Yoga teacher Nickie Hanley on how she transformed her life

Nickie suffered from low self-esteem in her early teenage years and ended up taking drugs to deal with her emotions. In 1995 she found Yoga, which completely transformed her life.

Her regular meditation practice & deeper understanding for the connection to physical practice led to doing 500h level teacher training, where she studied asana, Pranayama and meditation further. Since being qualified as a yoga teacher, Nickie has created her own unique style of Vinyasa flow. Due to her dance background & long-time connection to music, she has developed an individual style that is smooth, strength-building, continuously flowing that has a spiritual awareness.

In 2013 Nickie created Disco Yoga to incorporate her previous life as a dancer, her love of music & yoga. It is a yoga class crossed with a dance party including a live Dj, ambient lighting & just a whole lot of FUN! In 2016 stepped onto the stage at St Kilda festival which has 80,000 people attending from all over Australia and the world. The event was held in the morning to start the festivities with a high vibration to 650 students. It was such a success that the festival organizers asked Nickie to present Discoyoga in 2017 on the main stage and numbers went up to 800 students and the vibration went through the roof! Discoyoga also teamed up with Rise yoga to do a fundraiser for the Butterfly foundation raising over $9000 for 1 class event at the start of the year.

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