In an eye-opening interview, Robyn Steyn reveals her transformative journey from the world of acting to a profound spiritual awakening. Robyn’s path is marked by the fascinating concepts of quantum jumping, channeling higher-dimensional beings, and deepening her intuitive abilities, offering valuable insights for anyone on a spiritual quest.

Robyn’s spiritual awakening began in 2018, when she found herself disillusioned with her acting career. Experiencing physical symptoms like throat constriction and sleep paralysis, she sought answers through self-development and spirituality. Her exploration led her to channeling, a practice that unexpectedly unfolded during a late-night meditation in July 2020. Without expectations, Robyn opened herself to channeling, and words started flowing through her, marking the beginning of her journey as a conduit for higher-dimensional wisdom.

Embracing Quantum Jumping and Higher-Dimensional Guidance

Robyn channels a seventh-dimensional collective known as Annaka Sanjaya, who provide guidance on various spiritual topics. She emphasizes the importance of discernment in channeling, ensuring the messages are expansive, loving, and free of limitations. Her transition from acting to channeling was met with skepticism from friends and family, but over time, their concerns eased as they witnessed the profound love and light in her messages.

Quantum jumping is another fascinating topic Robyn discusses. She explains that we are constantly shifting between dimensions, but to experience significant changes, one must alter their emotional values, habits, and thought processes. This transformative process is rooted in raising one’s vibration and embracing new perspectives.

Robyn’s insights into manifestation align with the law of attraction, highlighting the power of non-resistance and focusing on higher frequencies. She encourages embracing intuition, which she believes is essential for navigating the complexities of life and spiritual growth.

Throughout the interview, Robyn’s warmth and authenticity shine through, making her teachings accessible and inspiring. Her journey reminds us that spiritual awakening is a continuous process of learning, expanding, and connecting with our higher selves.

For those seeking to delve deeper into spirituality and intuition, Robyn’s masterclasses and readings offer valuable guidance. Her work exemplifies the transformative power of trusting one’s inner wisdom and exploring the vast potential of the human spirit.

Transcript of the interview

Jannecke Øinæs 0:00

I've been hearing about quantum jumping.

Robyn Steyn 0:03

Moment to moment this is occurring. Jumping from one dimension to another. But we would say at small fractions of it, if those who want to experience a very different version, yes, would need to change their emotional values, their habits, their thought processes. You would have to bring about a larger difference to your current vibration to see a notable difference.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:40

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Robyn Steyn 0:59

Thank you so much, Jannecke, thank you for having me.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:02

I'm excited to speak to you. You are a channeler. You channel a seventh dimensional collective that has a name that I cannot pronounce all just later on. You're a tarot card reader. And we might have some reading here today. And you're also an author of Love it or more. And from what I understand, you haven't always been channeling like this is quite new, but it has really developed fast. And you are a former actress, and I felt like quite a bit with you like being a musical theater artist, and then doing something completely different than I'm doing today. But you had an awakening right back when you were 34. And I'd love to start there and hear like how that transformed your life. And what really happened?

Robyn Steyn 1:56

Yes, okay. Well, as you know, with the kind of acting world, it is very, can be quite cutthroat and competitive. And so I'd spend my whole life just sort of doing that I moved to the UK when I was 14 to train in drama, at a performing arts school. So that was my whole thing. Right? I travel a lot. But yeah, it's just I was a struggling actress, you know, as you know. And it got to the age when, in truth at the beginning of we're actually at the end of 2018. I had made a short film. So I also made short films, and it didn't go anywhere. And I'd set this up thinking, Oh, this is going to be amazing, you know, and it didn't go anywhere, really. And then I had this like, oh, what's wrong? What's wrong with? You know, my life? What am I doing? What's wrong with everything? And that kind of everyone goes through that sort of self discovery, you know, at a certain age, whatever age basically, it's different for everybody, but to discover for yourself, okay, well, where am I in life? What's happening? And so I realized, oh, there's this energy holding back until I realized I was holding myself back. And so I thought, okay, cool. Let me do some self development. And my first port of call was, you know, Tony Robinson, you know, because he's sorry, Tony Robbins, because he's always, you know, he's, he moves forward. He's, he's very kind of masculine and divine energy, kind of like, action orientation. And that kind of led me down the spiritual awakening path because of those two different self investigating. And during this time, I've been reading Tarot for a couple of years before then. But during this time, between January of 2019, to about May 2019, I started to develop quite a lot of really bizarre physical symptoms. Physical symptoms, in the sense of when I would do terror, my throat chakra, my throat felt like it was constricted, I felt like I was sucking energy out of people ringing in the ears, sleep paralysis, just a whole list of weird phenomena that was happening. And the more and it was happening, the more I was kind of looking into because I felt like I'm going crazy. I can't speak to anyone about this. So I was kind of there on YouTube trying to figure out what was going on. And then about, so it took the whole of 2019 to kind of really navigate that journey. Luckily, I was by myself. Luckily, I had the space and the time to really delve into it, dive into it. I remember coming across, Kevin was if they call us channelers, and I saw this one Channeler and it was I was just I I was gobsmacked because everything that person was saying or what was channeled was really it really resonated with me. And I was just like in or I had no idea that I would be doing this like a year later. So yeah, so that whole over that whole year, I came to the understanding that I do not want anything to do with drama, anything to do with competition, anything to do with that. And because that had been my whole rock, you know, in the acting field and creativity is essentially what is that rock kind of that that bubble kind of exploded? And I had to come to terms with being okay, cool. Let me just be in the here and now. And stop thinking forward, stop planning forward, stop thinking about what is success for me, basically? Does it answer your question?

Jannecke Øinæs 5:51

Yeah. Thank you so much for sharing. And then how did you all of a sudden start to channel because I was also in theater and musical theater artist and completely changed my life. Now I do this, but I never started to channel so how did that appear in your life?

Robyn Steyn 6:09

Well, for me personally, as I said, my throat started constricting quite a lot when I was doing Tarot. And a friend of mine, a Reiki healer of mine, about six months later, well, mid 2019 said, Are you a channeler? And I was like, No, no way, you know, and she gave me a few tips which I tried, nothing happened. It was only till a year later, in July 2020, where I was late, it was late at night, about two o'clock at night. And you know, we're all there sometimes on our phone, looking at YouTube, you know, we're tired, but we can't help ourselves. But click on things. And I stumbled across a video that gave you you know, tools of how to get into channel. And there were two things were really, really interesting to me. One was to have no expectations at all, to be open. And two was to be in a state of meditation, but to be alert, sir meditation, that was like a heightened awakeness. And so it was really late at night, when I thought, I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it. So I stumbled out of bed was dark, a little candle, and I got into meditation. And for about 20 minutes. And I thought all I'm going to do is I'm just going to open my mouth and see what what comes out and are recorded as well. And have no judgment no matter what happens. And so that's what I did. And lo and behold, these words started coming out of my mouth, and it almost sound a kind of almost like a German accent. And I tried my best to remain alert and non judgmental, not thinking about what the expectation would be and just try to let it flow. And slowly the words would formulate. And then it slipped into what I now knows light language. And then part of me must have been saying no, no, let's go back to English. And they said, Okay, we're trying but light language is more innate for you. So that basically that whole experience after the whole session there was about I still got the recording of transcribed that as well. It was really amazing. That just blew my mind after that. And then of course following that, every day, I would just practice

Jannecke Øinæs 8:26

How did people around you react to you start to channel like, I assume you had acting colleagues and people who perhaps we're not so open to spirituality and all of a sudden, you channel these beings from a very high dimension? How was it like, you know, coming out,

Robyn Steyn 8:47

It was more a case of easy prior to that I'd spent 2018 and most part of 2019, kind of in my cocoon. So I'd kind of distanced myself quite a bit. Now, a lot of my friends luckily, as you know, you know, in in the sort of arts arts environment, people are very open, very accommodating, very kind of, you know, you can really push the boundaries with him within creative environment. But I only told friends much later, much, much later down the line, you know, because I was so scared that, you know, they would think I was a lunatic. I came, I open up to my sister, and we had a channeling and this was this was kind of the thing that really showed me because we had a Chani she can she ask questions, but in a big sisterly kind of way, like what are you doing with my sister? You know, and they would answer all love and light and everything. And she was so amazed by it afterwards, until a week later, she found me she says no, I don't wanna get involved in this because she was scared because she was like, we don't know who this is. You know, so having that experience, I realized, oh, like, I've got to be very careful. A few months later, I told my mum, and she was also a very kind of protective because, you know, we've all been, we've all grown up with those stories of possession or evil spirits out there, you know. And, and so again, so she wanted to hear it and but by in the beginning of the channeling, it was very difficult to understand they have a very strong accent, it's easy to understand now, but in the beginning, the words were kind of, you know, muddled up quite a bit as well. And she just felt she had a bit of a headache afterwards. And she was really concerned actually about who I was opening up to. So basically, in terms of opening up to friends and colleagues, it's only really been in the last couple of years. So for sort of two years, I was kind of, I'm going to keep this quiet, keep this to myself. And also you have to practice it, you have to nurture it, you have to understand what's going on, you have to be really, it's it's a skill that you have to develop. And by the way, everyone has access to this, everyone is able to do this many people channel in all sorts of different ways. But with vocal channeling, it's a it's a specific way. And it is something that you can nurture. They've told me I've done this many times before in previous lives. So that's why it's probably a little bit easier for me, or it was quicker for me, I think another value is the whole, all the drama training we did, as you know, you have to learn how to kind of surrender to the character, you let go you sort of allow energies to move through you. So I think in a way that actually primed me that was a really good training for channeling.

Jannecke Øinæs 11:53

Yeah, in many ways. I think acting might be channeling singing might be channeling and also painting. And I think a lot of us are channeling without knowing it and channelers like you are more consciously channeling, and have faith in what you're doing. And I think you know, the better you become at it, the more pure the filter becomes, in a way that makes sense. To me at least. I'm curious about who you channel. And speaking of, you know, being discerning whether these are higher evil beings or not, like what was your process of getting to know who you were channeling and really trusting that Okay, so this is from you know, a higher dimension that listen to.

Robyn Steyn 12:48

Yeah, absolutely. I mean, it's a fair question and one that I actually spent quite a few years discerning one of the key things to know how to discern is if you whatever you channeling if it is limiting in any way in any way shape or form. If it is asking you to do something this is there's not good anything from a high dimensional frequency operates the law of free will. And so it will always promote expansion love and opening up and discovery of more and more and more without telling you what to do without saying you're wrong or without limiting you in any way. So that's kind of the gauge and it's really really helpful and so for me even though it was always so expensive, like the lovers are more means Can you imagine loving something and then can you imagine something bigger than that? It really opens up the potential because it's very difficult for as human beings to understand something that's greater than love. Love is the greatest thing but can you stretch that little bit further you know and see what else is out there? And so even though these were the messages constantly for me I'm a Taurus you know I'm slow I'm slow to learn I need it reiterated reiterated to me and gradually you know also with you know, family members you know at first with when they were concerned that the guy who what what's happening here they also soon found out that it was all love and light now you asked about who I channel they call themselves Anna because son Jack, right? It's a mouthful, right? Cuz I'm Cha and because I remember we asked him again and they said it's Annika Sanjaya but Anna because some chat they are 710 density and collective of 12 but they do say that many other energies do tap into the energies and are very excited to watch what's going on basically they I have explained,

Jannecke Øinæs 15:01

Can I just jump in there? Because seventh density and not seventh dimension? And I don't know if that's, you know, conscious because in the raw material the last one, they speak about six, I think they say that they are six density beings, I think I might be mistaken. They are seventh density, then they are like, way ahead of us.

Robyn Steyn 15:25

Yeah, they, it would be seven dimensional, it's just sometimes people get hung up on the word dimension. So then if I say seven density, it's, it's just the higher vibration above that. So they have explained that they are. They can project his physical bodies, but they are actually like beings. And they do have that explained, they do have like a plasmic kind of membrane over their physical nature. I suppose I had someone ask them once. So like, who are you? Are you angels? Are you ETS? And they thought this was hilarious. And they said, Why do we have to be one or the other? You know, so. So I, I also realized a long time ago that I'm just I'll just accept because the whole point is trust and trust and love, you know, everything they say is very exciting, loving and encouraging for higher expansion.

Jannecke Øinæs 16:20

I don't know if you mentioned it. But are you aware of what they're saying? Or are you in a sort of trance? I'm

Robyn Steyn 16:28

Not in a trance. I can hear it, I can hear it. So it's as if I'm sitting over there. And I can hear the words, I'll get them. I'll get the impression of it about a fraction of a second before comes out. But now my mouth sometimes, you know, it looks a bit weird, you know? So I can hear it. I'm aware of it. And I know that sometimes because they'll they'll even send a channeling Oh, Robin is trying to is saying this. So they're probably going you know, hush, hush, hush, hush. It's okay. We've got this, you know, so I'm sort of sitting there listening. Sometimes a little bit half asleep.

Jannecke Øinæs 17:10

Yeah. Do you I assume in the beginning that you were doubting maybe that you weren't imagining this yourself coming up with it yourself? Or was it like, Okay, this is just coming out of my mouth? And I am not thinking it is just coming?

Robyn Steyn 17:30

Yeah, I, I could never doubt it. Actually, I was definitely what I was sometimes discerning or trying to figure out for myself was is there a part of me that's involved in this? Because I would I would do these little practices with myself and test I'm constantly testing. Okay, right. If the words aren't coming from me, then can I speak as fast as possible, and still word coming out? You know, and I'll play with all of these things to test it. Um, so I never doubted that part of it. The only the only things that I was discerning was firstly, initially, you know, who are you? Are you? You know, are you going to help lift me? Or are you going to keep me down? Right. And also, during that process, as well, kind of going I, you know, hoping that I am as a way and as clear as possible out of the way as much as possible so that I don't kind of go, Yeah, but what about this, you know, until them too, you know, that sort of thing. So those are the only kind of doubts I've heard. Yeah.

Jannecke Øinæs 18:38

Interesting, because I've had other channelers saying that everybody doubts, and I doubted the new beginning. And I've tried to channel myself once and I was like, Okay, this me just too much. And then, you know, so then

Robyn Steyn 18:53

she tried again.

Jannecke Øinæs 18:55

Yes, yeah. But I love doing it. I know that you are reading you are a tarot card reader as well. And maybe we could pull some cards afterwards. However, I feel like it's like time to bring them on first and isn't channeling I open to that.

Robyn Steyn 19:13

Let's do it. Let's do it. Okay, so just to give you an awareness, just you know what to expect. Every channel is different. You know, some people they hear the words and they speak the words I don't, it just comes I have to be cross legged. So I'll shift myself in a moment. I'll do the soundboard just for few pings. Just tune in just helps me a few breaths and then open my mouth and see what happens. Now you can ask them anything of course, but they do have a bit of an etiquette. So you're here in the beginning, then kind of narrating what is happening at a higher level. So it's as if they are narrating how I'm tuning in and they might say okay, you need to bring your light up a bit more. Okay, fine. This awesome When connecting with you this is a co creation so they're connecting with your higher self as well. So they may ask you to feel the question not just ask the question yeah that's within light within Almighty connect within now, as you ask within light connect within us we elevate this light within your mind elevates the sound we connect with an almighty and is available within you you connect all the way to learn the pathways that you seek when you ask for it in your mind, you're loving it, you will collect now, in the mind within you. So, elevate the sound within normally with like you are learning the pathways that you are violet within now you are elevating the sound to connect within soul line within. So one moment we understand you are asking within us to ask within you to question within us however, one moment escalate now. So yes, yeah, yes, we can act within your soul now you can find within you and ask within us now.

Jannecke Øinæs 21:16

All right, thank you so much for being here, and giving me the possibility to ask questions. And I am wondering about healing. Why is it that some are healed from diseases like cancer, when they're doing the spiritual work and they're doing the inner work and others are doing the same work and they are not healed? And they might pass away?

Robyn Steyn 21:41

Just like now, learn the pathways that you seek within. You are learning that within your soul, you are determining within yourself, why do some choose to elate and arise above certain which is understandable as illness? Yes, and others do not? Yes. So, within this language, the elevation of healing, yes, is that which is determined upon the self, yes, one cannot receive the healing unless one is open to the vibration of it. However, we understand also that there are certain predetermined averages of what they choose to seek when they came to live on the earth plateau. Yes, to determine the choosing forward. Now. We understand that there are many of those who are finding values of a lower denomination. Yes, in terms of the physical nature and health, yes. However, within you, and within those who are perceiving this, now we see an all compassing all encompassing attitude about this healing is important to understand that it is a hole of your being, and not simply the physical, yes, whereby some may determine their says to be unwell in the physical light. Perhaps they have not looked into the emotional scope of their findings from childhood, that which has been carried over. Yes. Then, of course, there are those certainly would say DNA extracts that have combined within them from certain genetics and past lives. Yes, we understand your question is why do some heal and others do not? Yes, however, understand that there are multiple peoples who experience a multitude of varieties of the nature versus nurture as well as the predetermined choices to seek and such in this lifespan. So we would say that healing comes from within Yes, of course. However, if that person did choose to what we would say of as looked for a certain theme to play out within their lives, yes. Perhaps they have chosen a certain theme of abandonment or rejection. Yes, yes. And therefore, it is played out in the scheme of illness. Now, one could shift the resonance of the theme from the physical matters into a different branch, so to speak, if the desire Yes, however, understand that illness is an all encompassing attribute. It is no, just the physical light of it, you understand?

Jannecke Øinæs 24:47

Yes. Now, I am curious about the journey of the soul, the evolution of the soul. I believe that the soul in one way grew Whoo, gross grow. Yes. This yes that it expands and that even though we are whole and complete and we are part of the universe and God and source, I believe there's a journey there of the soul. And I know the raw materials speaks about the different densities and I would love to hear your perspective on whoa the stages of the journey of the soul and what stage or phase humans are in now.

Robyn Steyn 25:34

So, light within light all of it now connect. So, within your life, you are preparing within us to question these value of the evolution of the soul. Yes, yes. So, in this light to understand it at a deeper level, one must agree upon the nature that each soul is connected to the Almighty. Yes, yes, there are certain expressions and fractures that do emit from these, you could see it as a beam of light. Yes, yes. So, then when you are exploring this fracture, yes, the struck tool and expression of all that can be yes, then you are breaching forward and evolving in this light in order to evolve one must split as a cell does, one must create more of itself to experience life from a different perspective. Yes. To come back on to itself. Yes. So, as those move forward, you speak of certain densities, yes, yes, yes. And there could be the one density which is a single point, the through the through within the two, yes, but you have the extra aspect of this the three which has the depth, the fall, which is based on time relativity, five, which moves more within the love capacities, moving into a sense of oneness and integration within all and is moved above in this matter, yes, as it does permeate to more. So, the sick density slowly, the physical natures do shift more into a poor state? Yes, it is still a what you would understand of as a soul in terms of the lightened sound frequencies, that is certain crystallized within this lecture measured of a tiny minut aspects of this manner, therefore, it can gain more gravity within this light. Yes. And so it moves forward. No, one can choose how to express themselves in many different measures. Yes. So what on your plateau? You have many peoples who have perhaps, also been in the 12 dimension also? Yes. However, they choose to send an aspect of themselves Yes. into a physical denomination, into a physical landscape to experience it. Yes. To seek further go deeper in this. So to say where humanity are at present is very, we would say difficult, yes. Because it would depend on the person. Yes. However, as you are asking within us, you are queering within us, how far are we? How advanced? Are we? Yes. And we would say to you, that you are currently in a stage of learning your colors. When we say learning your colors, you are learning to operate like children? Yes. But on a higher frequency of the five. The five Yes, the fifth? Yes. So while you have, to some degree mastered certain attributes within the free diet of men signal laws that do common trait, your experience? Yes. As you move higher, you have to start again at the beginning. From a new perspective, this is what is currently existing on your planet. Yes.

Jannecke Øinæs 29:35

Really interesting. Thank you so much. Um, I've been hearing about quantum jumping, that we can jump timelines and I'm curious, is that something we're doing all the time? Or is that something you have to practice to be able to do and what does it really mean and entail?

Robyn Steyn 29:55

So your light within our light elevates is light within your now You're asking about the jumping from point A to point. Yes, yes, yes. To experience one reality and then move into another reality is yes. So, we would say within you that of course, yes, this does occur on a moral moment, Turtle basis, moment to moment this is occurring, jumping from one dimension to another, but we would say at small fractions of it, so that it is certainly enough not to determine it. Yes. So, this is happening, we would say all the time now, if those who want to experience a very different version, yes, would need to change their emotional values, their habits, their thought processes, ultimately, what we're saying you would have to bring about a larger difference to your current vibration to see a noticeable difference. Now, we would say to you, have you ever experienced that when you about the hope? Yes. And you are looking for maybe it is a hairbrush, yes. And you cannot find your hairbrush, and you are looking everywhere? Yes. And then you stop. And then later, you see where the hairbrush is. However, you had looked in that position before and it was not there. This is evidence of a jump. Yes. So as you ask within us, yes, you asked to stay within us, how can we achieve this more and more? Yes. So we would say within you, in order to achieve this is to create a wide change within your vibrational field. Now, of course, we would say within light to do of the positive nature is always much better. However, there are those who can be having a very happy day, and then something bad happens. Yes. And then it changes the day. and everything turns out bad. Yes. Yes. So it happens in any which way you desire. Now, when one wants to make a large change in order to observe the changes in the environment? Yes, in terms of this quantum jumping, as you speak off, yes. They must be in full awareness of it, if they are choosing to operate on a higher frequency, to operate on a high frequency is to navigate your current moment to the breath to understand where you are, in this moment, to have that overview of yourself as yourself. Yes, this brings about a higher dimensional frequency because it is the awareness of it. Yes,

Jannecke Øinæs 32:46

It resonates, it does. And I'm thinking about manifestation on the same lines in a way. I'm curious about your perspectives on the law of attraction, whether that is a law that exists in all universes and the multiverse and if you have some perspectives on how to manifest that dream lives, yes.

Robyn Steyn 33:11

So, understand that within the human capacities, yes, you are within operating of the physical dimensions, yes. And therefore, when you are working within this, you are working with a scope in this field meaning that which you put focus on your achieving your receive, yes, but we understand that you are aware of this. So, one moment, we would like to find something deeper for you collect now live within sound Olivet commence all of it. Now, attraction is is compelled together through a position to some degree, yes, when we say of opposition, we are speaking of the duality within your human existence. So, within duality, you have two opposing points, yes, and this abide to a certain repel or attractive measure, yes, when you are working more in non resistance, so does become an attraction, more natural, more organic as you like to say yes, more organic in your field and arrive within you. When one is operating in a resistant mode, it creates the barrier of that which you can receive upon now, in this dualistic environment that you are experiencing. This is why the aspect of manifestation is so light in your field. Because peoples are coming into awareness of that they can attract more abundance and love in security and trust within the light however, it begins within first now, the contrasting duality that we are speaking of does not exist in our planetary system. stems yes, they operate in different aspects. However, for us to explain within this life, we would have to add more dimension to the field, which may not be understanding. So, within these aspects, the concepts of bringing the bridging point between two different opposing points yes is that which they are more operation in and then it goes deeper into the field of existence in terms of one moment the great work of the Titans we would say pattern sequences of the basic constructions and components of creation, there are languages we are cannot bring forth in this manner to elaborate however, we would say that the dualistic aspect is present within your field Yes, when we say your field when it's speaking for you entirely, we are talking about the collective Yes. So, in attracting in manifesting more of what it is you desire, there is bringing about the idea that why it is something you will like, it is something that you must not think of yes, because it is a paradox to be working both with one opposite to another. Yes, you can see this light within two peoples who love each other. Yes, they love each other, and they are happy together. However, if one person in the Union wants more love than the other, yes, is deciding No, no, no, but what if I lose this love? Therefore, I want to love it more? I'm going to focus on it more, because I'm afraid that I will lose it. Yes. Thus begins the resistance to the attractive magnetic measure. Yes. And then thus pulls apart? Yes. The Union to some degree. Now? Yes, of course, it could be brought back in together into union once again. However, we do see this exercise the backwards and forwards pulling forwards and backwards in many people's in your society, and not always in the romantic measures. Yes. Also within the families within the friend escapes within certain business structures as well. Yes, there is a forward and backward motion.

Jannecke Øinæs 37:33

That was quite deep. Thank you. I appreciate that. Yeah. Ah, do you have any last messages for particular my audience today?

Robyn Steyn 37:47

Like within sound comments always within learning pathways. Now, one moment, we are learning the pathways of your life now within you. So when you ask this question of us, yes, you are asking us. Yes. But what about the collective that we set within you? Yes, you are birthing the collective together within the creation of this platform that you are speaking of now, in this language that you have created for those to connect within? Yes, we will work within your life within this matter. Yes. So one moment. There are elevations now to commence loving the color of this white light in your mind your skin love to connect with you now. So yes, yes, you are there. See that the light that you hold within yourself is untarnished, untainted, yes. And bruised. We know that those who are attracted you speak of attraction? Yes, yes. Yes. Those who are attracted to spoken measures of certain spiritual events, those who are seeking to understand the spiritual pathways more and more, yes, are in full understanding of where they harness certain bruises. Now, when we see say bruises we are speaking metaphorically, yes. A bruise to the soul feeling as though they are not where they should be. feeling as though they are not as far as they want to be. Yes, we as our collective to say unto you, you are an tarnished, untainted, yes. And bruised. Yes. And even if you see the physical bruise play out in your life. Yes. Understand that it does kill itself back up. Yes, it doesn't last forever. And you take that experience, understanding that you're in the light does heal it. Yes. So those who are expressing and experiencing this elevation together now, yes, within your light, know that no matter what you do, no matter what you say, no matter what you think, no matter what others say, your light can never be tarnished ever. And this is what we'd like to say to you. Yes, yes. Yes.

Jannecke Øinæs 40:39

Thank you. Wow. Thank you so much for being here today and sharing this.

Robyn Steyn 40:45

Yes, we are elevating the sound now to commence within you to say within your we are valuing this moment now and forever. This elevation that we are connected within brings us great joy. Yes, we do enjoy these moments we are available, always to connect with in to understand within us is to understand within yourself. Yes. And we can find the bridging gap. Yes. So within your light. We are blessing your sound as you speak, when you deliver the words that you choose to say we bless them with our resonance of love. And within this light, we are light within.

Jannecke Øinæs 41:38

Wow. How do you feel?

Robyn Steyn 41:42

Yeah, good. Yeah, can really good. Yes. You're good. Yeah, that was quite light. It changes. Yeah.

Jannecke Øinæs 41:48

Okay. I thought that was quite profound. I really enjoyed that.

Robyn Steyn 41:54

Good, good. Yes. In the beginning, it was the accent was even stronger. And so it really was quite harder. There's a lot easier to understand now. But you still have to tune your ears in your nose. So I'm happy that it made sense. That yes, you have to watch your times. I find I have to watch it or write it down and read over. And then because it's multi layered. Hmm.

Jannecke Øinæs 42:19

And it feels like a totally different personality than you like I really felt that. Yeah, yeah. Yes, or not there, or

Robyn Steyn 42:29

my mom is in love with them. She's on her back.

Jannecke Øinæs 42:35

Really nice. I'd love to jump over to Tarot cards, because I know you quite skilled within that, and you're going to pull some cards for me as well. And I want to mention that I did have an interview with a woman who did tarot card readings from when she was very young. And she actually attracted a lot of dark entities. And I'm curious if that has been an experience that you've had. And that is important to be aware of. Because I think there are a lot of people wakening up on the planet now who wants to use these tools, and it's just so important that they they get some that they are aware of what they're doing. Maybe there are some ground rules. So I'd love for you to address that. And actually how you started to do this in the first place.

Robyn Steyn 43:24

Yeah, absolutely. Now tied in with channeling as well, because it's actually a really, it's a very good point. It's very important to realize it's so backtrack, I it was just on a whim, me and my friend would once a year go and treat ourselves to a naughty little median Tarot reading, right? Just for fun. This is way before any of this stuff happened. And, and the one lady I went to, she was doing the cards. And I was like, you know, you treat it all with a pinch of salt, you know, as we all were always used to do. And as she's doing the car, she says, her nose starts twitching and itching and stuff. And then eventually she says, Have you have you done this before? Have you done tire before? And I said, Well, yeah, I've gone to tarot readings. And she said, No, no, Have you have you done it yourself? So I say well, I said no. And then she said, Well, I think you're going to you really are going down the spiritual path. So of course self prophecy, I go out and buy myself a card and a deck of cards and a book. And I learn and in order to learn properly, what you have to generally do is you have to record all the questions you ask and record all the cards that come out each card you end up creating a very personal association with it. Each card is also extremely ambiguous. It has positive traits and negative traits. But but but in going through the process of recording and asking questions, and then going back on your documentation, you are able to really identify and have a very personal experience with a particular card. This helps you as a reader either to read for others because you'll be getting all sorts of things like that. Now, in the beginning, that was kind of like basic practice, it was only later, a good year and a half later, where I would start to feel different sensations come in or feel as if there were certain energies in the room, you know, your my ears would block so that the pressure changed in the room, I'd get goosebumps confirmations on certain things. And it was all lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely. Now, when you're dealing with these energies, okay. I think I was very protected. My go to was always Archangel Michael, I just always asked for him. And instantly, whatever I was experiencing was gone. But there's two situations I want to bring up in response to your question. So the one was, during my after my spiritual awakening, after the initial stages, and when I started noticing all of these strange, weird things happening. I saw I had attracted as sort of a darker kind of Angel. Basically, I went on a little holiday with my family and I was being messed around with by a real sort of not a happy energy, you know, don't have I don't think it was even a trickster. I think it was something that was really wanting to suck you dry. Now what happens when you open up to these sorts of things, you're actually in a sense, you're becoming more sensitive to the frequencies around you, you are, that's why you can develop physical symptoms. You, you hear more, you see more, you feel more, all of these sorts of all of these sorts of things. And so from like, on a spirit perspective, you're like, a beam of light. So you you are, you're brightening up, because your vibrations are going higher, you are emanating a brighter light, which is extremely attractive for sort of darker energies, if you haven't kind of protected yourself. So I had a horrible experience with an energy that just didn't want to. He was stuck to me, basically. And I went for lots of healing sessions, to Reiki healing, and to basically kind of get rid of it until I realized, oh, no, I need some protection barriers of a year to kind of this isn't, you know, this is my integrity i This is my like, you're not allowed in it unless you're welcome of the same light or higher. And so little tools that I write about in my book, as well, there's a multitude of things you can do, you can create. Within yourself, you can imagine yourself in a bubble protective bubble, you can zip yourself up, particularly if you're about to go somewhere that may be very triggering you but the ultimate, really, in those situations, is to just send them unconditional love. That is the thing that sends them running. But you have to be genuine. And that's that's kind of the catch. Now, equally the same thing with opening up to channel, there was one situation where it was a couple of years after I started channeling and I was getting two channels set, but I was my mood, my general mood for the day was pretty frustrated and not that happy. And I was just doing because I know I need to kind of practice you know, so I had a bit of an attitude problem. And Annika Sanjay have always explained right from the beginning, that they laminate my light. So it's as if they house my lights in a protective shield, right. But on this one occasion, they basically said that I felt like the elder came through because my voice does sometimes change when it's a slightly different personality but stronger than the collective voice, then the kind of more regular common one. And he basically said, be careful when you are opening up to this opening up to channel in and can relate within cards as well. You need to make sure that you are in a good solid loving state of mind. Because when you are nothing's going to come get you right and if you are operating in that lower frequency you know you're going to be the the you matching that energy so it's a bit easier for them to sort of grab hold of you so to speak. So those are two situations that I have experienced it ultimately with the Tarot there is a if I'm doing a reading for somebody, there is a an understanding a an agreement that they are agreeing that I am reading their light, sort of so to speak, and therefore as long as everyone's cool with that spirit is also cool with that.

Jannecke Øinæs 49:58

I'd love for you to pull some cards about Wisdom From North and especially the YouTube channel, what sort of our potential is, what our challenges is what we should be aware of, if we have the right focus some tips and advices that will be interesting.

Robyn Steyn 50:14

Okay, so what we're gonna do is we'll do, I'll get a couple of theme cards, we'll do across the truth, and then we'll get some advice and spirit. Yeah, great. But please be mindful that I'm going to shuffle my decks, but it might, you might hear a bit of a knock. Okay, so we'll get a theme first of all, okay, spirit. Can we please get a bit of a theme for Wisdom from the north YouTube channel? You Jannecke and her partner, over now next year? Okay,

Oh, you're gonna like this one. We have success for over the next year. So that is generally the theme. So whatever you're doing now is getting bigger, bigger and better. Okay. And it is showing up in a sense that you are actually it's like, so I'm getting goosebumps, I get goosebumps when I hit the nail on the head is like no one really sees you coming. I know, you've got quite a big following. And quite a lot of loyal people in the in the next level of in terms of success. It's almost like they didn't see it coming. That's energy and getting so successful. But let us find out what the challenges and positivity and the likely outcome over the next year. Right? Should we do that? I'm actually using my own deck here that I created. Right? So the theme is success. So you're good there. Right? I know. That's very vague, but that's why we go with the good news. Don't worry. Okay. Okay, right, we have current energy of 10 of Pentacles. Okay, which is a very positive card, meaning that things are feeling quite secure and solid, you create a good strong foundation for yourself, the desire you want to break through, so we've got the tower card, now people really worry about the tower card, because the tower card usually happens when foundations Haha, oh, yeah, foundations have been built on either not at the tower has been built on not solid foundations, or at least they did. But now the things are changing, you need to build a new tower. People get afraid of the tower car, but is actually a very positive card. Because what it basically means is any paradigm shift that needs to come down anything of a concern, or worry, or false sense of illusion is now breaking through. So it feels to me like the desire that you and your partner have for Wisdom From North is to really break through the paradigm of like the old paradigm, you know, all the things that things have been done in the past. In terms of its like breakthrough, it's have people having breakthrough moments. And so that is a desire for both of you. That's what I'm reading anyway, where you want something to really blow people's minds, you know, to take it to the next level. Now what's working in your favor, it's eight of pentacles. So that tells me what's working in your favor as you're working really, really hard. And you are multitasking. So that's good. I'm almost as amongst want to say it's working, you're better than next year, but I feel quite tired when I look at that card. So, you know, the challenge is three of wands. Okay, the challenge is to wait. So basically, it's not, we're gonna clarify as well actually. So the three of wands is my like, this is the Bushman from the sand people and he's making fun of the three of wands is something that takes time. Traditionally, in traditional tarot, it shows a man standing by the water's edge, and he's got he's got two solid rods firmly in the ground, which represents creativity, the things that you do your solar plexus, what you know, they're your motivation to get things done. Number three's is all about creativity and catalysts. So it feels to me like there may be a little bit of a challenge to do with patience and adding extra an extra ingredient of creativity to the mix. You're going to love the outcome. High Priestess. High Priestess is intuition. It is seeing beyond the veil, it is gaining goosebumps. It is gaining information from a higher level that is not in your face, which is kind of like new power. Time stuff anyway, when you operate with intuition, when you start to pick up on the nuances of your hunch of everyone, for example, say your stockbroker, and you're like, Okay, well, I can see the pattern of the graphs on this particular asset is going up and down, up and down, that's a solid, you know, and everyone hands on the solid, you are actually going off in a slightly different direction, which is more thinking outside the box, and more following your intuition. So I would only say with these two things, even though we're going to quickly clarify, I know we have limited time, I would say the two things that are maybe if you can try and schedule a bit more wrist time, so that you're not multitasking every day you rather do one thing a day. And then you can or even scheduling some rest time, but also scheduling say, You know what, now we're going to brainstorm, can use that term anymore because politically incorrect, mindmap, right? A, a totally thinking outside the box creative measure for the channel, right? And you're going to spend a day or in decide, okay, this week, this is the theme, what is the craziest thing that we can do? Right to take to make the jump into, you know, blowing people's minds. So I think more creativity will be a bit more of a challenge before you see it, that it's experimental at the stage, I think over the next year treated as experimental. I just want to get a couple of clarifying cards with this. If you're okay with that, yeah. Okay. So the 10 of pentacles, your solid foundation now is solid, it's secure. You've you've created that for you. Oh, nice. We've got the wheel of fortune with that. Okay, so things where it might have been a little bit kind of tricky. But a year ago, or like from, or what have you now may from about May to descend may to January, February, last year, it might have been financial a little bit sort of tighter. It's now gaining momentum more. So that's good. Right the tower, let's have a look at the tower fees. Thank you. So I shuffle until I get jumpers, they jump out the cards and can't see the camera. Sounds okay, Tower, we've got the queen of pentacles. So I see this as your energy being extremely resourceful. So this is not necessarily about having the finances to achieve something, this is calling in a few favors. This is finding new ways. And if you can't find someone to do it, you're going to do it yourself. But again, a different way. It's extremely resourceful, okay, to blow people's minds. And yes, I'm picking up on that energy of your creativity as well. Anything where you can harm yourself, it's about bridging in all of those energies of what makes you you are taking to the next level eight of pentacles, please. So this is for your hard work is paying off. And that's and it's an abling you we've got the two of Pentacles and knight of swords, okay, so you're going to have more and more, I would say you're going to be pretty inundated with requests. And it's going to be quite a bit of a juggling act. You see how both of these cards actually, in fact, all of these cards have a real pace energy to them. She She over there is struggling to keep it all together even though she's a goddess, right? He's also balancing two different things. And he's racing forward. So you if you can now schedule in some breaks over the next year, do it and don't plan anything. It's important to write two more. three of wands, please can I clarify? king of pentacles okay. The desire the challenge for you is the desire to create to think outside the box and create more the time it's taking for the creativity the the area where you're taking the channel to a new level. I mean, you've got the membership going on as well, but I have a feeling you're going to be doing some sort of more. Okay, interactive technology, whereby there is more more involvement with your community in your audience that is working together something like that. That's just going to take a bit of time you want it to happen sooner. It's going to take just a little bit of time. And the last question The High Priestess, we've got the eight of swords. Let's get something else for that, please. Oh, I know what this is about unless you okay So the High Priestess together with the eight of swords, the eight of swords, talks about worry and anxiety. All this is telling me is that the outcome is you will be trusting your intuition. A lot more swords represent the mind, and technology and communication. And it feels to me like you may be struggling with trusting in your intuition, trusting in this nudge to go in a different direction when the logic mind is trying to say, no, no, no, no, no, that's going to that's going to lead you astray. I would say trust your intuition. Forget what the logic mind tells you. Because that's the only way you're gonna make the breakthrough. Okay, that's as quick as I can do it.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:00:41

Oh, my goodness, you're so talented. Press like this really made sense. And of course, we're both very positive and hard. I know there's echo here, but we'll live with it looked like a Jaguar to me. And that is like the most important symbol. Because back yeah, back in 2012. I saw Jaguars everywhere. And that was when I started with when I transition from musical theater, into western from north. Yeah, so to meeting a jaguar, I'm like, Oh, my gosh. Thank you so much. I know I'm so impressed. I mean, it's just flowing out of you. And it just resonates. And yet, where can people find you if they want to connect if they want to have a reading? yet?

Robyn Steyn 1:01:37

I haven't replied. So. So L O V E i t o r m o r And I have a YouTube channel. So I do do tarot readings and clips from channellings on my YouTube channel, so you can book directly on my website, or come follow me on YouTube. And of course, you can buy my book if you're interested. Yes.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:02:00

Lovely. My last question for you today is what is the deeper meaning of life from your perspective,

Robyn Steyn 1:02:07

The deeper meaning of life, from my perspective. Just keep searching. Just keep searching. There's so much to learn. There's so much I want to know, but not just in my physical brain, in my experience in the heart, the deeper meaning of life because meaning means purpose, right? So the deepest purpose is to continue to explore and be wild enough or brave enough to dip my toe into new avenues and to new things, new paradigms, new dimensions, whatever you want to call it. In a way that's going to teach me more about myself and the universe.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:03:00

Yeah. And it's just been so inspiring. Thank you.

Robyn Steyn 1:03:06

Thank you so much for having me on your show.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:03:10

And all the best with your wonderful work.

Robyn Steyn 1:03:12

Thank you. Thank you so much. Have a lovely day.

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