Cindy Edison serves as a conscious channel for the collective consciousness known as Josef. Through her connection with Josef, Cindy imparts profound wisdom rooted in the vibrational perspective of the New Earth. This wisdom offers invaluable teachings that guide humanity toward an evolution of expanded consciousness.

Aligning with what resonates

In this interview, Cindy shares her journey, revealing how she transitioned from a career in advertising to the world of automatic writing and receiving messages. She emphasizes the importance of resonance when seeking teachings, acknowledging that different teachings are suited to different students. The key lies in aligning with what resonates most deeply within.

Throughout the interview, Cindy seamlessly channels Josef, illustrating the emerging way of being in our future. A transition is underway, where we are becoming vibrational beings, blending our third-dimensional selves with our soul vibrations.

the New Earth Vibration – the purpose is to find joy

Cindy and Josef emphasize that our purpose is to find joy and expand as souls. By aligning with our joy, abundance flows naturally, and every joyful experience contributes to our ongoing soul evolution.

They speak of truth being found in vibrational agreement and touch upon the concept of soulmates, emphasizing that nothing is set in stone as we navigate this new era.

Cindy leaves us with seven profound steps to self-discovery and healing. These steps encourage us to recognize our innate creative power, take responsibility for our choices, and align with our true selves, ultimately embracing the healing vibration of pure love within us.

In this enlightening interview with Cindy Edison, we gain insights that inspire personal growth, transformation, and a deeper understanding of our spiritual journey.

Transcript of the interview

Cindy Edison 0:00

And whatever you're experiencing whatever you're choosing and creating whatever vibration that is, it's either in or out of alignment, your experience of that choice is your indication of where you're vibrating. If you're in fear, and you're living a life that you can't stand sitting in the back room, have a gray room with no windows with a little door, and you're sitting on a typewriter all day and you're miserable. That's an out of alignment position for you. Because you're miserable. If you're feeling anything, anything, anything other than joy, peace, love, excitement, passion, abundance, you are out of alignment with who you are.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:43

Hello, Cindy, a warm welcome to the show.

Cindy Edison 0:46

Oh, yeah, Jannecke, thank you so much. So nice to be here. Thanks for having us.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:50

I'm really looking forward to get to meet you, like you said, Thank you for having us, because I know that you are channeling Joseph. And what I found interesting about that is that you write on your website and the some interviews that I watched with you that these are the evolved teachings of Seth and Abraham. And that really caught my curiosity because I've been following Abraham a bit not so much set. But I believe that Seth was, came earlier than Abraham and that it sort of started with Seth in a way this will channel and thing or, like, that was one of the first channel things that got really well known. And I would like to start there, too, if you could talk a little bit to what that entails that there, there they are, the involve evolvement of Seth and Abraham. Yeah,

Cindy Edison 1:45

they are actually the evolved consciousness. So they tell us that, you know, we can look at it as Seth began with you create your own reality on sets, teachings were amazing to begin with, but their mainstay, I think the thing that most people connected with was that you create your own reality. And then Abraham came in and blew it up, you know, and based on timing, it's all based on timing and the readiness of the human collective to understand, you know, our level of awareness to understand. So as we focus on those messages on that consciousness, of who we really are, it expands, it continues to expand, of course, it is source. And so there are, they told me early on when they told me that they were Abraham, this story's long, and there's a lot of turns and twists and really cool things that happened along the way. But when they told me who they were, they said, We will expose that was my word, not necessarily there, we will expose who we are meaning, the tail end of Abraham, so to speak, it's the encompassing consciousness of that. So we so you can understand more about who you are. And that is that we are eternal consciousness, we are eternal vibration of source that continues to expand our awareness of that consciousness. So as the consciousness expands, of course, every message that is held in vibrational agreement in that consciousness expands to and will be continued to be taught. You know, there are a lot of channels and teachers and all kinds of modalities that are now teaching from this consciousness because it is our Avenue to the New Earth where we are headed. Next, we are breaking ground, so to speak, we are we are cutting I consider it a that we are holding the machete and we are cutting our a new pathway to the fourth and then fifth dimension, because we have always been journeying through the third dimension of contrast. So the messages all connect, obviously, as we expand, the message expands, and we understand and discover more of that. So that's why they expose themselves that way to tell us that. Yeah,

Jannecke Øinæs 4:20

very interesting. And I get curious, because I assume that Esther Hicks is still channeling Abraham. So is she then channeling a part of that collective? And you're another part or challenge channeling sort of the same being? And I know I'm asking really from a left brain understanding, but my rational mind just wants to understand Yeah,

Cindy Edison 4:48

of course, of course. Well, I can't speak for Esther, but I can tell you what I understand it to be because there are there are others who are like Benny Ferguson. I'm sure you know who Benny is or maybe you do, he was on Alex's show, wonderful channel of Abraham to he is also teaching Abraham. So as the consciousness again, we have to look at it from a vibrational perspective, as the consciousness expands, you know, this is a really big subject and there is we teach the, we're really teaching the evolution of the human aspect. So we have added a bunch of what's the word discovery points will say to this consciousness that lead us forward. But there are so many in the collective that aren't aware of Abraham or Seth. But we continue to expand and we continue. So there are people, everybody's on their own unique path. So Esther is teaching a specific, vibrational vantage point of this consciousness as our week. And as is Benny, and as are so many others, there are still people teaching the Seth material, you know, because the message doesn't really change, it evolves, you know, so anybody can step in and pick up at a level where they can understand that their level of awareness is in agreement with that particular vibration, you know, as a teacher, that through your own personal journey of spiritual learning, I'm sure you have had like all of us, we've had many, many teachers along the way. And those teachers change as we evolve. As we expand, we move on to a new teacher, right? So it's the same concept as that it's the same, we're just going in a new direction. I love

Jannecke Øinæs 6:42

that because I was thinking while I was meditating, meditating, before we were going to meet, like, I seldom hear channelers, channeled the same being and I found that that, like good news, because it's always a new being that I'm like, Okay, who is that? And who is that? What? Which actually makes sense? Because we're so many different souls and human beings. So why wouldn't there also be higher beings that want to come through like the universe is limitless, right. So I would like to jump over to something completely different. I'm curious about your path into this. Because today, you know, you're working, you're meeting me super early, it's like seven o'clock at your place, because you have booked the whole day with clients, you know, doing the work channeling for people. But that wasn't always the case. And I find it so interesting that, like, how do you start getting into that career? It's not for everyone, right? And I know, you're an advertising and this was like, far away from what you're doing right now. So can you tell us the story, the

Cindy Edison 7:53

story? Well, excuse me. The story is, the advertising I was I was on the creative side. And I was I actually sat down to write a newspaper article one evening, on my laptop, and I was sitting there thinking about what headline I was going to write, and all of a sudden, I just started typing. And it started with dear Cindy, and nine pages later, that's how they began speaking to me. And it was very odd, because it was all about me, it was all about my life. And it was I didn't understand it. But it was so interesting, you know, so I kept doing it every night I would call and of course, my questions. Who are you? What do you want? What is this what's going on? You know, all these questions, and they kept saying from the beginning, we are you? We are you live it, live it Live it? You know, a bunch of stuff. I mean, it was it went on like that for several years. Finally, in probably 2014 15, I don't even remember 16 Maybe even they said that they were Abraham now. They had led me led me they pushed me actually. It's really funny. They pushed me to the Abraham material on Hay House, I would at work, I was listening to Hay House Radio every day. And so they led me to Esther's show on there. And I didn't know who she was. But all of a sudden, I was inundated with Esther Hicks, Esther Hicks every time I turned around, so I finally said okay, okay. So I turned on that show. And I immediately connected with it. It was it felt like it was part of me. And so I got very involved and after about a year of soaking that up, going to workshops, reading their books listening incessantly, sorry turbofan, listening incessantly to their teachings. Finally, one evening they said we are Abraham and I kind of laughed and you know, you say yeah, right, you know, because I'm thinking Esther was this big huge deal, which of course she is. She wouldn't say that. But, you know, so I so that took several months. for me to understand, but they, they kept telling me that and I could feel the familiarity in that vibration. Finally, to make a long story short, finally, I went to St. Paul selek, I had a zoom session with him, actually. And I was telling him about this relationship I was forming with with Abraham and I had no doubts at all, it was nothing, no question. And his immediate reaction was, I don't think that's the way it works. Abraham belongs to Esther, I think you're misunderstanding something. And I got this pit in my stomach. I was like, You gotta be kidding me. After all this time, you know, it was crazy. So he said, let me go to the guides. And the guides immediately said, there is a group who was trying to teach through her, she must ask for their name. So then I was very confused, as you can imagine. So I got home that night, and I sat down with my laptop and I typed two words to my group. And I said, what gives? And they said, We are indeed Abraham, every channel does not know what every other channel is up to. So Paul understands it the way he understands it. And in a sense, he is gret. But we will we are Abraham, and we will reveal our name at the perfect time. So of course, I believed them. And I was still confused. I'm like, What are you talking about? So a few days later, I was typing with them. And all of a sudden, Esther's face was right in front of me right in front of me, just with this big smile on and I was kind of moving around trying to see the screen. And I'm saying to myself, Why am I seeing Esther, and they responded, they said, you're seeing the lovely Esther, because we don't have a face yet. And we will reveal that to you at the perfect time. Now it's all unfolding, right a few days later, sitting outside just soaking up the sunshine. And I see this visual in front of me of these, you know, those propeller planes that fly over the beach, you know, with the banners on the end. And I'm watching this and it was beautiful. It was just against this bright blue sky, it was beautiful. And the first banner said set, the second banner said Abraham, and the third banner was blank. And they said, that's us. Then all of a sudden, I understood everything kind of came together. It was like the completion of this puzzle of who they were, what they're doing. They're in succession. They're the expanded version of this consciousness, and they refer to themselves as Joseph. then a month later, they said, We want you to go to the beach, yay, go to the beach for a month and write the first book, which I did. And when they signed the welcome letter for the on the first book, they said, We are Joseph. And that was their, I'm getting all goose bumpy. Now. That was their revelation to me of who they are. So that's the unfolding. And so the career, as you mentioned, as you deem it, we don't call it that we I say to them, I used to say to them, I know this is my job. And they say they always say certainly this is not your job, this is who you are. So and it's for all of us that way. You know, in the fifth dimensional perspective, there are no jobs, there's just purpose, you know, everything created by source has a unique purpose. So from there, I just follow their lead, you know, which is why they called their book series allow your soul to lead, I didn't know how important that was, until the past couple of years, frankly. And they came out in 2018. And we are on a trek to the New Earth. And it just unfolds the problem with most of us humans is that we try it, you know, we are so that we are taught that we must work hard and forge ahead. And you know, everything is a struggle and effort and we teach the exact opposite. You know, it's not that way at all. If we keep our hands off it and allow it to unfold it, it unfolds perfectly in perfect divine timing. If we allow our souls to be involved in our day to day life, which is what part of what we teach. So that's the crux of it. Fascinating

Jannecke Øinæs 14:18

story. Um, yeah, I believe that we are very much influenced by our beliefs that it should be hard and we have to earn a living and what we do is what we earn money for and it's lovely if we can enjoy that a little bit like that is the society that we have. And I teach also to awaken to your soul's purpose because I cannot imagine any more living a life where I'm not living on purpose. I could just not make any sense to me. And I think we will become depressed not by It being in alignment with our deeper truths actually that we get sick and we get ailments and all sorts of symptoms. Yeah, yeah. Now, what would you say to those who are a bit confused by different teachings that different channelers are bringing forward, especially when it comes to manifestation? I know that Abraham has a certain way of talking about manifestation, while others are speaking more about this. It could be the surrendering or some are more focused on action. And sometimes, it seems like there can be some contradictions. So what do you say to those who are a bit confused? Like who should I follow? What should I believe?

Cindy Edison 15:45

Every teaching has a purpose. First of all, there is no good or bad teaching, every teaching has a purpose, because we are all unique. And we're we are unique in our own vibration. So the teaching that resonates with you in particular, or with any specific person, if there was a teaching out there, there was a student for that teaching. And it's all about what resonates with you what feels right to you. Just like we said before, as you're coming up through the stages or what we refer to as the events of your spiritual evolution. Those events are events of vibrational understanding. And when you reach a certain level of understanding, you naturally move forward to the next level of understanding you're like this your, your, your understanding more and more and more and the more you understand, the more you understand the more there is to understand. So there is there is resonation. And we teach that as vibrational agreement, when there is vibrational agreement, which is the agreement between the soul of you which is the collective view, the collective may we are an aspect of the soul, which is an aspect of God, right. And so, when when we are here, discovering and understanding, the more we understand about our souls purpose, we understand about our purpose as the human aspect of the soul. So as we increase and continue to discover our souls, vibration, we change teachers, because we all have a different purpose. Our purpose is to teach this evolution of the human aspect, your purpose is huge. You open this platform for all kinds of teaching, you see them popping out of the woodwork now, because people are waking up and standing up and saying, I know there's more lead me somewhere, that's what we would recommend to everybody is to allow your soul to guide you to the teaching that is in agreement with where you are today. You know, because every teaching has a different purpose. And if it doesn't resonate, you know, we get not so much anymore, but in past interviews we have, we hear the comments that you know, oh, that's a fake, nobody channels like that, that's a level of awareness of lack of understanding of who they really are, has nothing to do with us. So we are teaching the blended vibration of the soul and the human aspect, which is where we're moving, you know, we are moving into this new pathway. So we would say that every single teaching regardless of what it is, has a very unique purpose. But if it doesn't resonate with you, we say move past it, you know, just move past you know when something resonates with you, because vibrational and you're so that's your soul knocking on your door saying this one this one?

Jannecke Øinæs 18:46

Yeah, it makes sense. Because it's all about that empowerment. Like what does resonate with me instead of like, oh, who has the truth? Like going out there is more like going in there was is ringing true for me. Yeah.

Cindy Edison 19:00

Yeah. Everybody's truth is different. Truth is found in vibrational agreement. That's the true that's the true truth of the universe vibrational agreement, there's no judgement there. There's no right or wrong, there is your truth. And the vibrational agreement is the truth and that is indication of your creative vibration in every moment. If that if that makes sense to you. We are always creating in every moment vibrationally you know, and we teach either in your choosing the vibration, the thought the belief that is either in or out of alignment with your soul's vibration, the vibration of who you really are, and whatever you're experiencing whatever you're choosing, and creating whatever vibration that is, it's either in or out of alignment. And your experience of that choice is your indication of where you're vibrating. You know, if you're in fear, and you're living a life that you can't stand sitting in the back room of a, you know, a gray room with no windows with a little door and you're sitting in a typewriter all day and you're miserable, that's an out of alignment position for you. Because you're miserable. You know, so this is a if you're feeling anything, anything, anything other than joy, peace, love, excitement, passion, abundance, you are out of alignment with who you are. And so that is your indication. So the vibrational agreement is telling you, there was no manifestation if there is no vibrational agreement. So whatever you are experiencing is a vibrational agreement of your choices. Getting off on a tangent here. I'm sorry. We tend to do that. Yes. Sorry.

Jannecke Øinæs 20:55

So I didn't realize that you were channeling already, but you must be to see we okay.

Cindy Edison 21:00

Yeah, always we are blended. You know, we are blending, it took me a long time to get to this point. So we are we are we are exampling. And, you know, in the first book, they said that, and I didn't know what it meant, at that point, when they said if you will watch, we will example the new human for you. And little did I know I actually had to do something, you know, but what they're what they're showing us and teaching what they've taught me and showing us is the blended version, which is the new aspect of us who will live on the New Earth, which is a vibrational being that is still physical, you can get wrap your head around that they're already existing in places even here on Earth, but they they blend Ignis, which means that I can. There are two parts to our physical vibration, and one is in agreement with the third dimension. And it is made up of all of our experiences, our beliefs that we've had in the third dimension, our teachings, the understandings that our teachings of the Bible, religious, everything that we're taught mostly out of alignment, up to this point. And then we have the soul vibration of us. That is who we always are, you know, I'm sure you've heard and your audience has heard, you are always your soul. In other terms, sometimes you're always your soul. And sometimes you're human. Sometimes we have a body, but we are always our soul. They're talking in terms of vibration, and that. So up to this point, the human aspect, journeying through the third dimension has been dominant in the contrasting vibration, leading with the contrasting choices, and which is why we have the chaos we have now, which is why there was war and famine and abuse, and everything that's out of alignment with love, that you can tell that's the manifestation that's the vibrational agreement. Well, you can choose to be and participate in that realm or not. And you do that through your focus. So what we are exampling is the blended vibration, I can I can go back and forth, just by way of my focus. Now when you ask us a question is Joseph answering. But that doesn't mean that I'm not totally conscious and aware of what is going on. And I mean, they're using my mouth, you know, so I'm told I'm part of the conversation, I just kind of step aside and they answer, but it's always a blended answer. It is it is to deliver this message. So we the human aspect can understand it. And it's a big shift, we're going through a shift in perspective, you know, from the human collective.

Jannecke Øinæs 23:45

I seldom do this, but I felt the nurturer actually ask a personal question, and also about wisdom from north. Because sometimes I just get amazed by my story that I started out as a musical theater artist. And I thought that was my dream. And I think this can be helpful for people watching as well, because I really thought that that was my purpose. And when I got nodules on my voice, and I got depressed in my 20s, I thought my life was over. It was just so dark. And here I am starting wisdom from North these interviews when I in 2012. That has been a long journey. And I interview after interview and then I stopped a little bit doing YouTube interviews, and I started focusing more on my Norwegian audience and creating courses, stuff like that. And then all of a sudden, I just felt that I missed YouTube so much. And I came back in March and started making videos again, and it just came over me. And it seems like this is something I'm not controlling. And I've never actually known why I'm doing this. And I've always felt a little bit different then my friends and as people in Norway were like, just having, you know, normal careers. And I remember someone was saying, like, what is Yan can doing now?

Cindy Edison 25:13

I get that too, as you can imagine, yeah.

Jannecke Øinæs 25:17

So do you have any words about like, I feel that this is my purpose? I really feel like I am on purpose. It just seems so well orchestrated.

Cindy Edison 25:29

It certainly is. And and we want to offer this to you and also to your audience, that everybody's purpose. Your purpose is expansion is expansion of you as your current human aspect. And so your purpose is joy. Your purpose is joy and expansion of your soul. Okay? That's your that's your underlying purpose. Everybody has same purpose. We're expanding, okay, we're expanding the universe. Every time you Yannick a think of love, the entire universe expands. Now, we can't fathom that. But when you talk about your individual joys, we'll call them because the purpose is joy. So we say whatever brings you joy. So when you started, this was always on your path. And your and the use of your voice was always on your path. But there was a timing, there was a specific timing, more now than ever before, because of our because of the collective movement forward on our new path to a new realm of experience that we've not had before. Every time we've come back lifetime, after lifetime, we've experienced new realms, we've experienced shifts in consciousness, you have been going through it through every lifetime you've had, but those shifts in consciousness have always been to a new realm of a new vibrational timeline, let's say that is in the same realm, the same third dimension still in contrast, well, here we are approaching the fourth dimension, everything changes. And so the preparation for this particular shift that will go on for generations, you know, is the is the timing and, and the, the, I will say the biggest part of that in this lifetime, is the recognition of who we are, and how we blend our consciousness, our vibration to allow the soul of us who knows where we're going, because this, this movement forward into this new realm we have no experience with as this aspect. So you don't know. You don't know. You know, when we come back in the third dimension, we know it's all contrast. And we know we expect it to be hard, we expect it, we keep recreating all that stuff. But we continue to expand. But this time, you have been preparing for your purpose as a human aspect, leading the human collective for many lifetimes, many, many lifetimes. And when you came in your love of music and your love of that, we don't really like the word industry, but simply can't think of other one that fits but of that segment of opportunity of experience, let's say is thrilling and joyful for you. That's why you chose it. And that does. And just because you have stopped for the moment, doesn't mean that your voice will not be used at it as as is being used now. Because now this is your joy. So you have expanded, you have expanded, you're aware awareness of who you are by adding this back into your mix. Now, as you move forward, it will continue to expand and you will understand that your first years and the what you thought was your purpose is your purpose because it's joy. Whatever brings you joy, we say do it, do it, do it whatever brings you joy and your experience as that as that will lend a role a big important role, actually, as you expand this portion of this segment of your own evolution on your path. Now a lot of people will say, Well, she didn't really say anything, but we're actually saying a lot because this segment, for everybody out there, we're telling you our clients come and say what is my purpose? What's next for me? What's next for me and we say the same thing all the time. Focus on your own alignment, focus on your own alignment. We don't tell you what your path is, you discover it. This this is so important for the next step on our evolution, the human aspect evolution for everybody. The purpose your eternal purpose is expansion. Always, always, always how you choose to get there is unique to you. And we say when you focus on your own alignment You will discover all the opportunities, that's where everything is. That's where all the ideas are. That's where the unfolding is. So when you ask us how this all unfolded for Cindy, we tell you that by her, just focusing on us, and the evolution of our relationship, it has unfolded simultaneously. Because when she has focused on us, she is focused on alignment, and alignment with your soul focused on love, focused on joy and happiness. This is why Esther says just get happy. Because you cannot be out of alignment when you're when you're happy. Excuse me. So, yes, so this is all unfolding for you. And we would, we would say to you that the misnomer that is that your life is hard. And there is always struggle, when you have that belief, this is the experience you will create from that belief, because, of course, there is no judgement. You know, the God that everybody thinks will save them is saying, I love you so much. I'm allowing you to choose, you choose. And when he said, I put before you life and death to his life, we evolved that teaching to you have a choice in each moment in or out of alignment, choose alignment, choose love and all resolution, and you will discover your path. And we will tell you and we will tell all of you that every experience that you have had, that brought you joy is a piece to your ongoing puzzle, every single piece of it. And if we were to sit and tell you like so many want us to tell you what your next step is or who you're going to meet and marry or what job you're going to take next or where you're going to move next. That limits your own choices when we do that. So we don't do that we, we encourage you to focus on alignment, we try to keep you in alignment by offering perspective. So like our perspective of the ego, which we don't have time to get into very important, we teach you how to move to alignment and stay there. You know, now, none of us are ever there all the time, or we wouldn't be in the third dimension. But this is where we're going, this is the next step for us. And that is to discover who we really are. So we can create that new Earth that we are moving forward. The Bible talks about it. You know, in Revelation, people go to Armageddon, the whole world down, you know, the whole world's blowing up the whole world. We're at the end of humanity. No, that's not what the Bible says. That's what he starts out saying that's what he thinks it is. But then if you read the last chapter, it talks about the New Earth the next step, and this is where we're heading. So your path is, as right now, when you have this inspiration, and you've had it in a strong way, and that's when you when you can't not do it. I know you cannot do it. So and this is your inspiration from your soul, it brings you joy, and you have brought joy to so many people. And it will continue to unfold for you if you allow it. And all you have to do is continue to focus on the joy that it's bringing you. Because when you are in joy, you are you are emitting that vibration of who you are to the entire universe. And there's, you know, Abraham teaches one and alignment is more powerful than a million who aren't those that vibe that that focus on alignment is where our power lies. That's where all the answers you're looking for. Are. That's where your whole eternal, that's your soul's eternal path is the pathway of alignment. Really, and it's a conscious choice. Yeah, very

Jannecke Øinæs 33:55

helpful. And I hope that was helpful for everybody else. And I find it interesting because I have webinars about awakening to your soul's purpose, and I speak about the joy. And that has I haven't, you know, read it or heard it like it just came to me that joy is purpose and I explain it also with David Hawkins map of consciousness that joy is vibrating very high. And I think that, you know, a baby is born happy and joyful, and it smiles like if it's not hungry or crying or hurt. It's just joyful. And that's the nature of who we are. So when I started doing interviews, and it felt joyful, I felt how could that be wrong? Even though people around me said but you can't or money on that. What are you doing? That's not a real job, but I was like, but how can it be wrong to follow my joy? Like tell me how can I be wrong? So intuitive, and I'm really happy that I followed that? Yeah. Okay, so I have another question that I've been curious about. It's the concept of twin souls and soulmates and I guess I am sort of interested in it again, because now I have a partner. And he's a bit older than me. And I've started thinking that, Oh, you know, I, I really want to be with him for the rest of my life. Like, that's the feeling I have right now. And then I'm thinking about a soulmate and twin souls and is it that or is it not that and do we have do I have another choice? Is this destiny? Like, I get all these curious thoughts? And I'm not asking whether he is from like, that's too personal. But I'm curious about soulmates in, in general, because the way we met just seems like, I mean, I believe in destiny. And I believe that we have soul contracts. And when I look at how we met, PA, we bumped into each other again and again, like, we could not miss each other. And it's just so funny. I feel like the universe has humor. Seems like so destined that would get together. So how would you say how destined is these meetings? Do we have soulmates that we have contracted to be with? For a certain amount of time? Like how set in stone, is it? And how does twin flames come into this picture?

Cindy Edison 36:29

Well, we would say nothing, absolutely nothing is set in stone. Nothing except things in the third dimension. Nothing is set in stone, because you have choice, excuse me, you have choice in every moment. And this is where the you know, the teachings can kind of mess us up the third dimensional teachings that there is one person for every person there's only one opportunity for love and the lifetime and that's that you know, it my words, it's kind of ridiculous to think that because when you are vibrating in alignment, when you are in alignment, and you are in alignment, when you and this is you're always going to attract now, I've been married three times, long time ago, long time ago. And I look back now and I see how we attracted each other I see that love them all. They were great guys. And I see now I understand the vibrational agreement that happened there. And that vibrational agreement is at the heart of everything. So if you are in a miserable relationship, you are up you have your what I call a vital piece of your it's kind of harsh, a vital part of your own vibration that is attracting that out of alignment person. Most of us are out of alignment, you know, so it's not a bad thing. But excuse me, we're talking about vibrational attraction. It's never anybody else's fault. There's no fault anywhere. If you look at everything from both from the vibrational perspective, you'll understand everything and every coming together every happening. The fact that you guys were bumping into each other, left and right couldn't stay away from each other. That's a vibrational meeting, you know, and the meeting the relationships, we say that every relationship that is formed that comes together, whether it's in or out of alignment is an opportunity for understanding it's an opportunity for the to expand your own awareness of who you really are. So as long as you are enjoy, then then you are in the right spot. We would say we would say that sorry. So early. I'm sorry, I'm talk this morning. We would say that there are many soulmates when you're in alignment, there are so many but there are certainly soul tribe travelers, there are soul travelers that you made agreements with, that you have traveled with all of us have traveled with throughout many, many lifetimes that come into our life at the perfect time. We made an agreement to assist to help whatever that is. at a specific time, when we reached a certain vibrational awareness, it's not a certain year, it's not when I turn 50 You're gonna I'm gonna bump into you it's not that at all that has time has nothing to do with the meetings of our potential bosses, partners, siblings, it's all vibrational. So we say go with joy and never compromise your own alignment for anyone. If you're in a miserable relationship and you're trying to change someone, you're out of alignment, obviously it's always about you and what you are attracting you're always attracting who you are vibrationally in each moment, and when you're focused on alignment You will attract others who are also focused on alignment and your relationships will be much more enjoyable, much more enjoyable. Some come in for a certain amount of time. And, and some last 40 years, but we hear many times, you know, I was married to a guy for 50 years. And although I was miserable, most of the time I stuck it out. Well, I don't know anybody who thinks that that's a good thing. You know, we are here to experience joy. And if you are because of a third dimensional out of alignment, teaching, experiencing an out of alignment relationship, because somebody told you to, that's your choice, too, obviously. So we have to think in terms of vibration. And so that's where the whole agreement comes from. I don't know I'm gonna bring this up real quick. If you are a student of the conversations with God. And if you read that, so there's a story there's a short story that he tells that God told him about the two little souls. I don't know if you this is a little soul such a cute story, hoping don't ruin it. There's a cute, it's such a cute little story. And there's a little soul talking to God, and they're hanging out. And he's talking about how wonderful everything is. And he looks at Earth. It's something like this. I'm probably making up some of this, but it's giving you the the just that he says, I really want to go back there, the little soul. But I know so much about love. What else can I know he's in alignment, right is in heaven, as we say is in alignment with God. What else could I learn? I know so much. And he said, you can always learn more about love. Well, how do I do that? He said you could. And so God says you can learn about pain. And a little soul says what is pain? And so God tells him and the little soul just get all welled up. I usually do too. With that Dustin, he says, Well, why would anybody ever do that to somebody else? Why would anybody hurt somebody like that? And at that moment, another little soul? Just, you know, Scoots, right in next to him, and he says, I'll do it for you. Now they're making agreements to come to earth, I'll do it for you. And the little soul says, Why would you do that? And he says, Because I love you. And I want to help you expand. And by expanding, it's understanding pain, we understand more about love, because everything's always imbalanced. Right? And so the little soul says, How can I ever repay you for doing that? For stepping out of your comfort zone? You know, how can I ever repay you for, for doing that favor for me. And the little soul says, just remember who I am. When it happens, and when we think about relationships with people that have hurt us, you know, in this life, but have really taught us, I mean, I've been hurt a lot, you know, through relationships, because I was out of alignment, choosing out of alignment stuff, right? We all have, right? And we blame them, we blame them. But the more you understand about how we evolve, we evolve through our experiences. So when somebody shows up, you know, usually, the ones that leave the impressions come in really fast. It's a fast relationship, and they go out really fast. Right? And we're left with this experience. Now, what do we do with the experience? Well, if you look at it from the souls perspective, if you look at it from the expanded version of us, you see it as an opportunity to expand your awareness of who you are, and where you're vibrating what you're attracting, so you can better dictate and control your own focus. Because you're creating all of it, we're creating all of it by way of our focus. And the more in touch we get with our own vibration, the better our experiences, the more we understand why we're choosing what we're choosing, and how to choose differently.

Jannecke Øinæs 43:56

Yeah, make sense? Make sense? I'm going to jump over to something completely different. Because often, in my interviews, you know, I speak about the new earth and the topics that we're speaking about now, and not so much about healing. And I was thinking about the other day that I bet a lot of people are suffering from physical ailments and pains. And there are so many different pains we can have in our bodies. I'm just amazed how much our physical bodies can hurt in so many ways. And just as an example, like the summer I started itching in my eye, and I have no idea why and I, to me, I interpret it as a metaphysical cause, but I cannot understand what it is and I tried to meditate on it. And my question is, why do we have so many physical ailments and pains and diseases that are in a way hold? hang us back from this joy.

Cindy Edison 45:03

It's because of everything is vibrational, so it's out of alignment manifestation. You cannot be in alignment and be ill. or hurting. It's impossible. Now there are I'll go into that more in a second. But there are a lot of indications of this. A lot of stories written I need a more Johnny I talk about her story all the time. I don't sure you know who she is. And then when she explains her body died, her body covered and lesions, cancer for years, and it just ate away at her. She died. She went into alignment left her physical vibration here as all NDAs as all everybody does, they leave it where there was vibrational agreement for it. She went on to have an experience to come back and tell us how she got sick, and how she got well. Now from all of that her story. Her story explains that and what it boils down to is her fearful beliefs, her fearful thoughts, the teachings, everything that was influenced into her that she was creating her reality from where out of alignment, everything was out of alignment. And as she focused on trying not to get cancer, she talks about she was hell bent on not getting cancer on I have friends that are on the internet all day long looking up ailments looking at this looking at the nickel, what would you do that? What are you doing, because when you're when you are focused on something, you are creating the experience of it. So when she went when she released that as she went up, let's say, and she left her physical vibration were in the sickness that it held, because there's contrast, she was healed. Now when she came back, she refocused knowing what she knew vibrationally and brought that back her body responded to her new vibration and she was healed. Now, you know, physical healing happens every day. People don't believe in A Course in Miracles, Jesus said, The reason people don't believe in the healing of the body is because they were the symptoms of the body. You know, that's the last it's the last manifestation of our out of alignment, beliefs and understandings, we run into walls and boulders and arguments and all this stuff. But we continue down that path and we end up sick. And And Jesus said, is because they don't believe it. Because when you ask for healing, it is given, but the body responds to your vibration. The body is a manifestation of what you think about it. So if you say, Okay, I believe that that my soul will heal me, God will heal me, whatever you want that vibration is of healing, there's no illness there. But then you look down and you see a rash, or you see, you know, you have a pain in your side or whatever, whatever the illness is, or you're diagnosed with something, you know, you still see the symptoms of it, because the body is a third dimensional utility, utility, and the body must take time to respond to your shifted vibration. So the belief, you must have the belief now I've done this on myself many times, and I am a testament to yeah, it works. But the belief is you have to switch your perspective. The belief is what brings the manifestation. It's not the other way around. The manifestation, as Abraham says is old news. The manifestation is the product of the vibration that created it, of your focus. So if you are always like, if you have that, you know, you have a scratchy eye, I woke up one morning, couldn't walk on my left knee. I couldn't put my weight on my left knee. I didn't even do anything to add to your

walk. Well, mine went on for like a month, it would get better and worse. And I was like this is ridiculous. So I would spend time at the office just walking around outside limping. And Joseph said, all we want you to do now of course it was for the experience of it. Nothing was wrong with my knee, but I couldn't put weight on it. And so all we want you to do is as you're walking we want you to focus on your right knee. That is your right knee feel. And I did that and I woke up one morning gone. Just gone. As fast as it came, it went. So this is our this is the power of our beliefs. So the body manifests the out of alignment vibrations. It is an experience that we create, by way of our focus. If the government says you're going to get sick, go do this and you go do that. It's out of alignment. First of all, it's all out of alignment. We have people dying every day from out of alignment medications throughout eons of time, throughout eons of time, medications that are created to combat, take note of the words I'm using to combat a, a disease or something that was created by focus on it for a purpose, for a purpose of experimentation, that's one avenue of that to scientific stuff, but if somebody tells you, you're going to be sick from this, and use and you know, I have friends that live in fear, live in fear, I'm gonna go get this, and I'm gonna go get this and they tell me this, they have no, they have no knowledge of anything they're saying, but they're gonna do that anyway. So Joseph always told me get the chemicals out of your body, get the chemicals out of your body, get the chemicals out of here. And people say, Well, I'm so sick. And I have people that come and say, you know, I was diagnosed with this, I have this throat thing I can't talk. Well, how do you feel about that? It's difficult, it's difficult for the human to, to hear, you can heal it yourself when they're still feeling the pain. You know, it is difficult. But it is a shift in perspective. Because God doesn't create anything that we refer we refer to God as the collective soul, your unique soul doesn't create anything from the out of alignment position, nothing. So that means everything that is created from the position, including everything that we create, obviously, this is universal law stuff. So everything that is created from the vibration of love, cannot be anything but that when it is in its original form, just like Anita, when she came back in that holding that vibration, and her physical body, her physical body healed, and she's alive and well and enjoying her life and running around the world, telling people about the manifestations of fear. And, yeah, go ahead.

Jannecke Øinæs 52:07

Yeah, so even like breaking your leg or just stumbling like, all the these things have metaphysical causes.

Cindy Edison 52:15

You know, I said, I have a teacher, friend of mine, a spiritual teacher, friend of mine, who went to France and, and she said, I said, How was how was it? Well, on day two, I was walking down this, this very steep hill, and I fell. And I said, Oh, you're right, you know, and she said, Well, I got a couple of scrapes. And, and I really think that they were trying to tell me, you know, I have to hold off on this and hold off on that. And I think it could be a message for this. And I said, or you could have just stumbled, could have stumbled on a rock. I mean, we make so much more out of things. We're still human, we still have a human body, you know, and there's still boulders in our way, you know, but if we if we get our soul involved in our day to day workings in our in our day to day lives, they will be much more joyful and we won't trip as much. We don't. Because they take us around the boulders vibrationally

Jannecke Øinæs 53:12

Could you say a few I see time is running. But a few words about this new Earth that is coming like how that will look like? Well,

Cindy Edison 53:22

it's funny you say that I was asked that last night. It will look as you intended it to look. Now remember, we are we are moving into a segment of discovery that brings with it or opens up with it our own responsibility, your own responsibility because everything is vibrational and no one or no thing can interrupt your vibrational focus. Nobody can create your vibrational manifestations, but you nobody, you make your own choices vibrationally all the time. So the New Earth we asked we are asked that all the time and we say how do you anticipate it looking you will experience what you think it will look like now we are in the process of creating our experience of it. It is what we have referred to as another garden of Eden. And if you read the book of Revelation, you will see that John describes it. As you know when I personally I see it I build it in my mind and meditation all the time. And there's a beach on one side and a mountain on the other and there's a big walkway of cherry trees and I have elements all over the place that in the third dimension could not exist in the same area. But anything everything is possible. So the New Earth we are creating and are we are also creating the new aspect of us who will live there. You know there are shooting over there. are in the vibration. And in order for us to experience it, we must expand to that vibration of beauty. It is it's indescribable. You can hear when you listen to the NDAs and they talk about they're all unique, but they are all as equally beautiful and indescribable. They say it's indescribable, the colors, the landscape, you know, I visited Telos vibrationally. At Mount Shasta fifth dimensional city inside the mountain. The walls are I mean, it's it's unlimited in in. In space, it's almost indescribable. But the tables were crystals. Big Ruby, Crystal huge was our table we said, the walls are marble all beautifully sculpted just gorgeous. What we call landscape is everything put into place creatively, you know, because our creative side comes out and we create the beauty that we see. So when you are in alignment, there are you know, there are no limits. It is all possible. Everything that you describe. It's just complete beauty. Everything built from love. Wow. It's

Jannecke Øinæs 56:23

been such a joy having you here, Cindy and, Joseph, thanks so much for showing up.

Cindy Edison 56:31

Thank you. Yeah, it's a big subject. Very,

Jannecke Øinæs 56:35

very, and I'm, I'm excited for what's going to come, even though I know it's going to be a bumpy ride as well. But maybe I don't want to believe that. So I don't

Cindy Edison 56:45

believe that. Right? Yeah, we were talking to somebody last night who is starting a YouTube channel that's just going to talk about moving toward the New Earth, instead of looking back and revisiting our old beliefs. And why do we have this, we're not big on that. But you know, and rehashing all the third dimensional stuff, we say, we loved that journey. We loved it, it was tough, because we were told it was tough. We struggled because we were told we would struggle, because a lot of people made out of alignment to sit but now we're moving forward, let's look this way. You know, let's look forward and only talk about how we get there. What do we do? What's the shift? You know, how do we do that? How do we shift our beliefs and our understandings and, and just move forward. And I love that idea. And you're doing that too. You're bringing in, you know, the the elements of the New Earth as you talk to everybody. It's fabulous. And we are grateful for that. And Bravo, for showing up to kind of

Jannecke Øinæs 57:50

sustain that there are three questions that I ask all my guests. And the first one is what is self love to you.

Cindy Edison 57:58

That's a tough one for me, because I still struggle with it. But Self Love is the love of the soul. It is the it is the true love of the soul that it doesn't, it doesn't come from outside of us. It's not dependent on other people to love us in order to feel love. It is it is an inside job. And when you in that is the space of alignment is is the experience of self love. And when you can feel it from your soul, the collective view, when you can feel the love of the oneness that you are, then no one can hurt you because there's none of that in that vibration. And you attract that to so you're creating from whole different space. So that's what I say it is. It's the love the Collective Soul love.

Jannecke Øinæs 58:48

And what is happiness to you?

Cindy Edison 58:49

Same thing, the same thing. It's joy, its alignment is joy and abundance and happiness and love and all that stuff.

Jannecke Øinæs 59:00

And what is the deeper meaning of life, from your perspective,

Cindy Edison 59:05

by understanding is always expansion of this aspect of God, you know, this aspect that we are experiencing now we've chosen to experience as the physical aspect of our soul experiencing chosen we've chosen to come into this realm that is contrasting vibration, to who we really are so we can learn who we are, and our ability to choose. This is where we develop our sixth sense, which is our vibrational acuity that takes us forward. No more physical stuff. We're all we're talking vibration now. You know, talking about vibration and moving into a whole new experience of who we are.

Jannecke Øinæs 59:45

I'm so inspired to just put up even more joy like you really stressed that today. And I've always intuitively felt that but it's just good to have those reminders again and again that over allowed to feel joyful.

Cindy Edison 1:00:04

It's our job to show it, feel it, throw it out there, you know, just we say all the time just throw love at it. Throw love and everything. You know, my word is say throw they would say just vibrate love and I say throw love it, it just throw it out there. You have to have a different perspective of everything. And when you shift your perspective to a vibrational one, understanding how vibration plays a role, and the It's the essence of who we are, we're energetic beings, you know, we are everything in the universe runs by vibration, our language, you know, when the NDA say, Well, we had, you know, it was up there. And, you know, I was having this conversation, but it wasn't words, you know, I don't know what it was. It was telepathic. It's vibrational communication. That's what it is. That's how I communicate with Joseph. That's how you communicate with your guides. That's how every channel communicates with their soul. And every one of your audience members has the ability to communicate vibrationally because we are universal beings. And all communication is vibrational. That's how people talk to trees, and animals. It's vibrational, so all vibrational, so once you understand vibration, everything falls into place. And you understand your choosing, and how you can create a reality for yourself of joy.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:01:29

Yeah. So Cindy, how can people reach you if they want to connect with you and follow you?

Cindy Edison 1:01:34

We're on Instagram at the teachings of Joseph and that's Joseph with an F at the end. jlsf And then at the teachings of And we're on YouTube, same thing teachings of Joseph but you can reach all those places on our website. We would encourage everybody to watch the video on the front page of our website, the evolution of the human aspect, it is a nine minute vague overview of channeled message from Joseph, who was talking about the evolution of the human aspect through the third dimension. So it gives an overview of vibration. And so that's where we kind of start.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:02:13

Nice, thank you for thank you so much for coming to the show today both Josefa and Cindy,

Cindy Edison 1:02:20

thank you so much for having us. We appreciate what you're doing again and allow it to unfold. It'll just blow up. It's all in perfect timing. So remember that. Yeah. Thank you. Appreciate it.

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