My intention with Wisdom From North is to inspire you to empower yourself and help you transform your life

My experience is that by standing in our own power and following our hearts we will automatically give room for others to do the same. When we accept ourselves fully, we also accept each other. What we give, we will receive. What we resist persist. What we accept, goes away. We are all miraculous beings where we each have our own place within the big picture. Together we are part of this beautiful creation where we all are equally valuable and equally irreplaceable.

I believe it is time to live our dreams, follow our hearts and create the life we really want to live. We all have unique talents, gifts and abilities that lies within as potentials we can choose to use, or not. Often we are not aware of these gifts before we dare going inwards and notice and observe what truly makes us feel happy! I believe that your passion is your life mission.

I used to place myself in the box of “the musical actress” and thought that my biggest dream was to be on Broadway. Having lost my voice on several occasions, I was forced to go inwards in the depths of myself and find out what I truly desired to do in life. I realized that it was not the dream of becoming a Broadway star that really lit the spark within me. It was rather a burning desire to convey something, convey a feeling, a thought, or an awareness that we are part of something bigger, be it through singing, interviews or talks. Now I am finally truly singing from my heart, do web and live- interviews because I love having deep conversations about life’s mysteries with people, and I do lectures because I believe in sharing.

The Web Series Wisdom From North

Wisdom From North web series on YouTube was created in 2012 from my deep desire to understand more of life’s mysteries. Until now I have interviewed over 400 people from all around the world who I feel have wisdom to share. I have interviewed people like Byron Katie, Teal Swan, Matt Kahn, Evette Rose, Anita Moorjani, Eben Alexander, Lorna Byrne, Sri Mooji, Akiane Kramarik, Jon Schau, Audun Myskja, Ellen Vahr, Kathrine Aspaas, Anja Edin, Victor Otto, Aaron Doughty and many more. Every Thursday we release a new video on our English YouTube channel where we now have more than 4,5 million views and over 34,000 subscribers. You can access all the interviews by becoming a subscriber to our English YouTube channel and Scandinavian YouTube channelThis is absolutely free, all you need is a gmail account.

Wisdom From North Online Magazine

Wisdom From North Online Magazine was created September 2018 by my co-creative partner Ragnhild Hannoschøck Vea and myself. Here we release articles written by transformational teachers with the intention to empower you and help you transform your life. The Magazine is also free to read and supported by generous donations from readers.

Wisdom From North Membership- Let’s walk the path together!

I am truly excited about our new platform “The Wisdom From North Membership” which officially opens in January for those who are  ready to wake up from the mind’s autopilot and start to consciously create the life they truly long for. 

Many of us have been following one influencer, spiritual teacher or motivator, where we often are directed in one specific direction and are offered one perspective. Wisdom From North membership offers instead a platform where you can find knowledge and wisdom to guide you on your path from a range of spiritual teachers so that YOU can choose what works for YOU! 

Wisdom From North Membership is giving you the opportunity to have a rapid spiritual and personal growth by walking consciously on the path, supported by a loving and supporting tribe community.   



The videos on our YouTube channels and the articles on this website are free to watch and read as we want everyone to have the opportunity to have access to empowering content no matter their financial background and position. We do all the work ourselves, we film, produce, design, edit and publish. However we are dependent on support through donations in order to continue this work. By donating to Wisdom From North, you help us continue sharing wisdom, knowledge and inspiration. Thank you so much for being a Co-Creator!

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I wish you much light on your journey and I hope this site will inspire you to truly begin listening to your own inner wisdom! Much light from Jannecke Øinæs.