Embark on an awe-inspiring journey in the first episode of this groundbreaking series by Gaia with Matias De Stefano. He takes us to the profound first dimension, unveiling the unity from which all existence springs. Video courtesy of my partnership with  @GaiaVideo  
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Akashic Records

Before we take this journey to the origin of the universe, he offers us his unique understanding of the Akashic Records, which contain all information from every dimension of reality. Ancient civilizations knew of these records but accessing them is no small feat. At the beginning of everything, there was no light, space, or time. Just thoughts that made waves; waves that made sound and light. 

And from that, everything we now know came into being. We have been told that our goal is to reach out to the stars. But to truly understand who we are and our place in the universe, we must go inward, to the first dimension. This is where we can find our higher selves and the truth. Our own reality is one of several pillars of reality, and we can learn how to consciously create new ones. We are the architects of reality. 

The man with the cosmic memory

Matías De Stefano’s profound connection with the Akashic records blossomed in his early years, gifting him with a profound comprehension of the intricate layers of the universe and the various dimensions of existence that encompass us all. In this interview from April 2020, Matías shares his vivid recollections of our galactic history.

If you’re interested in the universe, galactic history, and how it all is connected, and curious about what might be out there, beyond our planet, this interview is for you.

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