Gitte Winter Graugaard is passionate about teaching, especially lightworkers, the process of integrating the four elements. But how to have abundance as a lightworker?Her experience is that many lightworkers struggle with having flow and receiving abundance even though they are being of service. The reason for this, according to Gitte, is that we are not aligned with one or more of the four elements. All the four elements; water, fire, earth and air are essentially inside of us. When we align with these elements, we tap into all the resources we have inside, Gitte says.

The process of integrating the elements to receive abundance as a lightworker

In short the process goes like this: Let’s say you have something you want to bring out to the world. The air element has to do with the idea of the product or dream and the creativity around the ideas. Fire has to do with passion and choosing to go for your dream and share the product with the world. Earth has to do with creating and manifesting the product or dream. Water has to do with selling it, getting it out there in the world and being visible and having flow doing so. When we come into balance with all these elements, that’s when we open up for abundance and flow to come our way, Gitte says.

Connecting to the invisible world

About Gitte Winter Graugaard

Gitte is a Danish bestselling and award-winning author of child meditation books helping thousands of children fall asleep all over the world. Her books have been translated to multiple languages, recently Norwegian as well. Gitte is a TEDx speaker with a strong message about the importance of being present in our children’s lives. She now helps other lightworkers dare to be bolder and bring their wisdom to those in need by the use of the four elements. Gitte holds a master of science degree in international business specializing in branding and storytelling before becoming an author of children’s books. She is a Life Mastery Coach, mindfulness instructor and a transformational energy healer working with chakra energy and the four elements. She is an author, public speaker and mentor to lightworkers, and has lived in 8 different countries.

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