Interview with Janelle Christa on the wake-up call

In this interview, I am speaking with Janelle Christa about being a spiritual Ninja and on how we are now experiencing a massive shift in consciousness. From Janelle’s perspective, the corona virus is a collective wake up call. She says that the most important thing we can do is take 100% responsibility for the creation of our reality.

A past full of hardship

Her personal story is full of low points. She suffered from an addiction, being a regular guest in drug rehab. She has been diagnosed as bipolar and learned to live with the diagnosis. She comes from a history of affairs, divorce, and family dysfunction. Despite all the hardship, not only has she found the center to live a life of her dream, be a loving wife and mother of two and support various clients from film industry celebrities to people from all walks of life in their spiritual awakening and search for meaning.

About Janelle Christa

Janelle provides transformational and healing experiences, courses, videos, and coaching that helps people find joy in the chaos and navigate the new world. Janelle is a celebrity spiritual awakening coach, actress, producer, and screenwriter. She is also a founder of conscious production company Le Murian Dreams.

Links & Resources

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