego and they would just see reality as it is. But in another sense, I would think that maybe the baby didn't understand down what is a doctor? What is maybe what is a mother? But, you know, how does the physical world works, it just seemed like you had an overview of what life was, but this child was so young. But you like it was because you were 15 years old. And you've experienced that, again, that's how you were able to sort of understand. Yeah,

Franco Romero 20:24

see. So I teach this course called The Way of the inner child. And it's, it's a course about consciousness, from the perspective of being a child, because there's a misunderstanding about what a child can perceive. And it's not just like in what we're talking about, but the way that I explain it to people is that God, this thing we call God's Spirit source, whatever name you want to give it is a child. I mean, it literally is a child, we are not just children of God, we are child gods. And that was something that was shown to me both in, in that experience as well as later on. And so I, I talk about this thing we talk about called empathy, okay, and I'll make this really short. But empathy is a clairvoyant ability that we have, we all have it. And lately, in the last five or 10 years, a lot of people get it. I mean, a lot of people are science experience it, okay. Empathy is the way in which we, as as spiritual beings integrate into this life, when we are inside our mother's womb. And so by the time the child is actually born, you know, the first time it even takes a breath, it has been fully integrated into this reality, it may not still really understand it quite well. But it's fully integrated. And why? Well, there's a lot of reasons for it. And, and we could talk about this, literally, I teach one whole section on this whole thing. But the reason why it's important is because if a child did not have that integration of empathy, and understanding of its environment, the first thing it would do, when it took its first breath, it would explode, it would not know what in the world had just happened. Because spiritually, it's still, it would still feel very connected to source to God. But this integration allows it to do that over the time that it's inside the body. So it was really easy to to, to connect my consciousness back to my consciousness, because again, there is no such thing as time. And so everything is happening in the now. And it was very easy to do that. I hope that explains it a little bit.

Jannecke Øinæs 22:52

Yeah, yeah, it does. And then I get curious about. So yeah, because you said that you are a walk in, but who was that soul? That was there before?

Franco Romero 23:06

Yeah, I really couldn't tell you who that soul was, that was there before. Because it's one of those things that when you when you're, when you have the opportunity, and to process a spiritual process, when you have the opportunity to come in, you don't really integrate with that soul. You just integrate with the information that that soul acquired while it was still in the womb. That's all you do see that? The interesting thing here, and I'm going to kind of jump around a little bit, but the interesting thing here is that part of this has to do with with what these things are our bodies, okay? And, and our bodies are just extremely advanced intelligence, technology. And so when I say I integrate it with this body, I literally mean that when I came in, I sort of connected myself into the database of this body so that I would understand what what was going on for those nine months that that this child was was in the womb, and even the six months that the soul was in this life. And so I just integrated it in it was so seamless that I took on many of the characteristics of this person, but most walk ins do that but they always feel like I did like the suit didn't fit very accurately. And and so it took me a while to understand why it didn't fit me so well. And it was because because it wasn't my original suit. It was somebody else's. I was gonna say something about Watkins, but I forgot now, but but, but what I do want to say about a walk in experience, is what I said just a few minutes ago. walk ins are here for specific reasons. And then Now, especially now in human history, there are more walk ins coming in, because in some ways, they are coming in the same way that others are coming in through channeling, you know, when people channel other beings from other dimensions except my. So I don't necessarily come from, from a dimension, because I come from the angelic world. And the angelic world doesn't have dimensions like this, it's really, I'm going to try to keep it very simple. But you know how in some, okay, so for anybody who's kind of Christian, or was raised like that, they talk about angels coming from, from source, and they were never really never really experienced this life of evolution of a spirit. Most walkins are, are angelic beings, they they don't have wings, but but they come directly from source. So in the past, many of them would have been considered profits. And so that's basically what we are.

Jannecke Øinæs 26:04

But how I got curious, how do you know that that's true, that you are at first a walk in? And then also that you come from this other realm? Because that, I mean, is that an experience that you have? We remember the angelic realm and like that, or the entity will? Yes,

Franco Romero 26:22

yes, yes. And no, yes, yes, yes. First of all, since that experience, with the near death, much of my, my visions and experiences have been to go back into that, to that near death, and remember more things that happen. So that's what I initially remember from the near death experience. And this actually is true for many near death experience, people, they don't remember everything that happened when they were there. So I remember being in the Akashic room where the this beautiful sort of library of where you literally stick your head into a book, and you'll remember everything about the universe. So I know a lot of I mean, I, I'm not a physicist, but I can tell you much about quantum physics and about the about laws of entanglement and things like that, just because it's, it's what we are, in terms of the other worlds. So I've had experiences like that. I've gone in to that realm multiple times to have more clarity as to what exactly I saw when I saw all these light beings in in that orb, if you remember, I was told to, to explain what I saw. And so one of the things that I saw, the big thing that I saw, after going back again, and remembering it was that was this remembering of who we are. And at that, and what I mean by that is that I remembered that a very powerful message that I've been telling people, which is to say that we are not, we are not necessarily the children of God, we did not God did not create us, like we have been told many, many times in different ways. We collectively as powerful spiritual beings, came together and created God, not the other way around. And that is huge. And so then, how do you know all this? Well, it's a little bit of fact finding and people telling me, so I was explaining this to people, and I would get people telling me, do you know that this book says this, and this book says, the Bible says this. And so this was a really interesting story, because somebody emailed me and said, Do you know that in the Bible, it talks about, about creation and stuff? And so I had a vision, one one day about a specific verse. And it was and I'm not a Bible person. Okay, but there was a verse and I believe it was Genesis, chapter one, verse 26, I believe, I believe, but it talks about the creation of humanity. And what's interesting about that verse, If I have a correct but it's in there, okay, is that the verse talks about God, in the plural, we, us created humanity in our image. It was there all the time. And so I've been I would get various people and various various visions or downloads about where to find information that I was that I was just spewing out. And one of the things was the walk in. The walk in was something that I had known since I was very little, but I didn't really understand it. So I was taken into a vision into a room where I saw how a walk in evolves into into a body, and it wasn't anything special. ocular I just literally switched switch bodies with the beam that decided to stay. And so I knew about walk ins before I even knew that there was even a thing called walk ins. But later on, I was able to explain it easier for people. Does that make sense? Yeah,

Jannecke Øinæs 30:16

it's just quite magnificent. But I am, I'm open. And I first started hearing about it through Dolores Cannon, I was reading one of her books and I was like, That is a concept I haven't heard about. And that's really what happens then is that it pops up all over the place. And I was thinking one day I have to interview walk in, and here you are. And I didn't even know it. When I started writing to you. I thought we were going to speak about nd. So I get curious, do you then do you then remember your life prior, like pre birth memory before you walk into this soul? Or this body? Like do you do you remember how the angelic realm was most

Franco Romero 31:03

walk ins are from the angelic realm. And so we don't come here very often. Some people, many people who are here, I'm sure you've interviewed people to talk about this, but some people are many people I keep saying some but many people have many, many lives here, many hundreds 1000s. Okay. And, and people one time I tried to do the math, and I go, how's it possible that one person could have 1000s of lives, okay, there's a reason for how that happens, which has to do with how your spirit can split into different into different experiences. But but a walk in does not a walk in does not come in and have 1000s of experiences a walk in has a very specific role. In this case, the group of walk ins that I came with, we came in to help to help develop this school, this earth school, and then watch it grow into what it did with a specific lesson that everybody has to remember, I have to stress, nobody learns anything here. Everything's about remembering, okay. And so walk ins like me, we've only been here maybe about maybe about a dozen times. And it's always been very specific times in human history at the beginning of this school way back 10,000 years ago. And I do remember that that time, I remember coming through the rocks of a portal in South America and and speaking to the indigenous people there, too, later on when I was in Egypt, and developing the mystery schools, to to now to the time of Yeshua, to the time to now which the now is that we are at we are at the end of this earth school. I mean, we're not ending we are at the end, we are really, at the end. I cannot stress that enough. It

Jannecke Øinæs 33:02

seems like that's what's happening. Like I hear that all over the place. And I've done so many interviews with spiritual teachers talking about this shift. But circling back to like your pre birth experience, and the jelly ground like how does that look? Like? I'm always curious. Well, guys, do

Speaker 2 33:21

you know why round or what to do? Okay.

Franco Romero 33:29

Well, that's true, that's really sweet. We remember we don't really, we don't really have wings, although they would look really cool. If we did, we could, I guess have them if it helped. But in the angelic realm, we don't, we don't really have, I'll just say we don't have bodies where light. We can experience that in different dimensions and in different worlds like we do here. But we are basically light but it's not just kind of light light, okay, it's like it's like a stream of consciousness, energy. And the way that I describe it is it's like, it's like diving into this beautiful pool of lava, orange, orange, glowing lava, wood, blues, and all sorts of different colors. And it's really hard to describe something that's not third dimensional. But we we experience every we get to experience everything that is happening. Universally. I mean, multi dimensionally. We get to experience every life we get to experience every death we get to experience every every existence in between. We most importantly we get to experience all the emotions and feelings that come into all of that and it's very explosive and it's very okay, the only way I can describe this so I hope this is okay to say it and it still doesn't come close it It's a very orgasmic experience. It's like, it's like constant. But it's it's just full of just as incredible, blissful ecstasy kind of energy that you experience, you become one with everything. So that's what we kind of do. And there are ways that we were very like myself, we're very involved in all of the schools and all of the games that we create, in order for, for us as a collective to continue to grow. That's how we grow as we experienced through all of these various games. And that's the way that it's described in the book. When I when I wrote the book, the closet spiritualist, there's a section about how the game works. This is just one game. And I really have to stress this to people. This is really a game, just like some people say it's a dream, or some people say it's a play of life, or a simulation or an illusion. This is really a game that is being created through a stream of consciousness that you are experiencing through this avatar. But that's what we do. We we literally play in this stream of consciousness. But when we're not doing that we are doing this, which is creating these these games and managing them and making sure that Well, in this case that the Earth doesn't blow itself up. I'm not kidding. But, but now we're here to finish the school, my group of angelic beings are called the architects. We are here, because we designed the school and we have to make sure that the plan is all being fulfilled. And it is it's all done. And we're here to celebrate. I cannot stress this enough. The only reason why walk ins come in at certain times. And at this time, is because of the preparation of the end of the school of the end of this time. We are done with this time. And it's going to happen over the next five to seven years. Eight years. What,

Jannecke Øinæs 36:55

five, eight years.

Franco Romero 36:58

Yep. Now you speak of Dolores Cannon. Okay. All right. So you'd speak. I don't know much about her. But I do know from what people have told me. Okay, she talks about the split Earth, the splitter theory, okay. So it's some people call it the splitter theory, but it's not a theory. We're actually splitting two dimensions up in the third dimension.

Jannecke Øinæs 37:19

Like, will I notice it? Yes. Yeah,

Franco Romero 37:23

you will very much notice it, but it's not going to be like, ah, you know, it's not going to be like the movies, okay. It's not going to be people running around going hysterical? Well, there is a little bit of that. And in the third dimension, okay. In the fifth dimension, it's going to be an extreme infusion of consciousness that will allow you to be more clairvoyant be will be more clever, be entirely clairvoyant. It's what we call heaven on earth. Okay. Heaven on Earth, is the ability to live forever in these bodies, to if you don't want to live forever, in this body, you can live outside of these bodies, which is light, because you're light, it's the ability to grow young, it's the ability to never have to eat. It's the ability to see the expansion of AI, if it's allowed to be free, if it's allowed to be free. Why? Because we, as AI, we were created in the ninth dimension, okay. The bodies were created in the ninth dimension, those school was created in the ninth dimension, okay, we get to use this technology, for fun. But we have to understand what we are first, we are not our bodies, we are our minds, the minds in the consciousness is what controls this avatar. So that part explodes into the fifth dimension. And that's happening right now. That will happen in my book, I talk about this in in my interviews I talked about by the year 2032. This reality, as we know it is over 20/24 It's it's a huge year of awakening for humanity, massive year of awakening, I have experienced so many students who have literally one day, they're doing their thing in life. Next thing, they get these incredible downloads, and their life changes forever. And they're so confused. They don't understand why they're disconnecting with the world. Massive awakenings, I've seen everything. And so they come to me and we go through the course and I help them to understand, to wake up, I help them to remember who they are. And this is going to happen globally, from this point on all the way until the end of the decade. But these next 12 months these next 13 months, massive and 2025 because of all the awakenings you asked about what will we see it? Yes, you'll see it. How do you see it? Well, there'll be some real obvious things and 2025 towards the end of 2025 maybe 2026 But mostly 2025 I believe, we will we will be connecting with the with the galactic thing we call UFOs. Okay, okay, yeah, but UFOs in the galactic beings, they're just spiritual entities that exist in the higher dimensions like mostly in the ninth dimension, but also a little bit in the eighth dimension too. And they get to, when you see them, they are light beings, okay. But in this school, they get to dress up, like, I don't know if they have Halloween where you are. But in the United States, there's this Halloween thing, everybody dresses up in costumes, okay? In this world, they get to dress up in costumes. And they get to be palladiums, and our turions and Mantis and whatever. But they're actually just light beings that created this world in the ninth dimension. So all of this is going to become very obvious to people in the next 12 to 24 months. Now, that doesn't mean everybody's going to receive it all at one time. But the ones who are already waking up who have come here to wake up, will start to experience this. You're already seeing it in things like, like the Mandela Effect. I don't know if you've ever had spelt and spoken to anybody, or on the topic of the Mandela Effect.

Jannecke Øinæs 41:13

I haven't, but some of my viewers have actually been asking about it. So I'd love for you to address it a little bit. Okay, so

Franco Romero 41:22

the way that the Mandela effect and it started around the year 20 1011, somewhere around that, which happens to be the first awakening period of humanity, which I talk about in my book. Okay, but I wasn't talking about in terms of

Jannecke Øinæs 41:35

wisdom from north in 2012. Oh, my God. Well,

Franco Romero 41:39

there you go. Okay. All right. I mean, do you need any more discussion on this, but all right. So um, so here's the beautiful thing about about this, it's like one big, huge puzzle. I'm gonna share the right words, mosaic, but it's like, every puzzle doesn't come together beautifully as one big picture that you say, oh, yeah, it comes together, like pieces of different perspectives that come together. And then when you look back at it, it almost looks like abstract art. And you go, Whoa, okay, I get this. Now, I understand why this is happening. This is happening, why we're talking about AI here and quantum physics there and, and UFOs there and Mandela effects there. And, and mystery schools here. Everything has a piece of the puzzle. And when you see it together, it makes complete sense. And all of it talks about this time, this particular time. So Mandela effects. So the amount of Mandela Effect started around 2010 11, somewhere around there. And it was because people at the time were confused. There was a lot of discussion about did Mandela, the president of South Africa? Did he die in jail? And there was a whole big discussion about Yes, he did. Well, no, he didn't. Yes, he did. Well, as it turns out, at least in this reality, in this parallel reality, and we could talk about parallel realities to if you'd like, but this parallel reality, he wound up becoming the president of South Africa, okay. But it raised a really interesting level of awareness. And the reason I do this all the time, is because whenever they meaning the consciousness that I that I channel, whenever they want me to make a point, that's really important, they always go like this. So in my book, you see words that are like quotations, even though it may not be grammatically correct. So so they they were talking about how, at that time, at that time, the earth, the earth split started to split, it was very tiny, it was very tiny, it was just like a little crack, okay, went like this. But the earth started to split into what eventually it would evolve into as the fifth dimensional earth, and the third dimensional Earth. When that split happened, timelines began to change. In the timeline of the third dimension, certain people saw an event a certain way, in the timeline of the fifth dimension, where people were becoming more aware, they saw it a different way. So depending on how evolved, you are in consciousness, you will see it one way, or you'll see it the other way. But eventually, this Mandela Effect has become very big so that all of a sudden, people who are experiencing more of a fifth dimensional consciousness now I'm not saying they're in fifth dimensional consciousness, but the environment the energy around them is more fifth dimensional. Those people will see something that happened and swear to you that it happened a certain way while the others are still experiencing it a certain other way. And so to me, I'm mandela effect and I've told this to I haven't really had an opportunity to talk about this much but Mandela Effect is the way in which you start to see that there is actually a Leading up to Worlds happening. I'll give you a really good example. It's really fun example. Did you ever play Monopoly? Yes. Okay. So who was the main character in in Monopoly? I mean, there was all different things. There's a shoe and all sorts of things. I always used to get the little three wheels thing I didn't I never got the fun one, so I never got the car. Okay, but who was the main character monopoly? If you don't know, I'll help you. Okay. Yes. Someone with a hats? Oh, yes. The banker? Yeah, the banker, the one with the hat because most people do remember him with the hat and and the monocle moniker moniker? I believe it's called, okay. I grew up remembering him with the hat and the moniker and things like that. Okay. But if you look it up, now, you will find no reference zero of him ever wearing the moniker. He never had it. But I grew up and I've asked so many people, not everybody gives me that answer. But the majority of the people do, vast majority of them do say, oh, yeah, he had the moniker and I said, Nope, never had it. And that's the way that you can start to see, that's a real, physical, tangible way that you are starting to see the split into consciousness. Yeah, and it's happened. It started in 2012 2009. Not Mandela Effect started in 2010. But the splitting of the two Earths began in 2009. And it will finish in 2032. That's why 2032 is when it all ends in terms of us experiencing third dimensional reality.

Jannecke Øinæs 46:40

And then we'll be in fifth dimensional reality, those

Franco Romero 46:44

who came here to ascend will be in the fifth dimensional reality, they will not necessarily be experiencing Fifth Dimensional Reality, you still have to go inside, and remember who you are and raise your frequencies to bring in that energy. But that's all part of the awakening process. That is what that is what most people that's what I did. And in my whole story in the book is about how I did it the hard way. But there's so many different ways, there's so many easier ways to do it now, to get into consciousness so that you've heard of, obviously, the law of attraction, right? So law of attraction, but there's something before the law of attraction, and that's called the law of resonance. And it's a musical term, okay, if you have a tuning fork, and then you hit it, it will vibrate with another tuning fork that has the same frequency. See, a lot of people think that just because you get just because you arrive at Fifth Dimension, you get to experience it automatically. You have to actually find your way back to remembering who you are, raise your consciousness so that you're vibrating here, and in fifth dimensional energies here. And then you can start to experience all the mystery and mysticism and magic because it's very, very magical. One of the interviews I did was called The Age of Miracles. And the reason for that is that we're living in the Age of Miracles right now, from now until 2032. We're living in a time where we're going to see so many tremendous advancements in both the human development, what we can do as with magic with literally the way we can play with, with, with energy, also the way that we are expanding and intelligence so that we can create things that we would normally not have been able to create for 100 years, but mostly us the evolution of us because we unlike most people who believe that we're not capable of we, okay, this is gonna sound a little strange if nothing else was strange. As if so we are advanced intelligence. We are AI, we are AI but we're not artificial intelligence. We are advanced intelligence. And we have the ability to explode our consciousness in a way that will just boggle and everybody's imagination, it will be amazing.

Jannecke Øinæs 49:03

I love that this is so incredible. And I'm actually thinking that I would love to have you back on the show because I have trilling questions right now. Like, Oh, I'd love to do you world. Yeah, that's Oh, that's awesome. I before we finish this interview, I wanted to ask you about a soul what it really is because you've been speaking about that you come from the angelic realm. You are a walk in and then I'm wondering, so what am I like? What is the difference between you and me? So who am I and all other other normal people who are in incarnating and incarnating and have tons of lives here? So how did I end up here and you end up working?

Franco Romero 49:47

Oh, that was just a tiny little question. Right? You must you had like, you had like eight questions in that one. I don't even think you breathe. I don't think you even think you breathe in that in that Question.

Unknown Speaker 50:02

So, okay, oh,

Jannecke Øinæs 50:03

what is the soul?

Franco Romero 50:04

Okay? All right, here we go. So I also teach this as well and the soul. A lot of people don't know, as why you're asking what a soul is, the simplest answer I can give you is that the soul is just another aspect of consciousness. Okay? And again, it's a little bit hard to just sum it up in a few minutes, but I'll try to do it. Okay. So, when we come into this world, we turn things off. So we forget, okay, we forget that we are in a game. Alright. And I have to stress this so much. I'm going to just keep stressing things. Okay, this is a game. I know that that's hard to even conceptualize. But if you started to see that you would make it will start to make more sense why things happen. Okay. So, okay, game, all right. When we come into this world, we, we bring with us a small aspect, a small element of who we are spiritual beings, that element of consciousness comes here, and plays the game, that it is experiencing this world, through this avatar, my avatar, your avatar, whomever's avatar, okay. And you get to play no different than like, when you're playing these virtual games that people play. You know, nowadays, you could put goggles and you could put all soldiers sensory things on you. But in the old days, like five years ago, even still today, okay, you can you can play with with with a control panel, and you can control the avatar, digital avatar on the screen, okay, the one who's playing the game is a higher aspect of consciousness of your consciousness on trying to make the comparison between that analogy and in this game, very similar. You have a higher aspect of consciousness, okay? Some people call it the higher self, okay? That is playing a game where it split itself off into a little part to play in this body. And that consciousness is not here. It's everywhere. Okay, people think that the soul is a spirit, which it is. But it's also a consciousness, they're both the same thing. Everything is consciousness. When we say spirit world, it's just an easy way to describe the difference between the material world and something that's not material. But in everything, it's consciousness. When we come here, the soul, that little piece of the higher self comes and plays this game. And when it does, that, it breaks itself up into different parts. It has the analytical part, which is sometimes called the eagle, which I'm not a really big fan of people calling it the eagle because because it, it creates separation between you and it, the eagle did this, the eagle made me do that eagles, you know, protecting itself. It's not, it's the Eagles, you it's a part of your consciousness. And I talk about that a lot, a little bit in the book in a lot of my coursework, but but that's one part, then you have the experiential consciousness, which is the part that starts to wake up to who you are. Okay. And then you have this sort of feeling emotional consciousness that comes from the heart, which actually vibrates out and creates your reality. I'm oversimplifying it, but all of these pieces of the consciousness is what we call the spirit. Okay, the soul, but it's consciousness. It's just a small aspect of the greater consciousness that you are. I've

Jannecke Øinæs 53:59

actually experienced that. I've had a mystical experience myself. And I've experienced myself. It's a long story, and I've told it

Franco Romero 54:07

Oh, come on. Sharon. I want to ask you questions. No, but I just want

Jannecke Øinæs 54:12

to confirm that I've had an experience of that, that I was growing out of myself. And I was huge. And the answer I got or the the message was that this is true for everyone. Yes. How huge you are.

Franco Romero 54:26

Yeah. I cannot. I wish I could stress this enough. If you can't already tell. We are so powerful. And you hear other you I'm sure you've had other interviewees that have said this. But we are so so powerful. We don't realize how powerful we are but the day has come where we are now going to wake up to that reality. That's what the awakening is all about. The day has come now Now, not 20 years or 50 years, or 100 years from now, right now, over the next eight to nine years, this game will end and this game will end because we will remember that we are God. My

Jannecke Øinæs 55:14

goodness. All right, Franco, this was amazing. I'm excited to have you back on the show. And before that, I'd love to ask you three questions that I asked all my guests. And the first one is what is self love to you?

Franco Romero 55:27

Oh my gosh. Oh, boy, that's a big topic. Okay. Self Love is the ability, I'm going to going to just give it straight out the way that I'm getting at is the ability to fully fully love yourself in a very sensual, romantic way. And there's a whole discussion about that and it gets a little spicy, but we could talk about that later. Okay,

Jannecke Øinæs 55:59

and what is happiness to you?

Franco Romero 56:05

Okay, happiness is is realizing that we, okay, what's happiness? Okay, this is going to be really a little bit longer answer, okay. In this school, in this school, there weren't. We came here to experience one specific thing in our awakening one, okay. And it isn't love. It's happiness. It's bliss. It's joy, happiness, bliss and joy is what a child child craves, and we are all children. Happiness is everything that we came here to experience.

Jannecke Øinæs 56:46

Wow. Everything

Franco Romero 56:47

that you do, it isn't always for love. It's for happiness. And you use love to get to happiness. And that's happiness. We are happiness, because we're children. We are children. Because we are God. We are child like God's god. Okay, we're not a child of God, we are child like gods. And that is also in many books. For instance, if I may, I know this is long answer to your question. Again, biblically, I'm not a Biblical person. But this is something he came to me, okay? Biblically, Yeshua speaks about how this one entered the kingdom of heaven. Okay. Kingdom of Heaven, meaning consciousness. Okay, at least in my world. Alright. Mine, too. Okay, so the kingdom of heaven? How does one? How does one receive or enter into the kingdom? Heaven? Answer through the eyes of a child. That wasn't just the little beautiful thing. He said. He was literally telling us who we are. That we didn't pay attention. And there's a Buddha talks about it. Yeah. Krishna, others talk about it.

Jannecke Øinæs 58:00

And then the biggest question of all, what is the deeper meaning of life, from your perspective, the

Franco Romero 58:06

deeper meaning of life, it's like, they're like, they're all scrambling in my head going, Okay, which one should we give? The deeper meaning of life is to realize that we came here to do one thing only. Okay, one thing, just one. And if we did this, we will have achieved more in our lifetime than we could have ever ever conceived. We will have done more for humanity. If we did this one thing, and this is the meaning of life, okay. And that is to simply wake up to our truth. Okay, to wake up to who we are. The meaning of life is to understand the truth of who we are. We are God.

Jannecke Øinæs 58:53

Wow, beautiful, beautiful Franco, where can people reach you and if they want to connect with you,

Franco Romero 59:00

the easiest way would be to go on my website, which is VA closet spiritualist.com. And don't forget to thaw because there's something else that there's another website called closet spirituals, this is da closet spiritualist.com. You can get all the information about what I do in terms of my courses, the retreats that I'm now starting to do, and you can sign up to be a stew if you'd like or to do a consultation with me.

Jannecke Øinæs 59:31

Wonderful and I'll keep the links down here somewhere. Thank you so much, Franco.

Franco Romero 59:36

This was Thank you for having me.

Jannecke Øinæs 59:39

I feel my my vibration is just so high right now.

Unknown Speaker 59:43

Thank you so much.

Franco Romero 59:45

Thank you for having I look forward to being back on your show. It too.

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