Sarah Grace, a seasoned paramedic in California’s busiest 911 system, shares her extraordinary journey of psychic abilities and near-death experiences. From a young age, Sarah realized she had unique psychic and intuitive abilities, seeing auras, hearing thoughts, and even communicating with spirits. These abilities, however, were both a gift and a burden, leading to significant stress and sensory overload.

Growing up, Sarah struggled with the stigma associated with her abilities. Fear of ostracization and the potential of being institutionalized kept her silent. She internalized toxic shame and insecurity, resulting in a tumultuous home life and later, a career in emergency medical services. Despite the challenges, Sarah’s role as a paramedic allowed her to embrace her abilities in a unique way, serving as a “midwife between life and death.”

Communicating with souls as a paramedic

Sarah describes her experiences with near-death events, where she perceives and communicates with souls during traumatic situations. She recounts seeing souls exit bodies and using telepathy to guide them, creating a sense of calm and acceptance in their final moments. Sarah’s encounters with the afterlife often included witnessing spiritual archetypes like Jesus, Buddha, and Mary, and seeing deceased loved ones appear as “little puffs” of light during near-death experiences.

Her spiritual journey profoundly shifted after a SIDS call, reshaping her perspective on death and her own spirituality. This led Sarah to heal from her childhood trauma, embracing her role as a healer. Today, she runs a medical intuitive and psychic surgery practice, helping clients heal from chronic conditions and traumas.

Sarah believes in the importance of working on personal traumas and healing to avoid the cycle of reincarnation. She speaks about the dawning of the Aquarian Age, a time of light feminine energy, and encourages taking responsibility for one’s health and navigating life’s traumas. Through her work, Sarah aims to create a School for the Gifted to teach practical skills for empaths and sensitive individuals, advocating for self-love, compassion, and living life to the fullest.

Transcript of the interview

Sarah Grace 0:00

And just think of it, like none of us knows, like, when we're gonna go, we all think we have time. But every single day as a paramedic, I would run calls on people that got up, ate their breakfast, got their coffee, and then we're in some sort of accident. And that was it. They were injected from their bodies. So I would come up on a car accident. As I would see the physical body, which is now a cadaver or a corpse, I would see the soul of the person standing next to the body, and they would be looking around like, what the heck, you know, totally confused.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:39

Hi, Sarah, a warm welcome to the show.

Sarah Grace 0:43

Hello, Jannecke. And everyone, thank you so much for having me.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:48

Thank you so much for being here. I'm thrilled to get to know you and learn about your work because you have quite an interesting story. You are a psychic paramedic, you are an author sought after healer and speaker, you've worked in California's busiest 911 systems. And you have been psychic since you were seven years old. You've had your own N D E, and also tons of near death experience or shared near death experiences, which is to me a phenomenon I don't know too much about. So I'm excited to learn more about that today. But before we do, I'd love to learn how it was like for you being seven years old, all of a sudden, having these psychic abilities. Now, how did that appear? How did it come about that you all of a sudden got these gifts?

Sarah Grace 1:48

Well, thank you for that introduction. And yes, it's been a wild ride. There's so many layers and levels like most people, my experience with my psychic and intuitive abilities came on at the age of seven, it was nothing that I wanted or tried for. I grew up in the middle of nowhere in South Dakota in a tiny town of 2000. Pre internet in kind of a very volatile home life situation. So at first I began to experience auras colors around people, and then I could feel feelings, hear thoughts, I could see disease in people's bodies. And then I could see spirits and you know, people who had passed on, I didn't understand what it was. And I didn't feel safe and asking initially, but after Yeah, a couple of weeks or a month. And I was like, alright, this isn't going away. What is this? So I asked somebody close to our family. And unfortunately, I was shamed and condemned. And that really began an honesty for me, because I thought that there was something really wrong with me mentally from that. And so initially, that was how the whole thing began.

Jannecke Øinæs 3:01

Wow, I can't imagine how that feels. So could you share a bit more about what you actually saw what you heard, for someone, me personally, was never experienced that. So how does it feel like being a child seeing all these things? Was it like you saw spirits? Like you would see me for instance?

Sarah Grace 3:24

Yes, very similar. So if you think of going into any big store, where at the back of the they have all of those television screens, you know, like you go to a Walmart, you go to a Best Buy or whatever. And there's all these different television screens and you stand in there's all of these different images come from coming from all of these different screens. Well, that's how my experience began and has continued throughout my life. It takes me a tremendous amount of applied focus in the center of the screen to focus on the tangible what's right in front of me, because I'll be aware of people's, you know, whether it's the colors in their auric fields with their actual intentions or if they're authentic or lying. And ghosts are people who have crossed look very much like just their physical self, except they're translucent, and you can see through them, but it's like this whole like, you know, being a wash and all of the sensory overload and that causes a lot of stress. Now I understand on the nervous system. So I was really spacey I had a lot of headaches, I couldn't really ground in my body. It took me many decades of coming to terms with being this way and learning how to drive the apparatus so to speak, to be able to harness the abilities in a positive way.

Jannecke Øinæs 4:45

So as a seven year old, could you see the difference between like a real human being or a ghost so did you know that oh, this is something else but we're confused like you know, what is what?

Sarah Grace 4:57

I was confused but there's a specific since ation of a higher frequency being just meeting somebody outside of body, there's a resonance. And for me, I always felt like I was stuffed with cotton, or I could, it was kind of the strange, expanded feeling. And that's how I knew I was in the presence of a spirit or an entity or excetera.

Jannecke Øinæs 5:22

What has that taught you about the spirit side? Because then before you were seven, it seems like you didn't have these abilities. And all of a sudden, you get all these answers to questions like we're bringing up on this show, like, what is the spiritual world? So what was the knowledge you gained? About these lingering souls? What, you know, what were they doing? Why did they come to you?

Sarah Grace 5:45

Well, back then I had no clue. And I didn't want anything to do with it. It wasn't until all of these years later and after being in the closet for 25 years, and really repressing my abilities through all kinds of addictions, and all kinds of compensation mechanisms, just trying to make myself Okay, as a as a person. I didn't understand what I understand now. What I understand now is that oftentimes, they can sense mediums or pay channels. And it's just like, they can tell that I can communicate, telepathically communicate with them, I or anyone like myself, it's almost like we have a little lighthouse or a little, just a little be a beacon, if you will, there's that ability to communicate across planes or dimensions. But girl, when I was seven, I had no idea and I just did, I just wanted it all to go away.

Jannecke Øinæs 6:41

So talk to me about why you didn't come out sooner and how you were able to or how you coped with this.

Sarah Grace 6:51

Well, my experience when I finally said something to the person close in my family was the hellfire and brimstone don't ever speak about this will lock you away in a loony bin. So being a little kid who just wants to be normal to be loved to fit in just like anybody else. I didn't understand why I was different. And I didn't want to be different. And so that I internalized the sense of toxic shame and insecurity. At that stage. In addition, I had a very volatile home life. So there was a tremendous amount of physical violence. So I was navigating that in addition to all of the sensory data. And I was just doing what I needed to do to get by in the moment, which initially began as overcompensation. I had to excel at everything over achiever, you know, so many of us strive for identity and belonging, and a sense of safety and power through external accomplishment and validation. So I did that for a long time until my mom died abruptly when I was 17. And then I went really into drugs and alcohol, and I was doing anything possible just to numb and diminish the sensory overload because for me, it's like full Technicolor experience, all day every day. And it's it's a lot to to navigate. And I just didn't understand it at the time, the way that I do now.

Jannecke Øinæs 8:19

Okay, so it seems like that must have been influencing you in your career choice wanting to help people as a paramedic, right?

Sarah Grace 8:30

Absolutely. Intuitively, anytime an ambulance would go by my my guides that I know now it's my, my higher guidance and my own team of guides would kind of be like that, go do that. But I was scared of being a paramedic, I didn't understand that there was a million steps between beginning and then, you know, being one. And I had a lot of fear. But ultimately, I had gotten to a place in life where everything was just falling apart. And I was really destabilize and I kind of didn't have anything else to lose. And so I was like, Alright, I'm just whatever, I'll do it. So I went through the UCLA EMT program in Los Angeles, and I had grown up in the Midwest, gone to college, done a bunch of crazy girl stuff and then wound up in Los Angeles. So I went through the UCLA EMT program, and I started my 911 career in South Central Los Angeles and Compton Inglewood, which is very, very busy system. And ultimately, the energies just started working through me on these calls. Again, at the time, I was not educated, I didn't want it I just wanted to be normal, whatever that is, and to fit in and but the energies came through me on calls and ultimately I became a paramedic who was always there for death, and became a bit of a midwife into between this life and the next life. I was able to see how It's almost like a symphony energetically in the middle of trauma or chaos. I could watch how the chakras release out the out the crown of the head and how the soul releases while we'd be doing CPR, I would watch that soul be greeted by love deceased loved ones. And I would watch angels come on calls like gunshot wounds, school shootings, car accidents, any kind of traumatic event, there would be a lot of celestial angels. It took me many years to really open to like, Okay, this is why is this here? What is this? How do I harness this, but it was a really exquisite experience to share those places with people as they were dying.

Jannecke Øinæs 10:49

Is that what they call share near death experience? And if it is, could you share like more in detail how that felt like, because when I hear people say, and then I saw angels, and then I saw the soul leave the bodies, like I have no idea how that must be like, and how the angels look like. So if you could take us, for instance, through one example, where you experience that and explain it in detail, so that me who have never seen it can understand and imagine.

Sarah Grace 11:22

Most often, to me, a shared death experiences where one or two or more people are experiencing simultaneously, the exiting from the physical body in the transition into expanded consciousness. With that, we'll take a car accident, a car accident is obviously going to be rapid, traumatic, and just think of it like none of us knows, like, when we're gonna go, we all think we have time, you know, we're all just like in our little human life. But every single day as a paramedic, I would run calls on people that got up, eat their breakfast, got their coffee, and then we're in some sort of accident. And that was it. They were injected from their bodies. So I would come up on a car accident. And physically I could see the mechanics of the scene, I would look at the vehicle we'd be assessing, if we needed a helicopter, what's our transport time, there's all these mechanics that go into being a paramedic, as I would see the physical body, which is now a cadaver or a corpse, I would see the the soul of the person standing next to the body. And the soul of the person looks just like their body except healthy. And I could see through them, right. And they would be looking around like what the heck, you know, totally confused. And again, going back to that little sonar or begin or however it appears on their end that they could tell that I could see them. They would all of a sudden look over at me and I would be assessing the and scanning the scene physically because again, there's a lot of things that we have to do tangibly as a paramedic, but telepathically and using my clairvoyance, I would connect to the soul. And I ultimately developed a protocol of kind of explaining you were just in a car accident, you are dead, we're going to pull your body out of the vehicle, we're going to start CPR on transport you. So I'm rapid fire communicating telepathically to the soul that had just exited their body abruptly and was in shock. They just didn't understand it. And nine times out of 10, we would be doing what we needed to do so securing the scene and extricating the body preparing and packaging the body starting CPR, etc. And if it was this person's time to transition most often, in traumas, a celestial frequency or an angel frequency, what's kind of the same thing would come onto the scene and what that felt like, again, my entire field would extend, I would feel like I was stuffed with cotton like I couldn't tell where the end of my body in my energy field was and where the rest of existence began. And the celestial frequency, my understanding is, they just bring in the most calm, exquisite acceptance, nurturing and love. Everything would be just blanketed with this really tranquil, serene, light. It may be a cobalt blue, it may be a silver, it may be a gold. The angel itself I've never saw like wings. I never saw it depicted the way that it's depicted. instead. It's an energetic consciousness or presence. Very big, usually eight feet 10 feet tall. They were androgynous looking, so you can't tell like gender very beautiful, very, very beautiful, but it wasn't like human. It was more just a light being If that emanated this expanse of high vibration, love and tranquility, that then the soul of the person who had just died that was still sitting there going like what's going on, would notice the angel and the angel and the soul would eventually come together and merge and then disappear from my view. And at that point, I knew that they had the cord had completely been severed from the body, the person was likely not going to return to the body, we would do CPR and do what we needed to do protocol wise, anyway, of course. But that was my experience, time after time, hundreds of times over 15 years.

Jannecke Øinæs 15:41

Oh, my goodness. Now I get like pictures in my head. It's almost like a movie. And this should be a movie and it's on its way.

Sarah Grace 15:51

Yep. On its way. Yeah. We'll talk about that. Yeah, my first book journey into grace. Tales of this, like a paramedic is in contract for a first round contract for a scripted television series. And there's also talk of a feature.

Jannecke Øinæs 16:07

And this reminds me of the show, I think it's called Ghost Whisperer. Have you seen that with? What's her name? Again, it's this woman who sees spirits all the time. It's a whole series, I think it was called Ghost whispers, or something like that. And it's exactly the same as you're explaining it. It's just so real.

Sarah Grace 16:29

It's amazing. And it's the the medical, excuse me, the medical death is a bit different in that say, you have somebody in hospice, or at the very end of a long disease process, and they're aware, they've had time to prepare. So the souls experience is very different in terms of what I saw

Jannecke Øinæs 16:50

You mean patients now?

Sarah Grace 16:52

Person who's dying, okay, and so think of it like you're there, you've gone through hospice, you're in stage. And typically over the course of week, days, weeks, sometimes months, but usually days to weeks, their own auric field begins to expand outwardly. And as the auric field expands, the five senses which comprise our human, little human individual experience, like this is me, this is what I like and duality and gravity sight, sound, taste, touch, smell, we all know, all of that expands, and the person is able to start to perceive beyond the veil, right? And all it is, is all of this energy, information, data that is always around all of us. It's just that when we're in our little human experience, it's designed for us to feel separate so that we can have our little life right and kind of forget our divine nature and how we're tied to all of it. But as the auric field expands, the person can then they can see their dead loved ones. So you'll often hear people talking to deceased loved ones, pets, and other people in the room that are alive are like, Oh, they're going crazy. They're losing it. It's like no, they're, they're expanded consciousness is what it is. And then in the moments of death, the respirations will go agonal, which looks like a guppy breathing and then slow down the heart rate and that goes into its own deal. But while that's happening, the chakras not always but most often. It's like this really beautiful, organized intelligence where it starts at the root at the base, and it looks like ribbons, unfurling and you can literally watch the chocolates releasing the lifeforce as it goes up through the crown, and then the soul will come out but the top of the head and it's so amazing to witness because it's so again intelligent and organized in perfect. The soul it just to me it kind of just looked like a little like a squirt in that way. It wasn't like standing next to the body confused because the person hadn't had time to like understand and come to acceptance and say their goodbyes and prepare. And the people who were still had more life and didn't fully want to die, but they had disease and it was what it was. Their soul would be a little hardier. There's a lot of people that were already like over it, they'd been dead in their bodies for ever. We don't we know a lot of people that are, you know that it's been rough for them. So they're like, get me out of here. And those guys were just like little puffs, you know, but ultimately what I would see would be loved ones, like what I would assume would be their loved ones coming in. Usually at the top of the corner of the ceiling, little family reunion up there, right I would see pets and so like it I didn't know these people are my patients as a medic, but you could tell that their soul was over the moon excited to see Maybe their spouse that they had lost and their spouse is greeting them. And I got to watch all of these reunions with the spouses and it was just this joyous like, event. I would also see if people had religious beliefs, I would see religious archetypes, you know, mother, Mary, or Jesus, or Buddha, or all are just different presentations of whatever that person's belief structure. But all this is happening while we're they're doing the mechanics of the 911 call, you know, we're coming in to declare death, which is something paramedics do in hospice situations. But I'd be watching this up in the corner of the room, you know, countless times, it was really cool.

Jannecke Øinæs 20:43

I can just imagine you doing all the paramedic stuff with your colleagues? And then seeing all of that, like, how did you manage to stay focused and serious? And wouldn't you feel the urge to share with your colleagues?

Sarah Grace 21:00

You know, what's amazing is because I was so closeted for the first 10 years of the 15 that I was doing this, I wasn't talking about it, because I wasn't educated, but I was witnessing what I was, and my colleagues could feel it. And they were like, What are you doing? And I was like, I have no idea. Yeah, though. It wasn't until I had a SIDS call. It was a three week old. And I was holding this disease child in my hands and spirit essentially came and kind of knocked me out of the way because I at the time was a young mother, I had children of my own, I don't care who you are, as a paramedic. By this time, I was very senior. But if you're holding a dead baby that like that's a bit of a mind Twister, and spirit kind of knocked me out of the way. And I watched myself, delegating and working on this baby to the hospital, I watched from the top of the ambulance. And the reason this call was so important to me, first of all, baby made it. So that was a good thing. I can see the energetics of the baby. And it was very tranquil as we were working on and I knew I already had kind of a clear cognizant, pre Cognizant knowing that the baby was not going to transition. It was not it's time. But we got baby to the hospital. And that was the call that changed everything for me because I was like, alright, what is this? Like? Why am I like this. And I'm cool with seeing and hearing and knowing and I'm cool with all the death but I didn't like the getting knocked out of my own body thing. And so I was like, I have to understand what this is. And I have to come to terms with my own fear and my own shame. And that began a very long process of me becoming educated. I did a lot of my own trauma, healing. My own shadow work, really faced my fears and skepticism and judgment about the psychic community in general. And then started studying girl like Reiki shamanism, medical intuition mediumship, all types of energy healing, you know, plant medicine work. Medical intuition, and psychic surgery is ultimately what what I've come to now. But that's how that's how that chain of events went.

Jannecke Øinæs 23:19

Do you think there was a purpose with you opening up to these abilities at seven? Have you sort of looked into why or all of a sudden open up at seven? I find that interesting? Because you could have been born with these abilities. So was there something happening at seven?

Sarah Grace 23:38

Well, my whole home life was like birth to 16 was every single day extreme violence. So there was no like one blow to the head. You know, sometimes you hear people get like a concussion and their psychic abilities came on. Though, I can't point to one single instance because the first 16 years were so intense and violent for me. But now I understand after doing my own healing, after doing my own shadow work, I went through that level and magnitude of volatility, so that I could be the level of paramedic that I became and now the level of healer that I am because I've personally been there. Right? I understand the energetics. And my dharma is to bridge the mainstream consciousness with the holistic and energetic worlds. And we have to me it's about making this stuff really make sense. And so I had to go live it. It's part of my dharma. It's part of my wiring to have gone through such extreme violence and have to been able to transmute and alchemize it into wisdom that I use now in my practice.

Jannecke Øinæs 24:49

Now, these abilities that you have, is it like that you could see things around me now. Do you see things all the time do you see like yeah, Okay, so is there anybody around me right now, for instance,

Sarah Grace 25:04

Your crown chakra has very, very open, direct access to the pineal gland for you, your heart is beautiful. And of them, there's a lot of greens, golds, some kind of bright, vibrant oranges, multiple layers of data in the auric field, which is everybody. But when I look at people such as yourself, there's even more data and all it's this is all just vibration. This all of this world is just vibration, right? We know that now, I can tell an old soul because they have all of these different layers of data and information in their auric field. And that's just as we sit here, like if I was to actually get into you, then I could be like, Go into all of your organ systems and start to look at different life experiences and like, potentially have other spirits come through or guides come through my strength is trauma, integration, medical intuition, helping people understand their own giftedness like what is this all about? And how can you use it? So that's my, my everyday experience.

Jannecke Øinæs 26:08

Interesting, is it something you can turn off and you need to turn off also.

Sarah Grace 26:13

To me, I cannot turn it off. But what I've learned to do is I, I either have focus on it, or I do not focus on it. I understand some people say that they can turn their abilities off my I'm on such high end of the spectrum, that this is just what it is for me. And I've had to come to terms with all of the things that I need to do in terms of self care, to maintain such a sensitive system. But if I'm not in session working with clients, or on a 911 call or dealing with, you know, whatever, then I just noticed that and move on, because I'm just not I'm not on duty, you know,

Jannecke Øinæs 26:49

Right. Do you think it's crucial that we work on our stuff and our traumas, because if we don't in this life or incarnation, we will just have it? Follow us into the next life?

Sarah Grace 27:05

For sure. And there's no right or wrong, we can't ever mess it up. And we're never ever off path. That said, we have options. And we have choice in this life. And we can choose to lean into self like introspection, Shadow Work, integration, trauma recovery, because what that does, is again, it's about Alka maizing. Right? Transforming density, darkness, pain, suffering addiction into wisdom. Well, how is it that we do that we face it, right? In the spiritual world, a lot of times there's disassociated kind of people floating out here, not really wanting to come down into the body, and I get it. Like, I mean, being in body as an ultra sensitive, it's like being electrocuted all the time. So it takes courage to be willing to come into the physical body, and to lean into healing and navigating your own traumas and things. But yes, ultimately alkalizing things into wisdom. And that way, it's like completion cycle. And then it's like, yeah, reboot for the next one. What are we doing? You know?

Jannecke Øinæs 28:18

So if we work on our stuff in this life? What is my question? How can we prevent that we come back, if we want to get out of the reincarnation cycle, you think,

Sarah Grace 28:33

I believe that there is an opt out, and it's a little bit of a human kind of linear perspective that this is the only thing that we're doing, because that's not true. There's literally 1000s of different lives that are happening simultaneously in parallel dimensions right now. There's no past life because everything is concurrent outside of our little matrix, duality, right? duality, gravity, five senses, it's all part of it the egoic infrastructure. We came here for the experience of contrast to be human to like, ah, let's check this out. What is this about? And ultimately, I believe that, you know, sometimes people such as myself, we go through really dark, heavy lifting, and it can be ancestral balancing programs. It can be karmic contract completion cycles, but it's not like one little life to one little life. It's like 1000s of lives that are all doing this thing to kind of balance once we expand, it really blows the human mind. It's kind of it's more, it's bigger than the little human mind can fully grasp. I think.

Jannecke Øinæs 29:43

Now with your abilities, I assume that you also can tap into the future, perhaps, ish.

Sarah Grace 29:51

I mean, there's there's many, many variations and varieties of future but yeah, do you have a specific question?

Jannecke Øinæs 29:59

Yes. Like a lot of us, not a lot of us a lot of those that are interview are speaking about this big shift of consciousness that things will really change that we're upping our game, going into the next level the Age of Aquarius, we can call it so many things the golden era, and that a lot of things are happening right now in 2024 and 25, there will be rapid shifts, and that some are saying that it will be difficult, not airy fairy, but it will get better. And we will raise our vibration and live more in love. But perhaps not in this lifetime. Or some are saying yes. And others are saying no, not yet. So I'm just curious, what do you see coming for humanity in the future?

Sarah Grace 30:50

Well, we're, there's no doubt that we're in a shift, right. And however belief structures this time, we can feel that things are changing. My understanding is that we are shifting into more of the Age of Aquarius light, feminine, I also coming out of Age of Piscean, age, dark masculine, neither is better, right? It's just our little minds that are like, I like this, I don't like that. But these are 1000s of year long cycles and overlays that have been happening, and how over and over and over, we just happen to be living through the shifting. So it's particularly potent, my understanding is 2025 to 2035 is the dawning of this Piscean or excuse me, the Aquarian Age, the light feminine. Now you have to understand where we are, and we have to understand vibration, we also have to understand that there's there's not good bad right or wrong, it just is we're having an experience in body with duality, and with gravity. And because there's so much it's been heavy and dark for a long time, it's been doing what it's doing linear greed, lust, power, control, manipulation, money, like all, that's how it's been for a long time. Now we're starting to shift, higher vibrations of light are starting to come onto the planet more and more. And that's again, part of the Divine overlay. It's not like we're like, oh, we're gonna dial this in. And all this thing was pre planned. This is way bigger than like our little lives. But what happens when higher frequencies come in, it starts to vibrate, all that dark stuff, and that dense stuff, and the dense stuff has no choice but to start to move open up. And that's what we've been seeing not just the past four years, but for a couple of decades, really, things are people are starting to see through some of the old paradigms and start to question. Now, where are we going? My understanding is not that we're going to be transcendent beings with no bodies and no egos that are just trolla on earth. Because that would to me be a fundamental misunderstanding of why we come have the human experience, which is contrast that said there as we awaken to our own spiritual and energetic nature, as we understand things like personal responsibility, nonviolent communication, emotional intelligence, community, holistic, then we become more aware, and it becomes more of a loving, nurturing experience. So to me, that's where sometimes I hear that it's like, we're going to be five d and like, well, we're always five d, in the five d, this is 3d. And we came here to be 3d, we came here to be human, right? So it's like not really understanding it. But here is here, but we can do we can do here differently. We do have to look at is, and what is is that there's a whole lot of pain. There's a whole lot of suffering, there's a whole lot of fear. There's a whole lot of density, in a lot of people right now. So are they going to be able to just all of a sudden go boop, over here, realistically, a lot of them will likely shed body die. That's not a scary thing. Okay? It's not we all we've done this a gazillion times, all of us it's like taken off a heavy coat. Right? And then we go into these different experiences and can choose to incarnate back into a different experience, if we will. So that's kind of how I'm thinking of it is like, Yes, I have this understanding. Yes, we're going to shift. What can I do today? And that's what I advocate for you and for your list. Anybody who's listening, if it resonates, it's like, if we're looking out here, it can be so overwhelming and we can get like overstimulated, like what's the point? This is just too much. What can you do? Bring it back in? What can you do today? for yourself? To create the experience that you want to live in that five d, have the conversations Tell the people you love them go on the vacation by yourself. They're like the nice candles. Here's the nice utensils and plates and silverware. Like be it. Right. Like he'll allow yourself compassion through all of your messy humaneness. We're all messy humans. That's why we came here. It's okay, wherever you are. Right? That's, that's kind of my experience of the whole thing. Makes sense.

Jannecke Øinæs 35:35

I just remember that I forgot to ask you about your near death experience. And I know my many my audience are curious about near death experiences. And I assume that that is also part of sort of your knowledge and wisdom and knowledge about the afterlife. And that happened way back before you became a paramedic, from what I understand. So would you like to share your experience and everything that's relevant to that.

Sarah Grace 36:06

So going back to being young, my my near death, I had an overdose, a drug overdose, and I had a near death experience in which my consciousness fully expanded. I was in the state of addiction and like trauma, like high trauma, not understanding not wanting to be participate in this life, because it was just too intense. And I didn't understand it. When I had the near death experience through the overdose my my perception just expanded, I went into this really yummy kind of golden bubble. Everything felt really warm. Very, it's just this incredible love energy. I knew everything simultaneously and everything made perfect sense. I was like, oh, yeah, of course. Right? Right. There was no pain. I didn't have any sense of I was just relieved. I was like, Oh, thank God, get me out of there. I don't want to go back to that that was too much. But I heard a female's voice. And the female I understand now was likely my higher self talking to me at age 19 or 20, whenever my overdose was. And she was very eloquent. But essentially what she said is like, yeah, we get it. We know it's been hard. You picked it, you picked a doozy, right? Of a life. But if you go back, you're actually going to help a lot of people understand their energetic sensitivities, you're gonna and you're gonna help a lot of people. And so I was floating around in this expanded state of consciousness. And I didn't, I was, I was good. I was like, Yeah, you know, think I'm good on that. But the more I stayed, I got to this place where she was like, if you go any further, you won't be able to come back. And so I thought about it. And I was like, Okay, well, since I can see and understand everything, I chose to come back thinking that everything would be laid out for me in terms of like, Okay, Sarah, this is what you go do to go help all these people. That's not how it was, I came back. And then I had to deal with myself. I had to get a handle on my addictions, I had to get a handle on my traumas, I had to get a handle on, make behavioral changes take responsibility for my own life for my own health. Yes, I had been through extraordinarily extraordinary violence for a long time. And yes, I have this high velocity stimulus that I couldn't, I couldn't talk to people about, but what was I going to do about it? That was the game changer was what am I going to do about it? How am I going to navigate this? And that pivoted everything once I assumed responsibility. It was like this sucks. I wouldn't wish this on anybody. Right? This much data and stimulus and awareness is so much to handle, but what am I going to do about it? And that really shifted everything. For me. That was my near death experience.

Jannecke Øinæs 38:58

Wow. Interesting. In that near death experience, did you feel that you were physical? I've always wondered how it feels on the other sides? Did you have a body for instance, ish.

Sarah Grace 39:13

I mean, it's like all of your likes and your dislikes, and your sense of self remains intact. All of your memories and experiences remain intact. But there's no physical structure. So there's no, of the sensory, it's more like, we expand, and everything. This is hard for the mind to understand unless you've had your own experience. In a heightened state of consciousness, there's access to more data and information, but it all makes perfect sense. It's all orchestrated in a way that is like, oh, yeah, of course. Yeah, of course. Right. It makes sense. Whereas then we come back here and we're like, but what about this? Let me figure that out. Let me put this in a box. Let me categorize that. Let me right and that's part of the human the human deal, right?

Jannecke Øinæs 40:01

Interesting. And you felt yourself as Sarah, because what I don't get is, why don't you then connect to your higher self all that you are a soul living all these lives that we mentioned that we're living simultaneously. So why this limited perspective of just that incarnation as Sarah?

Sarah Grace 40:24

That's such an awesome question. Because it's the first stop of many on like, if you think of it like a train, there's going to be all of these stations stops. And this is the first round of like, welcome, you no longer have a body. Let's assimilate your consciousness. Oh, let's remember baba, baba, baba. And then we go through life review. Right so usually it's shut the body do your little family reunion or your you know, religious archetype reunion hanging there until you're like full satiated, like, Ah, thanks for that was good. Now we get to life review. Life Review is a doozy because we sit there and feel what every one of our thoughts, words, actions and deeds did not only to ourselves, but to everybody else. And we sit there and watch the entirety, entirety through the butterfly effect. So that can take the time. There's no time out there. But you know, if you've screwed a lot of people over, you're going to be sitting there, looking at that and feeling their feeling, feeling what they went through. As a result, if you helped a lot of people, same thing, okay. And after life review, then we'll start to expand my this is just my understanding, take it or leave it always you guys take what resonates with you and let go of whatever doesn't, okay, this is just my experience through what I've been through. Then we go into the oversoul experience, which looks like a brain cell, like an axon, and dendrite, and the oversoul houses the data of 1000s of lives. Okay? And then when we go to that level, then it starts to get to Mindbender stuff where the human little brains like, oh, man, it so it acclimates level by level by level as your awareness is a two two. Does that make sense? Because some people don't want to die. Or some people kill themselves and they have regret, and so they hang out. And they're gonna stay earthbound for a while. Right? Their experience will be a little bit different. But ultimately, my, what I've experienced and seeing this for so long, I mean, that a 1000s and 1000s of 911 calls and clients by the stage, I mean, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of deaths and dead bodies, I've seen a lot. Ultimately, there's no element that's ever left behind. Right, there's nothing to fear in any of it. It's there is choice, even post mortem. And ultimately, that were with beings were with a consciousness. And yeah, it's it's it's a major exam. It's infinite. It's incredible.

Jannecke Øinæs 42:56

So did you have a life review and experience also your oversoul?

Sarah Grace 43:01

Yeah, not the oversoul. At that time, I did that in plant medicine, shamanic study journeys, when I was studying that, and doing my own personal integration work. But when I had my near death experience, I had a life review. And they're like, that's when she's like, we get it man. Like, whoa, you really, you're balancing some stuff, like, I was balancing some karma, I guess. And I front loaded this life real heavy, like, get her done. Let's just handle this. And when I was able to see it, like, oh, that's why, you know, you almost died daily for for 16 years. That's why you got hit in the head with it with a hammer and your eyeballs were burned out with nail polish remover, like that's why you have this ability, all of these abilities. And it made sense, right? And that's what I look at now is like how it all feathers and dovetails so perfectly. And I look back on all of it with gratitude. Now not then, when I was going through, right? It was like the worst, right? But now I'm like, I get it.

Jannecke Øinæs 44:00

Because I've been wondering about that. In this incarnation. Like, I don't get this, I hope that when I pass this will make sense and that I get myself that I understand why I feel like this why I feel like the act, why my Interstate is constantly changing what all of a sudden, I feel heavy. And like, I have so many questions why this and why that. So you're saying that it all makes sense.

Sarah Grace 44:27

Cool. 100% 100%. And there's always see it's up to our minds. We want to know why because that's part of the human gig, right? Like we want to just figure it out. We want to feel like we know we can control stuff and make stuff happen. Ultimately, everything is what it is. Because it is but that's not a very satiating answer to us. We're like, No, I'm on a quest. Cool. We're on a quest. So both are both are always true. This is a dualistic paradoxical, paradoxical experience where it's everything and nothing similar to geniusly ultimately, yes, all of your questions will be answered, everything will make total sense. And you don't have to die to get there like you can do your own trauma work. And you can continue on your healing path. And you'll just have these like, Oh, right there it is, like, I wasn't trying to make this stuff make sense, I would just go run a 911 call. And I'd help somebody who's like cracked out or on heroin, or somebody who's in domestic violence. And I'm sitting there like, I totally get it, right. Because I was bringing this consciousness of love and acceptance into this dark space, and something really clicking me. Like, that's why. That's why you live that. So you could do that. Does that make sense?

Jannecke Øinæs 45:40

Yes, it makes a lot of sense. So I had a feeling that you were about to talk a bit about destiny, because in one sense, you're saying it all makes sense? And then it seems like there's a meaning behind everything. That is that you're feeling that there's meaning behind everything? And that sort of everything is orchestrated? Yeah, basically, that there's a meaning behind everything, you know, the expression, oh, there's meaning with that happening.

Sarah Grace 46:12

Yes. And again, it goes back to both. And so everything is what it is just because it is and at the same time, your own personal interpretation will draw meaning, and we're going to make something means something to us. We can line up next to each other and look at the same thing. And it's going to mean something different to each of us. Right? And that's like the human perspective. But if we are open to growth, soul growth, so episode evolution, we can look into the experience of what what does this mean? How can I utilize it? How can I grow from it? What can I learn from it? And those are tools that we can harness as humans to expand our own individual consciousness, which then expands the collective consciousness? Is there a plan did we is yes, there are predetermined like, okay, like, this is kind of where you're at, like, we've all been everything. Male, female, masculine and feminine light, dark, Violet, beautiful. Like all of it. We've all been all the things right? And it cracks me up. Because when people are like, Oh, I'm reincarnated, but they're always like these, like, you know, I was Buddha or Jesus or whatever. It's never like the homeless person. Right? So that just cracks me up. I'm like, Are you guys we've all been this Come on. Probably right. But like, my understanding in the Incarnation choosing, we can kind of choose like, alright, what kind of things do you want to balance? What do you want to work on? Like, whatever. And then we go, all right. It's like Chutes and Ladders go down and enter. And then we get them. We're born into the physical, and then we forget, which is the point of the whole thing. But as we're going along through our lives, if we're doing soul exploration, desire for growth, then we're going to remember a lot of that that makes sense, or oh, that's deja vu. Or I feel like I've been here before, somehow I already know these skills. Right? That's all coming from the pre birth type stuff in the higher planes. Again, in the spiritual world, I think sometimes we get a little too serious. We take things a little too, like, Okay, well, this is spiritual, in fact, not. And it's like, well, if every everything is God, everything is consciousness. So even like, you know, the most dense experiences, or drugs or whatever, all of that stuff is part of this gig. So it's all and we cannot mess it up, we have the choice to lean into growth, or we have the choice to not it's not one is not better than the other in life review. We'll sit and we'll see, oh, well, I could have done these things. But instead I did these things. Well, maybe I'll do a different sudden makes sense. But sometimes we get so hard on ourselves, like, Am I on path? Like Am I growing? Am I living my highest self? And it's like, we're alive as we are man, you're perfect. Perfect. You can't mess it up, take some pressure off, right?

Jannecke Øinæs 49:11

You think that every encounter and meeting is pre planned? Because we often feel that our soul mates? Oh, that's pre planned. And I was meant to meet this guy and my wonderful husband? Or have these kids? And then what about you know, the clerk or the postman and the taxi driver, like are all encounters meant to be?

Sarah Grace 49:34

Oh, absolutely. And there's infinite because what if you were to turn left instead of right? So there's infinite possibilities. So the whole life like if somebody wants me to tell them their future, I'm like, No, that's you but I'll help you heal yourself. So do you feel empowered enough to do it? Right. But in terms of like, the plan, is there are these plans or yes, to answer your question. Yes.

Jannecke Øinæs 50:00

All right. So there's a destiny. So there's certain people you are you are supposed to meet who you are meeting.

Sarah Grace 50:06

Thank you for bringing me back to that. I got expanded there. And I was like, which way? Are we going? Yes. Because when we meet somebody that really resonates, we feel like we've known them or like it's meant to be that is one of our primary contracts in this life. And it's not just that one, there's always going to be multiple, just like there's multiple death option points for every person. It's not just like, this is the single time, this is the single person, if you would have turned left, there would have been a certain set of possibilities. But you turned right. So you met this person? Does that make sense?

Jannecke Øinæs 50:45

Yes, that makes a lot of sense. And that tells me that everything is not set in stone, even though you can say that it's destiny sort of get. Okay, let me say that again. So if Destiny gave room to all possibilities, that will would also be destiny in a way Correct.

Sarah Grace 51:10

Again, we get really kind of hyper focused and hard on ourselves sometimes of thinking we have to perform or do it right, or we can't mess it up. Or it's like, let's just relax. For instance, I developed addiction as a result of coping with the amount of trauma I came from chaos, violence, and not knowing or understanding my abilities, I could have continued the life of an addict and lived that all the way out. That would have been very understandable considering where I came from. I chose however, I was there, I was living it, but I was like, hmm, that's kind of sucks. I'm gonna do something different. And through a lot of legwork, and personal responsibility and behavioral choices, I changed and then I went with my life into a different direction, which opened up and completely all of these different series of events, I put out my first book, and now we're talking you and I are talking, I'm gonna have a television show when we're bridging consciousnesses, and we're educating people about their power. It makes sense. But if I would have opted to stay there, that would have been okay, I would have missed out on all of this. But it's not like you can like somebody's gonna wag their finger at you and be like, No, you messed it up. You didn't do right. It's like the heightened expanded consciousness of life beyond the little human physical form. It's all seeing all knowing, and it's like we get it. We get it.

Jannecke Øinæs 52:39

Why and why you're like a spiritual Oracle. I feel like I can ask anything.

Sarah Grace 52:49

for like volley Can we talk a bit about where I'm at now? And how I got where I'm at now.

Jannecke Øinæs 52:59

yes. So yeah, please share, where are you right now and what you're working on?

Sarah Grace 53:04

Well, so 15 years and 911 plus chaplaincy during COVID 20 years of dead bodies total was my 911 experience. And I was like, okay, during that time, I was getting educated and doing my own healing. And so I am now I have a full time medical, intuitive and psychic surgery practice where essentially, I'm a paramedic still, but for the soul. Right. So we work with people's traumas, people's addictions, I see people that have been to every specialist have these chronic conditions can't get to the root of it. And it's like, oh, yeah, well, I like to hate it from every angle. So physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, astral etheric template, we're going to hit it from every lens, because all of it matters. And what I'm up to is just making this stuff makes sense. I have come home to myself, I have found my own power and through my own healing, and I'm here to assist other people doing the same for themselves. It's like, I really believe we're all our own greatest teachers and healers. It's just sometimes we needed a little bit of a boost, right? So in medical intuition and psychic surgery, it's like, lack of a better way of saying like pressure washing and rotor reading people for a living, right, because people get so bogged down in the day to day or the heaviness or they've got organ system stuff or addiction stuff or whatever that stuck in the physical body. So we open all that stuff up and reboot the entire system. It's like pulling you out of a ditch, get your totally triage, stabilized and then like on your way, and give you three to six month curriculum. Because it's, it's you that's gonna heal you, right? Like we can put the breadcrumbs real close together, but you got to take the steps, but we can create a scaffolding so that your mind is like, Okay, I could do this. And so that's what I do now, in addition to the books and talk In a lovely people like yourself, and then I'm taking it into the media. Because there's here I thought I was this lone weirdo growing up, I thought there was something mentally wrong with me like who wants to say I hear you, I hear voices in today's culture. But now I understand there's upwards of 20% of our population, 1.6 billion of us. And this is our time you guys to come out to own our power to own our sensitivity as a superpower to understand how to drive this apparatus and what to do with this much energy and how you how you navigate right. And so I'm creating Empath X Empath dash x, which is going to be a real life School for the gifted, and really teaching people practical. This is the thing, man to me, if it's some super spiritual are huge, like, whatever, it doesn't land, I'm like, Yeah, but what are we doing today? Like right now? Like, what do we do? And that's what I'm all about is like, alright, like this, this, this, this and this. And so it's big. And it's exciting. And we're coming in through television movie, we're gonna come in through creating this online college. We're coming in through more of these types of conversations. It's our time. Collectively, this is my personal journey. But I'm one of, I think billions, really, I think there's a lot of people that are still closeted, or in denial. And what I intend to do is, normalize it and make it make sense so that people aren't scared to say, oh, yeah, I see that people. Oh, yeah, we hear stuff. Oh, yeah, I know stuff. Oh, yeah. I can feel or see that people's energy. Like, we can just Oh, yeah. Okay, well, this is what you do, right? This, this, this, this? And this, right? It doesn't make any sense.

Jannecke Øinæs 56:54

Wow, wonderful work you're doing. I'm really happy that you did all the trauma work, that you heal yourself. So you are able to be here today. Do your amazing work, because like you said, you could have chosen otherwise. But you're here. And that's an amazing story, amazing transformation that you had. And thank you so much for sharing all this virtual knowledge. It was really inspirational. And I have a couple of questions that I asked him many of my guests and the first one I want to ask you is what is self love to you?

Sarah Grace 57:31

Acceptance, acceptance of what is acceptance of what we've been through acceptance of our light and our dark, our shortcomings, our strengths or weaknesses, acceptance, acceptance of ourselves. And that is how I personally came home to myself.

Jannecke Øinæs 57:48

Beautiful, and what is the deeper meaning of life from your perspective.

Sarah Grace 57:52

Just to live it. All in guys like this is guaranteed to end 100% Guaranteed none of us knows when we all think we got time. We don't know. So live, seriously, live. Do do it. Now. Allow yourself there's so many people that are so scared in their bubble wrapping themselves, trying not to die, but they're not living. Live.

Jannecke Øinæs 58:20

Powerful. Sarah, thank you so much for being on the show today and for doing your amazing work.

Sarah Grace 58:26

Well, likewise, and thank you for the consciousness and beauty that you bring into the world and this amazing platform and all of the wonderful gifts that you're also contributing, we are stronger together. I don't think this is about any one of us. I think this is about all of us. And the more we come together and we celebrate each other and we support each other, the faster we can grow and expanding consciousness. So thank you

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