Interview with medium Marion Dampier-Jeans who was born with the gift of being able to communicate with the spirit world. She is considered to be one of the most recognized mediums in Scandinavia and has over 48 years of experience.

Medium Marion Dampier-Jeans is said to be the medium that has brought spiritualism back to Scandinavia

Marion was born into a spiritual family and had the ability to see and communicate with spirits ever since she was a child. Marion is said to be the medium that has brought spiritualism back to Scandinavia. In addition to a number of television programs in the United States, England, Iceland and Greenland, she has participated in ”Åndenes makt” (The House of Spirits”), ”Fornemmelse for mord” (Sensing murder) and ”Ånderne vender tilbake” (The spirits Return) in Scandinavia.

Marion is also Scandinavia’s most selling alternative writer with over 200,000 copies sold. She has so far written four books about her life with spirits:
My life with the spirits (2002)
Voices from another world (2003
Between Two Worlds (2006)
Marions handbook in mediumskab (2009)

Marion Dampier-Jeans’ website
The book “Mellom to verdener” (in Norwegian)*
The book “Stemmer fra en annen verden” (in Norwegian)*

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