Interview with Vivian Songe

In this interview, I speak with Vivian Songe about trusting your creative impulses so you can start living your dream. Vivian is the woman behind the online magazine journalism schools: The Magazine Writer’s Academy (English) and Journalistskolen (Norwegian) where she teaches people how to get started writing professionally and earn a living from their writing. She also teaches creative writing and how to discover your unique voice. Her aim is to inspire and awaken the dormant writers of the world, who don’t dare to believe in themselves or their message.

The Courage to Speak from your Core

Have you ever felt that you are out of touch with your own core? Maybe you felt like you were slightly off-balance, like a dancer who lost the heel of one shoe. Maybe you felt like there was an empty jar in the pit of your stomach, like nothing would ever be enough to fill it, not completely. Maybe you felt like even though the sun was shining and the wind blew perfectly through your hair, there was just something missing. Something of substance to form a base underneath it all.  

I know exactly how this feels. And now I know why. Because I didn’t fully honor my core message. I didn’t have the courage to honor my core message. Ultimately, I didn’t honor my “cor”, my heart. Do you? 

Read Vivian Sogne’s article on Wisdom From North Magazine here.

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