Interview with Clairvoyant Anne-Kristine Augestad about Twin Soul Relationship

In this interview, I speak with the Norwegian clairvoyant Anne-Kristine Augestad about the concept of twin soul relationship and the many twin soul meetings that seem to be happening all around the world. She believes that these encounters are happening due to the fact that many people are awakening spiritually in this shift of consciousness. These twin soul connections however seem to be more than just romantic and blissful. On the contrary, they might be quite challenging.

About Anne Kristine

Anne-Kristine Augestad (born 1969) is known from TV Norway’s most popular series throughout several seasons. After she acknowledged her own abilities and chose to stand by them, she has helped thousands of people with a clear vision and abilities as a medium. Today she conducts courses and take clients. She lives in Southern Germany with her husband and two children.

Links & Resources

The book “Vindu mot en annen verden” (in Norwegian)*

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