Interview with Marit Reitan on how to read others through the third eye

Marit Reitan is the founder of Agape Institute in Oslo ever since 2005 where she teaches her students how to read each other through the third eye.

Marit has read over 4000 clients and her biggest wish is for everyone to understand that we have all the answers inside. She says we can potentially receive answers to all questions, but that we will only receive the answers we are ready to receive. When we learn how to read ourselves, we tap into an expanded awareness and intelligence she says, no matter what limited beliefs we may have about ourselves. Marit says that we all have this ability, we just need to train this sixth sense.

Create & Manifest on Purpose

In Wisdom From North Membership, Marit is teaching a powerful class where you will learn how you can manifest what you desire in a more rapid and purposeful way. Marit is known as “the master of manifestation” and is teaching you how you can raise your vibration and strengthen the feeling of deserving so that you can open up to receive what you wish to create and attract into your reality.

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