Internationally acclaimed speaker Steinar Ditlefsen on becoming a teacher who deeply transforms others

Steinar is the founder of international seminars as European Transformational Teachers Gathering, Awaken Your Audience and Heart Power Experience and there are always hundreds of participants from different countries visiting his events.

Steinar Ditlefsen is an inspiring speaker and transformational teacher. He speaks to audiences in both English, Danish and Norwegian. Speakers, seminar Leaders and Experts are visiting Steinar to learn impactful speaking and transformational communication.

Steinar always knew he had something that was waiting to be expressed and shared. Somehow along the way as an inspirational speaker in the corporate world and later also as a recognized speaker trainer, he found that essentially everything is about listening, living and speaking from the heart.

Now his mission is to help people all over the world to connect with their heart’s purpose and true intentions. In addition to this, he also teaches leaders and speakers how to impact others and make a difference.

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Interview with Steinar Ditlefsen in Norwegian

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