Flemming Bille is a recognized clairvoyant adviser in Denmark. In this video he is giving me a psychic reading in order for you to see how a psychic reading can be. After the reading we’re doing a regular interview.

Bille has had extra sensory abilities ever since he was a little boy. In 2005 he decided to study to become a Professionel Clairvoyant Adviser at Gertrud Berlon, coming from the wish to be able to help people more professionally. Bille gives reading in Danish and English.

Flemming Bille’s website

  • jeg hadde en opplevelse i dag at vår reptilhjerne faktisk er den som er “haccet” av den negative og som egentlig er vår gudsforbindelse. så jeg tror det er nå å kreve den opprinnelige komntakten tilbake…

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