Interview with Dora Thorhallsdottir and Herdis Palsdottir on Raising children with unconditional love

I had the privilege of speaking with Dora Thorhallsdottir and Herdis Palsdottir, the inspiring minds behind the EQI Institute. Established in 2006, this institute aims to provide therapy and educational resources centered around its unique therapy model.

During our interview, Dora and Herdis emphasized the profound impact of unconditional love in raising children. Their therapy model invites individuals to revisit their childhood and tap into suppressed emotions. While adults can find healing through this process, the duo strongly believes that many of these wounds could have been prevented if children had received unconditional love from the start.

Unconditional love serves as a powerful foundation for a child’s emotional well-being

Unconditional love serves as a powerful foundation for a child’s emotional well-being and development. It creates an environment where children feel accepted, valued, and supported, enabling them to grow into confident and resilient individuals. Dora and Herdis highlight the significance of providing love and acceptance without any conditions or expectations, fostering an atmosphere of emotional safety and security.

As we delved into the interview, it became clear that embracing unconditional love in parenting is not only beneficial for the child but also for the overall well-being of the family. By prioritizing love, acceptance, and understanding, parents can create a nurturing environment where children thrive, fostering deep emotional bonds that can last a lifetime.

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