Do you know the feeling of beeing in the wrong place? That you have landed in a hostile world, were you don’t fit in, where you can hardly breathe because of pullotion and negative energies, spread by the people living there? Have you ever felt the need to withdraw from reality, to protect yourself from all the hatred, destruction and fear? In that case, you are just like me.  

I have at times felt that I don’t have what it takes to survive. It’s just too hard, too cruel, too heartbreaking to witness, and even worse, experience all the needless pain that we inflict on ourselves in this world. 

If you have felt like this, you may be a Highly Sensitiv Person (HSP), and if so, your gut feeling is correct. We are truly not created to live our lives like we do today. And as a sensitive person, you just sense too well in your heart and soul, that this is terribly wrong.  

But listen carefully…. 

I am about to tell you something extremely important!! We are here for a reason. As HSP, we are just like the canary birds the miners brought down to the mines in the old days. The canaries were much more sensitive to the lack of oxygene than the workers, and when the birds died, it was a warning for them to get out as fast as possible, if they were to survive. 

Today the world is about to suffocate from lack of love, generosity, empathy, unity and care. And many of those who are less sensitive than you, haven’t noticed it or yet realised how severe it is, so they carry on like they always have. But if we don’t get out of the dark, toxic place the world is about to become, we all will perish. 

But what can I do? 

Oh no, you may think. What am I supposed to do about that? Me? I am too small, too tired, too vulnerable. My voice is too weak, I am too weak! I don’t dare to speak my truth, don’t dare to expose myself to the resistance, negativity or hatred that I will meet, if I put myself out there and show the world who I really am. 

I hear what you say, and know exactly how you feel. I have been hiding my vulnerability behind efficiency, achievements and professionalism for years. I even went so far as to choose a military career, just to prove to myself that I was tough and invulnerable. It may seem like a brave thing to do, but that’s nothing compared to what I now choose to do – letting people see who I really am and what I stand for.  

Even if it’s scary, we know it’s true. What the world needs now in order to survive, are those qualities that we are the most afraid to expose. Vulnerability, sensitivity, love for our world, compassion for all who suffer, the understanding that we all are connected and our ability to see the bigger picture, is the antidote to what is about to make us all suffocate.  

You need to understand that you are a Senstive Superhero 

As HSP your brain and nervous system actually works a little differently than others’. You are more aware than others of subtleties, because your brain processes information and reflects on it more deeply. You are simply granted with some superpowers, that like a supercomputer, enables you to prosess huge amounts of data, and link the pieces together which make you understand the little details as well as the big picture. This is how you are able to absorb other people’s emotions, have compassion and empathy, and have a deep sense of how we are all connected, and that fighting each other makes no sense.  

But sometimes these super traits can make us overwhelmed, tired and cause strong reactions in situations, that don’t bother others that much. This happens when our nervous system is overstimulated. Instead of thinking there must be something wrong with you, that you should pull yourself together or toughen up, you must instead investigate how you can take better care of yourself.  To me these reactions are signs that I need to pull back, to be all alone, without being “bombarded” with more information and emotions which have to be processed.  

Start by just being you 

The only thing you have to do, in order to save the world, is being 100% you! That should be the easiest task in the world, but unfortunately we are all affected by the collective “truth” claiming that life is a struggle, there is not enough for all of us, and that you are on your own. That is why you feel too small, too weak, too vulnerable and insignificant, even though you know deep down that it’s not true.  

I know that we are all one, that the universe is here for me, that there is abundance and enough for everyone. We are just the way we are meant to be, and we all have unimaginable potential and power, but still I don’t always live as if this is true. In fact I often feel that I have to prove my worth, and strive to deserve love, respect and approval. I fear that the real me is too weird, too strange or different for others to handle, so I hold back or censor myself from speaking my truth or standing up for what I belive in. But this ends now! It is about time we step up and show the rest of the world which way we need to go! 

Some of us may be spiritual leaders, politicians, artists or famous idols and are able to influence many people. But most of us are needed right were we are, as everyday role models. You may be the best sensitive parent, soccer coach or teacher. Our special traits are needed everywhere! Maybe it is you who need to put your foot down and make it clear that the harsh tone at work is not acceptable. Or you have to take the initiative to create a better classroom culture at your daughters school, or be the one who states that you no longer will take part in the gossip amongst your friends.  

Regardless of where you are, your main task, is to really understand the importance of your presence. By being true to yourself and showing the world who you are, you create a safe space where others too can find the courage to show the most vulnerable and most beautiful parts of themselves. That’s how you participate in creating a more generous, warmer world where we take care of both each other and this beautful planet we are so fortunate to inhabit.  

And just like that, YOU have become a Sensitive Superhero. I am ready! Will you join me? 

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