The Sontum couple are both receiving information to support humanity in the transformation to the new dimensions.

Sigmund Sontum was born 1954 in Oslo, Norway. Educated an architect, he was since early years been occupied with the meaning of life questions. This has led him to study Vedic philosophy and gestalt psychotherapy.  He is an active painter, and a co-creator of the series of books; To you from The Source.

Nina OthilieSontum was born 1964 in Oslo, Norway. In March 2011, while she was working on their book about couple therapy she received a message that she was meant to write an entirely different book.  Despite massive resistance and fear she opened up to this, and with closed eyes the word started to come to her. After two weeks of receiving preliminary information, the first book “Almira Coming Home” was written in the course of a month. The next two books “The New Era” and “To you from the Source” came later that year with help from her husband Sigmund.  She received the words, while he was writing. Sigmund and Nina has been practicing couple therapy together since 1998. They live with their two children in a coastal town in Norway.

Find the Sontum couple’s books here:

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