The red flags of Narcissistic behavior

In this interview I meet with the Channeler, Psychotherapist & Intuitive Life Coach Reea Pawley. She channels the Egyptian Goddess Ma’at who is coming to us at this time to especially support and empower women. Reea has a personal history of narcissistic abuse. She works with women who have been victims of narcissistic abuse, childhood trauma and have Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. With the help of Ma’at, she supports and guides these women to recover from the abuse and awaken to their Inner Goddess.

In this video we are addressing the red flags to look out for in a relationship and why many women often attract narcissists again and again and how to break out of that pattern. Reea also shares her connection with the Egyptian Goddess Ma’at, and the wisdom Ma’at has to share in these times.

About Reea Pawley

Reea is a Channeller, Psychotherapist & Intuitive Life Coach. She has a personal history of narcissistic abuse. Her life and training has made her an expert in this field. She’s passionate about empowering Women to Awaken their Inner Goddess, to heal the wounds of their past, to manage their emotions and to navigate life’s challenges with Wisdom. Reea Channels the Egyptian Goddess Ma’at, the Goddess of Truth, Justice & Harmony.

Links & Resources

Reea Pawley’s website
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  • Omg this is such great and important information ❣️ thank you Jannecke and Reea. Truly a balanced perspective on both individual and collective relationships, entwined with past present and future. Brilliant, no need for mainstream media news, when understanding this ❤️ Much love // Kat

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