"My purpose with Wisdom From North is to inspire people to empower themselves and transform their lives by sharing wisdom on how to actually do it from some of the best transformational teachers of the north & from around the world."

Jannecke Øinæs / Founder of Wisdom From North

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“One day you and Lizaene are going to open a lion sanctuary!”

Author:  Cathrine Scharning Nyquist

This is the first time I have ever truly listened to and become aware of my inner voice whispering a message to me, and it just happened to be the start of my new life -

– a life following my heart and listening to the guidance given to me from a place deep inside.

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Expression of opinions

Author: Jannecke Øinæs

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I didn’t know I was sleeping, until this happened

When you think you have reached further than most, it hurts realising you have never been further away from who you truly are.

Author:  Øystein Rabbe

The fortunate thing about life is that it is never too late to come home... (read the article to continue)

Give life Access

"What have people in crisis, joy and sorrow discovered?"

Author:  Marianne Magelssen

For many years, I worked with seriously ill patients and their loved ones. They were people in crisis, joy and sorrow. I have often heard them say things like «It wasn’t until I got ill that I understood what life is really about»... (read the article to continue)

Hey Google – who am I?

Author:  Eva Andrea

Maybe you’re experiencing a dark night of the soul? Even without knowing it. It can be the most...  (read the article to continue)

Lead in love

Author: Bea Dominic

There is a treasure to be found deep inside every relationship. A gift so big it feels like magic. It will bring joy.....  (read the article to continue)

When you receive a calling in life you can’t ignore it

Author: Jannecke Øinæs

On the outside our lives can seem like the greatest success stories. We can appear to be the happiest ... (read the article to continue)

Welcome to a two day transformational LOVE event in Denmark

Bring more LOVE into your life!

Welcome to the transformational event “Unfold your love” in Denmark

Regain your inner power
- and find your courage

I now travel around the world and interview some of the most famous spiritual leaders in the world. It wasn't alway like that...

I love to share 3 steps with you so you too can become the leader in your life, and finally get the courage to follow your dreams and to find your unique power.

If you can dream it, you can do it

ABOUT Wisdom From North

Wisdom From North started as an interview series on YouTube founded by Jannecke Øinæs in 2012. After having interviewed 400 transformational teachers all over the world and gained over 32 000 followers, she decided to take it a step further. .


Wisdom From North Magazine strives to inspire people with an inner urge to thrive to empower and transform themselves, achieve a feeling of connection and make their unique contribution to the planet.. 

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