Jacque Nelson is an inspirational speaker, author, artist, and Channel for The Mary Group. Her life-changing moment with spirituality happened in 2000, when meditating, she felt the voice of this ancient council of Spirit Beings moving through her resulting in a miraculous relationship of ongoing channeled guidance that she joyfully shares with seekers worldwide.

Jacque channels The Mary Group who are a group of non-physical beings who are purity of love. They are 9 different entities that move as one and together they represent all elements and aspects of who we are as humans. 

Jackie shares how we all have the ability to listen. It’s your true voice inside that ‘s not afraid of itself. Open up to your innocent self. 

Channeled message from The Mary group: Love yourself with love, rather than with fear

We hear often well, you can’t love another if you don’t love yourself and we ask you please to not not attack yourself in that way you can truly love another person and still be growing in your understanding and going through all the messiness and brilliance of who and what you are. Each being that comes into the world is an answer. You don’t take up too much space or not in the way. You are here to be this expression of source and existence that you are. – Channeled message from The Mary Group

The transformative energies of 2024

The conversation delves into the expansive nature of this time, emphasizing the importance of embracing the grand shifts occurring within and around us. The Mary Group speak of the invitation to explore what these shifts mean on a personal level, urging us to open up to the sensations and truths unfolding in our lives. Central to their message is the idea of partnership—with oneself, with others, and with the consciousness of the year 2024.

The Mary Group emphasizes the simplicity of our shared desires—to feel safe, whole, and connected—and laments the complexities that arise from fear-based interactions. However, they also express hope for 2024 as a time ripe with potential for collective growth and realization of our true selves.

Transcript of the interview

Jacque Nelson 0:00

We hear often well, you can't love another if you don't love yourself and we ask you please to not not attack yourself in that way you can truly love another person and still be growing in your understanding and going through all the messiness and brilliance of who and what you are. Each being that comes into the world is an answer. You don't take up too much space or not in the way you are there actually, to significantly to be this, this expression of source and existence that you are.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:35

Hello, Jacque, a warm welcome to the show.

Jacque Nelson 0:38

Thank you so much for having me truly appreciate it.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:41

It's wonderful having you here. And I'm excited to meet the group you are channeling today, the marriage group, and to hear what kind of message they have for our audience today. And I know you're also a speaker and author and an artist, and you were not always a channeler you worked in it within human resources. And I find it so interesting how many people are coming forward as channelers right now, and I gotta say, I feel really fortunate myself to be able to interview all you guys to get so many of my curious questions. Really a gift. I see also my audience have a lot of interesting questions that I have noted down here. So I am excited to see where this journey will take us today. Through the channeling. However, I'd love to hear a little bit about your impression about what's going on right now. Because it seems like channels are popping up everywhere. And I know you know a couple of channelers yourself that you friends with a couple of channelers

Jacque Nelson 1:53

Yes, yeah, yes, yes, absolutely. I believe you've had Robin Jelinek on the on your show. She's a friend for a long time. Yes. Yeah. And then just just other people. It's interesting. From the very beginning, when the memories started coming through me, they've so often said, you know, are offered that everybody has this ability, everybody is actually connected in and we we carry it out in different ways. And we can pick it up and move with it or we can ignore it. And sometimes I even talked about after the very first time the Marys came all the way through. If it wasn't for my husband's encouragement and nudging, I don't know. I'm like, Well, yeah, that was a great experience. I don't know if I would have like really leaned in. And I'm so grateful that he knows me because it's been phenomenal to spend these last 25 years with them. So.

Jannecke Øinæs 2:50

Oh, wow. Yeah. You said yes to the calling, right?

Jacque Nelson 2:52

Yes, yes. Yes, I did.

Jannecke Øinæs 2:55

I know that something happened in 2000. Like your life changing event. Would you like to share that story?

Jacque Nelson 3:01

Sure. So like you said, I was a human resource manager for a not for profit organization. I I loved my work. I loved all the people I worked with. And my husband has been meditating since he was like 12 years old since he was very young. And I've been not doing that. But one day after we were married, we had some wonderful experiences together. We went to see and spend a weekend with a shaman, indigenous spiritual leader from New Zealand called Mackey. He has now passed phenomenal time together. And it launched Dan and I and to doing different things like learning about Reiki, learning, you know, listening to different spiritual teachers. We followed Abraham who are you know, channelers, our channel, a channeled group. And then one day I got him a appointment with Robert to Beal he was in the area, he is also a channeler he really works with people knowing how to understand their body signals and the messages that come through that. And he had suggested to dawn that my husband that we sit down for five minutes a day and meditate together to call in what our work in the world really is. And what it is that would drive our happiness together as a couple and I agreed to do five minutes I'm just not good at sitting still. So I did I sat down for five minutes and the very first time my my face started like moving in voluntarily and and that was pretty much kind of it and just this sensation or feeling or knowing that something was different as well. Maybe this is what it's like to just like really sit down release and let yourself into meditation. And the second time we sat down together, there was a lot more like body movement. And I kept, like hearing like, messages about kinesiology which is like, you know, the ability to move our bodies, kind of the study and that the movement and that I really still haven't gotten far into it because I realized very quickly after that, that it was the Mary's that were like studying how to come into and really utilize a body Foley. The third time they came through, they, they came all the way in and they sat me up and they started speaking. And my husband is it was so interesting, because you would think, Wow, that must have been kind of freaky or odd. Or, you know, here you are sitting up someone else's message or voice or way or cadence of speech is coming through. And we both felt like it was the most natural, of course thing in the world to occur. So it didn't feel out at all. It was curious and interesting. And then, of course, being phenomenally curious. Just started asking questions about what was going on. At that point, I thought it was one being coming through me, I think they might have started that way. They had me up and moving around the room answering his questions. It was spring, it was actually March of 2000, that it all started. So the window was open, it was nice outside, they weren't just joyfully inhaled the scent of the outdoor air. And again, it was just like, the most natural thing in the world that this is what was happening with me. And at one point, I was my body I guess was on the floor. Beside Dan, who is still sitting on the bed, we're in our bedroom. And he reached down and touched my hand and the Mary's as we know them now. The most exquisite it's incredible sense and feeling of love and appreciation was just amazing. And they started talking, they teared, you know, they teared up my body. And they started talking about the blessing, the gift of human touch of being physical, of getting to have that sensation. And it was just such an immense experience. I mean, the whole thing, and there, you know, the Mary's are humorous, they're deeply loving, they're all kinds of energies. And then from there, did a little bit more talking, done, put a pen in there in my hand, thank you, maybe they would write, they just started laughing and scribbling a little bit. So that was gonna be it. But when they when they was it was about an hour later, I could feel them starting to fade out or may fade in. And my husband asked Will, Will we be able to speak with you again? And they said anytime you ask. So that's kind of how it all got started. And it was monumentally changing to my life. And one of the things that the Mary's say often is welcome to this place, where you have always been, and never been before.

Jannecke Øinæs 8:25

Wow, is fascinating to me that you go from working in human resources. And all of a sudden, you are the one starting to channel and your husband has been practicing and diving this, all of this. And then I also get curious, since you said that we all have this gift, but it seems like it's coming more natural to some, including you. And then I'm curious, do you think that this is pre planned that you have a commitment? Do you have a plan that you have agreed upon? Or is it sort of a soul connection? Maybe you are deep, deeply connected to this group beforehand? So could you share a little bit about your connection with them.

Jacque Nelson 9:14

So what we've grown to know with them is that it was an agreement that I made before coming into this physical lifetime experience with them that if I chose to they're very, very, very much about us having our freewill and our choosing and how we create design our lives and what we respond to. And that that the agreement was if I chose to, I would, you know, assist them with bringing their message you know, being being kinda like that. The physical incarnation are the one who's playing not the physical life and my husband also while they are in non physical so, it was an agreement and I am glad I leaned in, I can truly not imagine, you know, and I would have had just a different life, I suppose. And I'm so grateful that I leaned into this one. So it has been an agreement, their major message that they're coming in with is that it is a timing in our world, that we are re kind of revolving or evolving into our natural state, which is union. And we as a humanity, and we've been going through, like, just an extraordinary amount of time, with the vibration and energy of separation that we've been building ourselves through, and that we are actually originally union beings of source, and that we have moved farther as a humanity as a human expression in humanity, like really opening and leaning into who we are, what's possible for us, what are we capable of? What are we as union beings? And so from my perspective, I think that's why so many more people are naturally opening into our connection with non physical our connection with all of existence in all of its differing flavors, and formats and form and formlessness. So, because I think that the yes, that lives within us to, to kind of, you know, I suppose go through the evolution of remembering is bringing that it's just the veil is so thin, and we're all able to hear if we let ourselves and if we don't get afraid of it. And if we don't get afraid of ourselves, or how we'll be received, I certainly went through that, like, how do I share with people what's happening? And, and you just do it?

Jannecke Øinæs 11:51

And then yeah, Nike just do it!

Jacque Nelson 11:54

Okay, just do it. And I've certainly had some people, you know, that aren't part of my life anymore. And that's okay. And

Jannecke Øinæs 12:03

Who had a negative reaction to you.

Jacque Nelson 12:05

Yeah, I just didn't find it to be something they could they could connect with, or that they could connect with me any longer because of and, and I really, truly with all of my heart, you know, you know, I will love you over there from over here is the best way to do it. And I've had just incredible people step into my life. And so it's, it's, it's beautiful.

Jannecke Øinæs 12:32

You win some you lose some. Yep. Yeah. Winning. Bigger.

Jacque Nelson 12:41

Yeah, yeah, it's fun.

Jannecke Øinæs 12:43

I'm very curious who the merit group is because I interview a lot of channelers. Somehow, a lot of channelers are attracted to my show, and people are asking for more interviews with channelers. And it's always someone new, they're channeling. And somehow that was weird to me at the beginning. Like I thought they would channel the same being or, but then I mean, there are species all over like there's gazillion species on this planet. So why wouldn't there be different or being set people channel? So the married group, who are they are? Yeah, who are they? Where do they come?

Jacque Nelson 13:23

You know, I get asked that question a lot. You know, the best way I can describe them is that they are a group of spirit or non physical beings who are the purity of love, and they have shared that they've all come together, there's nine different entities that I move with, they move as one, most of the time they have come out individually. That say that together they represent all elements and aspects of who we all are as humans, so that they can best help guide us, to our true our true nature of existence and beings. So I know a lot of people will talk about different, you know, different places that that spirit is from or you know, who their channeling is from. And every time I asked the Mary's, they just, they really say we are from every particle of existence, and then they'll grin and say, and so are you, you know, I can tell you that there's three of them that have never had a physical experience. And the others are, of course, Mary,

Jannecke Øinæs 14:32

Sorry, is that Mary Magdalene or

Jacque Nelson 14:34

It's not No, I have had Mary Mag. I have had that incredibly beautiful spirit come through it. No, it is not Mary Magdalene. Mother, Mary. Yeah. It's Mary. Actually, the whole thing started with when they were leaving that very first time Dan said what can we call you? And that one that was through that day? said I had a lifetime where my name was Mary, you can call me Mary. And that's where that came from.

Jannecke Øinæs 15:06

Okay, so it's not the mother of Jesus. All right, that's good to clarify. Because I think,

Jacque Nelson 15:11

Oh, yes, yeah. Yeah, no, it is not that they they've been there. I've even had the great, wonderful pleasure of experiencing the vibration, or the spirit of Jesus, which is multi taneous. We all have this ability to listen. And I think that's if anybody's interested in how do I, how do I connect? How do I let myself know my ability to channel it's to for me, one of them is, you know, just to have as much innocence as you possibly can in the moment like, like, you know, the various always talk about relief predetermination, or just opening into innocence and curiosity. And then the Mary's talk about our true ability to listen. And that our true voice, the sound inside of us, which is connected into ourselves as source. You'll know that voice, your true voice, because it also listens, and it's not afraid of itself. And so it's it's amazing to just kind of open yourself into this curious, innocent space, and let your true listening open. And you'll be amazed at what you connect into and not trying to make it what is that person's experience? Or what is that person's? It's what's mine? You know, how can I open into what my personal intimate experience with connection and fluidity? Yes, and channeling? And whatever?

Jannecke Øinæs 16:53

I mean, it makes so much sense when you're saying that, but when I close my eyes, it's dead quiet. Like you're hearing something and I'm not hearing. And if I am hearing something is myself. So do you hear a voice,

Jacque Nelson 17:15

It's a vibration. So I feel it, like come in, and they're very present right now. So like, I feel like come in, like back here. Like between my my neck and my and my higher shoulder. Mary's call it the door at the back of your heart. They also talk about the fact that we have, you know, when we talk about heart, mind, spirit, body, soul, they talk they always plural mind, and they say you have your thinking processing mind. And they love our mind. They'd say, Don't disparage it, it has, it's like the great library. And when you have a good relationship with it, it is agilus and its ability to connect different dots, create new ideas, cause understandings, you know, they they talk about our mind in this beautiful way. And then they say you also have the bean mind, which they refer to as the vibration or energy that connects us between physical and non physical. And that mind is also part of the wholeness and what we're connected into in the oneness. And so, when I feel the Mary's come in, I feel, you know, come in kind of from that space, and then I feel this great opening behind me and suddenly, you know, people ask, Where are you when you're channeling because I let go, I don't have an interest in being in it. So I said, I think I'll be where I'm dead. Where I'll be when I'm dead. You know, when I'm you know, it's just this blissful, amazing, clear, pure space of existence and then witnessing, you know, and can hear what the Mary's are talking about. But as far as me like, in the beginning, I would ask my husband to ask a question that I had for the Mary's because I had no idea how to ask them directly myself. Now, I just think a question or curiosity, and if they know I'm actually asking it because of course I you know, we all have curiosities, that we're not really looking for continuance on just yet. And, and they'll they'll just bring in the answer. So I don't actually hear a voice I sense of vibration. I release myself and allow them to speak directly. There's so much non physical assistance going on with us in every moment.

Jannecke Øinæs 19:43

Oh, wow. That's beautiful. There's so much non physical health around. That's beautiful. Well, maybe we can dive into this conversation with the Marry group and the non physical.

Jacque Nelson 19:57

Certainly Absolutely. So I'll see you later have a good time.

Ah, hello, hello, hello, hello, welcome, welcome, welcome. We want to take a moment just to feel to feel into this moment and to, ah, the amazement of light that you are the curiosity that his dancing around you know, one of the things that we offer is an encouragement on for humans is when you when you come into a new moment or into an exchange with somebody, give yourself at least one full inhale and exhale of your own breath, let yourself have that which we refer to as saturating pause, to actually arrive to be there to make the transition into something that you have an opportunity to experience. And so of course, we want to do the same thing, we are so delighted to come into connectivity with you, our friend, and to travel through anything that you would like to explore, we, we offer you our gratitude, for your yas for all that you do, actually, and for these unfolding moments, indeed,

Jannecke Øinæs 21:23

Thank you so much for this opportunity and for being here with us today. I would like to hear your perspective on the times we're living in a few channelers have been saying that 2024 will be crazy will be weird. We're in this grand shift, shift up leveling, moving into the fifth dimension, what is your perspective on what's coming and the times we're living in? Okay?

Jacque Nelson 21:52

So we would agree that it is a, a very grand shifting time, we tend to offer to to humans often that the remembering that there's no measurement in the universe, so when when we speak of like grand, where it saying like, bigger than yes, we are just speaking of let yourself open into what does that mean for me? What is a grand shaft? And? And how does that feel for me? And as I witnessed and observe and participate with life? What is the sensation of that, because when you bring it in and you think of it from what is that truth for you, you you then can arrive with it as a partner. Yes. And so what what we offer in that is one of the things you know, we offered a little bit of an introduction, we've been having some fun for some years talking about the consciousness that your actual yours carry with them. And 2024 carries a myriad of energies and vibrations to partner with anyone who's interested to assist you and support you and rise you up yes to and to work with you mutually for you also to come forward and the whole of yourself to rise up anything and everything you come into connection with also because that is that is more of the embarking and movement and opening of union. And so, three of our three of the things we started with, that your 2020 for the consciousness of it is caring for partnership with is is the vibration of renewal. And yes, it is a chaotic time. And it is a very, very richly grounded time at the same time. And we love to bring the idea to humans like to feel the chaos, standing side by side with the groundedness and recognizing that they can move with one another for you know creating and causing something you know pretty sensational and that says with any two or three or you know countless things you would like to have side by side. So renewal, the energy is to remember that you are already hold to renew and to that to bring your edge lessness and your profoundness and your lightness out together congruently to work with each other. The other the other piece is another piece we might offer is reveal the vibration of reveal and and we don't mean just for what we learned that we haven't known before. What will we learn that has always been there and we now we know that truth of it. We are speaking about reveal through all of your layers through your connectivity and your understanding of what You are as the life that you are, what what life you know as you are a creator, into causing life, you know yours and life into that which you are moving with in the world. And also the connectivity into life itself which is existence, all of existence that known to you and not known to yet so to, on an inhale in and exhale, open the vibration of reveal into spaces you didn't even know yet that have always been a part of you, then feeling that connectivity and that truth rolling in your world. The third piece we are talking about in 2024, and it is a grand encouragement from us is that you begin to identify and live spirit forward because that is going to be the most advantageous and freeing and brilliant way of existing for really all all life form. And yet what we've watched over you know, many years and many opportunities to move with many of you, then your human experience is that your spirit which when we refer to spirit, we refer to the way of you. So you have your soul which is kind of that continuous, golden fluid liquid, oozing, and being and existence itself is source. We talk about that first spark of existence, from the primordial ooze and and then you have your relationship with your soul, and also your soulfulness. And you have heart, and you have mind, and we could go into those. And yet, we want to speak about your spirit, the unique absoluteness, like the signature of your essence, who are you, each being that comes into the world is an answer. And every moment actually, and is an ADD, not to subtract, you don't take up too much space or not in the way you are, they're actually to significantly with ease, actually, if you choose it, you can choose our joyousness if you wish, that is a that is a path in a way to be this, this expression of source and existence that you are and so what is the way of you, and that is what we refer to as your spirit. So we heard Jackie mentioned cheerful, loving, and through the greatest seventh tension, often parents will fearfully love their children. And, and it tends to kind of modify that unique expression that that signature, you know of your essence, because and they do it to keep your safe, I want to know you're safe. You know, that is why there's so many such shooting in the world. Also, you should do this and that when you reach behind a show, that is always what you'll find as I need you to do this differently so that I can feel safe for you for me for whatever Yes, then yet unless we could go into so many avenues here. But bringing your spirit forward and breathing the full breadth of your spirit and partnering with the consciousness of this year to know it's inviting you to know you're so well. And so already safe, always. And so well held, to bring out that uniqueness of your being to invite and enjoy and listen to the uniqueness of others. When we look at all the conflict and contrast and difficulty going on in your world. It is so puzzling because at the base of everything for everyone truly as I want to feel safe and whole and free and connected and received. And and to be who I am and to get to intermingle and participate. And that seems like a pretty simple desire. And yet because there's so much fearful loving and fear in your world, it gets so complicated and difficult. So yes, 2024 is holding the potentiality, a grand potentiality and actual actualizing of the shift that can move you past the withholding or the contained or the shrinking to fit something lesser than what you all actually are individually within your own cells. And in the synergy of you're together. And so it is we would say you by taking that inhale and exhale remembering that I am an answer, and if I know I am an answer, then I know you are an answer. And if we can step out into even one moment, with that experience of ourselves and one another, that starts a catalyst or a movement or synergy, for, you know, everything to occur, we often talk about in union as the natural union being you are your pulsing sphere of vibration. And in that pulsing sphere, every direction is forward. And so all movement is, is bringing you out into more expensive at and offering more possibility to absolutely everything you touch, whether you know it consciously that you do, or that it it, it gets touched because you agreed to be who you are in the world.

Jannecke Øinæs 30:56

All right, I'm going to move over to something different. Concrete or non concrete. So many in my audience are wondering about this, myself included. So Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest, is that true? Do we stem from the apes? Or is our history books wrong? And this is a grand project that is actually where extraterrestrials have been seeding us. And we are actually stemming from the stars. Yes. Could you share your thoughts on that?

Jacque Nelson 31:36

So it's interesting, we want to say in the third option, yes, you're one of those is incorrect. They are actually, the fascinating thing is we want to say it's all true. It's all real. If it's been imagined, if it's been, if it's been brought forth in the in the true innocence of, of, of actual of truth, then it does exist, and it's part of creation. And so we would offer to you though, it's interesting, we want to grin a little bit and say, well, let's address what the fittest is, because the truth is, each being in their true nature, every particle of existence is the fittest, yes, there is not a greater and lesser being, even when humans say to us, well, my higher self, I just wish I could move more with my higher self. And we say when you say my higher self, you're actually indicating that there's a lower self and it causes a little bit of a conflict within your own being. And so, our encouragement is to know the whole of myself, which is continuously interacting, as this you know, pulsing truth of what is real existence that we offer to you that all of it is real, there is not only one way of life existence, we will offer to you the only true way of of existence at all, though is that which has love that which knows love, there are those who practice in absence of that, and that is not that is not a it is not a truthfully expressed existence. And so ah, you know,

Jannecke Øinæs 33:20

But can I jump in here, please do, because when he's saying all this real, could you be more concrete? Like, our history books? Correct? Do we did we evolve through these? What is it called Neander? Tales? And riddles? Yes. Or have we been seeded by extraterrestrials? Or is it both? Like, could you be more concrete about it?

Jacque Nelson 33:49

Well, okay, so we mean, it's both and more than that, yes. And so really, if you look at it, and that's when, when, let us give you a little bit that when we talk about an answer, the the thing that's important to understand about that is that so much of the pain that we see in your world is because people have the idea that there has to be the answer, or I have to be the one with the answer or, you know, I'm following that person, because they are the answer. That is an inaccuracy. The only the answer there is is the culmination of the whole of all that is of existence in the oneness. And so we would say that, if you're trying to say what is the one answer, that's a painful path, because you can't get to an actual in that, that it is there if you if you instead open we've talked about all of the different life forms that are actually on your planet right now. Some you can see and interact with and some you don't, yes, and they are, everything is actual. And so is it that they're there. There's existence and there's been and there's life form that had been seated. Yes. Is are there life forms that have come from, you know, evolution with the Neanderthals? Absolutely, yes. Yes. Has? Or is there? Are there star seated, you know, beings is their existence, you know, are you of the earth and created from that? Are you of Source Energy? Absolutely. There's not only one way a life sparks into existence, it is and not one is better than the other. That is why we offer taking the measurement out of it when you can really realize that I, as an answer, connect with you as an answer. Now, we've actually created something that didn't exist before, just because we met. Yes. And now there's this whole consciousness of existence, that will birth more possibility more consciousness, more awareness more, sometimes humans sometimes other things. Yes. And so we would say it's not seeking for how can we narrow it down? Yes. And instead, how do we as humans find that place in us that lets us open to really what is it all? without being afraid of it? How do we let ourselves know that it's all real? And it's all true? We were having a conversation with a friend, not so long ago, who was talking with us about is, you know, is is our planet flat? Or is our planet drowned? And our answer is yes. Because in differing in different layers of existence in different ways of being in your physical world, you can have multitudes of different experiences, and they can all come together and all be true. Does that make sense?

Jannecke Øinæs 36:46

Yes, of course, one way, and another way, like being a human here, and now where I'm looking around at concrete things. And then I want to point out that, you know, if that is true, that that's the way it is, which I believe in a way, then science is leading us astray. Scientists are looking for the answers. So I mean, then we're going in the right direction in the wrong direction with science.

Jacque Nelson 37:14

We would argue with that just a little bit. Yes. And when we argue its argument in union, so let's play. Yes. So sciences is one true way. It just, there's not one true way? Yes. And so it is it's we just said it is one there's not, there's not an only true way. So when you open up to what is what is science causing an offering and bringing, that that brings an evolution for me. Take that pace? And what is this steady bringing that brings in evolution take that piece, what we want to do is to really, as you are becoming more and more your natural state of union, your your your unshrink. King? Yes, you're on. Holding your breath, yes, you're coming out into it's not a right or wrong. It's, there are so many different ways in the beauty and the brilliance is in the combinations. That's when we talked about when your mind can touch to different thoughts or memories, or ideas or realizations, and bring them together, it causes something that hasn't existed before. So when you as humans can can know through the to the, to the greatest of desire. We've learned certain things. And now we want to open to what is possible if we combined some of those things, or we take this piece out now what is it? Yes. Because you really are it's it's everything has been created in every moment. That is why sometimes when people will ask us to predict, we can say from this moment, right now, we can tell you the most likely outcome for you. And then for you, and then for you because it's all different, because then you put your chemistry who you are, and where you are in the moment into the next. And now in the next moment. You're deferring? Yes. So everything is always changing. And to us. That's the juice. Yes. That's the beauty your continuous choosers and creators. And so it doesn't there's one right way, you're not following the wrong path. If you're following science, we would just say follow science. And yes, follow this. And yes. Does that make sense?

Jannecke Øinæs 39:29

Yes, it makes sense. Because, of course, I love science in one way. And then it's going down one path. And then there are gazillion other paths. And I just wish that all the other paths were more illuminated in our world. Yes.

Jacque Nelson 39:45

Or they are getting much more illuminated. So your wishes coming through.

Jannecke Øinæs 39:48

Yes, it is. And multiple shows like these are really contributing. And you guys as well. I'm curious because some are speaking about older souls. New souls new born souls. But haven't we always existed? So are there new souls created? Or how we always existed? Always?

Jacque Nelson 40:14

Okay, so we're, again, we're gonna frustrate you a little bit and say, bow, that's because it, existence has always been, we talk about your, your first spark, that first moment when you chose to kind of individuate as a specific or as we offer signature essence as, as a, as a specific soul existence. Yes, I'm going to individuate and in and know a very preciseness of myself and bring that value bring that, that truth, that way, that spirit as we as we offer into it, and it changes everything, by the way. So you have always been everything that exists, that is of source has always been absolutely yes. At at moments, whether you become a human or you become any other expression of existence. You you first spark into a vibrational specificity perhaps we would offer and that specificity, though, doesn't grow from a from a small new, you know, nucleus. It's whole. And you know, with immediacy instantaneously your holy aware, everything is there. And so when people talk about old souls and new souls, we would say that, that every single being an expression is of that of a source that has always been, and maybe is choosing to have experience in a new way that it hasn't had before. Is that helpful?

Jannecke Øinæs 42:01

Very, we spoke a little bit about self love, and I feel self love, or the lack of it in a way to struggle with it is linked to our ancestors And our upbringing. And it's really complicated. And complex, the way we're put together as humans and how different we are at different days psychic is so but we cannot be more than general here in a way, you know, there, even though there's so many souls on this planet, but could you speak a little bit to how we can love ourselves more? And, you know, some are speaking about, you know, go out in nature do all these things, but sometimes seems too simple. So, do you have a perspective on how we can love ourselves?

Jacque Nelson 42:53

You know, it, it's first you have to agree that you are yourself? Yes. And so it is there's there and and that you are of all of existence, we often talk about that the only being on on your planet truly, that you are to take care of, is you Yes. And then you are to care for yourself and every other particle of existence? Yes. And so it is in that space of well, what is this myself that I am taking care of, and that I, that I care for, it's, it's that's why we talk with people about breathing your own breath, understanding that you are a sacred, extraordinary being learning to, you know, you know, so often we think because, you know, these, these eyes of yours, you know, they you know, we call them, you know, that are the you look out, you know, into the world, and we often say when you close your eyes, you will look inward, immediately. So, when you when you bring your eyelids across your eyes, your vision goes inward, so it's helpful to take a breath and actually find out like, who am I looking at when my vision goes inward? Who and What is this being and, and, and that vision by the way is is is edgeless and, and that is part of why we talk about the whole of the self it doesn't well when my higher my higher self it's, it's my vision goes inwards. And I realize I'm I'm real and that, you know, we say you're real and you can't be proven Yes. There's no need to prove I'm not afraid of this being that I am. I want to get to know who I am. I want to take me out for a walk I want to take me out for a conversation I want to I want to soak in life through this that I am and and then live outwardly through this, this being that I get to know your very first relationship your very first intimacy is with you And so giving yourself like the curiosity to learn who this yourself is. And then learning through this yourself, you know, what is your mutual exchange? What is your movement with the world? How did you know? How do you feel the sensation and the realization, not in a comparative way with like, how is the person next to me do it, you know, we know when you're when you're growing, and you're kind of taught to be a good person and to care about other people, you know, bringing in into care about yourself caring about other people, caring about who this person is who you are, that is caring about other people, bringing yourself in, we've had, and by the way, if you're embodied love, that physical body, we've had so many people say, Well, this is my meatsuit, or the body, it's my body, your body is made of the same stuff, your soul is made up. So we're really, yes, it's, it's part of the manifestation of your existence. It's a representation of, of this, this extraordinary nature of who you are. And so Wow, so now to love my body and to love my mind and my heart, my, my soul and my spirit. Like you could, you know, we often will go out into nature with people will say, you could sit with just this one tree for the rest of your life. And if you truly open up your curiosity, you'll never get bored, just learning between you and this tree, you know, what is life and what is existence and what is there to be ecstatic about. And, and, and yet, you're not totally with one tree. And by the way, that tree can be there, whether you're in front of it, or you're just know about it, because you've had personal experience with it, or someone told you about it, it's in this truth of who you are, it's now a part of you. And so it's, it's getting excited or opening a breath into this being that you are and if I have the ability to love another, I certainly have the ability to love myself, we do offer that we hear often. Well, you can't love another if you don't love yourself, and we ask you please to not not attack yourself in that way. You can, you can truly love another person and, and still be growing in your understanding and loving nature and going through all the messiness and brilliance of that, of who and what you are. And, and so it isn't, well, I just don't get to love anybody. Because I you know, so many people take that so adversely into themselves. Well, unless I learned how to love me and I don't I don't know how or I reject that or because of something that happened based on someone telling me I wasn't lovable, or me feeling that way at one moment in my life. saying the truth is I've had lovable and not so lovable moments. And the truth is, I'm with me all the time. And and I want to know who that's myself as in my incarnated physical beingness of existence and in the whole of who I am all at once. And so taking that breath for loving yourself and loving your body and loving your heart and loving your minds and loving your soul. And then learning you know, what is it you know, you we would say that you can get so much more excited and so much more juiciness and nectar from loving another when you have that movement of love for yourself and you, but it's never absence. It's what you actually are.

Jannecke Øinæs 48:41

That was very helpful. It was beautiful. And I for me, the way I sort of interpreted it was that I'm then tapping into the grandness of who I am. Instead of seeing myself from that lower perspective, like why did I behave like that, that is messed up, we easily go into these attacks towards ourselves. And then we defend ourselves and then we go into fear. But when you you know expand that consciousness and see yourself as a being and you're curious about yourself, then you're sort of observing and I've heard many spiritual teachers speak about being that observer, which is interesting. However, I'm always a bit like, not skeptic towards that. That's the wrong word. But I still want to have my personality. Not becoming this neutral. Yannick who's not feeling anything, just being neutral, just serving, but I think there's something there like stepping into a higher perspective. So that's where I'm at. That's it, but it made a lot of sense to meet.

Jacque Nelson 49:48

So you're participating observer though not a distant observer, right? Yes. And so I'm in it. Yeah. So you know from from that being? One of the things that would share with you is that what we know It says so often, you know, we will ask people, it's fun. What do you want, and they will tell us a lot about what they don't want, which is a beautiful thing to be able to hold space with. Yeah. And yet, what we recognize in humans in this is every one of you, anytime you're in a don't want and that is from like, you know, I don't want you to put pickles on my sandwich, you know, to the waitress Yes, to I don't want my life to fall apart, we will tell you that threat opens up. So anytime you're in a don't want. So I don't want to not be in a good place with myself. I don't want to have been someone who did that I have to beat myself up for it. What happens is, when you're in a don't want, threat opens, yes. And then you climb into that, and it distorts you. And it actually opens up blaming and defensiveness and justification, and all kinds of things. Yes. And so when you feel it don't want, what we really encourage is Let it be a notifier. of okay, what do I want? Like, let me let me take myself out of this field, and you all have this field of don't want where threat exists. And I do I do want to come into myself. And then when you feel like what I do want that want that you're moving with in that center is the vibration of open, it's in its original form want isn't achy, it doesn't feel like it's disconnected from anything. And so what I open is, and then from there, when you say, Well, I don't like that I did that. Why did I do that? And of course, we're like, we're like ask yourself, actually, curiously, why did I do that? Yes. Without the condemning, you can get very, you can get a lot of information about why you did that. Yes. If you're not condemning yourself, when you ask and instead, like, I'm really curious, why did I make that choice? Yes. And you're in New, new climb in and you've got love open there, you're gonna learn a lot. If you ask through that threat, you're just going to start beating yourself up. And those things like defensiveness and blaming, you're going to turn against yourself, or you're going to turn towards somebody so that you have an excuse, yes. And so relieving yourselves with those practices. Instead, what I opened to is, is knowing that I'm not happy with the choice that I made, that wasn't a match that doesn't line up with who I am. And I also open shifting and changing how I do that. And one of the things we offer is never apologize for yourself. And so it is, so you might feel I need to apologize for something that I did, I might need to apologize because I caused harm or hurt, yes. But I'm not apologizing for who I am. I'm trying, I'm apologizing for a mistake or a misstep, or, you know, not being fully really in alignment with myself when I did that, that I want to do for myself and for you so that there's relief? Yes. And so it is to, to bring that forward and be curious, and explore guilt in its original vibration. Now, people throw guilt all over each other. It's actually what causes the illness in your world. If people stopped controlling and causing guilt, there would be no more disease in your world. Yes. And so guilt in its original vibration was to say, Hey, you're a little off, you want to think about that, again. It's really a good ally. It's there to say, You know what, your that's not really lined up with you. And so it's it's helpful control was meant to be yourself artistry, like, how do I move and, and control this in this beautiful fluid way to actually express who I am and create and cause what I wish to control became with separation, of course and guilt, something that you throw out and condemn yourselves and each other with? So of course, we're going to encourage you to to maybe discontinue that practice. Yes. And when you do, you're going to find a whole lot more love for yourself and others than you experience right now.

Jannecke Øinæs 54:01

Thank you so much. I love that we dive deep into this. That is an important question and I think a lot of people are struggling with that and want to love themselves more. And I could speak with you for ourselves. Good. I think we need to bring Jackie back. So thank you so much.

Jacque Nelson 54:18

Okay, beautiful. Thank you so much. We truly appreciate you be very very well.

They're talkers

Jannecke Øinæs 54:33

They are talkers.

How are you? How does it feel

Jacque Nelson 54:39

I'm good. You know, I've had people ask me if it makes me tired. I'm like I am so washed in love the entire time there and I just always feel extraordinary when

Jannecke Øinæs 54:49

I felt a lot of you in it. That are they sort of using a lot of you're in a way personality and the way of speaking

Jacque Nelson 54:59

Interest funnily enough, it's only been in the last couple of years that I've actually kind of allowed myself to really integrate all of Mary's teachings. So you're what you're hearing probably is more of me learning about who I am through their teachings, and then it feels a bit similar. Because for a long time, I didn't want anybody to get confused about that. And then Damn, like, why would I not have the benefit? The full benefit? I watch other people do it, of having the gift of who they are. And so yeah,

Jannecke Øinæs 55:32

All right. Well, I have a couple of questions that I asked. Yeah, some guests of mine. And today, I want to ask you, Jackie, what is self love to you?

Jacque Nelson 55:41

Oh, gosh. You know, it's interesting, I want to say like, curious, curious and kindness, and grace, like, I don't know, you know, the Mary's talk about the relief of condemning. And so I think that almost the absence of self condemning, being curious and graceful and loving instead.

Jannecke Øinæs 56:14

And what is the deeper meaning of life from your perspective?

Jacque Nelson 56:26

Guys, for me, it's all about connection. It's all about conversation and growing and learning and discovery, and appreciation, I think, showing up in our moments, not being passive. Being willing to learn something we didn't know before the Mary's talk a lot about, you know, letting yourself feel awkward every day. And the reason for that is like, you're just experiencing something you haven't in quite that way before and it has everywhere to take you. And so being really comfortable and happy with feeling awkward because for burr life, I love that

Jannecke Øinæs 57:14

I love that life gets so much more interesting when we're on stuff like that. Awkward. If some in our audience want to connect with you, could you share a little bit about your work? Yeah, yeah.

Jacque Nelson 57:29

So we have a website, the Mary group, that calm and Mary's ma ry. We do private sessions. We do a lot of group series like six week series, we go on trips, we've been to Norway. We do all kinds of things. There's just we do a meditation series we have a monthly group that meets that is like a Mary mastery school, although they'll bring forth a teaching and go way deep into it and, and interact with how you can apply it to your life. There's a Facebook group called a soft, warm, humorous place to land that the Mary's put out little notes every day. So there's lots of ways to interact with them depending on what you desire.

Jannecke Øinæs 58:12

Beautiful. Well, thank you so much for being a guest here and all the best with a wonderful work.

Jacque Nelson 58:17

Thank you. Thank you so much for doing what you do. It's it's really rich and meaningful. Thank you.

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