About Venerable Mae Chee Sansanee Sthirasuta

Venerable Mae Chee Sansanee Sthirasuta is the spiritual leader of Thailand and Director of the Sathira Dhammasthan Center, a meditation center and learning community providing a variety of programs for people of all ages, gender, and walks of life. Founded on the Buddhist principles of love and compassion, Sathira-Dhammasathan is set in seven acres of trees, with lotus ponds, winding paths and meditative nooks. It is a tiny drop of water, radiating peace and serenity amidst the oceanic mega-city of Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. The compassionate Buddhist nun, has taken a breathtaking journey from her former days as a top ten model to her every day of helping others and living a life of peace and true beauty that really does come from the heart. She teaches a community to care, share and respect and breaking the cycle of violence by healing the hearts and minds of abused women and children and even the most hardened of criminals.

Committed to inter-faith dialogue as a means of creating world peace, Mae-Chee Sansanee serves as the Co-Chair for the Global Peace Initiative of Women Religious/Spiritual Leaders, an organization dedicated to engaging in peace negotiations in “hot spots” around the world. She has become a figurehead for the youth movement. She travels extensively around the world, involving herself in the political and religious arenas, fighting for change and justice and for a better world for all people, especially women and children.

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