Why do so many people live under a cloud of depression and anxiety?

In my clinic in Oslo, AKI Akupunktur og Traumeklinikk, a lot of my work revolves around helping patiens who suffer from depression and anxiety. It is actually something I find truly interesting to work with, as our bodies very often tell us the truth. The truth about our thoughts, our life, and our body pains.

Listen to the inner voice

Today we are all in a big hurry most of the day, even at nights. We are in a way guided to what we THINK is true for ourselves, not what is really true for our heart and our soul. Real truth is when you feel your soul is filled with harmony and joy. When your heart is filled with your own wisdom; the wisdom by Heart. So many of us are searching for the answer outside ourselves, instead of looking into our own heart and listen to this caring inner voice.

For me, listening to my inner voice, has been my best tool and my very best friend all my life, since as long as I can remember. The gentle voice in my right ear, has given me so many messages, so many opportunities to do the right thing. But at the same time, it is really hard to listen, and to let go of the ego.

Is it only imagination?

In my own life, I have always been afraid of listening to everything my voice is telling me however. Maybe because it is a bit scary to receive this pure honest information. This voice is usually spot on, and I can really go on with conversations with this “Gentleman” inside. He is available at all times, no matter where or when. Answering my questions, he shows why and how to do things. How to open up to my own self, helping me unlock the next door. But at the same time it is so difficult to trust. To depend on what is true information, and what is not. Maybe it’s just imagination? He always speaks in English, why? “That is just to show you I`m real”, he whispers.

I think most people have some kind of guidance in life, but refuse to listen or to follow their path. We are so afraid to fail, to be judged, to not be good enough and to be laughed at. We listen to all others, but seldom to ourselves.

Afraid to lose face

Many people are really sensitive. They lose a lot of energy, by not letting go of other people’s opinions. Often we don’t manage to choose the best way for our own lives, because we feel uncomfortable and afraid. Afraid to lose face. But who’s face? Who is suffering the most from not following their dreams? A dream that is alive inside of us, a dream we know from deep within that reverberates every time we let it come through in our thoughts. A dream that makes us feel alive just by thinking of it, that makes us daydream while tears are running down our cheeks. THAT is the real truth, our true story, our soul’s purpose.

In my clinic, I have seen so many people for years, not daring to trust themselves, not feeling ready, not feeling good enough and holding on to old thoughts and patterns. Young people and grown-ups with unique skills, people who are shining like stars when I ask them what really makes them feel good inside. Listening to their hidden dreams, and seeing them hiding from themselves for years and even decades, that is really sad for me to witness.

In order to help them make a real breakthrough I sometimes ask my patients: what or who are the most important in your life? This often opens a door they never thought of entering. By saying yes to themselves, they start a journey within. Most often their eyes start sparkling just by thinking of new possibilities, and by starting to see life from the eyes of the heart instead of their left brains. I am trying to lead them into their own truth, help them turn on their own light, and help them choose their new path.

“We often live our life with our eyes closed”

The labels we put on each other, can make us blind so that we cannot see our own truth, not even feel our truth. We put ourselves into a cloud of noise so that clarity and presence are totally absent. We live our life with closed eyes too often, and are not willing to see the beautiful potential that is waiting to be treasured.

All these components are making many people sick, both mentally and physically. Often we may feel drained without knowing the exact reason, because so much lies on a subconscious level. The more years we live our life from the bus-seat in the back, we feel more and more exhausted and finally get really sick.

My own story

I experienced this in my body really hard 10 years ago. I had two years where I nearly could not walk. I was paralyzed, and I knew from my heart why it happened. My family and friends told me to go to doctors and neurologists, but I knew why it was happening. So many changes happened in my life, and I went into a great place of suffering. I knew I had to cope with it in my own way, and when I finally did, I managed to walk again.

So why did my body react in such a manner? I had to go deep inside myself to look for my truth, and open up to live my life to the fullest- for me. Not only to please my family, friends or people around me. But to really nurture my soul, and taking care of myself and my own needs.

Today I am really dedicated to help people letting go of what drains them, and to make them see their highest potential. Helping them step into their own energy field, and experience their sparkling eyes.

Looking for nothing

So many people look for everything everywhere, and by that; we miss so much in our life. We try so hard to be something and do everything. But it is when we look for nothing, and we are just BEING, that we will find everything.

In life, we face difficulties, we witness or experience suffering, we lose people we love and we have confrontations on many levels. But people, difficulties and experiences are actually gifts. If we allow them to be! They are pathfinders and they are there to show us our personal truths and the own journey into our hearts. If we are willing to open up for it.

I think we all have a mission in life, something important to express. And it is more and more important to let go of fear and anxiety. Our planet needs all the love it can get. Wisdom gained throuh our own experiences give us important tools that we can use to help others rice and shine. Love is the answer to life, to all humans, animals and all living life on Earth.

Kindness, gratitude, health and contentment are important factors to keep up a good and meaningful life. We do NOT know anyone else’s journey, but we know our own, deep inside. That is why it is so important to listen to our inner song and don’t die with that music still inside of us.

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