A year ago I took a huge leap of faith.

"What you seek is seeking you”


 Taking a leap of faith is what we do when we are following our soul’s whisper, trusting it knows our best.

It’s when we get a sense and a feeling that something is right, even though our minds don't quite know why.

Taking a leap of faith is what I did last year. 

My very first live webinar

A year ago, I held my first LIVE webinar, ever!

I was super nervous, but excited. 

What I had been working on for months and months with my business partner, Ragnhild Hannoschøck Vea, was about to become official. The Membership was born and was about to get wings and take off. 

How would this be received? Would anyone see the value in what we had been creating and working day and night on for months? Would anyone dare to take a leap of faith as well, with me?

All we had was two ongoing masterclasses at the time. One by Maria Nyegaard who teaches how to navigate in the ascension process, and one with Evette Rose who gives a class on finding yourself after a break-up and change your relationship dynamic in order to attract true love. 

Maria Nyegaard
Evette Rose

I didn't know the how, but my vision was clear

When I started Wisdom From North in 2012, I had absolutely no clue where it would lead me. That 7 years later I would have interviewed over 400 transformational teachers! I only knew I had to take a leap of faith and trust that subtle voice within. I trusted my heart, and ignored the negative chatter from my mind. 

When I contacted my business partner Ragnhild back in Spring 2018, I had the same experience. I did not know how, I just knew I wanted to create a platform where a deeper transformation for people would be possible. A platform where I could offer deep wisdom and knowledge, all in one place! A a tribe of likeminded people who would walk the path together, not needing to feel so alone. 

A place where we could cultivate real self love, a deeper connection to the Universe and our inner intelligence, and a place to expand our awareness and live a more soulful life.

The vision was so clear, but I had no business experience or no idea at all how to run a membership.  None of us did. 

But Ragnhild believed in my vision and so, we got going! Working day and night, doing tons of research, creating a company, finding an accountant, booking teachers who believed in my vision as well, creating the design, purchasing the right software, editing videos, filming teachers and making my vision into a REALITY! 

And it turned out that the people watching my very first webinar believed in my vision as well, and they sensed the value of having access to this powerful teaching all in one place. They became the first members of what we call the tribe. An ever expanding group of amazing people who have chosen to walk their path within the Wisdom From North Membership. 

A year later, we have 12 powerful masterclasses playing in The Membership, and the whole of 2020 is already planned and booked with highly respected teachers. And believe me: 

It’s going to be amazing! You are in for such a treat!!

The Membership

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