Interview with Jolene Setterfield on losing the drama when it comes to attracting the relationship you long for

Jolene is a third-generation International Psychic/Intuitive. She is also an author, writer, motivational speaker and entrepreneur. She teaches worldwide on being open to using our own intuition. She is now a regular blogger for the popular global Huffington Post and she is a writer and blogger for the popular UK Soul & Spirit Magazine which now also features Jolene’s own monthly column.

Jolene has featured on UK’s Sky TV as she was a regular featured guest on Sky Psychic TV Channel 886 during 2011, 2013 & 2014.

Her first book ‘A Reminder*’ launched in April 2012, and it was published by Balboa-Press (the self publishing division of Hay House) in the USA and UK. Both New York Times Best Selling Authors Neale Donald Walsch and Sonia Choquette have endorsed the book ‘A Reminder’. The book was based on Jolene’s oracle card deck ‘The Reminder Cards’ to help enhance one’s intuition. The Reminder Cards (also known as Divine Reminders), have been selling across the globe since 2010. The oracle cards have now also been made into a free app on the iTunes store, available on all IOS devices.

Jolene has been featured on a variety of both national and international talk show, radio shows, and WebTV shows. Jolene spoke at the IGNITE National Entrepreneur’s Women’s Conference in November 2012, and she was also shortlisted for a national award for Business Growth in 2012.

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Jolene Setterfield’s website
The book “A Reminder”*

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