Today I am a coach, speaker and business mentor. I assist people and companies to become aware of their unique resources. I also assist in making them become more aware the potential for further growth and evolvement.

From being alive and vital to become a cripple in a second.

However, I have not always done this. The awakening process of what I do today started the 15th of august in 2004, when I was involved in an accident. And what I at that time had read about in weekly magazines happened to me. From being alive and vital to become a cripple was done in a second. I got a whiplash injury. And it was going to take three years to recover ´from the injury. The first year I was lying in my bed, hardly able to walk, pain in my neck, head and back. The next two years I was gradually recovering and healing.

At the time I was involved in the accident I was working as a marketing director in a big international pharmaceutical company, where I was responsible for the CNS department. Due to this it was easy for me to seek assistance from different kind of specialists and in the regular health care system, which I did. BUT they could not help me.

My first introduction to energy treatment and energy medicine

So in a moment of great despair, I put it like this because I can still very clearly remember that moment, I came across a lady that was working with energies, energy medicine and energy treatments. From treatments I received from her I could feel that good things happened and I slowly started to heal. And this was my first introduction to energy treatment and energy medicine.

I started to read and learn about energy and energy medicine. I did energy exercises that my body at that time could handle. I started to practice breath work, yoga and I looked at my eating habits and ensured that I fed myself with good energy.

I did more or less everything I could, to recover. And I did!

The language of energy

I recovered and healed because I became aware of, and understood what I today call the “Language of energy”.

Because of my own experiences in my healing journey, I was deeply inspired to share these insights and this wisdom with people.

I promised myself that I was going to use this wisdom wisely. I quit my job in the pharmaceutical industry, and I continued studying energy, from teachers around the world, and opened up to more of my resources, and what I do today. I work with people that are curious and want to know more, want to be more, want to contribute more, want to influence more. I work with conscious leadership.

We are all leaders!

In my belief we are all leaders! Some are leading a company, others are leading a football team, or they are leading a family. However we are all leaders – in our own life. And the more conscious we are, the better we can lead. The company, the football team, the family, or our own life.

Conscious leadership – it’s about awareness.

Conscious leadership has to do with awareness. The ability to observe oneself, and be aware of our thoughts, feelings and behavior. The more conscious and aware we are, the more we are able to sense. We can sense the energy. We can sense the words that were not said, but was lying in the air. We can sense other people emotions. We can sense danger. And we can sense peace and harmony. Energy is information. And our ability to sense energy, is a very valuable source of information.

The more we are able to sense, the more we open up to the understanding that everything is energy. E=MC2 , as Albert Einstein said, as early as the beginning of the 1900 century. I remember I learnt this in school, however I did not learn what it really meant…

A deeper understanding of energy

Today I call it “The Language of Energy”, so we can get a deeper understanding of energy, and what it really is, and how we consciously can “use” the different sources of energy, to become more empowered.

And because of the fact that we are becoming more conscious, enough people start to wake up, and ask the same question: ”There must be a better way to do this?”

We cannot work faster now, and we are not able to do more. We are already loaded as we are. A consequence of this pressure that we are all in, is that something new is working its way through…We realize that we need to do things differently. 3

This is evolution!

This was exactly what happened when we got rid of slavery, or when we introduced equal pay for equal work, or when women got the right to vote.

We are opening up to a more expanded consciousness. We evolve. We become more empathic. And we become more caring, for each other and for our environment. And when we are opening up to this deeper empathy in ourselves, we are opening up our hearts.

My belief is that the leadership of the future is all about consciousness

What is consciousness?

Consciousness can be compared to a “Russian” doll. You know the one that has all these smaller dolls inside.

The doll farthest out, is the one that that has space for all the others. And the innermost, is the one that only has space for itself.

russian doll

This is the way it is for consciousness too. The more evolved consciousness we have, the more we can hold space for our surroundings. We understand that we are part of something bigger, than “just” ourselves. The lesser evolved consciousness we have, the lesser space we can hold for our surroundings. We often have more than enough, with just our self.

I believe the leader of the future, is the doll farthest out. The one that can hold space for all the other dolls. The leader that knows he is responsible for himself, however he also knows that he is part of a bigger community, and he also takes responsibility for this.

The leader of the future is the one who knows how to empower people around her, and create sustainable communities. Whether the community is a family, a football team, a company, a society or the entire world.

“Management by fear” or “Management by love”…

I remember when I studied Management back in the late eighties, early nineties. We learnt the term “Management by fear”. This type of management exists wen the leader mainly leads from the mind. The culture is characterized by achievements, and to be “best”, be “seen”, become awarded…at all costs. People want to achieve something on behalf on their “own” career – and very often in short term. This type of management is actually weakening the energy the company. 4

Now we are growing out of this type of management. We want something else, something more. And I am curious to know when the term “Management by love” will be introduced in the Management books.

When a leader leads by his or her heart, and of course uses the mind, as the brilliant tool it is. The leader is building the energy, and can create a culture based on trust, and presence. This will lead to sincerity and inspiration. The people will be seen for who they really are, and people want each other well, because they intuitively know that they are part of a bigger community. This kind of leadership is inspires, and when we become inspired, we hold a lot of energy, and we can produce more….

Leaders need to have an evolved consciousness to lead by this principle, however at the same time they will attract people that wants to be managed by this principle. The key to this evolved level of consciousness goes through the heart.

How can we lead by our heart?

In order to lead by our heart, we need to feel! We need to be empathic, we need to care. We need to really see the person in front of us, not just the makeup or the fancy clothes, but the soul inside. And be curious about who that soul is.

We have heard about the power of our mind and thought.

We have heard about the law of cause and effect.

Good – we have practiced this!

And then, there is more…the heart.

Because what happens when we link our heart “on to” our thoughts?

When we feel the feeling of peace, and think the good thoughts.

We are able to manifest a lot faster, just because of the fact that the heart is 1000 times stronger in its energy field than the brain.

So when you have a thought, hold that thought and open your heart and hold that feeling of inner peace – and link these two together. We open ourselves up to a new state of being, a new reality! However this is something we need to practice, and it`s like a muscle, the more we practice, the better we become.

I believe this is the point in evolution we are at right now. We become more aware of the leader, the management and the culture in the company .

We become more attracted to leaders, companies and people that are good for us. Were we feel it is good to be, were we feel seen and were we feel inspired. What happens is that we can hold and produce more energy – which is to the better for the all.

In my belief, this will be the winning companies, teams, families or people of the future. And it all starts with the leader. And what if each and one us, is that leader….!

What if it is, like Mahatma Ghandi said:

“Bee the change – YOU want to see in the world”!

Then we all can act as empowered leaders. And what if, that is the challenge each and one of us need to encourage ourselves to take right now….

Act as THE empowered, conscious leader!

Enjoy the ride

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