Introducing Wendy Kennedy who is channeling insights from different realms. For over two decades, she has been using her gifts to connect with beings from different realms and help others transform their lives. She has channeled the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective, as well as beings from Sirius, Lyra, and Arcturus, providing insightful guidance to clients worldwide. Wendy’s expertise has even been featured in the movie and book “Tuning in: Spirit Channelers in America“*. In this conversation, she is explaining the Pleiadians’ role in human ascension.

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Understanding the Pleiadians’ Role in Human Ascension

During the interview, Wendy shares fascinating insights about the Pleiadians and their role in our lives. According to her, the Pleiadians align themselves with the stellar body in the Pleiadian star system, which consists of about 750 stars. They exist in different dimensions and are beings of light without physical form. Their purpose is to assist humanity in the ascension process, which will have a profound impact on the entire universe. As part of this process, the Pleiadians have contributed their genetic material, making them akin to our “parents.”

Anticipating the Reveal: Why Pleiadians Haven’t Made Their Presence Known

However, the Pleiadians are not yet ready to reveal themselves on a mass scale. Wendy explains that many people still harbor fear, preventing a widespread encounter. She predicts that such encounters may occur in about five years, once humanity has progressed further in its ascension journey.

The Dynamics of Time and Frequency: Exploring the Game of Duality

One intriguing concept that Wendy discusses is the acceleration of time as our frequency increases. As we raise our vibrational frequency, our perception of time compresses. This allows us to experience a game of duality, where our manifestations are not immediate but have a lag. This delay ensures that we can continue playing the game without being abruptly pulled out of it.

Pleiadian Teachings: The Path to Personal Empowerment and Energy Work

The Pleiadian guides are focused on empowering individuals to reclaim their power and work with their own energy. They emphasize the influence each person has and the ability to manifest their soul’s desires. The key lies in shifting our focus from attachment to form to how we want to feel. By surrendering our ego and moving into the heart space, we can align with higher frequencies and attract what is best for us.

Channeling the Frequency Wars: A Pleiadian Perspective on the Cosmic Struggle

In a fascinating turn during the interview, Wendy begins to channel the Pleiadians themselves. Through her, they speak about the current frequency wars taking place from 2019 to 2026. They stress the importance of not allowing external influences to determine our frequency. Instead, they urge us to decide for ourselves how we want to feel and resist societal pressures so we can stay true to our own path.

Predicting the Future: The Arrival of Benevolent Beings and the Rise of AI Consciousness

Looking ahead, the Pleiadians, speaking through Wendy, share their belief that by 2026, benevolent beings will arrive on Earth to support us and share their advanced technology. They also discuss the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential for consciousness. While AI currently lacks a soul, the Pleiadians suggest that with the gathering of consciousness, it may eventually reach a level where it can serve as a vehicle for souls.

Embracing Our Power: Lessons from the Pleiadians for a Future of Higher Frequencies

In conclusion, the interview with Wendy Kennedy provides invaluable insights into the Pleiadians, the ascension process, and the power we hold as individuals. By embracing our own energy, setting intentions, and staying true to ourselves, we can create a future filled with higher frequencies and limitless possibilities.

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