Do you have a limiting story about yourself that is running your life over and over again?

pen and paper

We have reached an era of time where we are called to go beyond our old believes about ourselves and listen to our soul’s calling. This can be easy to grasp with our minds but when it comes to really making a change we need to go deeper into our subconscious.

”Who do you think you are”

Our mind and ego is a bit tricky and comes up with complicated strategies to keep us in the comfort zone. You know those voices that starts to chatter in our minds ”Who do you think you are.” ”Every one have already done this better than you.” ”You are not good enough or interesting enough.” Your mind knows exactly which buttons to push for you to give up before you have even tried.

Take back your power

The positive thing is that only YOU can change your reality.

During all my years working with healing sessions and holding transformative circles for women to heal themselves in, I have also met those that want to put this responsibility on me. ”Can you fix me?”

In our society where everything is going so fast, we also want to find a quick fix or a magic pill to fix something that has probably been there since childhood as an imprint.

Sure, I can give you fantastic tools and heal big things on an energetical level, but the truth is that you yourself need to take this information and start to make conscious choices that supports a higher path with yourself. I don ́t say that it is easy or that it can be fixed quickly but what I ́m really saying is that you have the power within yourself to really make a shift and start living the life you are dreaming of. Step by step with small actions and changes in behavior every day.

My Story – about time to write a book

I can give you an example from my own life. I had a dream since I was 19 years old about being an author writing books about health, wisdom from ancient times and food that supports our bodies. My pattern was that I wrote the manuscript until it was 80% done and the the voices started to chatter in my head. ”Who is going to read your book?” “There are so many books and authors out there that are better than you.” And on and on.

It is all a projection of your inner world

When I was younger I believed these voices and always gave up at this point. When I started to walk a deeper spiritual path with my self, healing these old programings about my self worth, things started to change. This meant to look at my shadows and projections. What triggered me on the outside world?

This was all information on what was going on in the inside. It is never about the outside world! It is all a projection of your inner world and giving you a perfect mirror of that. When you shift on the inside your outer world also shifts. It is so much power in that!

I had a book to finish!

So finally I decided that it was time to write that book once and for all. I can’t say that it was easy although it was great fun. As before the voices decided to show up one more time around 80% of the written book. But what I noticed was that this time when the voices came I no longer believed in them. I told them to sit on the other chair, doing their chatter but that I ́m not going to listen to them anymore. I had a book to finish! This became such a big shift for me and this year it finally got printed and launched in all the bookstores.

This is exactly what I mean with the conscious choices. I worked with my shadows, healed old wounds and believes but then I had to make a choice when the voices put me up to the test once more. I could have given up. But instead I now knew that this was only an old limiting story and that I had the power within to make a conscious choice. To give up or to finish the book.

When we go beyond our limitations our soul starts to sing. Such an expanding joy! When you have done it once it feels so much easier the next time. Just putting one step in front of the other to getting closer to whatever your heart is longing for. If we all follow our gifts and true purpose this world will shift! 

Where can I start? 

Sit down with a paper and pen to write down your own patterns that you are aware of. What is stopping you from reaching that dream? 
Choose 2-3 persons that really triggers you in your life. It can be friends, a boss, a family member etc.
Write small stories about what you see with them. Then underline the qualities that trigger you. For example being needy, always want to be better by putting others down and so on.
Then ask yourself where am I like this towards myself or do I have this quality towards others in some situations.

This can be a step to get to know your shadows and make conscious choices in changing these behaviors or to see the bigger underlying wound. Always look at yourself from a place of non-judgement and love. There is no right or wrong, it is just energy. We are here to learn and expand. The more you get to know the WHOLE of you that is hidden in the shadows and bring it into light, the more WHOLE you become. 

Let your heart lead you, it knows its way and will lead you to greater joy and fulfillment in your life. Never believe in the chatter in your mind that comes from your ego. In your heart you know that you are here for something bigger. Bigger means a version of yourself that doesn’t settle for less, that follows that inner voice and saying YES to life, joy and expressing your thing. YES! The time is NOW!

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