Two and a half years ago, I was diagnosed with cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, cancer.

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It was a rare type of lymphoma called Mycosis Fungoides/Sezary Syndrome, which only affected 5-6 people in Norway annually. It started with inflammations in the skin different places on the body, developing over several years, and finally a growth of swelling lymphnodes and several large tumours on the skin, some in the size of lemons. The prognosis was grim. Nobody had until now recovered from this type of cancer according to the hospital. Traditional cancer treatment could only curb the symptoms and keep the disease at bay, by continuous treatment for the rest of my life – as long as it might last. 

Against all odds

Eight months later, against all odds, I was declared 100% cancer free. This is due to a combination of a complementary treatment and radiation therapy. Today, over two years later, I’m still 100% cancer free and in great health. 

As a video producer, I’ve lived at times a stressful life with hard deadlines, lots of late night work and to much fast food. In addition, I’ve had a lot of dental fillings, a heavy vaccine program in the 50’s and 60’s, and I also belong to the DDT and fluorine generation. Today I strongly believe this has contributed to the condition that caused my cancer, because my body contained a lot of toxins, confirmed by analysis, which again lead to an overloaded liver and a weakened immune system. But, the hospital did not believe in such a connection. 

The cancer mystery

Traditional cancer treatment has come a long way in the pursuit of effective methods of killing cancer cells and eliminating cancerous tumours. Mortality rates have fallen considerably in recent years. At the same time, the number of new cancer cases is still growing. In Norway every third citizen now develops cancer, – in the US every second person. Despite massive support for cancer research in hospitals, universities and pharmaceutical industries, the cancer mystery has not yet been solved and every third patient does not survive the disease. A large proportion of those who survive by traditional treatment, apply different degrees of side effects and secondary injuries. Many also have to live with cancer medicine and periodic treatment for the rest of their lives. 

New complementary treatments

In Norway and in most parts of the Western world, cancer treatment is strictly regulated within a closed regime. Only authorized hospitals and oncologists are allowed to treat cancer patients. Nevertheless, many people seek alternative ways in their desperation when traditional treatment does not lead to remission or prevent relapses. This has contributed to the emergence of new complementary treatments offered outside the public health sector, mainly focusing on treating what may be the underlying causes leading to cancer, and which is not illegal. 

There is a clear paradigm-separation in the way of understanding the state of cancer. While the traditional opinion is that cancer is mainly due to “bad luck” or genetic predisposition, which means that you really don’t know what the cause is, others believe that there is a clear connection between the body’s inner environment, the somatic ecology, and the emergence of cancer cells. As cancer-doctor put it, ”Cancer is not an illness, it’s an environmental problem in your body.” So, new medical science and insight says cancer is a result of a toxic and acidic somatic ecology, which again may be caused by what you eat, drink and breathe, and what you have been exposed to through radiation, environmental toxins (pesticides etc.) and also psychic factors like stress, trauma and negative thinking.  

It worked surprisingly well! 

Gaining to change this condition in the body by detoxification, change of diet and lifestyle, lowering stress factors and treating trauma and negative thinking, therefore becomes a natural path to follow. This enhances the body’s immune system and ability to self-heal, and with it the ability to reverse the development of the degenerative condition. Combining traditional cancer treatment with this complementary protocol, may also give better results, as in my own case. Detoxification of the liver, intestine and blood, and the strengthening of the immune system was the target of my complementary treatment. The radiation treatment in the hospital was directed to the cancerous tumours several places on the skin. And in sum it worked surprisingly well! Even the doctors had to admit that! 

While traditional treatment primarily is aimed at attacking the symptom – the cancer cell, the complementary treatment is aimed at the underlying issue, what generates the cancer cell. Today, scientific studies show that several of these complementary treatment protocols have a good effect both on reversal of the disease and on relapse elimination. And the rising amount of testimonies from survivors who confirm this can no longer be overlooked. This is also the reason for the growing interest and the desire for support for more research in this field. An integration of this new regime with the existing, is a clear and natural goal. 

Terje Toftenes , Producer / Director , New Paradigm Films AS


Our documentary, FREE FROM CANCER, has been initiated as a natural consequence of my own experience. It will start by telling my personal story of how I healed, and then illuminate various aspects of the cancer complex. We will talk to professionals within both regimes, and present experiences from survivors. Through good explanatory models we will convey both new theories and scientifically acquired knowledge about the cancer complex. 

The film will have a duration of about 70 minutes and will be completed in 2019. It will be made freely available on YouTube and hopefully aired on TV. Financing is dependent on donations, – and which are heartily welcomed and can be made through our website 

As producers, our team has more than 30 years of experience with the production of information and educational films, and have received international awards for many of our documentaries.  

Research and knowledge should be driven forward by curiosity and openness and will always be in change and development. We hope this film will be useful to all who are affected or concerned with the fight against cancer.

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