Finding the Wildman within – Your Masculine Empowerment

Paal is the founder of the Wildman Program and he is passionate about Masculine Empowerment – to empower men to find their authentic power through their sexuality. He has led a number of different teaching groups over the last 10 years and he coaches and gives tantric massages to women, men and couples. He was a certified tantra teacher and bodyworker in The New Tantra 2013, studied and assisted with Susanne Roursgaard Gaia de-armoring method, studied Integral Sexology offered by Human Education Group, and studied with many other tantra teachers, Betty Martin, David Cates, Nitayama and more. Paal combines his tantra work with his coaching skills. He is a certified NLP Practitioner, The Journey Practitioner, and also studied self-inquiry, hypnosis, the enneagram, shadow work, and archetypes. He has also a deep interest in shamanism and recently passed a 10-week advanced initiation course in Peru.

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