Interview with Princess Märtha Louise & Elisabeth Nordeng

Being born into the Norwegian Royal Family, Princess Märtha Louise’s life has always been of interest to the media.

Princess Märtha Louise shares that this has led to her making conscious decisions early on about who she wanted to be and who she is today.

Princess Märtha Louise and Elisabeth Nordeng about the importance of embracing our spiritual gifts

In her official line of work, she has worked with several organizations that help people with disabilities. In addition, she is a trained physiotherapist and a Rosen Method therapist. She has performed on a range of TV shows, including children’s TV for NRK, she has written children’s books and enjoyed her position on Norway’s national team for showjumping for several years. The horses taught her to communicate on many levels, which later led her to develop her spiritual abilities.

Märtha met Elisabeth Nordeng on a course learning about energy work and developing skills for reading. Three years later they founded a self-development program with a spiritual dimension and called it Astarte Education. In 2014 they changed the name to Soulspring. Together, Elisabeth and Märtha have become popular public speakers across the globe and they’ve published several books together including -The Voice or the Noise, Meet Your Guardian Angel, The Spiritual Password and The Secrets Of Angels.

Subtítulos en español. Escrito por Carmen Azpíroz
“Princesa Märtha Louise y Elisabeth Nordeng. La contraseña espiritual,
auras, y niños índigo”.

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