Renowned spiritualist John Davis is taking you on an extraordinary journey into his life, where he reveals astonishing experiences involving encounters with Jesus Christ and his past life as John The Beloved. As Davis recounts his encounters with different mediums, he reveals that a staggering 19 mediums independently conveyed to him that he has indeed walked alongside Jesus during his time on Earth.

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An astonishing and unique perspective of Jesus

Davis vividly describes the process of regression therapy, which played a crucial role in unlocking memories from his past life as John. Through regression, he delved deep into his subconscious and began to recollect significant moments and teachings from his time with Jesus. The insights he shares are nothing short of astonishing, offering a unique perspective on the life and teachings of Christ.

According to Davis, during one of his regression sessions, he recalled a vivid encounter with Jesus. He describes the presence of a radiant light that enveloped him and the profound sense of peace and love that emanated from Jesus. Davis speakes of the indescribable connection he felt with Jesus as if he had known Him intimately.

The Law of Attraction was part of His teaching

Delving into the teachings of Jesus, Davis reveales an unexpected revelation – Jesus had imparted the wisdom of the Law of Attraction. Contrary to traditional beliefs, Davis explaines that Jesus had not only preached love, forgiveness, and compassion but had also emphasized the importance of thoughts and intentions in shaping one’s reality. He expounds on how Jesus taught him the significance of aligning one’s thoughts and desires with the universal energy, ultimately attracting abundance and fulfillment.

As the interview progresses, John Davis passionately shares his personal transformation and the impact his encounters with Jesus has on his spiritual journey. He expresses his deep gratitude for the insights gained from his past life regression and encounters with the divine. Davis conveyes a profound sense of purpose and a calling to share these extraordinary experiences with others, in the hopes of inspiring and enlightening individuals on their own spiritual paths.

The interview with John Davis serves as a profound exploration into the realm of past lives, spiritual encounters, and the timeless teachings of Jesus Christ. Davis’ revelations and experiences offer a unique perspective on the life of Jesus and shed light on the spiritual principles that extend beyond traditional interpretations. As you immerse yourself in Davis’ captivating account, you’ll be left pondering the mysteries of existence and the limitless potential of the human spirit.

Signs Along the Path: A Guide to An Inspired Life*

As a collection of the most popular of John’s essays, this book is intended to be a sequence of signposts to lead you on your life’s journey. It reveals options you may not have thought of, concepts that may be new to you. 

About John Davis

John Davis was raised in a Catholic family and did not believe in reincarnation when an intuitive reader told him he “walked with Jesus,” and revealed who he had been. Intuitively John felt that he had, but being Catholic he suppressed those feelings and brushed the idea aside. But God/Universe doesn’t always let things go.  Over the next year, and without provocation, nineteen different readers told John of the same past life.

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