Jamie Butler is a medium, an author of the book: With Love and Light*, and the energy channeler for Erik Medhus who many are familiar with through the blog “Channeling Erik”.

Jamie Butler’s life has definitely been extraordinary. As far as she can remember she has always been able to see the lights surrounding people and inanimate objects (energy fields). Along with seeing energy, she sees spirits (clairvoyant) and hears them (clairaudient). Throughout the years of working with her guides, she has learned how to channel spirits.

Channeling Erik Part 1

Channeling Erik Part 2

In 2010 Elisa Medhus, an accomplished physician, came to see her. Elisa had lost her son Erik to suicide and was hoping to receive some answers, even though she felt pretty sceptic having been raised as an atheist. She definitely placed her faith in science. Elisa’s questions came across as precise, clear, and direct. Moreover, her son Erik (in spirit) to whom she was asking her questions, was chatty, loud, and direct. For Jamie as a medium, this was the perfect storm. There was never a moment of silence between the two of them.

With Love & Light: True Story About an Uncommon Gift

With Love and Light *is written in three phases. First pertaining to the background of Jamie Butler’s life. Growing up a Medium is everything you’ve ever imagined and equally as confusing. The book then answers the questions you always wanted to ask a Medium but never had a chance.

My Life After Death: A Memoir from Heaven

My Life After Death* begins on the tragic day when Erik Medhus took his own life. What follows is a moment-by-moment account of the spiritual life he discovers on the other side—told in his own words as channeled by medium Jamie Butler and then transcribed by his mother, Dr. Elisa Medhus.

My Son and the Afterlife: Conversations from the Other Side

Love knows no boundaries—not even death. An emotional journey through a mother’s grief to healing and a doctor’s skepticism to belief—discover the answers that changed one woman’s life forever, and may just change yours, too.

The work between Elisa, Erik, and Jamie has resulted in two books: My Son and the Afterlife, My life after death, the blog: “Channeling Erik” and a Youtube channel (Dr. Medhus) where Elisa asks questions and Erik answers through Jamie.

Links & Resources

Website Channeling Erik
The book “With Love and Light”*
The book “My Life After Death”*
The book “My Son and the Afterlife”*
Elisa Medhus connecting with her son in the afterlife
Elsa Medhus talking to her son in the afterlife

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