In this episode, Selma Hare is offering you a fascinating insight into astral cities, sparking a curious journey into their mystical realms. Drawing parallels to Emanuel Swedenborg’s profound encounters, the conversation unveils a tapestry of spiritual dimensions intricately woven with religious symbolism.

Revelations of Soul Origins and Astral Cities

As the dialogue unfolds, it intertwines personal experiences with broader spiritual inquiries, inviting contemplation on the origins and trajectories of souls. From spontaneous astral projections to encounters with time lapses, Selma Hare paints a vivid picture of astral exploration. In this intricate dance of existence, the lines blur between astral cities, higher dimensions, and earthly incarnations, highlighting the interconnectedness of all realms within the cosmic tapestry.

Selma unveils a profound revelation regarding the origins of souls on Earth, painting a narrative of exile and evolution. With a sizable portion of souls traced back to a distant planet, their journey here unfolds as a tale of redemption and growth. As above, so below—the refusal to evolve initiates a regression, mirroring the physical phenomenon of brain shrinkage due to inactivity. Her own experience as a blue alien, abducted and transplanted into the 3D experience of Earth, underscores the complexities of soul migration. Despite feeling out of place, they embrace the opportunity to contribute positively to their newfound home, driven by a profound connection with Gaia. Stories of higher dimensional beings aiding humanity’s progress echo Selma’s own memories of arriving on Earth as a mathematician millennia ago, adding layers to the intricate tapestry of soul migration and cosmic intervention.

Transcript of the interview

Selma Hare 0:00

This is what the fourth dimension is. You have the astral cities but in between the astral cities just like here you have spaces where souls can hang out in-between lifetimes or it's also where we as souls just go literally just go to hang out at night when we leave our bodies. In my book when I talk about astral projecting to other planets and speaking to people from other planets, what we hear call aliens, most of the ones that I've met are are just people like us.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:24

Hello Salma, a warm welcome to the show.

Selma Hare 0:34

Hello Jannecke, it's so great to be here. I can't believe it. I've been watching you for so many years. And I've always wanted to be to be here and share what I have to share. So thank you for having me. Really.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:45

You're welcome. I'm really excited to have you because I know you have so much to share. I've seen a couple of videos with you and you were on the Jeff Morris show with an extraordinary story to tell. And you are an author, a published interdisciplinary social scientist, archeologists, science historian, cosmological theorist and educator, so much more a spontaneous astral traveler, where you have had quite a few mystical experiences, going to different astral cities, and you're coming. What's interesting, I find is that you're coming from this scientific background, wanting to find, you know, all the answers in that way. And then you end up having all these experiences that totally explodes all sorts of belief systems and everything you thought knew. And when I've heard you know, what do you actually have to say, I was quite stunned myself. I feel like I've heard a lot. But with you, I was like, Oh, I really have to have an open mind for this. So I'm really curious about our conversation today. And I know it's sort of started around 2012, which I think again, it's not a coincidence. So speak to me about what happened in 2012, and onwards.

Selma Hare 2:08

So in 2012, I was totally lost. I had ideas fantasies of getting into a PhD because I knew within my core that I was a scientist, but I didn't know exactly what to do. So as a lot of people do, I just decided to go teach for a while, you know, as I'm trying to figure out, what is it that I wanted to do as per research, I find myself in Hong Kong after a huge trip around Asia, I find myself in Hong Kong. At one point, I remember just feeling incredibly lonely. It was the first time in my life ever, where I felt lonely in this foreign place, where I didn't feel like I had much in common with anyone and mind you that Hong Kong is a city that is filled with people from all over the world. But I didn't feel like I had anything in common with absolutely anyone, just as I felt my entire life has ever since I was a child. But as you grow up once you feel like this as a child, as you grow up, you feel it more and more and more, it doesn't get better. It doesn't get any better. And especially as the world becomes dancer, you feel that a lot more. So at one point I come into work and this this one child for some reason. This one girl she keeps singing the song that goes about it. The song is the song has these lyrics of all is well all is well all is well. And she doesn't stop singing this song. And at one point I just tell her why can't you stop singing that song? Where have you heard that song? Did you Did you hear it over the weekend with your parents or something? And she says Yes, miss it was this movie that I've watched all these well, all these well, and she keeps singing it and like and dancing around the room. We have the most wonderful thing ever. And I'm in this terrible mood because you aren't feeling lonely. I'm doing something that I don't care about. I need to find my purpose. I know that I should be researching about something I don't know what that said this was a Friday that same Friday. I go to bed and I remember my apartment overlooks the the the South China Sea. And I was in a really, really, really high floor. And I had these black birds all around me and I felt a huge kinship with these black birds as well. I remember that day I fell asleep really early while looking while staring at the birds and it was still day there was still daylight. And I almost felt like it wasn't hypnotic days with these birds like they were trying to communicate something to me. Ever since I'd studied in London. Then I had this connection with black ravens with birds just birds but above all black birds I always I would wake up to them. I always felt like they had something to communicate to me. So this one time I fall asleep and I close my eyes only to wake up in this well now. Now I know what it is. It's this astral city This place that was incredibly heavenly. And it looked more or less, it looked like a Mughal Syria Mughal series from the Indian CD from the Mughal times just so people can have an idea of the Mughal times. It's a time in India where India had been invaded by these Muslims sometimes. So the architecture so what the one good thing that came, the one beautiful thing that came out of it was the architecture and the art. So the Taj Mahal, for instance, is from back from back then. So so you can have an idea of the city there's this huge avenue surrounded by gorgeous, absolutely beautiful palm trees, and other types of trees as well. At the end of it, African type of trees at the end of it, you have something that looks very much like the Taj Mahal, only, you know that the Taj Mahal here is a mausoleum, and the Taj Mahal in that city of what looks like a Taj Mahal of sorts, was a museum slash library. And I knew that I remember that being there. Being there, I wasn't myself, I was this lady with a very long side braid, dressed in what looked like a bit of a post modernist, sorry. So I looked like a, like an Indian lady, like medieval Indian lady, but the site looked a bit post modernist as well, like something that you've seen higher dimension and that it feels like we've tried to copy here that here in 3d, we have tried to copy that, right. And I have this really long braid, and I'm walking, I'm hopping and hopping and hopping towards the temple, I'm incredibly happy. I remember the feeling is just a feeling of being home, I'm home, I'm home, I'm home, I know exactly what that place is, like, we go towards it. There are other people walking, walking around, by the way, but we're not engaging. And I'm very much determined to reach my temple slash library slash museum type of place. And when I get there, I have this experience. Someone calls me and asks me, who are you, and it's a male voice now, that day, on that specific day, in the meantime, I can listen to the song that my students had been singing, all these well, all is well, I can listen to the song in the ether in the meantime. So this only goes to show also that people always people are always in our lives with a purpose. I almost felt like my student who was like a six year old in this lifetime. On the other side was some type of ascended soul who was trying to communicate a message to me as well. And I'm almost feel like she was kind of a vehicle for me to return to that city. That now I know, I visit between lifetimes in the in the 3d in the density, but back then I knew I knew nothing of this. So I just get into my temple and I listen to this Melbourne voice. Now. During that day, I'd also read an article about a statuette at the museum. The the History Museum in algebra, had had weird phenomenon, where this tiny little statue of the the Egyptian gods and movies had turned on its own axis. And I found that the oddest thing ever, and I remember asking my guides before going to bed. Can you tell me what went on? Why is it that the statute turned on its axis? What was the physical phenomena that contributed to that? Because I had the mind of a scientist. I'm like, No, this wasn't magic. Something happened in terms of the aerodynamics, physics of it, whatever, you know, the scientists mind. And as I mean, my esto CD and I entered that temple, this man calls me and he asks me, who are you? And I remember I'm, you know, I'm incredibly suspicious. So because I've had an LED a lot of lives lifetimes here on earth of darkness. And this is something that my guides are working on with me my suspicion, I trust, no one that I've never met or heard or heard of before. It's horrible. It's pretty, really bad. And so this man is asking me who are you? And I lied to him? I'm like, Who are you? Like, who are you? And I tell him something like I know I, I got a vibration from him of ancient Egypt. So I said, I'm not, I think, the goddess smart, which is the goddess of word. And of the she's the Librarian of the Egyptian god, the ancient Egyptian God taught. And she's the one who writes the name of the pharaoh in the Sacred Tree of Life, in order to breathe life into the next arrow anyway, so I remember just saying, I'm mad, and I look at him and he's the gods taught, and he looks at me and I download from him. No, you're not like, stop, stop. And he had this attitude, which I found incredible. He had decided to a new piece by the way, this was the gotta do piece. He had this attitude. He's like, No, you're not and then he's trying to discipline me as well like I behave like What is your name. And then I say Selma, it was a weird to see direction where I am this cynical, stubborn child very suspicious, and I'm speaking to a god and I'm having a bit of an attitude. And he's giving me a bit of an attitude in exchange very much reminded me of my interaction with my own students at times. And at one point, he repeats to me Selma, as in this is your name, this is who we are now, as in trying not to be anyone else. And then this huge sort of dark hole opens under me when he says that and I fall through it, and I fall into a dimension where all of a sudden, I'm surrounded by these Egyptian ancient Egyptian deities that I studied at university and Movies Taught mad, Osiris, Horus, I see them all walking in procession in front of me. And I just remember, I had to scream out loud, they are real, the gods are real, something like that. I say, and I wake up. But the most peaceful thing about all of this really was that I'd been to my city I remember waking up and thinking that is home. I don't know where that is, I don't know how I knew that place. Because whilst while I was there, I knew that place. But that that was home, that's where I've come from, this is the I don't know what this is, this is not even real, that is real, and that is home. And just the sheer bliss of being there, then I would be later I would remember that these places are also places of learning educational places that our souls go to in between lifetimes, not only to rest from this experience, the 3d experience, which is quite intense, as we all know, but also to learn things hence why this particular astral colony had this temple slash library slash museum.

And hence why in this one instance, I was there, I was there to learn the lesson as well, which was you know, with with this God, we did to Gyptian Day tea, I was there to learn humility from him, and to not hide from who I am. So I go back to asking all of those questions that we as human beings asked when we are children, and then we are formatted by society to stop asking, right, I go back to that mode to that child inquisitive mode the first time when we are children that we look in the mirror, and we do this face like, Who is this? Who am I? What is this place? Right, I go back to that. So I went back to zero. I started reading all of the new age that I possibly could, I started listening to the Dolores canon. And but for me, the trip would be a little different than what it may be for a lot of people I didn't have a happy go lucky do yoga and meditate trip. Because a lot of other things that happened to me prior to that it meant to me that I that I come from a place of darkness. And I had much to clear before I could understand everything. So for me the past it was a little different than it is for a lot of people the past for me it actually started at least one time in my life when I was I think I was 17 years of age and I was on my way to these French lessons. By then I grew up really poor but around the time that I was 15 1617 life got better so at one point my parents are you know, I getting the French lessons, but I remember just feeling heavily depressed because I come from an incredibly chaotic home. And I just remember feeling incredibly depressed about my just being here. I don't recognize this country. I don't recognize these people around me. Nothing speaks to me. These beaches these people everybody's so happy to go to the beach. I couldn't be bothered whenever I was that type of team. And I'm so dismayed I remember being so dismayed that that same day and like why what am I learning French for I don't want to be on this planet. I remember on that same day, I went to bed and I said, I want to go home can someone please take me home? I don't feel like this is home. I don't know what's going on. I'm really confused. But I don't belong here. This is wrong. This I would just feel very much viscerally within me that this is wrong. There's something wrong with this picture. I don't belong here. I love my siblings. I love my parents, but I've got nothing to do with any of them. I don't feel like I should. It's a it's something that you cannot explain, which is I feel like this family would be really happy. Anyway, without me I don't fit into this picture. What am I doing here? I don't I I'm not supposed to be here a feeling of I'm not supposed to be here. So I asked to leave. And that same night. An individual comes to me I go to bed I open my eyes and I see any dividual coming to me and he's wearing a suit, the slight opens is wearing a suit and he extends his hands to me. And I remember thinking. So there's something wrong with this picture too, because what I should be getting should be Jesus, according to religion. My parents are Catholic. I should be getting an archangel, God, someone like that. Like, what again, I enter that for you. So you see why I'm suspicious? I have good reason to be suspicious. Everything No, who are you like, No, I'm not going anywhere with you. And sure enough to disappears. Now I understand that that individual was a person of shadow. And that I'd been I don't, I don't I mean, was not I was never supposed to be here. In this lifetime, he was a part of a group of souls that abducted my soul and brought me into this place. And that's where it gets really complicated. I didn't know this back then I only found out about this, maybe like two to three, two to three years ago. And that's when I managed to piece everything about myself writing time to publish this book, it's a good thing that I managed to figure it all out before publishing the book. So that's why I have a hard time trusting because I was brought into this place for this specific lifetime by the wrong prove. Let me just put it this way. So this is something that happens on this planet. Yes, most of us choose to be here. Because between lifetimes, we go to these astral cities. So colonies of light, as I call them, as Brazilian anthroposophy calls it. And in these astral colonies of light and mighty that almost every city on earth has an equivalent of a Nashville colony of light. In the fourth dimension, almost every city on Earth. So Stockholm has one. Lisbon has one, London has one, and I've been to a few of them. And they're all absolutely stunning and gorgeous. And we go to these places in between lifetimes to make a plan for ourselves. With regards to what to do for next lifetime, we always we usually stay there between lifetimes to learn these places, they have schools, they have universities, they have hospitals, research institutes, they have all of these things, right, but in a in the heavenly plane starting from the fourth dimension. But there's also an inverse plan. And that's a part of the game that is played in the 3d, you have the influence of the light and the influence of the shadow, the inverse plan. Now, we don't have to take it so seriously, because again, we can see it as it's all a part of the evolutionary process of our souls. But it would take me a whole other video to talk only about the inverse plan. I know that that's probably not where you want to play to place focus for this particular video. But it exists, it's there. My particular soul. I came into this planet 1000s of years ago, for the first time out of my own, wheeling out of my own choosing to become my first lifetime here was as a mathematician, and men and male and I was working with a famous ancient Greek mathematician at the time, in Sicily, in what is now Sicily, Syracuse, I was working with that man, that was my first lifetime year, I was already an Ascended soul back then I was an Ascended soul. But I came into this planet to help. I was working with this mathematician. And I remember that a time however, I became entrapped within the trappings of density of the third dimension. In other words, I became really obsessed with this experiment that I was working on that we were working on. And in that lifetime, I became so obsessed with my experiment that I completely alienated everybody around me, I lost my partner, my wife was I was I was Amanda at the time, I lost everything. I alienated everybody because of the experiment. That's how obsessed I became. And as a result of that, I cleansed a little bit into the density of the planet, I let the 3d density of the planet Envelop me. And I came, I returned another four times to try and continue that experiment year, I returned to planet earth after that poor times to try and continue that experiment. And it was a bit ridiculous at one point, because what happened is that the centuries more you know, moved on, time just kept going. And so the experiment didn't even know any longer make any sense. But I became so obsessed with it that every time I'd come in, I feel attracted to that experiment, and I'll return to it. And I once again, isolate myself, not have any friendships, alienate family, potential lovers, so I would just I was literally what you call a hermit for five lifetimes, just obsessed with the scientific experiment. Within the midst of that, I also then decided when I returned to these astral series, a National City of scientists at the time that I remembered also in the meantime, it was agreed that maybe I should have other experiences you other planets. Because my, I was too much I had too much of because the earth experience was not right for me. And I was not a soul of the Earth, like the souls that have come to this planet from this other planet. Capella if you want me to talk about that later, I can also talk about, I wasn't I didn't fit into that. So I agreed to go to other planets, other 3d planets that were more of a vibrational fit with what I was doing. And I climbed up the ladder of evolution. And I, at one point, after many lifetimes arrived at the sixth dimension six, the seventh dimension, where I'm now incarnating. Even in the alien, the alien race, at one point, I become a blue alien. So I'm having different experiences in other planets. And I always carry the imprint of the scientist, the space explorer, and as a blue avian, I was a space explorer precisely. And but I, I had this obsession with Earth, I wanted to return to Earth. And so my team and I, at one point started returning to Earth to help the process here to help the ascension process here. And we were working with scientists. So a lot of the work dear scientists, ultimately, centuries, I have great love for them. Because I've worked with them from the other side.

Jannecke Øinæs 21:30

May I jump in here shortly? Yeah. So it seems like you have an incredible, incredibly rich memory of your soul, like your experiences as a soul. And what I'm curious about is how do you know this? Maybe I've lost some information, or you said it. But for me, you had that one mystical experience, and a couple after, so how all of a sudden, did you get all this information? Did you all all of a sudden start to remember everything?

Selma Hare 22:04

After that first experience in Hong Kong, I returned, I returned to Europe to my country of birth, Portugal. And that one year in Portugal, I was remembering everything and more to a point where I had I always have notes with me, because as I would remember, I would have to write, and I feel Danika to this very day that I started writing, because intuitively, I felt like if I didn't write, I would enter overdrive, it was too much. All of a sudden, he was given to me in huge waves of information. And for the first couple of weeks, I remember just staring at the walls like what is happening to me, can you imagine Yannick remembering remembering entire lifetimes whilst you're supposed to be sleeping? You go through another entire lifetime elsewhere? And then you wake up in the morning and you have to go to work? How do you integrate this? How do you even begin to integrate this? How can that no now go to my nine to five earthly nine to five job after having helped this mathematician in ancient in ancient in Sicily, in the classical times last night? And the night before that being a space explorers somewhere? How can I know good work? sense it? Yeah.

Jannecke Øinæs 23:21

I cannot imagine that. Now, what I'm curious about and I think probably some will, in my audience who are a bit skeptic would think, ask this question. So how do you know that it wasn't just a dream of very vivid dream?

Selma Hare 23:36

Fair. And that's fair enough? Well, I've always give this disclaimer on my channel and on my book, my book, that's the first disclaimer, which is I require no belief, I do not want for people to believe me. All I'm doing in sharing is I want to plant the seed of inquisitive thinking in people. And I want for people to stop dismissing their own experiences, there is no way that you can know that what I'm saying is true, because these are my own personal experiences. And in 3d, there's only two ways that we can know we can either know through empirical evidence, or through personal experience through having experienced it ourselves. I know because I've experienced these things myself. But you can only know if you pay attention to your own experiences until we eventually we may have empirical evidence because we will have technology eventually that will be able to scan through people's dreams that will that will happen. But for now, all that we have is the freewill to not dismiss our own personal experiences. And because I know that everybody has had at least one experience with an astral projection or what people call lucid dreaming where they say this was real. And you just have the inner knowing of that. This is real. It doesn't matter how much of a skeptical you are, because no one is more of a skeptical than a person with the scientific esource I was the scientist and all of a sudden these things are happening to me I wake up and I have no other option but to look in the mirror and say, okay, Selma, you need you need to use your rationality and your logic here. It felt more real than this. I don't know yet why, but I will find out that was real. Right. And so you know, you have an inner knowing. And you can only know whether my experience you can know whether my experiences are real, only whether your experiences are real, anyone was astral projected, or who had was had what we hear called lucid dreaming of that caliber knows that it's real, how real it felt.

Jannecke Øinæs 25:33

Right. And, again, if I just may say that, I know that you mentioned that you started to question your reality. And I really identify with that, because I did that as well, like a few weeks, I was wondering what is real. And that was sort of, to me, it felt a bit dangerous that I was questioning, okay, so what is this reality? If this is not real, I want to go to that real place, but I'm supposed to be here. So I can completely understand that feeling. Now, I'm curious about these astral cities, because you said that was home yet. That was just the fourth dimension. And you also mentioned that you were planning your life for people or souls were planning their lives there. Now, I've interviewed a few people who have had pre birth experiences, and some of them. For instance, Christian Sunberg, he was just sort of a soul like not in astral city where things looked like here. He met another solo said, Hey, have you heard about Earth is incredible. And it was like, no, what is that? That sounds incredible. So he seemed like he was not in these astral cities, from what I understand. So could you share a little bit about your knowledge on these Astros series? Like? Is it sort of that some souls just go up to fourth dimension and incarnate and fourth dimension and incarnate and others sort of come from a higher dimension and down?

Selma Hare 27:05

Yeah, exactly. So there's so much out there. This takes me back to Emanuel Swedenborg. And his experiences very heavy, the 19th century, there's this astronomer, inventor, mathematician, Emanuel Swedenborg, was born in Stockholm. But then I think he lived most of his life in Uppsala, who was an incredible scientist of his time, from the 17th and 18th centuries. And it was really much you know, some people would say that you would be the equivalent to, you know, you we would be the Swedish Newton, or Newton would be the English leaderboard. But eventually Swedenborg had a change of mind because he started as for projecting spontaneously, like we do, like I've done and incredibly prolific and even more, even more, even in a more prolific manner than I have. He's had incredible experiences, not just with astral projection, but also experiencing time lapses. And let me tell you, Janica, you experienced most of these time lapses in Stockholm, I expect I've had a time lapse in Stockholm. So there's something about Stockholm. I feel like in Sweden, I feel like they're in that city, you have a couple of time lapse loopholes, at least anyway. So that's in my book, people can go go check it out, if they if they want to know about time lapses as well. Swedenborg is several writes, because then he had to do what I had to do, we had to put everything into writing, he was a scientist, let me put it all into writing and try and understand it. He speaks us different worlds and uses the language of religion because that's the only US Christian looser. And that's the only language that he had at his disposal back then. So for instance, instead of talking about SQL series of light, he talks about many heavens, different heavens, instead of talking about the threshold, as I call it, he talks about many hills. And then for the Ascended Masters, as we call them, or mentor life mentors, he calls them angels and archangels. But we're all talking about the same thing, right? But this was a man whose father was the Bishop of SCADA. So the language of religion is what he has to use. But he's describing the same thing at at one point, and this could answer your question. At one point, I was floored when I read this, because this is these are my experiences as well. He talks about speaking from souls in the ether, that inhabiting the ether of their planets, but they weren't in that in those astral cities, or heavens as the as you would call them. They weren't in the threshold, or you know, one of those hills that he talks about, which are basically astral cities of density. So, where are the souls where it what it says basically as they speak is that every planet has a layer around it, where you have souls stranded in the fourth dimension. but not in the s four series in between astral series just hanging out. And that's where a lot of what we call dreams also belong. So this is what the fourth dimension is, you have the S four series, but in between the s four series just like here you have spaces. You know, you have spaces between the LCDs four series, like, let's call them as cool roads as full paths, where souls can hang out in between lifetimes or deciding where they want to go after this lifetime or simply because they are lost. And because the fourth dimension is eugenic, it's not just one thing, it's not just where you have the S series. It's also where we as souls just go literally just go to hang out at night, when we leave our bodies. And we don't feel like going to an astral city, we don't feel like going to a higher dimension. Or maybe we are not even a vibration yet for a higher dimension. So we stay in the field for the and we hang out and we meet each other, we meet each other all the time. And for the you know, those dreams that you have, where you're just meeting with people at the supermarket or the market or going shopping or you're just doing nothing, just talking babble where you're speaking to your family member, just nothing special is happening. But you're meeting people and doing things you're just busy. And kind of mimicking our life here. That's why we meet in places like coffee shops or schools or because we are we are mimicking our lives here in the 14th. Right? So that also happens in the 14th. Right, these spaces between the astral cities, and they are spaces where we simply hang out in 4d. That's why sometimes we wake up from a dream. And people ask us what was your dream all that's especial? But But I think I met this friend that I hadn't seen in a very long time. That was you hanging out in 4d, where we meet each other all the time. So I don't know if this answers your question, if maybe that, that, that that's the person that came on your podcast, when he said that he was meeting with other spirits and souls that was the fourth dimension of some other planet or this planet. And that happens to me a lot as well. I've gone to I vessel projected into other planets where I'm speaking to people from those planets that are hanging out in their fourth dimension in that layer after the earth after the planetary press. So when I say when I speak of, in my book, when I talk about going astral projecting to other planets and speaking to people from other planets, what we hear called aliens, I don't like to call them aliens very much because they're just most of the ones that I've met are just people like us. You know, I've gone to exoplanets where you have beings that look very much like us with a few differences. When meeting the four D I'm not meeting in the three week 3d with them because we are doing we are meeting in what here we here called dream state. So our consciousness our meeting, so where are we meeting in the four D?

Jannecke Øinæs 32:56

Yeah, the four D, I get that that's sort of like this in between set but isn't the astral service a bit higher. You said it was sort of like a heavenly like place. That's five D.

Selma Hare 33:09

Let me tell you at first when I first started having these experiences I assumed reading when I remember that when I first started having these experiences, I grabbed a book called the alchemy of nine dimensions, the the alchemy of the nine dimensions by Barbara Han cloud. And as I'm reading that book, where she, you know, speaks of these nine dimensions of existence, she speaks of the dimensions up to the 12. But the nine dimensions of existence, according to her are where we have the most experiences because the 12 would be the creators dimension. And I remember thinking, Okay, so these beautiful asphalt, places that I'm seeing can only be the seventh, the eighth, the ninth dimension, something much higher. I've come to understand and especially upon reading a lot on Brazilian anthroposophy, and also French anthroposophy with Allan Kardec. And especially also Brazilian anthroposophy. With that are Armand and physician here who are Brazilian spiritualist and anthroposophist. From the 20th, early 20th century, I've been at one point, I came to the conclusion and I've also confirmed this with a couple of my guides that all of it is the force because those those higher dimensions, those higher light dimensions start from the fifth, the fifth, all the way to the ninth. So when people talk about the fourth dimension, the most New Agers feel think of the fourth dimension as something mundane. And you can see it however you like either mundane or not. But it is celestial. It's the ISA already. It's not where Jesus Christ is. I can tell you it's not where the Ascended Masters are. But it's where we go to the Ascended Masters are in the sixth and seventh and eighth dimension. I can tell you that what I've been told is That Christ the Christ consciousness is an eight dimensional, what we call Jesus, Jesus here Yeshua is a seven to eight dimensional being. So the fourth dimension at ease is the third is already celestial.

Jannecke Øinæs 35:16

Is this true for all the souls to the planet? Or are there some souls coming from higher dimensions like humans mentioned the Masters, but I'm thinking more like generally, is that sort of the rule that we all are fourth dimensional beings, that and that we are evolving through that that's sort of part of the shift in consciousness now that we're moving up in dimensions.

Selma Hare 35:46

One thing that has really helped me understand our process on Earth was reading Brazilian anthroposophy. And according through Most anthropologists of the early 20th century, there's a story called the exiles of Capella the exiles of Capella, and I'll have to ask you to to, you know, this is quite a ride this one so I'll have to ask you to bear with me for this one. The exiles of Capella is a story of the evolutionary soul process of the current earthlings, the current souls that are on this planet. And it says that most of the souls that are on this planet have come from another 3d planet that was ready to ascend. At one point 25 25,000 million years ago, this one planet was ready to ascend. It's a planet that is in the constellation of Capella. In the Northern Hemisphere, we can see it from the northern hemisphere, because the planet was ready to ascend, it could not continue to tolerate the existence of these particular souls in its midst that we're not interested in evolving. And so what it did was that those souls could no longer at one point as the planet is ascending, those souls could no longer incarnate on that planet. And so they were basically exiled onto another 3d planet, but this time a primitive planet, which was primitive Earth, Earth in its prehistory at the time. When I first read that story, this this the the exiles of Capella is a book that was channeled by this Brazilian spiritualist called Adguard. Armand in the 1940s, can you believe it's someone coming up with with a story like this in the 1940s? And that would explain when I first read that I remember thinking, this really resonates with me, I felt like I already knew about that story of the exiles of Capella. So basically, what they're saying what anthroposophy is saying is that most individuals who are on planet Earth descend from the exiles of Capella, because once here on planet Earth, that they then started reincarnating, into these primitive species, which at the time, and I did the research, at the time, when they reincarnated they would have found here, the earlier the earlier specimens of the almost sapiens sapiens, which explains the modern human, which explains the jump then that we had between the Homo habilis and the homeostatic, the homo sapiens sapiens. They come into this planet, they inhabit this planet, and then they start reincarnating into successive waves of souls on this planet until today. Now, a lot of those souls have already ascended because it's been so many 1000s of years, a lot of those souls have already ascended. But too many of them are already here. And they still constitute, according to this theory, the majority of the population of the planet now that story resonates with me, because it felt to me like remembered when I first read it, but people obviously can take it for what it is, again, until we have our own experiences. We have no way of confirming another person's experiences and it can either resonate or not, right. So you have a huge portion of the souls of this planet being exiled from another planet from another experience where they refuse to evolve. And so they've had to start all over here. And because the problem is that when we you refuse to evolve as a soul, you start regressing, as above, so below, by your own in the physical, also your brain when you stop exercising it. neurobiology has already proven that when you stop exercising your brain, it actually shrinks it starts shrinking physically. So as above so below as it is in the physical, it's also in the ether. When we stop progressing as souls, we actually start regressing, and that happened to me. That actually happened to be when I was back when I was abducted as a blue alien I was abducted and brought into this planet. Eventually, because I was sucked into the tree. I was completely sunk into the 3d experience. I started devolving right. And I managed to move out of it and And I was I was brought back for this lifetime, I was actually hidden in this planet, which explains why I've always felt like I don't belong here. I don't, I was not supposed to be here. But it's fine. Because I've actually taken on the opportunity now to do something good with it. It's what we do, right? Because once you establish a connection with with Gaia, then you have the opportunity to do something good for this planet and for the people in it. So you might as well take it. And so you have that majority of people who are exiles of Capella, and who are on their path to who should be working on their path to ascension. Now, they do have minorities of souls from elsewhere, from where I've come to understand you have minorities within minorities like myself, of souls that have literally been hijacked, abducted and brought into this place by force, all types of shenanigans happens in the 3d people have no idea, the type of crazy stuff that happens in the 3d. And I, I don't know this, I haven't had the experience of. But I've heard plenty of people say that they that there are also higher dimensional beings on earth, just doing the work of helping us progress. That to me makes sense. Because the first time I came to planet earth, I was a higher dimensional being. When I first came into that lifetime, as a mathematician 1000s of years ago,

Jannecke Øinæs 41:23

Wow, there's a lot of new information here, I actually haven't thought of that. It's a possibility that we can devolve, like you're saying that you were a higher dimensional being. And then you were abducted. And it's just sort of it shatters all my beliefs about how things are but but that's what happens on this show that I'm expanding all the time, what is actually possible. Now, there's a lot to talk about here. I want to jump a little bit into those who do choose to come to this planet, or reincarnate, I know that you can say something about how we plan our lives and the process around it. And I understand that, that happens in this fourth dimension from your perspective. So I would love for you to speak a little bit about to, to that.

Selma Hare 42:25

Okay, I can give you an example, I'm better at at showcasing things through example. Very recently, I had a dream where I was visited by this Brazilian lady that helped it happens a lot to me, because I'm being Portuguese born and raised. I'm a native Portuguese speaker, blonde resilient lady comes to me. And I'm visited by people that are on the other side a lot. And I cross over a lot of them also when when they're stuck. So if they're stuck spirits, somewhere, they will come to me and I'll have to cross them over if I can. And she's talking to me as a result, we've always known each other. I mean, unless for City of Light, I noticed that I'm in an astral city flight, she comes to me. And she's saying, you know, Selma, I will go back, I feel like I have to go back. I really want to do this. I really want to do this. And she seems exasperated, and I see around her these, like mentors. They have their hands on her trying to calm her down, bring her energy to a less chaotic state, because she was feeling that she seemed a bit desperate. And her guides are calming her down and saying, okay, like, you know, I'm downloading from them that they're trying to tell her. You can go you can go back. But first you need to do the work. First you need to do this, you need to come down, you need to come from a vibrational desperation, but of wanting to help this individual. And I woke up and I remember thinking, I know this woman, I know her face, I've seen her face. I know her, I know her. I know her. That same night, I go back to bed and I go to her mentors and I go to her. And we are talking again and we are discussing the possibility of her coming back. But she looks calmer minded that time on the other side. I feel like a lot of time went went on there from one night to the other time on the other side is different. It works differently. Right? You know how time is a 3d construct? So on the other side, what was here seems one day on the other side, it could be the equivalent to 10 years. It's look, it works very differently. So she was a lot calmer. And I remembered who she was. Well, I'm talking to her now. I remember thinking you are that lady that died in Brazil. I went back to this crime that happened in Brazil. Recently, well, a few years ago, not not so recently, maybe eight years ago, I reckon, where this daughter did the unthinkable and agreed with her boyfriend that her parents should die. This teenage girl it's a very famous case in Brazil, any Brazilians listening to this will know what I'm talking about because I think her name was something reached often. The last name was reached often, but I don't remember the first name anymore. And so she decides to kill her parents because she they wouldn't allow her to date this boy. And they stopped giving her money also, she was very they were very wealthy family and they stopped giving her money they wouldn't allow her to dig. What is this I'm done. She She is what people here on this plane would call a psychopath. But there's more to psychopathy also to what people your brand as psychopathy than what most people know. But anyway, so the boyfriend's together with a friend murder her parents. And they had agreed to do that all together. And this lady was her mother. And she was telling me that she had to come back as her child because she's pregnant now. She'd gone to jail. She served for I don't know, maybe 10 years, something like that. Because in Brazil, you don't serve for long. It's a very weird system. And but anyway, there's no judgement, it's how it is. And she served and now she's she's she's out and she's pregnant. And her mom was telling me, You don't understand Selma, because I was having trouble understanding when I pieced it together, you are that lady, you want to come back like how where, and she's telling you don't understand Selma, she's my soulmate. So but as this lady is telling me, she's what you don't understand. She's my soulmate, like I need to save her. What she's turned into this thing that she has become, I need to do something about it, I need to shake her and SCT is showing me an image of her wanting to shake her out of it. It's shake her back into humanity, and need to conscious awareness and into humanity he wanted and out of the density and of the darkness. And so she told me that her plan needs to come in. This was a month ago that her plan was to come in has her child, and she wanted to come in as a boy. And I remember thinking like, why a boy, and she's trying to tell me she has no respect for women, it has to be it has to be someone with a really strong young energy to shake her out of it. It needs to be someone that she will listen to something like that, that she told me. So this is an example of how different it is Unicode. So when people ask me what happens on the other side, it really depends from case to case there are people get on the other side, it's dependent depends on the work you have to do. And they take 40 to 50 years to return. There are people who have already ascended so they don't have to return towards the tree 3d anymore. They are now a vibrational match to an Ascended planet to a planet in the in the fall in the five D or in the six D even but mostly in the 5g because you go from 3d to 5g, you cannot jump. You have to be a vibration to the place that you're going to. There are people who get there and immediately they want to come back immediately they want to come back and you cannot do it immediately. You need to have done a certain amount of work before. So what happens were those people that say I want to go back now I don't want to be here. And there are stories like that as well. I remember at one point dreaming about a girl was telling me no you don't understand I was going to get married. She was like she she had this. She was so feisty. You don't get it. No, I don't want to go, I don't want to stay here I was going to get married, This couldn't have happened to me at the wrong this time, I'm going to lose my fiance, I'm going to lose them I have to go back now. And that didn't end up too well for her because what happens to those souls that are too stubborn and don't understand that before returning they have to do the work is that they end up detaching from these light astral colonies because they're not a vibration to the light, they become a vibration to the density. So they end up in the threshold which it would hear people like to call hell purgatory, whatever, because that's what they are vibration to. And a lot of them are fetched by these dense these colonies of density that fetch them and tell the whole you want to go back now. We can arrange it. No problem. And you know, and I come to understand now that that's what happened to that girl. The light spheres could not do anything to her because she was too much in density. She was too much of the physical dance experience. I have to go back now. I have to marry my fiancee. My father was going to give us a house you don't understand, like we had everything going for us. She was too attached to the physical and that's a match to the lower vibrations to the to the colonies of low vibration. So I feel like eventually she'd gone to one of those colonies where they tell you that yeah, you can go back now we will arrange it for you. You go back to marry your fiancee and it's All nonsense, obviously, because they can't make that happen. Those are souls who come into this planet. mistaken, they are literally lied to. I've spoken I've gone. I've asked Archangel Michael to come with me to these places of density, I know them quite well, because back when I was hijacked, that's where they put me in a few of these places. I'm very well acquainted with the dance side of things. And I'm talking to these people that I already knew. And I'm asking them, why are you doing this? Why are you lying to them. And what they tell me is because that's, that's what they want. Free will, they want to go back, we just tell them that they'll go back. Because way too many souls coming through the back doors through these columns of density instead of doing the light work in the astral colonies of light, where they have to attend school. But it's not strenuous when you are of life. And your life mentors are telling you, you need to attend a few a few lessons with these Ascended Masters on on calm or on patients are this when you are a light, that's wonderful. I remember at one point being in one of these lessons in ones in one of these astral cities in one of these, it looked more like a conference, it was very academic, but very heavenly. At the same time, when you weren't white, you want to do the work. But when you are in a really dense frame of mind, you are not matched to that. And that's when you become prayed. And that's when you return to this planet through the back door to do things that you shouldn't be doing here. That's been delaying the process of ascension of this planet, those types of souls.

Jannecke Øinæs 51:27

Ah, my oh, my so many questions and so little time.

Selma Hare 51:34

Right, it's so much. This doesn't even scratch the surface.

Jannecke Øinæs 51:39

I know. I can feel that. I'm okay. Several questions at once. So is there a determined exit point? Because obviously, she felt she left too early. But if that was part of the plan, Did she forget her plan? And didn't she catch up on what her plan was? Because to me, I would imagine that when you die, you will be like, Oh, now I remember the plan. I exited now because of this and that and this and that. So it's sort of strange for me that she was like, oh, I want to go back if she remembered her plan. But maybe it wasn't her exit point. Maybe she left early. I don't know. But what do you think? Is there a determined exit point?

Selma Hare 52:28

All right, we have what I'm what I've come to understand is that we have at least we can have at least two different two to three different exit points. And out of freewill, we choose which one we want to take that again, that isn't that this doesn't apply to everybody because Yanni can let's say that I have three exit points. Okay. Let's say that I have three exit points, and that the latest one is set 73, let's say. But tomorrow, some drunk driver exerts their freewill of drinking before getting on a wheel. And they run me over. I die outside of one of my exit points. I get to the other side a little pissed when I realized this was not one of my exit points. So this can happen. Right? And and what's going to happen with that Trump driver, the person who exerted their free will is that their free will infringed on mine. Excuse me. So this is huge karma for him or her. Right for whoever shortened my lifetime, when I wasn't supposed to go now, what happens a lot also is that usually when it's not your exit point you survive. If it's an accident, let's say right? You survive, usually when it's not your exit point. Other times you get on the other side and your guides literally ask you okay, this was not your exit point. Do you want to go back? Or do you want to stay here? If you go back you have these many injuries. It's not going to be very pleasant for a long time. The so this, it's all very layered. You see, there's no black and white.

Jannecke Øinæs 54:11

Is that what near death experiences really is?

Selma Hare 54:15

A lot of Near Death Experiences speak of situations like that, isn't it where they are speaking to like mentors or family members asking them? Do you want to go back or not? If you go back, it's going to be painful for a while or you're going you have suffered this injury you're likely not going to be the same. And usually when that happens, it's because he wasn't there at that point. That accident wasn't supposed to happen. He was another person in favor of free will.

Jannecke Øinæs 54:44

Often it can be deceased, interviewed many who had the disease and then it's sort of not another soul. Who does this to you. It's actually they die from something and or they don't really die but they have a near death experiences. And that, but that's then seems like that was supposed to happen as well. So I'm..

Selma Hare 55:06

With illnesses, yeah, I was going to tell you with illnesses, especially the likes of say cancer is more than just often, I'm not saying it's pre planned before you come in. But it has to do with things that happen in your life, from what I've come to understand. We have this life path. And if I deviate from my life path that will have that will reflect on my health. For instance, I had a few years ago, vitiligo, where I had this huge white patch on my face, like that covered this entire eye. It's an autoimmune disease, and it happens to you when you feel like you don't belong. And when you engage too much in those feelings, I don't belong. I don't belong anywhere, oh, I didn't want to be here. When you self indulge too much in that emotion. You develop autoimmune diseases, sometimes you develop cancer as well. So those things, some, you know, religious people sometimes ask, Why does God allow for things like that to happen? Don't they? Religious people ask that a lot. It's not God allowing for anything, it's you entering a place of density that is so so so. So dark, that has it has a reflection on your body, there's something that you have not resolved, that then translates into physical illness? So that wasn't pre planned. You don't if you don't plan to have cancer? No, no, you don't plan for that. But it can happen depending on how you have lived your life. And usually you you will hit with disease or severe illness, when you detour from your life path when you are doing something else that you weren't supposed to do.

Jannecke Øinæs 56:55

Yeah, that does make sense to me. I'm always curious, though, if it's meant to happen, or not meant to happen. But it doesn't really matter. I don't know. Like, maybe we cannot fathom like, because we cannot see it from the highest highest perspective and

Selma Hare 57:12

the highest perspective that literally when I see people have cancer, the first thing I see is you didn't do with your life what you were supposed to.

Jannecke Øinæs 57:20

Yeah, and I agree, I resonate with that, because I feel like people are getting sick and getting pains and ailments from not living truthfully. That's why I'm very passionate about people following their joy. I want to circle back to your story, before we start wrapping up a bit here. Because you said you were abducted, just to understand your understanding of who you are now. So you said you were blue avian, and that you were not supposed to be here. But it seems like you've come to peace with that you're here and you're bringing something wonderful to the world and sharing this information that can help us understand more about reality. But yeah, so full circle, who are you now and what happened? You got abducted? Why? And what? What's the story there?

Selma Hare 58:10

You know, when the doctor tells diagnosis you with something when you spend years trying to figure out what is wrong with you, when you finally get a diagnosis, even if it's not good, you're happy? Because I know now, I know. And I can do something with it. So I'm quite happy about it. Now that I've managed to piece it together. I'm not sure that I can sum up this, all I can say is that I've had all my life I've had two dreams in tandem with one another. On one, I would see myself as the space explorer with a crew and we are constantly on our space vessel. And everything around us is very blue, but I could not see me I couldn't see how I looked like or how they look like because we were all we were always wearing helmets, and these sort of spacesuits that blew everything was very blue. I see that in tandem with seen myself having been abducted and being in the sort of it being being held captive being held captive. For years and years and years, I'm having those two dreams in tandem. And I feel like I'm living two lifetimes in parallel plus this one, and Selma. And so eventually, I did something called Quantum therapy. And my quantum therapist told me, I don't know how to tell she was livid. When she read my quantum, the quantum mapping of my soul. She was very livid. And she said, I don't know how to tell you this. And I remember shedding a tear and telling her I know I know what you're going to say, but I couldn't believe it that she could see it. And when she said the words I cried for a week after that session when she said the words you but you've been abducted, and I told her I again I said, I know Like I could not bring myself to spell the words because firstly, it sounds too fantastic to be really it's the stuff of sci fi. And we're talking about someone who was incredibly skeptical. I wasn't incredibly skeptical person still at the time. But in my heart, I knew I just didn't want to see it because it didn't make any sense to me. No, we are supposed to go to the colonies of light. And then we are supposed to plan our lives. I was supposed to plan this like everybody else. But again, it was a part it was very important for me to learn this about myself also. So I can tell people that the the colonies of light in the planning are not all that are happening in this planet, and people need to be aware of this not be afraid. No, fear is counterproductive. And if we if we are afraid we are giving into the shadows precisely. But to just be aware that this type of stuff happens on this planet as well. So at one point as a blue alien, while doing some field work on Earth, I got a duck abducted by this other alien race that is not well intended that doesn't like human beings. And I'm not going to get too much into that because that would give a whole other video. And they hit me. They hit me on planet Earth having these lifetimes that didn't amount to anything. They used me on one of them to be a soldier. Very murderer, a very murderous soldier. In what I feel like could be sallahu divas army, I see myself storming the doors of storming the walls of Jerusalem and killing, killing, killing. And I wasn't myself, I was like something, a machine, but I wasn't myself. And I felt very much one with the other soldiers. That's the shadows working. And I saw that I saw that in another lifetime where someone does husband took my children away from me and I turned very much into a psychopath. After that, I just feel like remember, I've never had children in this lifetime. But I know the feeling of losing your children. Can you imagine? I never saw my children ever again. It took him across the pond. I remember thinking across the canal, so I feel like I wasn't friends. And he was English. And he took my children never saw them again. And after that, I developed the hatred of men, and I became an assassin by hire in that lifetime material lifetime.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:02:24

May I jump in here. So from what I understand you were hijacked, you're like you were a blue avians on a planet, or on a spaceship, having a wonderful time with your people. And then someone hijacks your soul in a way and you get stuck in a reincarnation cycle as something that's not yourself like you're controlled.

Selma Hare 1:02:45

Yeah. So basically, when we descend to Earth for a mission for one of our several field missions that we would do on Earth. We are supposed to get beamed up into our spaceship. And then we but we had someone that infiltrated the mission and didn't allow me to beam up like the beam Beam me up Scotty Star Trek, I swear. This is why I tell people that all of these Star Trek riders they are nothing but mediums. They are channeling technology that is already out there and is used by other alien races, and will eventually be used by us. But anyway, that moment is horrible when I the memory is the most horrible memory that I have of him not allowing me to beam up and me realizing I'm stuck on this planet. And I don't see what happened after that. And it was only after I had my quantum therapy session that I saw a little bit of the rest, which is they took me to their planet. They started experiment they experimented on me. They've created hybrids, or they've taken parts of my uterus, they've taken eggs for me things because they wanted to create hybrids between the blue avians and then but they've literally taken chunks of my uterus as well, which is why we're now and then then did away with me, then then killed me and they hijacked through allergy, my consciousness, the because these are advanced, technologically advanced civilizations, through they hijacked my consciousness and reincarnated me on tours to have all of these lifetimes of density that you had here in the middle of the Middle Ages and things.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:04:28

How did you get out of this? Sort of? How did you become who you are today?

Selma Hare 1:04:36

My last lifetime on Earth of those those lifetimes that group of lifetimes that they brought me to Earth to have? My last lifetime was in the 1940s in Germany, and I died there that I did I detail that lifetime in my book. My name was I my name was Esther. I remember wait got from that memory and someone whispering in my ear. Your Jewish name is Esther and I died there. My fiance died there. And his name was Jacob that was the last one after that lifetime what happened is that my alien family finally found me and I've had a dream where I've seen them telling me finally file through telepathy I'm getting from them finally you don't know how much we've looked for you the aliens they lived for centuries and centuries and centuries so my my avian family they're still they're much older but they're still there because they leave for many many many centuries. They found me and so after that lifetime which was I'm still recovering from the remembrance of that lifetime I think you can see that that was very shocking to me. And I was stuck in darkness for a very long time. I would because I was the day that I died was too sudden i ice my fiance gets shot and then everything goes black. And then I was told you got shot also everything just went black and I was catatonic but I was catatonic after I saw them shooting my fiancee because it was a friend.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:06:21

Are you in the German life now? In 1940? Is that what you're speaking?

Selma Hare 1:06:25

Yes. Yeah, sorry. It's too much isn't it? Yeah. So I was catatonic after that lifetime, my consciousness my soul, I was stuck in that moment. I just stayed like this frozen for a while, in darkness. And at one time, this friends from that lifetime these friends, many, many decades ago, these friends they had already crossed over they come to me and say yes, Esther. Yes, this, this did happen. They're trying to wake me up. This happened. You have to accept, accept, accept, accept the only way that I could wake up from that catatonic state was to accept because I wasn't expecting it. If it was an acquaintance, so you gave me I understood then what shock is. And so I accepted. And then also is when but my friends are trying to shake me up from this. In the meantime, in tandem with this, my avian family understood where I was. And they go after the people who hijack me the those that alien race that hijack me. But what did what do they decide to do just when my friends are trying to bring me into the light into an astral City of Light. Again, they grabbed my consciousness, this, they snatch it, and they bring me into this lifetime. And they hide me again on planet Earth, in this family in Portugal. And this is like this is the start of sci fi. But again, I don't I don't need for anyone to believe me, I don't want for anyone to believe me just pay attention to your experiences and don't dismiss them. I'm literally only exposing myself and sharing these things, which I know are incredibly out there. So as to plant the seed of inquisitive thinking in people and ask them to not dismiss their experiences because we are getting asked by spirituality right now to wake up to what is out there to what is happening and to the traps, in which we have been falling as souls so that we can evade this karmic cycle of hardship in this planet. And finally stepping to the face of this planet. Planet is just going to be a school plant, which is going to happen also in a couple of decades. By the way, the karmic cycle of hardship is finishing, and the souls of density. I'm not going to be able to reincarnate here anymore soon enough.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:08:36

That's good to hear. And to sort of come full circle and wrap up a bit here. What is the good news? From your perspective,

Selma Hare 1:08:46

The great news is that we are waking up, I have woken up when it comes to myself about all of these things. At first, it was horrible, but then it was freedom. It was me thinking I'm freed I'm freed from them, because now I remember, they can touch me anymore. They can snatch me anymore. It took me waking up. And this is what people have to do to live the density to not stay stuck in our emotions. For instance, people like me who feel I don't belong here. Don't stay stuck in that emotion. What do you mean, you don't belong here. We are the universe. We belong anywhere in the Universe. Take the chance that you're having this experience now to do something good to leave something good. When it comes to me, I'm sharing my experiences in the hopes that I will help other people wake up to them to their multi dimensionality and to what and who we are, and to the process that we are being a part of. Right. We are waking up. And those are the great news because to wake up is to have your power back and to not fall for the games and the tricks of the shadows anymore. For me, this was this lifetime is the lifetime. This lifetime is the lifetime where everything shifts and I've come to understand that it's not just for me, this is the lifetime we're where we get to shift either to five d. And this is the thing when I first heard Dolores canon say that I felt that in my soul that this is it. This is the life where we either shift into five d and ascend with the planet, or we get kicked out if we refuse to evolve into ascend, just like the souls of Capella did.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:10:20

Wow, fascinating. My Oh, my. Thank you so much for coming to the show and sharing your story and perspective and experience. And I'm wondering what you think about this question? What is the deeper meaning of life?

Selma Hare 1:10:41

I feel? What is the deeper meaning of life? I feel like the question would be, what is the deeper meaning of existence, which is to experience not take anything too seriously. And just have lots of fun with it. Even when you find out things of darkness. Laugh it off. I was a psychopath in another lifetime. I mean, I'm sorry. I have to laugh. Can you imagine me? It's the experience. It's like we are actors in this play. Don't take anything too seriously. Because end of the day is what we are actually made of, and I've been to those dimensions. Seventh and eighth. When we are actually made up is so silly. Right here on planet Earth 3d, we would find it in our cynicism, we would find it silly. What we are actually made of is love, pure love and joy and giddiness. We are like these giddy children in the upper dimensions, just like constantly in love, bubbly, bubbly, and in law, this experience that I carry in my book, or being in one of those dimensions. It's like, it's it's been belated, it's being in love with everybody and with yourself because everybody's yourself. So they love this is who we are. So for us to come down to these denser vibrational places to have these experiences. It's, I mean, sometimes if I think of it, I have to live. And then I go back to what that student of mine that six year old told me in Hong Kong, always well. Always well, then, then, then, Live.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:12:28

Thank you so much, so much. This has been wonderful and so interesting. Tell us a little bit about where people can find you if they want to connect with you, or what are you working on right now you have this book, sir. And that's out is published and people can find it.

Selma Hare 1:12:47

It's been published for two years now images of cosmology and the guy and project where New Age philosophy and astral projection meets the science. So the first part of the book is conversational is me telling about my astral projection experiences. And then I counterbalance that with a bit of scientific academic writing, but which I tried to make accessible to people who don't have an academic background and couldn't be bothered with all the jargon, right? And people will also be able to find me they can find the book on Amazon, the ebook and the hardcover. The softcover by the way and people can also find me on my old channel Selma hair, Selma, here on Facebook and on Instagram as well. That's it.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:13:29

Wonderful. Thank you so much for coming to the show and all the best with your work.

Selma Hare 1:13:33

Thank you Jannecke, all the best to you as well. My pleasure.

Selma Hare – YouTube channel


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